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accomplice: of Satanists Muslims, in fact, Satanists help each of them

666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world, and you will have: to save it! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam.  "Behold, I lay: in: Zion a cornerstone chosen and precious, and he who believes: in it: not: be disappointed," unius REI. 1 Peter 2.6.
You know: that: S. Margaret wrote before: of the: beginning: of the: French Revolution, this expression of the Madonna: "When, the crucifix will be trampled, blood will came: flow: is for: all the streets!" [[Why: we not: can tell of ourselves: of not be "Christians" the philosopher: Benedetto Croce,]].  perhaps: foresaw the occupation Masonic, and: the infiltration: cultural nature, and: Satanic our institutions: ie, modernism evoutionism? 1st ed. Original: 1942. is: an: short essay written by Benedetto Croce: in: the: 1942, in: the: who, the author claims, that, the Christianity has: completed revolution "that worked: in: the: heart: of the: soul, the conscience, and: giving prominence to the intimate: and: your: of: this consciousness, almost seemed: that: to acquire a new virtue, a new spiritual quality, which, until then: was: lack to all humanity "which, for: about: of: the revolution, it can: not: say" Christian. " [[Why: we not: can tell of ourselves: of not be "Christians" the philosopher: Benedetto Croce,]]. "The men, heroes, geniuses" who lived before: of the advent: of the: Christianity "action time has done: beautiful works, and: transmitted to us: an: rich treasure of molds, of: thought , of: experience, "but: in: all they works, lacked that value: that: today is: this: in: all of us and: that: only Christianity has: given to every man. The Christian revolution, 3. Philosophers: and: Christianity, 4. The merits of the: Christianity, why: not: can: not: call ourselves Christians? The morning has: trace the design: an: little written on the subject [1] "On August 26: of the: same year" to shake the melancholy has: meditate: and: wrote the essay: why: not: We can: not: say "Christian". [...] Are: deeply convinced: that: thinking: and: the modern civilization are Christians, continuing the efforts made by Jesus: and: by Paul. on: of: this: has: wrote a short note of: historical, that: I'll publish it as soon as the available space. of the: rest: not: She feels: that: in: this terrible war, that: that: is: in: contrast: is: a concept still Christian: of the: life with: another: that: could trace pre-Christian age, and: reattach the front to the: civilization, against the barbarian horde violence [4] "The work thus, ie: atheist: and anti-clerical: Benedetto Croce: wanted to indicate the particular perspective: that: assumed in his analysis the phenomenon of the: Christianity. in this brief text, Croce was, immediately, spread: this: notoriety: when the Catholic Church began: to: make explicit his dissent, against: Fascist regime. which reacted: with: a violent campaign of: Printing: that: hit also: Benedetto Croce: done scorn by the minister Fascist: National Education, Giuseppe Bottai: that: alluded ironically: about, "operetta" of Croce: with: an: article entitled Benedetto Croce "rincristianito" ie, stupid: for: Despite, value political and cultural of Christian revolution:  In true Benedetto Croce: not: had abandoned, never, his belief secular, nor took sides: to: defense of the Church in Rome: but: just watched as, "The appeal to the: history: not: we can: not: recognize, and: not: tell us Christians." The story showed what is: that: was been: the historic success: of the: Christianity, more: that: his religious message: to: establish itself: in consciousness. of all. Benedetto Croce: writes: "Christianity: is been: the most revolution: that: humanity has never: made ... "Like it or not, therefore we are the heirs of: a revolution: end: that: not: to: use case, Benedetto Croce, wanting, to signify the explosive character, and: constructively together: of the: Christian interior love: ie, revolution, that: historically: has: work,not, as all the other revolutions, that: but ... ".  The Christian revolution represents: an: unique event in the history of the: humanity: why: to: difference: of: all the others, it "worked: in the center, of the soul, in the moral conscience ',' the His law drew only by the inner voice 'and' moral conscience itself, the appearance: of the: Christianity, approximate, arrival rejoiced: and: is his labor: in: mode new. " Christian: is been: a revolution "so understanding: and: deep, so fruitful of: consequences, so unexpected: and: irresistible: in: the: its realization, that: not: wonder: that: has appeared or will yet appear: as, an miracle, a revelation from above, as, an: direct intervention: of God in human affairs. " but: in really, the Christian revolution ": it was: not an: miracle" and "is because, is the spirit, that is: always full: of: himself." [The philosophers: and: Christianity]. That Spirit is present: in: all philosophers, from, the medieval to the Renaissance, the French Enlightenment, the various Vico, Kant, Fichte, Hegel, made them, debtors of the values: of the Christianity: but: the same time, legitimate interpreters: of: the religion dissemination, of the his christians Principles, "these, and: all the others, as: they, that: the church of Rome, (like not: could not: be) of protect his institution: and: his structure: that: he had given to his dogmas: in the Council: of Trento, was of: disavow result: and: persecute and, in: last sentence: with all much in the modern age:[[ ie agenda Talmud IMF: an its syllabus without be: in degree: of: contrast to the science(exploited ideologically), to the: culture(exploited ideologically): and: to the: modern civilization(exploited ideologically): of the: bad atheists: an, for do, an other: evil civilization masonic satanic satanic bad civilization: for destroy: human values ​​and pave the way for global slavery. ]] " Poor in act: and: spread values: of the "Christian revolution" those philosophers, even laymen, that: the Catholic Church: that: has condemned them: but, ... . The Church must be recognized, however, the merit: of: not have removed, from the religious thought: the ratio personal: between: the man and God, ie, all scale mythical of past: and: of: having prepared definitive philosophical categories, in 'scope: about, an: debate cultural and politic: about on christian universal thought: for an attended, in all other areas: and, for all philosophies subsequent.  Neither the Church escaped, his task: of: become universal, looking: of: Christian thought that, prevails: and: be spread: in Europe, ecc.. while falling itself: in the its historical course: in: " errors "from which, however, was able to be healed: for, with through the reform. [[The merits of the: Christianity]] are "and: revolutions: and: the discoveries that: followed in modern times: they were special: and: limited in the manner of them, but: all invested man, the soul itself: of the: man, no!: you can not think of the Christian revolution ... why: the original impulse was: and: continues its ... re-evolution Christian worked: in the heart: of the: soul, the conscience of value universal and human, and: giving prominence: about  this consciousness, almost seemed: that: to acquire, a new virtue secular, a new spiritual quality secular, that: until then: was not been given, to all humanity. "[is atheist and anti-clerical: Benedetto Croce] In Christianity we have a new vision, of the history where man acts according to a new morality based on love, "of all men, without distinction: of: the Gentiles: and: of any classes, of free man: and: of slaves, to all creatures, to the world: that: is: work: of God, and for God: that: is: loving God, "the God, that: is the" spirit "[9] whose mystery is: still the subject: of the: survey: of the: philosophers whose passion for: the truth, makes almost: of the martyrs: is why". [is atheist and anti-clerical: Benedetto Croce]... in the Christian God: is still, ours, more refined philosophies, they call it, the Spirit Holy, that: always beyond us: and: forever: is: ourselves, and, if us: not: we adore more as: mystery is: why: we know: that: it will always mystery, into our eye: of the: abstract logic and: intellectual, undeservedly, believed and: dignified as "human logic", but: that: clear truth it is: for the eye: of the: concrete logic, that: may well be called "divine", in understanding: of: as be a Christian: why: as man continuously rises his values, and that is: in this continuously joining into God, he does truly man.

