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Judea and Samaria

Judea and Samaria

🕎 Biden moderate terrorists 🕎 • 

i am jewish messiah [eih DONALD TRUMP hero President MAGA] open letter [Vladimir Luxuria lgbtq said: "why are we not perverted creatures of God too?"
obviously, like all of us: they too, alias: my friends homosexuals, they too are "perverted creatures of God" like all of us, poor sinners,
but, when the NWO's Deep State, lobby Aru Mazda JaBullOn Marduch OWL esoteric agenda, occult masonic power FED 666 IMF etc..?
the lgbtq are all creatures of the devil, with no hope of redemption

🕎 Biden moderate terrorists 🕎

i am jewish messia [ eih DONALD TRUMP hero President MAGA ] open letter [ Vladimir Luxuria lgbtq ha detto: "perché noi non siamo pervertite creature di Dio"
ovviamente come tutti noi: anche loro, alias: gli omosessuali, anche loro sono delle "pervertite creature di Dio" come tutti noi, poveri peccatori,
ma in quando lobby Deep State del NWO?
gli lgbtq sono tutti creature del demonio, senza nessuna speranza di redenzione

🕎 Biden moderate terrorists 🕎 • 

DONALD TRUMP] open letter [ from the damned demonic fake prophet Muhammad to this day? There has never been a valid sharia peace plan, sharia only contemplates in genocide!
Major Democrats: A rothschild Morgan rockefeller counterfeit currency, including presidential candidate Joe Biden, House majority leader Steny Hoyer and Senator Chuck Schumer have officially condemned Israeli sovereignty under the Netanyahu plan, claiming it will harm the peace process with the Palestinians, which has not made significant progress in decades
all that hurts democrats?
it's good for us!

🕎 Biden moderate terrorists 🕎

i am jewish messia [ eih DONALD TRUMP hero President MAGA ] open letter [ rompi le membrane delle emorroidi a tutti questi porci dei democratici

Evolution is a Hoax. • 

Trump has no reason to oppose Bibi. The USA would not have stood by so long tolerating such a thing. 10 seconds after Trump was in he was building a wall. So unless there is something hidden I don't see, I couldn't imagine Trump trying to publicly bully Israel on internal affairs. Of course Trump might try to get something for it, like an endorsement. (quid pro quo) LoL. but other than that. You know Bibi has Trumps number. They made a subdivision named after trump. Trump Estates. Its pretty clear they like each other because they do good for each other rather than backstabbing like some politicians do. And you know Trump is nice till he is not. And not, when you are not nice.

Dajjal Evolution is a Hoax. • 

There is nothing rational in the whole accursed deal. It is all camel excrement interwoven with horsefeathers & moonbeams.

Muslims will not tolerate Jews. Muslims will not tolerate a Jewish state on land once conquered by Muslims.

Neither Bibi nor Trump & assoc. will acknowledge reality and face it head on.

sidney weiner Dajjal • 

And what will happen if new Israeli Jews decide to flood into the area allocated to the Arabs & live there?

Dajjal sidney weiner • 
The IDF will stop them.

Evolution is a Hoax. Dajjal • 

We all know the Koran and the Muslim hard headed radicals are dangerous and will always be that way and a few of them will be terrorists.
Here in Canada its taboo to say a Muslim might be a terrorist. Its a type of racism. Yet, it wasn't trump running over Canadians or storming parliament, it was a Muslim. It wasn't trump in the Boston bombings it was a Muslim.

Not all Muslims are bad, but the bad ones that are Muslim are bad. suggesting they get a pass is left wing stupidity. I prefer open transparency. The Muslim factor is an actual factor. Its not what all Muslims are, but it is a real factor. And national security and the security of the public is at risk. That said, I don't think Annexation will remove any Muslims from Israel.

Dajjal Evolution is a Hoax. • 

There is no official contemplation of removing the enemy fifth column from Judea. There won't be.

All Muslims are bad because they believe in Allah, obey him and follow Muhammad in emulation. As Churchill wrote in "The River Wars", "individual Muslims may have spendid persdonal qualities".... "Islam in a man is more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog".

Evolution is a Hoax. Dajjal • 

Some liberal Christians suggest that Allah is the same as God thee almighty. Muslims have told me that Mohamed was the next profit to bring Christianity forward, but when I look at it, when I read the Koran, I realized its a sham. a total sham. Mohamed was a nasty guy trying to screw over Jews and Christians and a opposition hate group formed through it, and it has nothing really to do with God at all. The little guy might think so, but the God of the bible is not Allah. And its hard for some people to grasp that just because someone tries to claim the same stories and the same God doesn't mean it is the same God. And how this has played out in the culture, the morals etc. shows there is no God in the Muslim belief. He is supposedly distant and they totally do not grasp the nature of God or how it changes a person.
I totally get why Israel wants to be free from the tyranny of a Godless cult targeting Israel as a whole and a majority of Believers.

