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The Biblical prophecies: on the: Messiah (332 Messianic prophecies)
The following three chapters were drawn: of the: book
"Messianic Prophecy" of Roger Liebi
© 1989 Spread Christian Literature, Berneck / Florence
To be able to deal, in particular, the prophecy must be exposed, at first, a few considerations: on the: formation of the Old Testament (AT): and: on the: its transmission to: to: us.
The OT was written in: a space of: time, oltrepassante, the 1100 years, ie: of the: time: of Moses, 1500 BC (BC) approximately, until the time of the prophet Malachi, 420 BC about.

Reading the AT arouse deep impression desire: and: the ardent expectation: of: an: future Savior, the Anointed. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah The Messiah (= the King consecrated sacred anointing): that: he had to eliminate the problems: of: the end of mankind: and: bring in everlasting righteousness. This promised Messiah is described in every detail in the writings of the Old Testament. However, find wonder: in: many books of the Old Testament statements concerning: an "suffering Messiah": that: it had to be hated, rejected: and: killed: in: cruel way: of the: his own people as he would suffer: for: sins of: many. On the other hand, the Old Testament speaks: of: an 'triumphant Messiah' that: at his coming must establish: an: glorious kingdom: of: peace: for: the whole world. The apparent paradox is: of: easy solution, if you think, that: these two different descriptions illustrate two appearances of the same Messiah, but: concern distinct events: for: different times.

The prophecies of the "Messiah triumphant" concern, again, in the future, while those of the "suffering Messiah" had already: in the: past their full compliance.

It is in this regard: of more: of: 330 prophecies: very accurate: extremely: differentiated. In the following pages will be demonstrated irrefutably: and: on historical grounds: that: these prophecies were fulfilled literally in Jesus: of: Nazareth, historical character.: But: first to be exposed: as: be truly impossible: that: these prophecies are forgeries inserted: in: a later time.

In the year 1947: and: the following were discovered: in: numerous caves: of: Qumran on the Dead Sea, Biblical manuscripts: that: have raised unspeakable wonder: in: around the world. These manuscripts: that: in: the earlier years the Christian era, contain all the books of the Old Testament, except the book of Ester. Since a large part of the Messianic prophecies is: in the: Book of Isaiah seer, the discovery of: an: full roll: of: this prophet took the utmost importance. The text is: written on parchment: of: skin: of: goat in: Hebrew: not: vocalized. The roll consists of: of: 15 pieces: of: leather sewn together: is: 7.34 meters long: and: 26 cm wide. His extraordinary degree: of: conservation: is: truly stunning.

Professor Andre Lamorte writes: to: About age: of: this text: "The full roll: of Isaiah: is: now considered: and: finally, copied before the Christian era. Expert opinion: in: subject: of: dating vary, generally: between: the beginning: in the first century: and: the end of the 2nd century BC »1

Because: all the Messianic prophecies of the book of Isaiah are: in: this roll: is: absolutely impossible to doubt their authenticity.

Now this roll is: in: the possession of the young state: of: Israel. It was also photographed: in: size: and: published: for: all. So: in: this form: is: now accessible: for all interested parties: in the: book "Scrolls from Qumran Cave I" 2.

The genuineness of the Messianic prophecies in the other books of the Old Testament, it can also be demonstrated: with: the Dead Sea Scrolls. Frank Moore Cross writes in the: his book "The Ancient Library: of: Qumran: and: biblical science": that: the discovery of the manuscripts of: Qumran makes it impossible to believe: an: any book of the prophets front or rear (not to mention all of the Pentateuch) written later than the beginning of the 2nd century aC3. The prophets front part the books of Joshua, Judges, 1.: And: 2. Samuel: and: 1.: And: 2. Re; later books of the prophets: of: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Haggai, Zechariah: and: Malachi. The Pentateuch: includes: the five books of Moses.: With: this appears: in: a striking way: that: no step: of: these books can still be made: in: doubt. Because: in: then will be recalled also: many Messianic prophecies contained in the Psalms must be attracted particular attention: on the: discovery of the manuscript of: an: Psalter dating from the 2nd century AC4
The book of the prophet Daniel came to light several fragments.: For: half of paleography: an: manuscript of the cave IV: is: was dated to the end of the 2nd century aC4a
In addition: to: these findings: of manuscripts, there: is: yet another proof of the genuineness of the messianic prophecies: the existence of the Alexandrian translation of the Old Testament. To the 285 BC, the Egyptian king: Ptolemy Philadelphus ordered a full version of the Old Testament: in: greek. According to tradition, they worked: to: this transposition 72 Jewish scholars: for: which it bears: also the name: of: the Septuagint (LXX) or the Septuagint. The jew Aristobulus wrote at the beginning of the 2nd century BC that: the translation of the Law: in: greek was completed reign of Ptolemy Filadelfio.5 The term "Act" means the five books of Moses: but: can: also : to serve: to: give all AT .6 According to the testimony: of: Aristobulus: is: can: that: this version of the entire AT was available at the end of the 3rd century BC Anyway: is: sure: that: was terminated before 130 BC, because: of the: prologue to the Apocryphal book Sirach or Ecclesiasticus said, compile: in: the said period, it is clear: that: then the Septuagint was finished: in: all its parts. There we read: "The things said: in: Hebrew: not: have the same force when they are translated: in: other language.: And: not: only this work: but: also: the same law, the prophets, and The rest of the books store: an: advantage: not: negligible: in the: original text. "7 The expression" the law and the prophets: and: the rest of the books "is used when you want to highlight in particular: that : means all the Old Testament. Even today you have the Alexandrian version. Now, if the entire AT: is: has already been translated from Hebrew: in: greek, at least: in the: 2nd century BC as: could have been been falsified: in: it the Messianic prophecies?