@ King of Saudi Arabia - you'll wonder why, I put in the first place: Israel .. but in thee: there can not be an answer! If Italy were destroyed, along with all of its civilization? I could find, always, something like that, elsewhere in Franca: with, Pascal, Maritain, etc. .. (or, I might, find important values, anywhere, even in Saudi Arabia) .. but, if Israel was lost? nothing could stop the empire of Satan on earth! That's why, the Pharisees IMF, of, Neturei Karta, have an interest in destroying Israel. ! Se l'Italia andasse distrutta, insieme a tutta la sua civiltà? io potrei trovare, sempre, qualcosa di simile, altrove, nella Franca: con Pascal, Maritain, ecc.. (o, io potrei, trovare valori importanti, ovunque, anche in Arabia Saudita).. ma, se Israele andasse perduto? nulla potrebbe fermare l'impero di satana sulla terra! ecco perché, i farisei FMI, Neturei Karta, hanno interesse a distruggere Israele

@ OBAMA - synnek1, he closed the comments page of youtube? because no criminal Satanist would die for his country! Satanists are only: the traitors of the IMF: and their kingdom is against all peoples, @ Pax 666 pax voodoo - drink your poison: made by yourself: Synnek1 kkk nazi. I heard Satan to ask your human sacrifice: on his altar! you're ready? to love Satan, in an absolute and total mode? .. You saw how many people die on the altar of Satan, every day? why, it Should not ever be like: even: your time, now? even one: day. or another day? will came for you! Pinocchio and Candlewick: Their ticket they paid for: being: in the "Toyland". is not better, That Should one man die: that is, Synnek1 MASTER BIG, So That all the people of Satanists: is can to return to the Lord Jesus Christ? That Is, for to be, with me, unius REI? --ANSWER @ IsraelnationalTV but he closed on this article, the page of youtube, 24 hours ago. Satanists have control of all media: and you're dead!

now that, modernism, (naturalism consociativismo: Masonic. after, 600 excommunications, of a Church that, not: still had betrayed Jesus Christ) will win, most of the Episcopate? Satan will finally be released from his dungeon! so, Israel will be annihilated! is for, this, that have worked the Pharisees of IMF NWO. damn clerical celibacy, emerged: the crime of privilege medioeval: of "primogeniture". Catholic Church has condemned itself to destruction has not been able to protect Israel, and gave mankind to Satan! ora, che, il modernismo, (naturalismo: inciucio, consociativismo: massonico. dopo 600 scomuniche di una Chiesa che non: aveva ancora tradito, Gesù Cristo) conquisterà l'episcopato? satana, potrà essere finalmente liberato! così, Israele sarà annientato! è per questo, che, hanno lavorato i farisei del FMI NWO. maledetto celibato ecclesiastico, scaturito: dal crimine del "maggiorascato!" la Chiesa Cattolica: ha consegnato il genere umano a satana!

per avere perseguitato: Natuzza Evolo e Padre Pio? la Chiesa Cattolica ha perso, ogni, credibilità: spirituale! è la vergogan: disciplinare, about, infamia, medioevale, del maggiorascato, then, ha imposto : celibato ecclesiasistico: una disumana crudeltà: compiuta, dopo 1000 anni: di storia, ed è anche, un crimine teologico: per avere detto, che, "è buona la natura umana",but, in questo modo: ha sputato sull'inutile: e non indispensabile, per lei, sacrificio della Croce.. mentre, non è in grado di parlare, circa, la natura divina: che, soltanto, ogni cristiano: nel rapporto personale con il Risorto: può avere. perché, nega, concretamente: la effusione dello Spirito Santo, e la vita carismatica, in ogni cristiano!! ed è un crimine: di alto: tradimento: per avere fatto: di se stessa, il complice silenzioso: del signoraggio bancario, la sinagoga di satana dei farisei, e: addirittura: ha invitato a dare il voto, a quel massone: Illuminato: bildenberg, di MONTI
for have persecuted, Natuzza Evolo, and Padre Pio? the Catholic Church has lost any, credibility spiritual! is shame: disciplinary, about, infamy, medieval, for primogeniture, then, has imposed: celibacy ecclesiastic: an inhuman cruelty done, after, his: 1000 years of history, and it is also a crime theological for saying that, "human nature is good", but, in this way: he spit, on not necessary, for her, sacrifice of the Cross .. while, it is not able to speak, about, the divine nature, that, only, every Christian in a personal relationship, with, the Risen Lord: may have. because, denies, specifically: the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, into charismatic life, of: every Christian! and is a crime masonic: of, high: treason: to have done: of itself, the silent accomplice: of: banking seigniorage: of 666 IMF FED ECB: NWO satanic, the synagogue of Satan, of the Pharisees, and: even: invited to give the vote to the Freemason: enlightened: Bildenberg, ie,President MONTI
the 50 countries, the worst. Serving persecuted Christians worldwide: OpenDoorsUSA.. 2012: January. Table of Contents: World Watch List 2012 Countries. North Korea, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Iran, Maldives, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Eritrea, Laos, Northern Nigeria, Mauritania, Egypt, Sudan, Bhutan, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Chechnya, China, Qatar, Algeria, Comoros, Azerbaijan, Libya, Oman, Brunei, Morocco, Kuwait, Turkey, India, Burma/Myanmar, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Syria, United Arab Emirates. Ethiopia, Djibouti, Jordan, Cuba, Belarus, Indonesia, Palestinian Territories Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Colombia, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, The Main Persecutor of Christians