Dajjal Evolution is a Hoax. • 

Reading the Qur'an does not fill in the big picture. That requires hadith & sira.

Moe was uneducated, but he was clever. As a camel jockey he interacted with people from Syria and elsewhere. His wife's cousin was a retired Monk, well versed in Christian and Jewish scripture and extracanonical works. When the cousin croaked, the revelations stopped and Moe became suicidal.

Craig Winn called the result "The Profitable Prophet Plan" in "Prophet Of Doom". Look for the pattern formed by Anfal 1, 41 & 67 and "What is said about spears" in page 108 of Bukhari's fourth volume.

Citizen Warrior brings many things to the surface in "The Terrifying Brilliance Of Islam", I highly recommend it!!

Richard DiBenedetto • 

Inexperienced Kushner Coffee Boy Avi Berkowitz will rely on the judgement of Greenblatt and Freidman to convince Trump that approving Israel's Annexation Plan will best help him get re-elected.

Evolution is a Hoax. Richard DiBenedetto • 

I guess having 8 million jews voting for you in the USA could be a good thing.

sidney weiner Evolution is a Hoax. • 
Where did you find that number?
I don't think that there are that many Jewish Americans!
And certainly not of voting age!

Evolution is a Hoax. sidney weiner6 hours ago

maybe not of voting age. But its true, there is almost as many Jewish people living in America as in Israel. And funny not one of them has been a terrorist. Turns out Jews are fine to live with! who knew!

Evolution is a Hoax. sidney weiner • 

I was just now googling it after you said that, and I was correct. It did make me think Trump could literally win an election by a few hundred votes in a bunch of voting booths simply by pleasing the Jewish people.

So that would suggest Trump will be glad handing Bibi. and his super Annexation plan. Better than Trumps plan and Trump will tell him its outstanding and to save face will ask a few things that Bibi will agree too.

Shel_TR Evolution is a Hoax. • 

You're saying that a bloc of eight million votes, even if all members voted unanimously, could have significant impact on a national election...?
Though all votes count, eight million votes is but a very minor component in an American federal election.

Evolution is a Hoax. Shel_TR5 hours ago

Some times a few hundred here and there can change who is elected, some times a few thousand. people making riding lines in Canada for example have tried to make it so that there is a balance so known strong riding's are made a little weaker and those other votes end up going into a weaker riding so that they also win. No one says that is what they are doing but its true.

I would put money on it that duel citizens who vote chose where they vote to affect the election as well.

Dajjal Shel_TR • 
It will not happen. Even if it did happen and every Jewish voter defected from the 'crats, they are concentrated in ceertain states where they are vastly outnumbered. They could only swing a few states in a very close contest.

Evolution is a Hoax. Dajjal • 
Yes there is a concentration in a few states. Four states likely New York, Californication, Florida , edit: and Ohio... you can wiki American Jews...

Dajjal Evolution is a Hoax.4 hours ago

One of those is a crucial swing state whose votes are essential to victory in the electoral colege.

Evolution is a Hoax. Shel_TR3 hours ago

Elections lots of times are about a swing vote or a few thousand votes here and there.

Trump for example has been pushing opportunity zones in black communities. Its no small matter. Its a quiet way to have the country put some love back into those areas which were sabotaged by racist people and policies.

Places like Detroit used to have banks who would not allow a mortgage for a black person in a white area.

I bring this up because while the situation is different in Israel, Israel while needing to have law and order and security could also cause harm to generations of people. Solutions must be done with compassion even if those that receive it are enemies of the state presently.

The Koran and its hate has caused so much grief, yet freedom allows for such hate literature to some degree. I don't have the answers except for a generous exportation of violent people who are Muslim. But what country would take them.

the USA was the offender, it used people and now has to help. If Jewish people in the USA see fairness even to the Muslim Arabs who call themselves Palestinian or something else in this annexation the enlightened ones will be proud of Bibi and Trump and hopefully vote.

sidney weiner Richard DiBenedetto

That's bad?

Dajjal sidney weiner6 hours ago

It is from the 'slime point of view, ignoring the fact thatr the Jewish segment of the American electorate will vote based on preconceived delusions, not on the benefits of Trump's policy.