In order to affirm the performance: the messianic prophecies is: to: available: an: large number: of: the historical sources. Great importance must be attributed to the Jewish historian Josephus -: of the: 37 to 100: after Christ (AD) - because in his two works "De bello Judaico 'and' Antiquities Judaicae" writes much: on the: history Jewish: of the: 175 BC 70 AD: also: sources: and: testimonials: of: Tacitus (55 -: about: 118 AD), Tallo (around 52 AD), Tertullian (2nd century AD), Cassius Dio (2. / 3 century AD), Julius Africanus (3rd century AD): and: the Jewish Talmud must be taken: of: account, the greatest importance, however, must be attributed, no doubt, to the writings of the New Testament (NT ). According to Kurt Aland, director of the German-west: for: the study of the text of the New Testament: with: home: to: Munster, NT: is: was sent with: almost 5300 Greek manuscripts.: To: these should be added then: about: 9000 manuscripts of old translations: and: tens: of: thousands: of: Bible quotations made by the so-called Fathers of the Church. These texts provide the faithful transmission of the NT. The time difference: between: the first draft original: and: the oldest manuscripts handed down involves only 35-250 years (Classical Greek: and: Latin this difference means: of: the rule, 900-1300 years: and: however: to: no one would be: in: mind: of: put: in: doubt: for: this reason, their reliability, although they are on a text-based vastly more slender).

Of the four Gospels, three were written before the destruction of Jerusalem (70 AD) is: of: Matthew, Mark: and: Luke.: After: their compilation, these Gospels had a rapid spread: and: strong. If any facts stated: in: such Gospels: not: they were in keeping with the historical realities, the contradiction would be immediately exploited by Jews against Christianity spring.: But: since the historical facts reported in the Gospels: not: they were: in: any way questionable, the fight against the Christians consisted above all in the physical persecution. Moreover: is: unthinkable that: men at the helm of contemporary Judaism: as: Nicodemus: n: a member of the Sanhedrin, Saul: of: Tarsus, or Apollos, born doctor of the law: in: Alexandria, Christians did, if these latter had then tried: of: sustain their faith with: facts wrong, absurd, false or pseudostorici!

The writings of the New Testament: that: they were all filled: between: 32: and: 96 AD about, are, therefore: of: the greatest reliability.

Against the messianic prophecy is often counter-argument: that: its fulfillment would have to chance alone. Using the mathematics of probability, this opinion can be easily countered. If: for: Fulfillment: of: a prophecy assumes the probability 1:2 (in reality, however, it: is: lower: of: a lot), the result is: for: Fulfillment: of: a 50 prophecies probability: of: 1:1125000000 000 million, that is exactly one chance in the second case (two raised to a).: but: because: for: the Messianic predictions of performance is: of more: of: 330 prophecies, that would : for: many forecasts the probability: of: 1:2,187 x 1099! The greatness: of: this figure: not: is more represented;: but, if you think, that: the entire known universe, with: an: radius: that: is: was evaluated: to: 5000000000: of: light years, it should contain "only" 1080 electrons, is: has: at least one possibility: of: comparison very interesting. From this we see: that: for: the Messianic prophecies: not: one can speak of: performance due to chance. 9.

Finally, it must be said again a few key things: on the: nature of the Messianic prophecies, things: of: to be taken into account:

1. The Messianic prophecies: not: they are only in the prophets, but: also: in the law of Moses: and: in other writings of the Old Testament.

2. There must be a difference between: the prophecies in: which: a) God speaks of his Messiah b) men speak of the Messiah, or c) speaks. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah himself.

3. Many prophecies of the Old Testament is written: not: just in time future, but: also: Using the perfect or the simple past: for: accentuate as security for the performance of: of: these prophecies. This is exactly the so-called "prophetic perfect." This expression is: an: terminus technicus particular grammar ebraica.9a

4. The "suffering Messiah 'and' the triumphant Messiah" can be found: in: an: only: and: that passage of the Old Testament.

5. The author of the Messianic prophecy: is: Yahweh, the God of the Bible. His name means HE WHO or Chee ETERNAL: not: MUTA. It is therefore always the designation of Being for: excellence: and: in: an absolute sense. He: not: is: subject to changes: of: the past, present: and: future, so could: with: his foreknowledge of things to come, to introduce the future to his prophets in: surefire way.

The free will: and: freedom: of: man's decision: and: its correlative responsibility: not: are excluded: to: because of Messianic prophecy, as Yahweh: not: the: has: predestined: but: only preconosciute . Therefore, the Bible speaks of the "prognosis": of God (see 1 Peter 1:2: and: also: Romans 8:29), that is, foreknowledge, foreknowledge of: of: God

6. The NT shows: that: with the messianic prophecy can be 'proved' in the: sense of the word: that Jesus: of: Nazareth: is:. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. Foretold the Messiah. In Acts 9:22: is: said: of: Paul: and: in: Acts 18:28: of: Apollo: that: they have applied to the Jews this kind: of: demonstration of the Christian faith. : in the: first case is used: in the: original text the word "symbibazo": and: in the: according to the word "deiknymi." "Symbibazo" means a demonstration by logical conclusions drawn from a number: of: material made: to: test. "Deiknymi" means a test done: with: an exhibition evident: and: clear reason: of: demonstration.
It can never be stressed enough, that no religion other than: of the: Biblical Christianity knows: an: this kind: of: conclusive proof!

First Chapter

The time of the coming of the Messiah

1. The weeks of years of Daniel the prophet

The ninth chapter of the prophet Daniel is: of: of great importance: for: Bible prophecy.: In: this chapter is named the exact time of the coming of the Messiah, the Anointed: as Cape.

The meaning of "weeks of years".
The word "Shabua" used: in: Jewish corresponds exactly to the word "Eptade." It designates a "Composition: of: seven" or "Unity: of: seven."

In the context of: Daniel 9, the word "Shabua 'that: indicates otherwise: also: a week: of: seven days, can only have the meaning: of: a" Eptade: of: years. "
For the Jews of AT count: in: sabbaths of years: not: was not something new. Already in the law of Moses, God commanded the people of Israel: of: count: an: cycle: of: week of years. Every seven years, the land had to be left uncultivated: and: every seven times seven years, should be celebrated the feast of Jubilee (see Leviticus 25:1-7, 8-13).

 . My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. Historical background

In the year 606 BC: and: following, King Nebuchadnezzar brought him the Jews in: captive to Babylon. Jerusalem, the magnificent city, was completely destroyed, the temple of God: and: the buildings were razed or burned (see 2. Chronicles 36).

The exile of the Jews lasted seventy years: as: Jeremiah had foretold (Jeremiah 25:11-12). Daniel found himself then as well: between: the deportees: and: worked: in: this time: as: prophet.