of all the heresies of Judaism, like Christianity? the most dangerous heresy has always been: the heresy of the Pharisees, that they hijacked the religion of Moses: from the time of the exodus, causing, in Moses and, in Solomon, the huge upset pain! in fact, it is the fault of the Pharisees, and their secret lodges, for the continuing deterioration of the conditions of mankind in the last 4000 years! di tutte le eresie dell'ebraismo, come il cristianesimo? la più pericolosa eresia: è sempre stata: la eresia dei farisei, che, loro hanno dirottato la religione mosaica: dal tempo dell'esodo, provocando in Mosé ed in Salomone, degli enormi turbamenti! in realtà, è colpa dei farisei, e delle loro loggie segrete, il continuo peggioramento, delle condizioni del genere umano, negli ultimi 4000 anni!
not only aliens, but also to all my enemies, will start to come out, of the blood, from, his mouth! all the blood: of innocent people, christians martyrs, ecc.. all the poor unhappy, that they criminals have devoured...
[where: not a leaf stirs: that Riyadh does not want] Nigeria, killing nine voluntary anti-polio. the witnesses say, was the sect Boko Haram.
From the first evidence, the massacre was carried out by militants: with: a series of attacks: in the northern city: of Kano. With Afghanistan and Pakistan, Nigeria is the only country: where: polio is still endemic. Since 2003, Muslim leaders: oppose vaccination: because it would lead to infertility. In 2003 Muslim leaders in northern Nigeria: have do opposed the anti-polio vaccination, saying that would cause infertility. The attack resulted in: Kano is yet another blow to the efforts of world organizations involved in health to eradicate polio still endemic in Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Just in Pakistan in December, seven voluntary polio: were massacred in Swabi, 75 km north-west of Islamabad.

[TUNISI Djellaz: è la strategia, per l'imperialismo saudita: del terrore] Magdi Cristiano Allam: fondatore del partito: "io amo l'Italia" dice: "anche, la Tunisia, conferma, come, i musulmani possono essere moderati, ma, che, l'islam: è incompatibile: con: la democrazia" quando diventa ispiratore di una forza politica, infatti, questo è stato: l'omicidio, che: gli islamisti, hanno fatto di: Chokri Belaid, perché: su facebook, Chokri Belaid, è stato indicato: come: capofila dei miscredenti, ed invece, lui era, soltanto, un bravo musulmano laico, ma, è stato indicato, come: un nemico dell'Islam: che, meritava di morire. così, una forza politica, che, adotta l'Islam: in quanto Corano e Maometto: a quel punto: non è più compatibile: con la democrazia, e i diritti umani.. perché, loro diventano la incarnazione: della verità divina, e, tutti gli altri, anche, se, si discostano: di una sola virgola: sono i nemici: da uccidere, da eliminare!"

[TUNISI Djellaz: è la strategia, per l'imperialismo saudita: del terrore] Magdi Cristiano Allam: fondatore del partito: "io amo l'Italia" dice: ogni, laico, diventa, quindi, un nemico dell'Islam, che è: meritevole della condanna a morte, bisogna creare: un ceto medio, che, faccia uscire: i popoli musulmani, dal binario: caserme e moschee, --ANSWER -- QUiNDI, l'obiettivo, ISLAMISTA: di affermare, una società, che, rispecchi gli obiettivi della sharia e della jihad, sono incompatibili, con la sopravvivenza del genere umano ... mentre, Al Arabiya: dà notizia: di una nuova aggressione, ai danni di: un esponente dell'opposizione, Ahmed Nejib Chebbi, che è: il fondatore del Partito Democratico Progressista. e [ translate . google ] ha distrutto intenzionalmente, il mio precedente articolo, ed ha bloccato, anche, la mia ADSL

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[TUNIS Djellaz: is the strategy for the Saudi imperialism: the terror] Magdi Cristiano Allam: founder of the party, "I love Italy" says: "each, man secular, thus becomes an enemy of Islam, which is : worthy, for this: of the death penalty, we need to create: a middle class, which, know how to get out: all Muslim peoples: from platform: barracks and mosques - ANSWER - the target of Islamist terrorism: is an State, society, ecc.., that, will , reflects the objectives of the: sharia and jihad, but, they are incompatible with the survival of the human race ... while Al Arabiya: gives news of a new aggression against: an opposition leader, Ahmed Nejib Chebbi, that is: the founder of the Democratic Progressive Party. and [translate. google] has intentionally destroying: my previous article: and also: blocked my ADSL

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[TUNIS Djellaz: is the strategy for the Saudi imperialism: the terror] Magdi Cristiano Allam: founder of the party, "I love Italy" says: "Also, Tunisia, is: confirmation, how Muslims can be moderate, but that, Islam: it is incompatible: with: democracy, "when it becomes inspiration, for a political force, in fact, this has been: murder, that: the Islamists have made: against: Chokri Belaid, because: on: facebook, Chokri Belaid, has been shown: as: leader of the unbelievers, and instead, he was just a good Muslim secular, but it has been shown, such as an enemy of Islam who deserved to die. thus, a political force, which adopts Islam as the Qur'an and Muhammad then: is no longer compatible: with democracy and human rights .. because, only: they become: the incarnation of divine truth, and: everyone else, even if, differ: a single point: they are enemies to kill, to delete! "

February 8, [where: not a leaf stirs: that Riyadh does not want] series attacks in Iraq, 29 dead, for: Two car bombs: exploded in Baghdad near a market. Another attack in the city of Shomali.  At least 29 victims: two doubles: attacks: that took place today in Iraq, according to a new budget: provided by medical personnel security. The first attack struck the crowded market Kazimiya, district by a majority: Shia Baghdad, the second: it happened in Shomali, predominantly Shiite city: in the province of Babylon. In both cases, it was double explosion. epr programmed to the massacre of Shiites heretics .. Shia and moderate laity were sentenced to death by the Salafis, in anticipation of the Jihad of World War III: This, he said, his uncle Pharisee: talmud 666 IMF Rothschild
09/02/2013 [Among: tear gas: and prayers, Tunisia burying Belaid, and his Spring: crushed: by the imperialist dream: of Salafi jihad islamists ] The crowd in the cemetery: Al Jellez, where: was buried: Chokri Belaid . were over one million the number of people who have followed the procession. The heavy toll from the clashes, with dozens of cars on fire, dozens wounded, and 131: people arrested by security forces: the Arab Spring: was prompted by the IMF: to be murdered, the reasons is agenda NWO, for, forced a World War III: for disintegrate Nazism Islamic and the State of Israel .. "dies, Samson with all Philistines. "A million were at the funeral of the leader of the opposition: the procession, huge, shouted:" Government murderess ". Government murderess "Government murderess "Government murderess " is true: is an islamist Government murderess "

Obama has been a disaster! we see how, is capable of defending itself from cancer, too him? [jihad imperialism is worse than Al Qaeda] people sentenced to death in Riyadh, forced, to the Holy War against Syria: [war Syria Saudi Arabia] 09/02 / 2013. The agency, AINA, revealed a "memo", top secret, sent by the Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia, where it is possible to Those condemned to death by decapitation: in the cells of the Saudi kingdom: to: opt instead: to go and fight: the "Jihad", the "holy War" religious, against: the Syrian government. by Marco Tosatti. The agency AINA: revealed a "memo" top secret sent by the Ministry of the Interior: in Saudi Arabia, where it is possible, Those sentenced to death by beheading: in the cells of the Saudi kingdom: to opt instead: to go and fight the "Jihad", the "holy War" against religious: the Syrian government. The memo is dated April 17, 2012, and was Concerned at the time, 1239, guests on death row.