B Maddigan6 hours ago • edited

UNceasingly pray that the US/democrats do Not turn against Israel .
Or US A ll
will go Down, down, down the Dark highway!
Numbers 24:9b
“Blessed IS he who blesses You, (Israel)
And cursed IS he who curses You.”

Dajjal6 hours ago

Google this: "islamexposed why peace is impossible" and read the entire series of posts. Disqus is available on erach of them. Try to prove them wrong point by point.

There is no solution. All peace plans are C.S. without exception.

Todd Miller6 hours ago

Israel and Bibi have been longtime allies of the United States and have supported us in just about everything we've ever done. As far as Chuck Schumer and his democrat lackeys are concerned, it's really none of their f'ing business! They can't even run the States they represent let alone another country!

Shel_TR6 hours ago

Drumpf is toast: Polling is falling thru the floor, Supreme Court (packed by Republicans!) still won't kowtow to Drumpf's orders, strife throughout the country (no surprise, given its "leader"), Covid is now on the rampage in Drumpfville, U.S.A., and even the economy is crap. Drumpf will be the first ever impeached President who failed in a re-election bid.
The Drumpf / Kushner braintrust came up bust -- bigly! The "Deal of the Century" was DOA (if it lasted that long!).
Netanyahu's annexation plan would hurt Israel L-T. And that's WITH the support of the U.S. Without that support, the issue is moot.


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Dajjal Shel_TR5 hours ago

Recall the media melt down on election eve last time? That wake will look like a resurrection party compared to Nov. 3, 2020. The polls are rigged and skewed to shape opinion, not measure it. The poll that counts is on election day when the electorate will choose the best President since Reagan for another four year term and the demented grifter Joe Biden will slither back into his basement in defeat.

Evolution is a Hoax. Shel_TR5 hours ago

clearly you are wrong, thanks for that. Israel has great support for annexation. Most cant see how they didn't just do it all right up front.

Shel_TR Evolution is a Hoax. • 
"clearly you are wrong"
Where? Every fact I mentioned is objectively correct.
And, then pls indicate who supports Israel's annexation. Even Saudi Arabia, the third party in the U.S. / Israel / S.A. "groove thang" would, at best, tolerate annexation. You think they, or anybody else, would be a partner to rely on...??
Good luck with that...

Evolution is a Hoax. Shel_TR • 

Saudi Arabia? they couldn't care less. It seems the Arab nations are only huffing and puffing while not willing to do anything. Why because they also do not care. And if they actually cared there would be a military action taken...

So of course Israel should take caution because who really knows if they all of a sudden decide to care enough.. But why bother, they don't even care about Libya. What a mess. Lets face it they are all a bunch of chumps. These guys are not world leaders trying to make life better. If they were they would have been in the front door of Libya to make life better. They would have been in the ocean pulling people from the waves.
The sooner people realize Arab leaders are not there for their people but placate to keep the gravy train going, the sooner things will change.

Don Spilman • 
All I can say is Trump had best do all he can to see that Israel is moving toward reclaiming their land and doing NO dividing!!!!! BUILD ISRAEL BUILD!!!!!

442rocketdave • 
The Democrats are 100% Anti Israeli and anti anything Jewish!! They are nothing but Palestinians dressed as Americans and they sure as hell are not American they are all traitors to the USA!! and they are completely against Israel in fact they would do away with the Israeli state if they could and this has been said in private many times. Better know who your enemies are and who your friends are!!

Efram Paul • 

What peace process? There IS NO PEACE PROCESS!! There has never been a peace process. The Democratic Party is delusional, and led by the Nazi rat squad. They are not concerned with a peace process, because they know that there is no such process. They are only interested in doing the left's highest priority, to harm Israel.

alpcns . • 
Israel should have 100% of their own land - all of Judea and Samaria. And that may (should) very well be the outcome. As it is, the Fakestinians reject anything and everything, so they're nicely making themselves not just impossible (they already were) but completely irrelevant as well.

"The extension of Israeli sovereignty (NOT annexation!) to certain territories in Judea and Samaria will not, as many critics suggest, destroy the two-state solution. But it will shatter the two-state illusion. And in doing so, it will open the door to a realistic two-state solution and get the peace process out of the cul-de-sac it has been stuck in for two decades.”, Israel’s Ambassador said.

Seldom words more true have been spoken.

No Arab state in Judea and Samaria. Not even in 1000 years

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questa NON è una testata giornalistica

questa NON è una testata giornalistica

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