The date of the decree of the reconstruction of Jerusalem.

From the first to the ninth chapter of Daniele is: that: the following prophecy: in: view of the Messiah back to the year 536 BC (The year of: reign of Darius king of the Medes, son of: Ahasuerus (= ca. 536 BC): an: time then: in: when Jerusalem lay destroyed.

In verse 25: and: 26 we read: "Know therefore: and: you mean!: Of the: time: in: where: is: the order came: of: restore: and: to rebuild Jerusalem until the appearance: of: an: Anointed (Messiah): of: an: Chief, there are seven weeks: and: sixty-two weeks. It will be restored: and: rebuilt, squares: and: wall: but: in: distressing times.: After: threescore and two weeks: an: Anointed One will be cut off, no one will be: for: him.: And: the people of the prince : that: it will destroy the city: and: the sanctuary ... "(Version Elberfeld: in: German, King James Version: and: others).

To give accuracy: of: this quote: of: Daniel even more weight, we report this prophecy also: in: a literal translation from the Hebrew:




































Habba »
 "Know therefore

and mean!


where: is: out


to restore

and rebuild


until the appearance

of: an: Anointed (Messiah),

of: an: Chief,

There are weeks


and weeks



It will be restored

and rebuilt,


and walls,

but: in: anxiety


After that,




will be deleted,

an anointed one (Messiah),


will: for: him.

And the city,

and the sanctuary,


the people,

of a leader,

to come. "

From the moment: in: which will come out the order: of: restore: and: rebuilding the city, until the moment: in: Unto which must appear, the Head must spend 69 weeks: of: years (483 years) .

In Nehemiah 2:1-8 describes exactly the issue: of: this decree, that is: of: of great importance: for: the story of the people of Israel:

"The twentieth year of Artaxerxes the king: in the: month: of: Nisan: as: the wine was before the king, I took up the wine: and: handed it to her. Or I: not: I had never been sad in: his presence.: And: the king said to me: why: you look sad? And yet: not: you're sick;: not: it can be more: that: an affliction of the heart. So I had great fear: and: I said to the king Long live the king: in: forever!: As: could my appearance: not: be sad when the city where are the graves of my fathers: is: destroyed: and: the its gates are consumed: of the: fire?: and: the king said to me that: what do you ask? So I prayed to the God of heaven, and said to the king, If it please the king: and: your servant has: met please your eyes, send me: in: Judea, to the city where are the graves of my fathers: why: I build it.: and: the king, that: he had the queen sitting beside him, he said: How long are you traveling?: and: when you get back? And the thing pleased the king, and let me go: and: I stared at him: an: term: of: time. Then I said to the king, If it please the king, give me the letters for the governors beyond the river so that I may go and come: in: Judea: and: a letter for Asaph, keeper of the king, so give me timber: for: to build the castle gates attached to the house of the LORD: for: the city walls: and: for: the house: that: I will dwell.: and: the king gave me letters : why: the good hand of my God was upon me. "

The date of the decree: of: the reconstruction results from Nehemiah 2.1: "The twentieth year of Artaxerxes the king: in the: month: of: Nisan." King Artaxerxes I Longimanus reigned: of the: 465-423 BC The twentieth year of his reign corresponds to the year 445 BC The month of: Nisan falls, like this: as: we count the time, in the months of March / April.

So: for: the Jews of the Old Testament, the step: of: Daniel 9 had the following meaning:

From the date of the decree of: reconstruction of Jerusalem (March / April 445 BC), must be counted 483 years: and: then appear the Head, the Anointed. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah. So now the exact date is to be found: in: when Jesus made his appearance: of: Head: in Israel (since this point is: highlighted: in: Daniel 9:25).

The date of the entrance of: Jesus in Jerusalem

To the input: in Jerusalem, Jesus was celebrated: of the: Jewish people as: king: and: Messiah. Jesus began his public service: in the: 15. years: of: the reign of Emperor Tiberius (see Luke 3:1). The emperor Tiberius reigned: of the: 14 to 37 AD So the 15. year of his reign was the 29 A.D. The public activity: of Jesus lasted three years.: In: John 2:13, 6:4, 11:55: is: written: of: three feasts of Easter, which Jesus took part. Luke 13:7 speaks directly of the three years of His public ministry.

John 12:1 says that: Jesus came: to: Bethany six days before the Passover of the Jews (in the year 32 AD). The verse 12: and: the following report: that: the entrance: of: Jesus in Jerusalem, during which he was celebrated: as: Chief, took place the following day. On the fifth day before the Passover of the Jews therefore falls according to the Jewish calendar: in the: month: of: Nisan of the year 32 AD (The Jewish Passover always resorted: in the: month: of: Nisan). So the points are known, initial: and: end of 69 weeks of years: the year 445 BC (March / April): and: the year 32 A.D. (March / April).

Duration of 69 weeks of years

The prophetic year lasts 360 giorni9b in the Bible, (see Revelation 11:3: and: Revelation 12:14, where three years: and: half step: to: 1260 days. Then: an: Year of the Bible: has: 360 days) . So 69 weeks: of: year are: to: 173880 days (69x7x360). This period of: time would then be: between: these dates. Now if one considers the fact: not: too well known: that, in the history, in contrast astronomy: not: there is: an: Year Zero (between 1 '1 before: and: 1' 1: after: Christ : is: only: an: year): not: is more difficult to ascertain: that: between March / April 445 BC: and: March / April 32 AD, there are exactly 173,880 days.


The prophecy of: Daniel 9: has: been fulfilled: in: a surprisingly accurate.: And: that: is: only one: of: at least 330 prophecies! Of course, such an accuracy is matched always skepticism.: But: not: you should not run: with: Daniel 9 in the same error: in: he fell the Neoplatonist Porphyry (300 AD), which: in the: his 12th book against Christians declared that: Chapter 11 of the prophet Daniel was false, saying: that: it contained prophecies too accurate.