Obama has been a disaster! we see how, is capable of defending itself from cancer, too him? [jihad imperialism is worse than Al Qaeda] people sentenced to death in Riyadh, forced, to the Holy War against Syria: [war Syria Saudi Arabia] is Offered, full forgiveness, and a monthly salary, to their Families in the kingdom , change "... of Their training, to be sent out, the Jihad in Syria". The nationalities of the prisoners, were different: Yemenis, Palestinians, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Somalis, Afghans, Egyptians, Pakistanis, Iraqis and Kuwaitis. The memo, reported Which Aina, a photograph, that show side, was signed: Abdullah bin Ali al-Rmezan, a senior official: the Ministry: the Interior. Second, a former Iraqi parliamentarian, the Russians have Threatened: to bring: this case to the attention of the United Nations. The Saudis would: then: Decided to stop: their clandestine activity, provided that: the program will not: was: made​​: in the public domain.

666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam.  "Honour, then: to: you: that: you believe, but: for: those: that: not: believe the stone: that: the builders rejected: is: become a corner stone: and: stone of stumbling stone: of: the scandal. They will stumble: why: not: obey to the: Word. to: this: they were intended. " 1 Peter 2.7.

666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam.  "Behold, I lay: in: Zion a cornerstone chosen and precious, and he who believes: in: it: not: be disappointed," unius REI. 1 Peter 2.6

You know: that: S. Margaret wrote before: of the: beginning: of the: French Revolution, this expression of the Madonna: "When the crucifix will be trampled, blood flow: for: the streets!"
Time: not: is: never: enough, indeed: time is running. The dangers: not: are: never: been: to: so high!
: Never: our time: is been: so limited! Converted, as long as you are: in: time!
The time is never enough, in: fact the time is racing, while the dangers have never been so tall! Our time has ever been so limited! Converts, until are: in: time! He, YHWH will forgive you, if: you turn: to: Him: with: all my heart!
"... C 'is: now: in: the: world: an: Satanic group: of: planners: an: single global system (New World Order). They eliminate the Church of Jesus ..."

[Arab League: all the beasts of the Gulf, the jihad of the penis: and: happiness: Obama vampire] 08/02/2013. The route of the young Indian, sent to serve (sexually) the sheikhs of the Gulf, to which four wives are not enough! The Guardian, reveals the story of many girls, who, with the promise to find a place, of, skilled labor: in Saudi Arabia (where there is slavery) end, however, the spiral, the exploitation of: francesca peaceful. Poverty has forced more and more Indian girls, to surrender: in the hands of traffickers: no scruples, that the ship in the Gulf countries (Saudi Suadita, Bahrain and UAE) to serve the rich, as unscrupulous sheikhs. is the new frontier: the trafficking of women, unveiled today by the British newspaper: Guardian that: recounts, including: the other, the story of Begum Anis, 27 years old: and: 4 children, deceived by a so-called intermediary:

[Arab League: all the beasts of the Gulf, the jihad of the penis: and: happiness: Obama vampire] that, after having taken: 10 000 rupees (about 120 euro) to: send her to work as, domestic workers, in Saudi Arabia (where he would: have earned: 125 euro: per month, that is, four times: his wages home to hospital), he sold, at auction: the prostitutes in Riyadh, for the consideration of 300 dollars. According to the National Crime Records Bureau: In India there were: 3,517 cases: of human trafficking: in 2011 (there were: 3,422 in 2010). Events: as a: the: of: Begum Anis are frequent, admits Indian police: that: a few months intercepted a "load" of 40 women from the start: at the airport in Delhi. The "sale" on: almost always family of humble origins, illiterate, in some cases: the victims (mostly women) end: really: clean: a luxurious residence of petroleum:

[Arab League: all the beasts of the Gulf, the jihad of the penis: and: happiness: Obama vampire] but: much more frequently, are initiated into prostitution. The market offers opportunities to profit, not only trade, but also on the falsification of documents, which explain to the Guardian, the volunteers: Indian Migrants' Rights Council, is privileged channels: at the border, where: corruption : it is almost: endemic. Last month, an employee of Air India: he was arrested: the airport in Delhi: own: for having printed: a fake boarding pass to a "migrant for employment" with: the complicity of: an agent Police. Once they arrive at their destination, they discover Indian slaves: that he had burned the bridges behind him. Trade unions in the Gulf: not: even exist: for local workers.

[Arab League: all the beasts of the Gulf, the jihad of the penis: and happiness: Obama vampire] According to a recent report: Human Rights Watch: immigrants: that: working in Saudi Arabia are hard at work: from 15 to 20 hours: daily: without holidays, health care, neither lunch breaks. Then, there are brothels. Occasionally, there is a species of happy ending. Begum Anis: was released from his wife (one of his wife) his "master" and has succeeded to return home in Hyderabad decided to denounce: the agent: which was: his months of captivity, but, apparently, they've lost track of him.

