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Muslim neighbours, Christian response


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  • [political Ministry unius REI] I'm not reckless, impulsive, reckless, because what it's built in 400 years: can not be destroyed: in a short time, but, as King Arthur: I have to have: in my hands, oath of the knights of the "round table", and the round table, means that we are all the same, at the same table, Thus, is also: unius REI, I need trust, of loyalty: of all Nations .. but, I do not need political power, because I do not want to have a coercive action: to be exercised. my authority, within the round table, which is under my supervision? is the power: of truth, justice, and persuasion, because out: betray: the round table?, is to declare, to be the enemy of truth, justice, and common sense .. we can not: to chase a partisan interest, because the whole human race can survive only if it is able to demonstrate: to be a one only single body collective humanism: not monsters but human
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    io non sono incauto, impulsivo imprudente, perché, quello che: è stato costruito, in 400 anni: non può essere abbattuto: in poco tempo, ma, come Re Artù: io devo avere nelle mie mani, il giuramento: dei cavalieri della "tavola rotonda", e la tavola rotonda, significa: che, si è tutti uguali, allo stesso tavolo, Così, è anche: Unius REI, io ho bisogno della fiducia, e della lealtà: di tutte le Nazioni.. ma, io non ho bisogno del potere politico, perché, io non voglio avere una azione coercitiva: da esercitare. la mia autorevolezza, in seno alla tavola rotonda, che è sotto la mia supervisione? è il potere: della verità: giustizia, e della persuasione, perché, uscire: tradire: la tavola rotonda?, significa dichiarare, di essere il nemico della verità, giustizia, e del buon senso.. noi non possiamo: più inseguire un interesse fazioso, perché, tutto il genere umano: potrà sopravvivere: soltanto, se saprà dimostrare: di essere un unico organismo: il corpo collettivo
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    if, Italian Freemasonry, radical anti-clerical like it (they did, the expropriation: of all the property of the Church, etc. ..): If they have could take: for yourself: in an mode: exclusively secular: all Christian values​​, in contrast, for fight: the clerical power! (their only error?, was that, to leave at the Church, the monopoly of the theological University)! then, the values ​​lay Christians (and all its symbols) are not a threat: 1. for Islam, 2. for every religion, 3. for every ideological system, 4. political, etc. .. but, they are the only hope of survival for the human race! That's why Jesus said to his disciples: "You are the light of the world, and you are the salt of the earth" .. because only the Christian values, in key secular or agnostic: they are the only hope: for humanity, here's why: the world is been filled with monsters, but if you want to avoid: World War III: Nuclear?, I have to start to work, immediately, above all the nations today same!
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    se, dei massoni italiani, radicali anticlericali volenti (loro hanno fatto, l'esproprio: di tutti gli immobili della Chiesa, ecc..): Se, loro hanno potuto assumere: in chiave esclusivamente laica: tutti i valori cristiani, in opposizione, al potere clericale!(l'unico loro errore?, è stato quello, di lasciare alla Chiesa il monopolio: delle Università teologiche)! allora, i valori laici cristiani(e tutti i suoi simboli), non sono una minaccia: 1. per l'Islam, 2. per ogni religione, 3. per ogni sistema ideologico, 4. politico, ecc.. ma, sono l'unica speranza di sopravvivenza, per tutto il genere umano! Ecco perché Gesù ha detto: ai suoi discepoli: "voi siete la luce del mondo, e voi siete il sale della terra".. perché soltanto i valori cristiani, in chiave laica o agnostica: sono la speranza dell'umanesimo, ecco perché: il mondo è stato riempito di mostri, ,, ma, se volete evitare: la III guerra mondiale: nucleare?, io devo iniziare a lavorare, sopra, tutte le Nazioni oggi stesso!
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    me gusto mucho el video del gangamn style
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    @ my YHWH Alleluia - because, I understood to be a layman? because, to me, do not give a fuck if people: go from one religion: to another, or: if you become agnostic: not: they follow no religion! and since: I do not suffer, for these, bullshit? then, all: that: I say about: about the faith: it can have: a value political universal. If, we consider the State Italian, born as: a violent: Masonic and anticlerical State, this must highlight / consider: until at that: the Italian masonry, has lived into, Christian civilization (respecting and protecting religious symbols) everything was going well for him! until, the Jewish lobby 666 IMF, with the poison of the Talmud: they have taken control of all the upper on? is then that, everything crashed: into evil, selfishness, corruption!, Paradoxically, is not been Freemasonry: absolute evil, but: the loss in appropriane secular:of the concept of Christian civilization: that is ben the relativism, is been the real enemy of humanism
  • Nessuno Unius REI
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    37 minuti fa
    @my JHWH Alleluia -- perché io ho capito di essere un laico? perché, a me, non importa un cazzo, se le persone vanno a una religione all'altra, o se diventate agnostiche: non: seguono nessuna religione! e poiché o non soffro per queste, stronzate? allora,tutto quello che io dico sulla fede: può avere un valore politico universale. Se, noi consideriamo lo Stato Italiano, nato come massonico ed anticlericale, questo dobbiamo evidenziare/considerare: finché ha vissuto nella civiltà cristiana(rispettando e tutelando i simboli religiosi) tutto andava bene per lui! fino a quando, le lobby ebraiche, con il veleno del TALMUD: hanno preso il controllo? è allora, che, tutto è precipitato, paradossalmente, non è la massoneria il male assoluto, ma, la perdita della appropriane laica: del concetto di civiltà cristiana: cioè il relativismo: è il vero nemico dell'umanesimo