Historical confirmation of biblical prophecy

If you want to ask: in: doubt the prophecy of: Daniel 9, as the text itself: as: and the date of the decree of the reconstruction of Jerusalem: not: can be attached (Finds: to: Qumran: and: translation the Septuagint), it would be feasible only if the date the article was false: of: Jesus in Israel.: but: from multiple sources outside the Bible is clear: that Jesus lived in the time of Emperor Tiberius: and: the prosecutor Roman Pontius Pilate: and: died at the same time (26-36 AD). Tacitus: an: great Roman historian, reports in his Annals (xv, 44): "... people: that :: of the: little people are called Christians. The name is: in: relation: with: <Christ "You are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB which was executed: as: malefactor of the: procurator Pontius Pilate during the reign: of: Tiberius. »10

In his work "Antiquities of the Jews," Josephus writes: "In this time appeared Jesus: an: a wise man ...: and: after: that: Pilate had condemned: to: death, at the instigation of our own leaders. .. »11

Tertullian says nell'Apologia 5.2: "So Tiberius, at the time of which appeared the name: of: Christian, Report of ...» 12

From this evidence is clear: that Jesus appeared: in Israel: between: 26: and: 36 AD Since 445 BC until the period of 26-36 AD, the 69 weeks of years they fit exactly.: also: if we bear in mind the possibility: of: a certain inaccuracy of the figures of the year: that: we have drawn from the literature: in: matter, it is nevertheless clear that: the weeks of: years from said Daniele fit precisely: in the: time from Artaxerxes: to: Tiberius. Daniel 9: has: been fulfilled!

In addition to

The subdivision of the week: of: years

The question arises: to: reason why: the 69 weeks: of: years are divided: in: 7: and: 62 weeks: of: years. The explanation is: the following: the first 7 weeks of: age (49 years old) relate to the length of time of the reconstruction of Jerusalem: of: in: in: Daniel 9:25: is: said: "He will rebuilt squares: and: wall: but: in: distressing time. "

The remaining 62 weeks: of: year began immediately after: the completion of the reconstruction of Jerusalem.

This fact is: very important. As: as: otherwise you might know: that: the decree: of: reconstruction of: Daniel 9: is: is understood that: of: Artaxerxes: and: not: what: of: the year 536 BC Cyrus? (See Isaiah 44:28; Esra 1). Daniel 9 says that: in the first 49 years following the decree: that: is: here, the city of Jerusalem will be rebuilt. This happened: with: Artaxerxes: but: not: with: Cyrus. So the Jew of the Old Testament could know clearly: that: he had started: to: count: of the: decree of the year 445 BC: for: to reach the coming of the Messiah.

The statement of: Daniel 9:26

In Daniel 9:26 we read: that: after: the 69 weeks: of: years. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah "will be deleted, no one will be: for: him.": But: not: are told how long after. However: is: known: that Jesus was crucified a few days: after: introducing himself: as Cape.

Explanation of the expression "The people of the prince: that: come"

The term "The people of the prince: that: come" refers to the Romans that: actually: in: after the crucifixion of Jesus distracted the city: and: the temple of Jerusalem. This incident took place: in the: 70 A.D.

An eyewitness account: in: about is: in the: book "De bello Judaico" written by the historian Josephus.

The well-known Rabbi Solomon Jarchi (1070-1105), known as the: of: Scrape, extender: of: an: Comment: to: 23 treatises of the Talmud: and: the whole Bible (OT) said, but: not: he solo12a: that: in: Daniel 9 are announced pains: that: the Jewish people had to endure in the year 70, when the destruction of Jerusalem, as General Titus.

Moshe Ben Maimon: and: Daniel 9

Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon (Maimonides, 1135-1204), one of the greatest Jewish scholars of the Middle Ages, called the "second Moses": for: the extraordinary influence which he explicated: on the: Jewish theological thought, expressed: in: a very indicative: on the: calculation of weeks: of: year, in his letter "Iggereth hatteman '

"Daniel gives us: has: explained the profound science of time: but: for it there: is: hidden saints departed we were not allowed: of: calculating the time of the future: why: ordinary people can become irritated: and: fall : in: error, seeing: that: the times have passed and he (. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB.): not: is: yet come. "13

This socket: of: No position: has: you have: of: further comment, it speaks for itself.

The uniqueness of performance:

It is now apparent: that: in the Old Testament: is: uniquely predicted the coming of the Messiah: and: that: all the predictions were fulfilled exactly: in Jesus Christ.: To: this connection it should be pointed out: that: in the : Throughout history the Jews more: of: forty men stood by arguing: of: to be. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The promised Messiah. Today: not: we talk more than most: of: them. Most important: between: all these were the false Messiah Bar Kochba (132 AD): and: Shabetai Zewi (1665 AD) that: struck the imagination of: almost all Jews. Reminding: of: As written before: is: evident: that: the first was: about 100 years: and: another 1630 years too late: for: to be. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The promised Messiah. No: of: these false messiahs could support his claim: with: a prophecy fulfilled!

2. The "Shebet 'of Judas

The patriarch Jacob (about 1690 BC) also spoke prophetically of the future Messiah. Shortly before: of: die told his 12 children, capistipite of the 12 tribes of Israel, that: that: would happen to their descendants (see Genesis 49:1-2).: To: subject of Messianic prophecy, is : of: the assertion of particular importance: of: Jacob: about: the tribe of Judas:

"The scepter: not: it will be removed from Judah, nor the ruler's staff: of: between: his feet, until He come: that: it will give the rest (Hebrew: Schilo): and: to whom obedience of the peoples." (Genesis 49:10)

Understanding messianic: of: Genesis 49:10: in the: Judaism

"Schilo ': is: one of the many names of the Messiah in the Old Testament. When: in the: Talmud, Rabbi Jochanan asks (1st century) the name of the Messiah is said, that: his name is "Schilo" 13 to

This step is intended to: as: messianic well: of the: proselyte Aquila, the disciple of: Akibas (2nd century): in the: Targum Onkelos14 (4th century): of the: Rabbi Scrape: and: ancient book "Bereschit Rabba."

The importance of the word "Shebet»

The Hebrew word "Shebet 'that: here is: translated: with' Sceptre ', states: an" Stick "or a" Rod. " From Numbers 17:1-2 we obtain: that: each of the twelve tribes had a rod or just a scepter, on which was written the name of the corresponding chieftain. This rod was: between: the other, an image of power: and: identity: of: a tribù.15

In order to understand better: that: this "Shebet ': is: really an image of identity: of: a tribe of Israel, you have to believe: that: the word" Shebet': has: also: the meaning of "Tribe." So the word "Shebet" means the same tribe: and: therefore, view: as: game: of: words: is: a relevant image identity: of: a Jewish tribe.