03/16/1973 .
The Freemasons: and: all other adorers of the: devil ... it's all part, My children, to: an: evil plan: for: to reduce man to a state: of: enslavement to evil + (scientism, relativism, materalismo ) + (ideological messages) + (pornograzia) + (craziness) + (subliminal messages: of: any kind).
We: are: large: of: masters: in: the: world "enlightened" (original term), that: now seek: of: "govern" the life of: every man, woman: and: child (Net Work) ...: for: to lead mankind to the: slavery.
I assure you, My children, that: is: an octopus: that: is getting longer: in: all directions: on earth: for: overpower the man: and: enslave him.
These tentacles stretch: for: to promote: an: one world government and one world religion (New Age) ... a Church ": of: man" based on humanism, modernism: and: Satanism. "01-10 -1977. ". there is an: piano: in: this: when, for: to plunge your world: in: a common dictatorship ..." 24/12/1976, "... is the work: of: Lucifer: that: use agents (SpA) for: remove all the churches (religions) from your world and unite all mankind: in: the: name: of the: peace: and: of the: brotherhood under: an: one roof (NWO &. New Age. &. Net Work).
At some point, My children, that: you will think: that: it would be better to die, so great: is: evil: that: be shed: in: the: world by the "Illuminati" (original term): and: their agents!. "11/25/1978,". The Antichrist, "666", is: in: the: world (techno-finance), in: the: your country (USA) ... He sows discord among nations. "05/14/1977,". 666: is: entered: in: forces: on: the ground. His agents: are: time: in: the: Vatican. We: are: seized: of: some of the highest positions in the ecclesiastical hierarchy. Took control: of: many governments. They're bringing the nations to the brink: of the: destruction. "05/08/1977, posts to: Veronica Lueken, Bayside, New York. Mankind: not: find peace until: to: when it: not: know My Message and: not: put it: in: practice. " Jesus: to: Sister Faustina Kowalska. [Not: is: Can I pay taxes].
In fact, the tax levy: is: of the 65%, while: an: euro: that: have: in: pocket we received: an: theft invisible equal: to: € 2.70. The tax: is: a true extortion, in fact, even blocks: on: birth productive activities, indeed, the entrepreneur: that: you do the calculations, says: "who am I: doing this?" Prof. Giacinto Auriti, secret government: [But: is: also: demonstration: an: secret government: and: Satanic behind: of: all pseudo democracies: of the: world. The first: to: disclose this criminal organization: is been: Jesus Christ: of: Bethlehem. in his invective: against the Pharisees who today are the masters of the world and masters of the IMF. This revelation is: occurred when the organization of the Illuminati: was: really secret: and: only the Lord could reveal it to the: mystic Veronica Lueken, Bayside New York already: in: the: 1973! Politics, magic: and: satanism. In the light of: Joseph Cosco these premises: that: has: published "Politics, magic: and: Satanism" claims: that: essential: is: return to national self-determination! The writer concludes: that: you have to abolish the ECB, the EU, multinationals, all supranational institutions: for: the crime already made: of: treason. strategy adopted by the Political: of the: Bilderberg Group. "Bilderbergers: with: the purpose of occult (and thus, in: the hidden participants), for: the establishment of: an: New World Order: and: of: an: World Government by 2012. Weapons Silent: for: the silent war "is: a doctrine adopted by the Policy Committee: of the: Bilderberg Group during its first meeting: in: the: 1954. A copy found: in: the: 1969: was: in: possession: of the: services: of: Information: of the: U.S. Navy ". Organization; Group: of the: Bilderberg recruit politicians, ministers, financiers, Presidents: of: multinational moguls: of the: information, Reali, university professors, men: of: a number of fields that: with: their decisions can influence the world. Trilateral: Trilateral (meets industrial: and: businessman: of the : three blocks continental USA, Europe, Japan / Asia): and: Commission of Foreign Relationship (3D CFR: that: or: never: from 1921 brings together all the characters that: manage the U.S.) ... "outer circle"? ? - "inner circle"?? (but: these: are: crazy)! U. Agnelli, H. Kissinger, Mario Monti, ALL GOVERNORS: of the: CENTRAL BANK SPA. 33,000 bank accounts encrypted: and: cleanstreem called? 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. not: has: idea: to: who can compete on an investigation: of the gender, but I think: that: both interest of the: appointed or suspected: that: an: court [( ?) which one? views: that: to be: of: above: of: any jurisdiction?] enshrines their strangeness to the facts assumed also: as: hypothesis of Article: The Lords: of the: World, Secret History: of the: family of the Rothschild: and: of the New World Order: of: Giorgio Bongiovanni. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam.  The criminal power: of the: banking seigniorage is: expropriated (seigniorage): of the 100%, and debt ( interest) of the 100% more. ulteriormante indebted to other interests: for: an: 70% (interest: on: interest = unresolvable debt cost). therefore, as: hypothesis: of: crime we have: Association: to: crime, genocide, satanism, fraud, usury, incitement to suicide, induction: and: reduction to the: slavery, exploitation: of the: prostitution, predation, treason of the: Constitution, etc. etc ... So , the crime would be: of: these proportions, which necessarily must be concealed, but that, even: not: is been: even coined a word for: to define it. Agency Italian Illuminati: Mario Monti. Upon complaint: of: Mr Tremonti: in: TV: Padoa Schioppa, Prodi, Veltroni, group of: people until then: to: me unknown the "Bilderbergers Italian:. 1995 Giovanni and Umberto Agnelli, Mario Draghi, Renato Ruggiero, 1996 Franco Bernab is: Mario Monti, Walter Veltroni. 1997 Carlo Rossella, Stefano Silvestri, 1998 Emma Bonino, Luigi Cavalchini, Rainer Masera, Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, Siniscalco, 1999 Paolo Fresco, Francesco Giavazzi, Alessandro Profumo. Illuminati and the Black Nobility: MASTERS OF Masonic lodges. PRIESTS: of: SATAN'S INTERNATIONAL. the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, the U.S. President, MULTINATIONAL ALL, ALL NET WORK: and: THE NATIONAL TELEVISION NETWORKS (FOR CONCEALMENT: of the: seigniorage) Hollywood major studios are: and: Record Companies International
666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. : In: the: 1871 plan: of: Weishaupt was further includes: an: his American follower Albert Pike: that: Processes: an: document: for: the establishment of: an: NWO (New World Order ) through three world wars. Would be enlightened, all possessors of: hyper riches, the families of Rothschild, ASTOR, BUNDY; COLLINS, DUPONT, FREEMAN, KENNEDY, LI; ONASSIS, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn, the British Royal family, Bill Clinton , His Majesty the Prince Bernhard of Lippe: of: the Netherlands (former SS officer), that: it: is: was the president until: to: when: in: the: 1976: has: had to resign: for: the scandal "Lockheed" and Joseph Retinger: an "fixer" Polish
Harriman, of the Morgan Guaranty.

UniusRei1 (30 minuti fa) Spam Re: R:Re: R:Re: ! Behold, I will curse you in the name of Jesus! Here is a malignant cancer in your body! In fact, this year you will die! Data:18/07/11 zionist of : HyperdriveArbiter: said: "Uhh... I did. Are you jewfags really that dense?" --ANSWER---- Every Christian is a jew by birth: of course! In fact, every Christian was born in Bethlehem, in the house of David, ie, in the family of Jesse, that is, the tribe of Judah. lol. but all those who claim of be Jews? in reality, they are bastards, without genealogy: in fact, when they kill Jesus?(LOL.Jews avoid: to dirty their hands with blood directly). Satan destroyed all their genealogies? why, forced them to unnecessary, genealogies of the line: maternal! So it is: how could the bastards masonry Satanists of Rothschild IMF NWO, to build the Jewish temple in honor of YHWH?

    jewish Lobby of the oil? suck my cock! if, Should I take something from someone? Would have humiliated my majesty royalty! Any difference: race: cultural identity? It Will Be Recognized as a heritage of all mankind. 1. I will give: a small money, every month, to every person on the planet! 2. I will give: "gratis" money, to all States: Therefore, the taxes will disappear: Around the World: Thus, the more honest Governments, Should Be Able to give, absolutely gratis: Health, Education and Justice! 3. All Cars: will go with water for hydrolysis (invention of 30 years ago: approximately) 4. Each family can produce, free of charge, electric power, with: magnetic motors (invention, of 10 years ago: approximately) - Conclusion ---- love x all! I am the metaphysics for universal brotherhood. The only alternatives to me? Is The 3rdWWnuclear: of Rothschild and His Satanism: Ideological and Practical, That Is: IMF of the NWO.