    Egypt's churches under attack

    A comprehensive collection of news reporting on anti-Christian violence in Egypt since Aug. 14
    1. Since the Aug. 14 military crackdown on demonstrations staged by the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, as many as 70 Egyptian churches have been attacked -- some merely pelted with stones, others sprayed with bullets and gutted by fire. Mobs also have set upon several Christian schools, dozens of Christian-owned businesses and homes, and an orphanage. Officials say reprisal violence has killed two Christians. Independent, unofficial sources say as many as five have died.

    2. The scope of destruction

    3. There is no central source of information about violence against churches and other symbols of Christian presence in Egypt. Tallying the destruction has been taken up by Egyptian news media and a handful of volunteers, working independently.

      The most comprehensive list is being maintained on the Nile Revolt blog by Amira Mikhail, an Egypt researcher at the Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East in Washington, D.C. Working with volunteers in Egypt, she has compiled a database of Christian churches and other facilities that have been assaulted. As of Monday, the database contained 98 records of attacks on Churches and other Christian institutions. The database includes attacks that had been documented by the Coptic-oriented Watani International news website, by Rayna Stamboliyska's Into Oblivion blog, and the Bible Society of Egypt, as well as incidents reported by personal contacts. It includes numerous links to photos and videos of the attacks and their aftermath, uploaded by witnesses.

      Each of the attacks logged in the database is plotted in the Google Map below:

    4. Christians describe the scene

    5. Egyptians contacted by World Watch Monitor described scenes of chaos.

      "It's bad in Mallawi and Minya - very bad," Samia Sidhom, managing editor of Watani, said on Friday, Aug. 16. "The Catholic church and the Good Shepherd school have been burned; also the Evangelical church. But worse, they're attacking the Christians in their homes. Ten houses have been attacked, and now they're attacking shops too.”

      At the Anba Moussa al-Aswad Coptic Orthodox Church (photo below), in the Minya governorate, Fr. Samuel Aziz told World Watch Monitor on Thursday that he, his family, and the family of his brother -- also a priest -- had taken refuge in the home of a Muslim family. What happened to the church, Aziz said, was "like World War II."