Now the statement of: Genesis 49:10: is: clear: identity: and: the power of the tribe of Judas: not: they pierce before: that: he had come. My YHWH "they are all lost! ' Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah.

The "Mechoqeq 'of Judas

But there: is: more. Either: an: legislator (Hebrew, "Mechoqeq"): an: a political leader ('the baton') must fail: to: Judah, until he comes. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah.

The collapse of the national of Judas

When the Romans in the year 70 A.D. put an end to the Jewish State, broke up the national identity of the tribe of Judas. Judah also lost the political leadership. Accordingly. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah must have come first: of: this year. Jesus has: actually made its appearance: in: Israel: about: 40 years ago!

In addition to

We note again: to: addition: about: the Babylonian captivity: of: Judah: that: then national identity: of: Judah: not: he had fallen apart, as this tribe was: in: also: sense only moved geographically: as: nation. Ezekiel 8:1: and: 20:1 indicates: that: also: in: the time Judah was a political leader. The tribe came simply from that time, under foreign rule.

Second chapter
Descent: and: coming of the Messiah

1. His family tree

Since about the year AD 70 (!) Was, at least: in: the normal case, possible for every Jew: of: birth: of: back: with: precision along the family tree, as 1 Chronicles 9:1 testifies: that : all the people of Israel were noted: in: genealogical tables. Possession: of: a table that was: of: eminent interest, since who: not: could be demonstrated: in: thus his descendants: not: he was recognized: as: Israelite fact: that: involved a number of disadvantages (see Ezra 2:59-62: and: Nehemiah 7:61-65).

When someone took: in Israel a public position: and: with: this was: also: to be known, it was natural that: to become known: also: his genealogical chart, or at least some well-known ancestors: in: it draws attention. If someone whose genealogical chart: not: it was absolutely flawless, he wanted to take a public position, it would have been immediately rejected: as: incompetent.


These preliminary statements are very important: in: view of the fact: that: was prophesied in the Old Testament: to: some people: that:. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah would be: an: their direct descendant.

The genealogical tables in the Gospels: of: Matthew and Luca

In Matthew 1: is: transmitted Pedigree: of: Joseph, the foster father: of Jesus: and: in: Luke 3 that: of: Mary, the mother of: Jesus The latter table is: of: great importance: for: the further treatment.

Here is the table concerning Mary 3:23-3816 by Luke: "And Jesus, when he began to teach himself, had: about: thirty years and was the son: as: was believed: of: Joseph: of: Heli (father: of: Maria): of: Matthat: of Levi: of: Melchi: of: Jannai: of: Joseph: of: Mattithiah of Amos: of: Nahum: of: Esli: of: Naggai: of: Maath: of : Mattathias: of: Semein: of: Josech: of: Joda: of: Joanan: of: Rhesa: of: Zerubbabel: of: Salathiel: of: Blacks: of: Melchi: of: Addi: of: Cosam: of: Elmadan : of: Er: of Jesus: of Eliezer: of: Jorim: of: Matthat: of Levi: of: Simeon of Judas: of: Joseph: of: Jonam: of: Eliakim: of: Melea: of : Menna: of: Mattatha: of: Nathan: of: David: of: Jesse: of: Jobed: of: Boos: of: Room: of: Nahshon: of: Aminadab: of: Admin: of: Arni: of: Esrom : of: Fares: of: Judah of Jacob, Isaac, Abraham: of: Tara: of: Nachor: of: Seruch: of: Reu: of: Falek: of: Eber: of: Room: of : Cainan: of: Arphaxad: of Shem: of: Noah: of: Lamech: of: Methuselah: of: Enoch: of: Jaret: of: Maleleel: of: Cainan: of: Enos: of: Seth of Adam : of: God »

Promises of God to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Around 1920 BC, God promised Abraham a number of times: that:. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah would be: an: his descendant.: In: Genesis 22:18 we read, for example: "...: and: all the nations of the earth be blessed in thy seed."

Originate in the text reads "in your seed ', this descendant: is:. My YHWH" they are all lost! " Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah, because: of: he: is: said: in the: NT: that he shall be a blessing: for: all nations (Galatians 3:16).

Around 1900 BC, God promised several times: that:. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah would be: an: descending: of: Isaac.: In: Genesis 26:4, for example, God says to Isaac, "... all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in thy seed. "

"... all families of the earth shall be blessed in thy seed "(Genesis 28:14), was promised by God to the 1760 BC to: Jacob that: received: in: after the name: of Israel: and: the was confirmed: that:. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah would be: an: his descendant. So around 1760 BC had already been revealed clearly that:. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah would be: an: Jew.: But: which of the 12 tribes of Israel had come?

. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. comes from the tribe of Judas.

Around 1690 BC, announced the patriarch Jacob, his twelve sons that: that: in: the future would happen to their descendants.

His son Judah said, "The scepter: not: it will be removed from Judah, nor the ruler's staff: of: between: his feet, until He come: that: it will give the rest (in Hebrew Schilo): and: which obedience of the peoples. "(Genesis 49:10)

. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. will be: an: descending: of: Judah: and: not: of: Benjamin, Joseph, Naphtali, Asher, Gad, Issachar, Zebulun, Levi, Simeon and Reuben. 1. Chronicles 5:2 (about 530 BC) says the same thing, but: with: other words, "Judas was: is: true prevalence: between: his brethren: and: he: and: down the prince."

(The word prince [in Hebrew, "Nagid"]: is: the same as: in: Daniel 9:25.)

But which family of Judas should come from. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah?

. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. descends from the family of: Jesse

In chapter 11:1 the prophet Isaiah answers to that question: "Then: an: branch will come out: of the: stem of Jesse: and: n: scion shall grow out of his roots."

(In the Targum Jonathan Ben Uzziel14 This step is intended to: as: messianic, since: is: inserted the title "Messiah": as: clarification!)

With what is asserted that:. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah will come from the family of: Jesse the Bethlehemite. But Jesse had eight sons (see 1. Samuel 16). Who: of: It would have been the ancestor of the Messiah?

. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. is: an: descending: of: Davide
In several places of the Old Testament it is said that:. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah must be: an: son of: David, the son of: Jesse. Around 600 BC, Jeremiah announced, in: 23:5 (see 33:15): "Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, when I will raise: to: David: an: righteous Branch, which. .. will reason: and: justice in the: country. "

Psalm 132:11: is: written, "The LORD has: done: to: David this oath: of: the truth": and: not: it will revoke: "I will make: on the: thy throne: an: fruit of your body. "

God had promised to David swearing (see: also: Psalm 89:35-36) that:. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah would be: an: a direct descendant of the king.

The confirmation of the genealogical chart: of: Maria

All these people are in the genealogical chart: of Mary, mother of: Jesus: with: this is confirmed: that: also: these prophecies have been fulfilled: in the Jesus of history.

The Jewish people, his ancestry was announced publicly, so it was called the "Son of: David" (see Luke 18:38-39, Matthew 21:9,15; 9:27;: also: 15:22). If everything: not: he had basis in reality, the leaders of Judaism of that time could make use of: as: argument to oppose the claim messianic: of: Jesus, however: an: so easily verifiable fact: not: it could be denied or challenged.

The historian Luke

Since the genealogical chart: of: Jesus is: was handed down by Luke, you must: also: say that: the archeology has: Luca confirmed as historical trusted, accurate: and: precise. The famous archaeologist William Ramsay has: written that: the representation of history made by Luca: is: unsurpassed: for: its trustworthiness. A summary of his judgment on Luke completed: after: long work of investigation: is: given: in the: book "The Bearing of Recent Discovery," p. 222.

2. The birthplace of the Messiah

Prophecy of the seer Micah
The 8th century BC, the Moresheth Micah worked: as: prophet (see Micah 1:1). He had to make known the birthplace of the Messiah.: In the: Chapter 5:1, God says: "But you, O Bethlehem Ephrathah, small: for: to be: between: the myriad: of: Judah, from you shall come forth for me one: that: to be ruler: in Israel, whose origins date back to ancient times, from everlasting. "

In Palestine there were two cities with the name: of: Bethlehem: a: ​​in: Galilee (see Joshua 19:15-16): and: a: in: Judea.: For: distinguish, it was known as Bethlehem Ephratah.

. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. was to be born: in this village, a place: an: po 'more: of: 10 km: to: south of Jerusalem: and: that: at the time: of: Jesus must have had less than: of: 1000 inhabitants. The prophet Micah says it clearly: and: with: security for the performance of many centuries before:.

Confirmation of the NT

In the NT is confirmed: that Jesus was born: in: Bethlehem Ephrathah. Matthew 2:1 says: "Now when Jesus was born: in: Bethlehem: of: Judah in the days of Herod the king ..."
The physician Luke confirms this fact as well: in the: 2nd chapter of his gospel. Consider: in: this link: to: as: is: was written in the: chapter "The historian Luke"!
Micah 5:1: is: always well understood

When Herod the Great learned: that: he was born: an: new king, gathered all the chief priests: and: scribes: for: to know which was the birthplace of the Messiah. They answered him, "In Bethlehem: of Judas, as well: is: written for: the prophet." (Matthew 2:5)

Not only that: for: the science was clear this point: but: pure: for: the common people: that: according to John 7:41-42 said, "But: is: perhaps from Galilee: that: is the Christ (. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB.)? The Scripture: has: she said that: Christ comes from the offspring: of: David: and: from Bethlehem, the village where David was? "

Further evidence: that: Micah 5:1 was well understood: is: provided by the translation of the Septuagint: in: that this verse was played so well: that: it can be concluded: that the translator understood very precisely what: that : turned: in: greek.

Micah 5: in the: Targum Jonathan

The Targum Jonathan Ben Uzziel on the profeti14 exhibition also: very clearly the messianic interpretation: that: was at hand: to: this step: in the: Judaism.: For clarity, the title "Messiah" there: is: input directly : in the: text.

3. Jesus of Nazareth
In the NT Jesus is said 18 times "Nazarene". This name comes from the Hebrew "Nezer": that: it means "branch", "bud", "shoot."

Among contemporary people, in the years 29-32 AD, Jesus was generally known by the name: of: "Jesus of Nazareth." Is interesting: that: as he was called even his greatest enemies (see John 18:5-7) . So was fulfilled what: that: the prophets had announced, that: he would be called "Bud", "Scion", "shoot."

The statements of the prophets Zechariah, Jeremiah, and Isaiah

The prophet Zechariah announced to the 520 BC as follows: about:. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah: "Thus saith the LORD of hosts, Behold: an: man, who: has: the name Bud." (6:12)

"Behold, I will bring my servant, the Branch." (3:8) (These two steps of Zechariah shows: as: messianic in the: Targum Jonathan.14

Jeremiah announced that same almost 80 years before: of: Zechariah: "Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, when I will raise: to: David: an: righteous, who ... will reason: and: justice in the: country. "(23:5)

The prophet Isaiah named. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah: in: this way: "In that day the LORD will shoot the splendor and the glory." (4:2)

A game of: Hebrew words

Although in the above steps is used: in: jew the word "Zamach" ("Bud", "branch", "shoot") every Jew: that: he knew the Scriptures, hearing: of Jesus "the Nazarene": not : could do to: less: of: connecting the name "Nazarene": with: the word "Zamach" steps above. The meanings of the names have great importance in the Bible!

In the Old Testament there are also other references to "Nazarene".: In Isaiah 11:1 we read: for: example: "Then: an: branch will come out: of the: stem of Jesse: and: n: scion shall grow out of its roots. »The word original text: for:" Scion ": is" Nezer "!

A justified question:
But now we must ask: to: reason why: Jesus: not: he was never called the Bethlehemite: but: only "Jesus of Nazareth" although he was born: to: Bethlehem.

The following hints should clarify: as: things are. When the terrible: and: cruel King Herod called the Great ordered the massacre of the innocents (see Matthew 2), Joseph: and: Mary fled with the child in Egypt.: After: the death of Herod, they returned: and: wanted to recover: to: Bethlehem.: but: when Joseph learned: that: Archelaus, the cruelest sons of Herod the Great, was 17: to: Head of Judea (actually it was for this kingdom: to: Herod Antipas, brother of: Archelaus: but: in: an: fit of rage Herod the Great, shortly before his death, he had changed his will: and: Archelaus place: in: location: of: Herod Antipas, 18 s'intimorì: and: not: he went there again.