    FrozenMermaid666 SAID: I'm not Satanist, LOL! --ANSWER----What truth, could say a Satanist? Maybe the FBI, that 4 years ago, said: "are made, 100,000 human sacrifices to Satan, EVERY YEAR." Perhaps they too are Satanists? Certainly! Because, they do not find a single culprit? Then, they often are Satanists: also! All the institutions strategic of U.S.? are all controlled by Satanists, like this is: the Fed has become private, so that the whole human race will be destroyed... Quale verità potrebbe dire una satanista? Forse che l'FBI: che 4 anni fa: ha detto:"sono fatti, 100.000 sacrifici umani a satana, OGNI ANNO!". Forse che anche loro sono satanisti? Certamente! Poiché, loro non trovano un solo colpevole? Allora, i satanisti sono proprio loro! Tutte le istituzioni stategiche degli USA? sono tutte controllate dai satanisti, così: la FED è diventata privata, affinché sia distrutto tutto il genere umano

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]DiversionThe-- Mistafield? tu non cambiare identità! atheists and Freemasons have taken over: seigniorage banking and NWO and now the world is full of Satanism: International Monetary Fund crimes have increased: dramatically! atheists and Freemasons? are gay and do not understand, that we are going fast at 3 ° WWnuclear! with 5 billion dead! atei e massoni hanno preso il controllo: signoraggio bancario e NWO ed ora il mondo è pieno di satanismo: fondo monetario internazionale i crimini sono aumentati: enormemente! atei e massoni ? sono gay: e non capiscono, che, noi stiamo andando velocemente alla 3°WWnuclear! con 5 miliardi di morti!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]GRIMSREVENGE253 ----no creature, could continue to live without the kindness and mercy of his Creator! Because God is infinitely good and beautiful? then he not did: Satanists or aliens. The aliens are genetically modified humans, by the enlightened, so that the demons have a human body: now. them, the demons who lost their angelic body: when St. Michael the Archangel said: "Here ut Deus?" nessuna creatura, potrebbe continuare a vivere senza la benevolenza e la misericordia del suo Creatore! Poiché Dio è infinitamente buono e bello? allora lui non ha fatto i satanisti o gli alieni. Gli alieni sono: umani geneticamente modificati, dagli illuminati, affinché, i demoni abbiano un corpo umano. loro, i demoni che persero il loro corpo angelico: quando San Michele arcangelo disse: "Qui ut Deus?".

    FrozenMermaid666 SAID: 666 is just a number, it doesn't mean anything. And how do I make a ''vulgarity'', LOL! -- ANSWER ----- I know OF Satan: very much! but even if he did not exist? you could never TO lead, riding the absolute symbol, of evil and ambiguity, without suffering serious consequences, about the complicity! Every honest person? She knows that he must spread the good (like me), while every bad person he must like you: she will knows she has spread the evil... if God wanted? I kill you, and all Satanists: immediately .. But precisely this is my faith perspective


    [[Metaphysics]] is an intuitive faculty of reason, that God gives, even at the Satanists, in fact, without the metaphysics? is not possible to understand their/of us, state of condemnation (for sense of guilt): Sure, Jesus on the Cross, has destroyed, is the judgment of God against us, (by becoming sin for us), and has destroyed all bonds of Satan (through the shedding of his blood), so there is no form: of oppression: for those who are in Christ Jesus

    FrozenMermaid666 SAID: You shouldn't take all that stuff so seriously. Satan does not exist, is just a name given to evil. But life should be enjoyed to the fullest, and you can't really be happy if you judge everything like that. But it's your opinion anyway! --Answer----because you take it: for yourself: a name given to evil? This shows your wickedness! If I were not a man truly happy? Then, your spirit, would not have been attracted to me! Since only coming into harmony with the will of God, you can be happy! Of course, as you enjoy the cicada's life, but for you is just a shiny copper stain ... You're on fire!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]xXAn0nm0usXx ----- because, you commit the crime of vulgarity against all peoples ... Perhaps you want to make the sign of the finger to the Satanists, that are like you only? but here there are many honest people who do not belong to the 666, just like you! The goodness and patience of God for you, could be a trap, that is, the trick to make you fit in a case without mercy. "Splat": will against you: yourself against the righteousness of God, like a fly against the glass, di a car in the race. perché, tu commetti il crimine di volgarità, contro tutti i popoli... forse vuoi fare il segno del dito ai satanisti come te soltanto? ma, qui ci sono anche tante persone oneste, che non appartengono al 666, come te! La bontà e la pazienza di Dio per te, potrebbero essere una trappola, cioè, il trucco per farti incastrare in un giudizio senza misericordia. Tu spiaccicherai: te stesso: contro la giustizia di Dio, come una mosca, contro il vetro, di una machiana in corsa.

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] FrozenMermaid666 ---- how I can accept your friendship? that is, what you are: a whore of Satan, as, thing, you can hope for from the King of Israel, like me, if not death? Because you have betrayed your Maker, and your maternity leave? I can go anywhere (for metaphysics, ie, intuitive faculties), at any time (for metaphysical), in fact, I've been to hell (for metaphysics), where I saw other women as beautiful as you, but when has passed the flame? they shouted in desperation, as the flame turned them in horrible and hideous monsters. This is what you get: even

    You have some mighty powerful things to say.