    6. Mobs in the Dalga sector of the Minya governorate also took out their anger on the Monastery of the Holy Virgin and Anba Abra’am, which dates to the 5th century. A priest, Fr. Silwanis Lutfi, told Watani that the Islamists broke into the grounds, and set fire to the three churches and six other buildings in the complex. A monk at the monastery, Fr. Angaelus Melek, told World Watch Monitor that many Christian residents have fled Dalga. The police station was attacked, he said, leaving the monastery without protection.

      The Bible Society of Egypt said its bookstores in Minya and Assiut (photo below) were burned out completely. Basem Shoukry, a Christian resident of Assiut, told World Watch Monitor that the mob threw the store's bibles into the street, trampled them, then set them on fire.

    7. Cairo-based freelance news photographer David Degner has created a gallery of images of ransacked and burned churches. One of his photos is at the top of this Storify report. The link to the gallery is below:
    8. The Egyptian interim government issued a statement Aug. 15 that the military would, at government expense, rebuild all churches damaged by the violence following the Aug. 14 sweep.
    9. Fatalities

    10. About 900 people, mostly Muslim Brotherhood supporters and security forces but also innocent bystanders, have been killed since the Aug. 14 clashes between the military and protesters who took to the streets when the army, on July 3, removed Mohamed Morsi from the presidency. The army's ferocity drew widespread condemnation from world capitals.

      The Associated Press reported Sunday that two Christians have been killed in the wave of reprisal violence since the military crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood. One was a taxi driver who steered his cab onto a street where a pro-Morsi protest was underway:
    11. فيديو استشهاد سائق تاكسى على يد الإخوان بعد سحله بالإسكندرية
    12. The other was a man shot by Islamists in Sohag in southern Egypt.

      The Nile Revolt blog maintained by Egypt researcher Amira Mikhail contains reports, some provided directly to her and some gathered from Egyptian news outlets that, together, document the deaths of five Christians at the hands of angry mobs. 
    13. Christian response

    14. At the ancient Monastery of the Holy Virgin and Anba Abra’am, Sunday worship was cancelled for the first time in 1,600 years, a priest, Fr. Selwanes Lotfy, told the Egypt Independent news site. In some other churches, such as the one pictured above, worshippers celebrated mass in their burned-out sanctuaries.

      The official voices of Egypt's Christians issued strong condemnations of violence against the country's churches and believers:

      Pope Tawadros II, Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt: "The attacks on our government entities and peaceful churches are terrorizing our citizens both Coptic and Muslim. These actions stand against all religions, morality, and humanity."

      Anba Ibrahim Isaac, Patriarch of Alexandria of the Copt Catholics, President of the Assembly of the Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops of Egypt: "We address the international conscious and all national leaders that they understand and believe that what is happening in Egypt now is not a political struggle between different factions, but a war against terrorism."

      Rev. Refat Fathy, Secretary-General, Evangelical Presbyterian Church - Egypt Synod of the Nile: "We as Christians reject violence of all its forms, and regret the suffering experienced by all Egyptians in these events. Along with all Egyptians, we have lost the sense of security, but we never doubt the presence of God with us."

      The Egypt Council of Churches issued a statement that "severely condemn[s] the brutal attacks against police stations, public facilities and honourable civilians."
    15. First responders: Muslim neighbours

    16. A recurring element in the news coverage is the help that Muslims have provided Christians, by providing shelter in their homes, or forming cordons around threatened churches, as in the photo above, posted Friday, Aug. 16. Indeed, Catholic Patriarch Ibrahim Isaac used part of his official statement to extend "Our thanks to our honourable Muslim compatriots who have stood by our side, as far as they could, in defending our churches and our institutions."

      For example, the Associated Press reported this on Sunday: "After torching a Franciscan school, Islamists paraded three nuns on the streets like 'prisoners of war' before a Muslim woman offered them refuge."
    17. Scenes of solidarity also were reported in Cairo:

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