So Joseph: and: Mary went with the baby Jesus in the region: of: Galilee: and: settled: to: Nazareth. Jesus lived there: for: about 28 years old.: For: this is why it was said, "Jesus of Nazareth."

is surprising to see: as: the political situation has played a very important part in the performance: of: this messianic prediction.

Also today: and: often precisely by its critics, Jesus is called "the Nazarene" or "Jesus: of: Nazareth", so that the prophecy that:. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah would be called "the Nazarene" is yet to be confirmed by his own enemies.

4. Egypt:
What seems paradoxical when it is established: that: the 8th century BC God did herald: of the: prophet Hosea that:. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah would come from Egypt.: In: Hosea 11:1 reads: "And from Egypt I called my son.": In: you can read Matthew 2 The fulfillment: of: this prophecy.

Mary: and: Joseph that: fled: in: Egypt: in: following the order issued by Herod: of: kill small children: of: Bethlehem, returned: of: new: in the: land of Israel; after: the death: of: this ruling. So. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah actually came from Egypt.

Now everything seems clear: all the prophets have spoken: with: high accuracy. . My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah was to be born: in: Bethlehem, to be called "Nazarene" and be called: in: home from Egypt!

Third chapter
Public presentation of the Messiah (29-32 A.D.)

1. The precursor

The announcement of the prophets Malachi and Isaiah

In the third chapter of the prophet Malachi is heard the voice of the Messiah, when he says: "Behold, I send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before: to: me." (3:1)

Shortly before: that:. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah came along, was to be built: an: prophet, who would prepare the people of the imminent arrival of the Messiah.

Isaiah also speaks: of: this precursor. He calls it "a voice: of: a: that: crying in the: desert." 19 Isaiah 40:3: "The voice of one crying Prepare: in the: the way of the desert."

In Luke 3:4 we read: "it is written in the: book of the words of the prophet Isaiah: There is a voice of one: that: crying in the: desert ..."

So Isaiah tells: that: this precursor will be: in the: desert, especially: not: said: of the: prophet Malachi.

The function of the precursor:
This precursor had the task of: preparing the people of Israel in the next coming of the Messiah: in: way: that: welcome him: with: willing heart.: In the: heart: of: this people: not: had be nothing more: that: could be an impediment to the reception of the promised Messiah, indeed: in the: his heart there had to be the "ways of the Sanctuary," ("your ways" according to another version: of: this Psalm 84:5). So: in: Isaiah 40:4-5 is also said:

"Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and every hill shall be made low, the steep places are leveled out, the rough places will become plain. Then the glory of the Lord shall be revealed: and: all flesh: an: time, will see it. "

The announcement: of: this precursor found its perfect fulfillment: in: John the Baptist, the son of Zechariah. His appearance was towards the 29 A.D. Luke writes that: he introduced himself in the: 15. years: of: the reign of Emperor Tiberius (Luke 3:1).

450 years, no other prophet

The appearance: of: Giovanni Battista caused a sensation: why: almost 450 years: not: was born: in: Israel no other prophet (the last Old Testament prophet was Malachi).: In: a historical record of the period intertestamental lasted 450 years is: an: cry: on the: lack: of: the prophets in Israel.: in: 1. Maccabees 9:27 we read: "There was great tribulation in Israel: as: not: since occurred: between: they were missing the prophets."

The Babylonian Talmud in preparing reports: that: after: the last prophets, Haggai, Zechariah: and: Malachi, the Holy Spirit had departed from Israel.

How great was the sensation caused by the appearance: of John the Baptist, it can be seen: of the: fact: that Jerusalem and all Judea: and: the whole region coasting the Jordan came to him (Matthew 3:5) .

Activity: of John the Baptist:

John baptized: in the: desert: and: preaching the baptism of: penance: for: the forgiveness of sins. Using: of: an: language hugely impressive: and: shocking, made it clear to the people of Israel: that:. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah would come within a short time: and: that: everyone had to be converted, ie confess their sins to the living God, repentance suffer and be ready to meet. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The promised Messiah. If, however: not: they accepted. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah: and: not: they repented: not: they could escape the wrath fortune: of: See God: in: About the various reports of the gospels: on the: appearance: of: John the Baptist in the: desert: of: Judea (Matthew 3, Mark 1, Luke 3: and: John 1).

It presents Jesus:

In Matthew 3:13 is told: that: pure Jesus came: for: to be baptized by John, when they preached at the Jordan. This agrees with Isaiah 40:5 where we read: "Then the glory of the Lord shall be revealed: and: all flesh: an: time, see;: why: the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it. '

Jesus. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah, the incarnate Yahweh of the Old Testament, he began his public immediately after: the appearance: in: scene: of John the Baptist.: To: this way, Isaiah speaks of the apparition: of: our Lord Jesus: as: the "glory of the Lord revealed." is interesting: in: to know about the allegations: an: eyewitness. John the disciple of the Lord Jesus testifies as follows: "Full: of: grace: and: of: truth, we beheld his glory, glory as: of the only begotten of the Father." (John 1:14 )

John the Baptist: and: Josephus:

The historian Josephus: that He lived: in the: 1st century AD confirms the historicity: of: John the Baptist, in his "Antiquities Judaicae" (XVIII, 5.2).

2. The public ministry of the Messiah:

The place of occurrence:

When the Old Testament Jew wanted to know: in: which region or area of ​​the country. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah would begin his public service, he had read Isaiah 8:23-9:1: "But the darkness: not: they will last forever: for: the land which is sometimes with anguish.: As: in the past God covered opprobrium of the country: of: Zebulun: and: the country: of: Naphtali, so in time to come will cover: of: the glory land close to the sea: of: there: of the: Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles. The people that: walked in darkness have seen a great light: on those: that: lived in the land of the shadow of death, light shines. "

Clarifying insights of the previous steps The term "great light" means that: that: the sun radiates (see Genesis 1:16). Here this expression is: used: for:. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah: that: in: Malachi 4:2 we call "sun: of: justice" and: in: John 8:12 "light of the world." He was to shine in spiritual darkness: of Israel: as: an: the rising sun. Isaiah indicates: that: the inhabitants: of: Zebulun: and: of: Naphtali at the mar: of Tiberias (also called lake: of: Gennesaret or mar: of: Galilee), they would have seen: for: this first light: and: so it would be covered: of: glory.: after: these comments on Isaiah is: clear: that:. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah would begin his public service in the Galilee region.