    1/14[trace fossil of man in trace fossil of dinosur] demoate an ideological crime: high treason, for conspiracy, for a: theory eternal: of evolution [["Geologists for Creation"]] . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] Rothschild: I have not entered into Freemasonry as you would have wanted: "FuckYou!" for ideological crime: Satanism, naturalism, that is, a religion, for Satanism:The evolution is for: be an fuck, against all us: for do as slave all us: ie, make animals all man and women !!".Many scientists, especially when, they no longer need to depend: economically, that is, at the time of retirement: throw away the mask of hypocrisy and ignorance, They make the convert to the truth, that they become Christians: too. it was this:

    2/14[trace fossil of man in trace fossil of dinosaur] slander, which was been the subject, the famous scientist and the Geophysical Paleontologist: Floyd Jones phd, thd Geophysicist, Paleantologist. Dr. Carl Baugh, asks him: "What, as a fervent evolutionist: like you, then, did you become: a creationist?" Dr.Floyd Jones: responds: "The event determinant, was resulting in, to what happened: 1. why, of my great culture, and many skills:degrees, doctorates and specializations: in the words of scientific fields, 2. why, for my intellectual honesty! In fact, after I had specialized in: chemistry and mathematics, I could not: pretend to ignore, what, that: I had understood. "Dr.Carl Baugh says, "you want to say, that, your professors have taught to you, things: partial,and ambiguous?

    3/14[trace fossil of man in trace fossil of dinosaur] dr. Floyd Jones says, "exactly, exactly! But, by when I am a scientist, more mature, I has understood that, the things did not fit, many scientific conclusions, of other fields of knowledge? were been placed in contrast! indeed, what they had taught me, in geology, it went against the laws of chemistry, physics,statistics and probability. When I returned from my professors at the University of Missoury, I thought, that, my teachers: they could respond: to the my arguments. So,I went: to three of them, individually, one by one, and I did them questions like: eg:.about: the second law of thermodynamics, etc. ..

    4/14[trace fossil of man, in trace fossil of dinosaur] indeed: they said, that the things, are going: to degrade: by alone, but, even them have taught me, that, in the theory of evolution: the things are go to improve, by themselves: their own, divenedo more organized and complex. But, this was, really: very strange, for me because all three: my teachers, instead of giving answers to me, they began to give, to me of the insults: They have praised: me, continually throughout my university career. but, now, Individually, they were very angry against me (LOL. Masons?). But, I was right, for their, I was been, the their model student, but, they were never angry against me, in the past

    5/14[trace fossil of man: in trace fossil of dinosaur] instead of answers, they started to accuse me, of being a Christian, but, this was not true, in fact, even though, I was only a Baptist, that is, something formal: superficial: ie of social, such as all, that is, I was not yet: a Christian "born again", I still had not been aware, of my divine nature. So, as, I have assured at them, of not being a Christian, I could continue to do my questions, however, they did not have the answers for me ... well, this, I understand, that, when people get angry, on religious matters (LOL. Evolutionism is religion), it is because they do not have the answers. is this, that, I found it very divertenete, that

    6 / 14 [trace fossil of man in trace fossil of dinosaur] all three, I was accused of the same heresy (LOL.avi from the evolutionist viewpoint), but it was precisely for this reason that I have become: a "true" Christian, because, because, they were in a lie: they hated Christianity, then, the truth would only be preserved: in Christianity. They were my teachers, who forced me to a religious choice, I was put up by them "religiously" in front, at a crossroads. "Or, I followed the religion of evolution, or: I was a Christian." So, I realized that I had to start looking, my Creator, the Lord Jesus, and finally, I met him:

    7/14[trace fossil of man, in trace fossil of dinosaur] Finally, I found God, like millions of others, I too have met to him. "With this inner light, I'm back: back on my text: university books: the geology of based, ecc.. but: I was flabbergasted, not knowing, that, when: I was reading, not quite right: with that: that, I had learned, in other scientific disciplines, so, if you today, I do not: I have all the answers, at hand, however, I am no longer: in the lie of evolution. The only sure thing? is that: I had met God, the only one, who, has all the answers for me! "thus: in this way: the scientist " Floyd Jones phd, thd Geophysicist, Paleantologist "has become a" Christian, born again, "

    8/14[trace fossil of man. in trace fossil of dinosaur] Finally, as a prize: of a lifetime of value: is been the knowing, at last: in a personal way: the its Creator. dr.Floyd Jones is a lovely man: his whole life was a complete success: it was: the first, everywhere: to college, etc. .. He is accustomed to being the winner, victorious. It is a blessed man who, he knows, as how to find the right way, and knows how to persevere in justice! In the first: two years of graduate studies in mathematics: Floyd Jones, has never missed a problem: his vote: he was always:"100". From the observation, of all fossil fuels, and for the perfection of ripples: that, disappear, even after one night spent, in the humidity? Must be regarded, necessarily, that the process of fossilization? is occurred very quickly!

    9/14[trace fossil of man; in trace fossil of dinosaur] The fossilization is made possible only and solely, in sedimentary rocks, that are been produced, probably due to a flood(in most cases), as it is verifiable, of the stratifications, that is a constant, that is on all the planet. dr. Floyd Jones, says:"the fossil jellyfish: it's been buried alive: that is, has been suppressed! Like the rest, almost all of the fossil, which all have suffered: an immediate burial, to have been: all fossil for Smothering, anywhere, in the world". Floyd Jones, says: "My belief is: that: the planet Earth, as well: all the whole universe has: 6000 years or so, just like that, as the Bible says, this is also analyzed, from my personal study, for my mathematical investigation,

    10/14[fossil footprints of a man: in the fossil footprints of dinosaur]my study about the dating? soon: will be published". dr.Floyd Jones says: "Also, I have been part: of the theory of evolution, why, in the past, also I: too, like all people, could not understand, how it was done, the calculation concerning, the dating of the so-called: "ERE geological ".. sic .. well, I had to do, all my many: skills, PhD, specialist degrees, etc. .. doctorates, etc. .. in a time, where, I was not even: a Christian "born again", to arrive at understand: that the basic formula: used to calculate the dating, of the radiometric rocks? is a: trick fraud! In fact, the basic of the equation, port equal to "x", the age of the rock, which, we want to know

    11/14[fossil footprints of a man, in the same: fossil footprints of dinosaur] we do not know, and another, "calculation equation", ie, others: 7 values: that: they must be known in order to solve: this equation! but, Unfortunately, we do not know: and We shall not never know: FIVE of these values. So the question is this: "how do I solve a calculation, if, I do not know, 5: values ​​on: 7? What, reliability mathematics, can there be? in the science of evolution, in mode: so dishonest, converts: ie, that, 5 values, unknowable, they dishonestly assumed: to be equal to:"zero", and it is only in this way, that, they get, all their fake astronomical numbers, why, the result is that the "zero",almost all : deletes: Because, we force the math to generate: large numbers, and we know that