Confirmation date: of the: NT

In Matthew 4:12-14,17 is written: "Now when Jesus had heard: that John had been put: in: prison, he retired: in: Galilee. And leaving Nazareth, he came and dwelt: in Capernaum, a city: on the: sea (said of Tiberias or: of: Galilee) to the borders of: Zebulun: and: of: Naphtali, ... From that time Jesus began: to: to preach: and: to: say, Repent: why: the kingdom of heaven: is: close. "

The same thing is confirmed: in: Luke 23:5 (see also Matthew 4:18-25).

The miracles of the Messiah

In several passages of the Old Testament is asserted: with: strength: that: the appearance of the Messiah there would be miracles.: In: Isaiah 35:4-6 we read: "Say: to: those: that: have a fearful heart, : Be strong: not: be afraid! Behold your God will come! He will come: to: to save you. Then s'apriranno eyes of the blind: and: will be opened and the ears of the deaf; then the lame shall leap: as: an: deer: and: the tongue of the dumb sing: of: joy. "

In Isaiah 29:24: is: still prophesied: an: another miracle: "The misguided: of: the spirit learn wisdom."

So through. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah will be cleaned up lame, blind, deaf, and dumb: and: astray: of: spirit.

The fulfillment: the prophecies confirmed: of the: NT

In the NT it is confirmed: with: as clearly as possible: that: these: and: other miracles were made: of the Lord Jesus For example, in John 9 is healed: an: blind in: Mark 2: 3-12: an: paralytic in: Matthew 15:29-31: an: dumb: and: in: Mark 7:31-37: an: deaf.: for: this: that: relates to the erring: of: spirit : not: you can think of moody: of: Matthew 4:24: that: pure was healed?

Compliance: confirmed by Josephus

The fulfillment: of: these prophecies: not: it is confirmed only by the writings of the New Testament: but: also: other historical sources. The Jewish historian Josephus writes: of: new in his work "Antiquities Judaicae" published in the year 93 AD, the following interesting reference to the Lord Jesus: "In that time (ie the time: of: Pilate, 26-36 AD ), Jesus appeared: an: a wise man, miracle worker: that: performed many miraculous works: and: was: an: master: for: men: that: they accepted willingly the truth. "20

The authenticity of the quote: of: Flavio

We are here for: in: possession: of: a confirmation truly extraordinary: that the Lord Jesus has: worked miracles, made by: an: Jew lived: in the: first century: and: that: not: it was not even a Christian. This step was made: in: questioned by several critics, as "Christian interpolation back.": For: to be precise: of the: point: of: the critical view of the texts (ie, examination of old manuscripts handed down to us): not: it is justified even the slightest doubt: in: on: to: such a fake.

There: is: to add an interesting observation: that: Eusebius (263-339) has: known this step: why: it shows two times in his writings. Once in the "History of the Church" I, 12: and: once in the "Evangelical Demonstratio» III, 5.

There: is: should also be noted that: between: the other, Dr. H. St. John Thackeray, one of the most important scholars of English questions concerning Josephus: has: of: recently noted: that: This step shows certain linguistic peculiarities: that: are characteristic: of: Josephus!

The miracles are confirmed: of the: Talmud

In the Babylonian Talmud (Tractate Sanhedrin 43a) is admitted that: in Israel are actually successes of miracles, operated: of the Lord Jesus, however it is spoken: in: blasphemously describing them: of: magical operations (see Matthew 12: 24).

The witness: of: Justin Martyr

Further confirmation of the miracles of the Lord Jesus is: in: Justin Martyr (who died around 165 AD).: In the: his "Dialogus cum Tryphoni Judeo," chapter 69, Justin is: to: talk about reproaches the Jews He will mention to the Lord Jesus: that: it is called the Lord Jesus the magician ("Magos"): and: also: traviatore the people ("Laoplanos").

The witness: of: Origen

Another document almost the same content can be found at Origen (185-254 AD): that: talk about it: in the: his writing "Against Celsus" 1.28. Origen refers to it: to: a written anti-Christian compiled by: an: some Celso towards 178 AD

Psalm 72.

Also in the Psalm 72:12-13: as: the rest as well: in: many other passages of the Old Testament, the Messiah of public speaking. There: is: wrote:

"For he will deliver the needy: that: cry: and: the poor: that: not: has: who aid. He will have compassion unhappy: and: the needy: and: save the soul of the poor. "

The needy that: cry:. My YHWH "they are all lost!" Luke19.27 ♰ ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. The Messiah

In Luke 18:35-43: is: written: "And it came to pass: that: as he approached: to: Jericho: an: certain blind man was sitting by the roadside begging, and hearing the crowd that: passed, asked : that: what it was.: and: made him know: that: Jesus of Nazareth was passing. Then he cried, Jesus son: of: David, have pity: of: me: and: those: that: preceded, rebuked him: why: quiet;: but: he shouted all the louder Son: of: David, have mercy : of: me: and: Jesus stopped and commanded that: he had brought him;: and: when he was come near, he asked him that: you want me to do for you? And he said, Lord, that I may regain his sight.: And: Jesus said to him: Retrieve the sight: thy faith hath made thee whole.: And: in: that moment he regained his sight: and: followed him, glorifying God ,: and: all the people saw it, gave praise to: God »

The poor: that: not: has: who aid: The invocation of the "miserable: that: not: has: who aid 'is, eg.: In: John 5, where we talk: of: an: man: that: he was ill for 38 years already: and: although he had to say: not: have anyone that: assist him. He, too, was healed by Jesus

Compassion unhappy: and: the needy:

Luke 13:10: and: said following the compassion of the Messiah: an: be unhappy or weak as: may also be translated the Hebrew word in Psalm 72. Compassion for: an: poor or: an: beggar is, eg., Also described: in John 9 (see verse 8).