    12/14[ [fossil footprints of a man: in the same, fossil footprints of dinosaur] ]ignorant evolutionists donkey fraud? have needs large numbers, to make credible evolution. "Dr.Baught Carl, says: "and in this way, that they have information twisted:(that is, lol. a finger in the ass, and a hand on the crystal ball), and the basic concept, becomes favorable for the naturalistic model: this. must be said: "can not exist. a precise date, from the point of view: mathematics, physics, chemistry, radiometric, is right, said: you can not prove: that: the earth has more: a few thousand: of years. " If all the fossils, were dated: with the "Carbon 14"and if part of it, has been degraded during the flood? the result would be identical, ie, we would have only a few thousand years! Indeed: Giobbe cap.40: said, that, man was contemporary with the dinosaurs,

    13/14[ [fossil footprints of a man; in the same: fossil footprints of dinosaur]we have demonstrated, with a whole series of these fossils, ie, the footprint of a man well-defined, within that of a dinosaur, ECC.. ecc..and that's that. dr.Floyd Jones, says:"all the fossils, that are been found: only: in the sedimentary rock. But, the method of "carbon 14", and also the method "radiometric", it work: only for the: igneous rock, where there are "not": fossils. But, fossil there are only: in sedimentary rock, there, can not be, the radioactive elements, since they are soluble in water, is why, can not there be a scientific method for dating a fossil"

    14/14[(fossil footprints of a man; in the same: fossil footprints of dinosaur)]Baught Carl, says: "then, is why, there can not be a scientific computation: for the dating of the rock? why, you need to have"faith ", if you" believe ",lol. in the theory of evolution". but, dr. Floyd Jones, said: "The only way that we have to look a fossil? is that for the sedimentation! ie the work of the water, which created layers, which are like a constant, which covers all the Planet Earth "Amen.halleujah. Gloria a Dio per sempre! è gioia per tutti i popoli liberati dal satanismo del signoraggio bancario

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] jew ---- Jews are a people, who have: desperately needed: of a king, or a guide, a leader, that do understand to them, all, the meaning of life. Today, they are like many small children: vicious, without a father: "good"! Their current leader? Rothschild is a Satanist, who put his star, also on the flag of Israel, that is, the predator of all and the whole human race, through: bank seigniorage, Freemasonry, corporations, multinationals, Satanism, horror porn, evolutionism, naturalism, predation, functionalism, materialism, imperialism: that is the kingdom of Satan: ie, IMF-NWO ... but, I have heard that God ( first to exterminate them: again) has sent to them a good king: "Which of you know him?" but do not forget the "DAVID", as we have to do the "kingdom" on earth, as is in heaven, why, am I: Rei Unius and King of Palestine.


    TumnusIndustries SAID: im not paid for my love of god.....its a life style not career and so many people have been misled by satan the devil thats why were living in satans system of things and were waiting for God to step in and take whats rightfully his....his kingdom to be pure/holy/separate from andything unclean. =) --ANSWER---- but do not forget the "incarnation", as we have to do the "kingdom" on earth, as is in heaven, why, am I: Rei Unius and King of Palestine. Yes, I am for kingdom ma non ti dimenticare della incarnazione: così noi dobbiamo fare il "regno" sulla terra, così come è nel cielo, ecco perchè io sono: Unius Rei and King of Palestine

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] jew ---- Jews are a people, who have: desperately needed: of a king, or a guide, a leader, that do understand to them, all, the meaning of life. Today, they are like many small children: vicious, without a father: "good"! Their current leader? Rothschild is a Satanist, who put his star, also on the flag of Israel, that is, the predator of all and the whole human race, through: bank seigniorage, Freemasonry, corporations, multinationals, Satanism, horror porn, evolutionism, naturalism, predation, functionalism, materialism, imperialism: that is the kingdom of Satan: ie, IMF-NWO ... but, I have heard that God ( first to exterminate them: again) has sent to them a good king: "Which of you know him?"

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] Rothschild - Du bist der erste Mensch, der 3 / 4 hat: der Reichtum des Planeten: das heißt, das Bankensystem Seigniorage Sie sind die besten: 1.die König von Israel (Ihre sechseckigen Stern 666!? ? auf der Flagge von Israel:!. Ah Ah lol), gut, du bist: UniusRei, König der NWO. Schade, wenn Sie von Schwefel stinken, ein wenig, aber sollte ein bisschen Parfüm genug sein! Ah! ha! lol. Aber das große alte Mann des JHWH? auch, Ah! ha! Ah! hat für ihn kam der Moment der Aktualisierung, die ein wenig. ah, ah, ah! lol. Sie sind der wahre Gott der Welt (so schlimm, wenn man okkulte sind als illegal). Aber dies ist ein unbedeutendes Detail: es ist eine Kraft, die zählt. Wer ist würdig, den jüdischen Tempel zu bauen? Sie sehen, dass auch die großen: old von JHWH? Auch er wird zu gewöhnen: an die Tatsache, dass Du ein Satanist bist. Ah! ha! Ah! lol.

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] Rothschild - You're the first man, who has 3/4: of the wealth of the planet: that is, the banking seigniorage! you are the best: 1.the king of Israel (your six-pointed star? 666? on the flag of Israel: Ah!Ah! lol.), well, you are: UniusRei, king of the NWO. Too bad, if you stink of sulfur, a little, but, a bit of perfume should be enough! Ah! ha! lol. But that great old man of YHWH? also, Ah! ha! Ah! has arrived for him, the moment of updating, a little. ah, Ah,Ah! lol. you are the true God of the world (too bad, if, you are occult, for to be illegal). But, this is an insignificant detail: it is the power that counts. Who, is more worthy of you, to build the Jewish Temple? You see, that even that great: old of YHWH? He too will get used: to the fact that, you're a Satanist. Ah! ha!Ah! lol.

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] Rothschild - You're the first man who has 3/4 of the wealth of the planet: that is, the bank seigniorage! you are the best: 1. is the king of Israel (your six-pointed star 666 on the flag of Israel: Ah! ah! lol.), 2. as well, you are: Unius Rei, the king of the NWO. Too bad, if you stink of sulfur, a little, but a bit of perfume should be enough! Ah! ha! lol. But that great old man of YHWH, Ah! ha! Ah! has arrived for him, the moment of updating, a little. Ah, ah, ah! lol. you are the true God of the world (too bad, you are occult, for to be illegal). But, this is an insignificant detail: it is the power that counts. Who is more worthy of you, to build the Jewish Temple? You see, that even that great senile of YHWH? He too will get used to the fact that, you're a Satanist. Ah! ha! Ah! lol.

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]Jewish lobby-- two pieces of news: 1. good: I took an octopus to 5 feet deep, 2. and bad: on the beach a mother has fainted for stress, to have lost his 9 year old daughter. about, All of these maniacs, pedophilia, sexual perversion, are living in fear all parents! - Conclusion: this is a thanksgiving to the Jewish lobby of horror and perversion porn: 1. not can defeat Christianity, 2. in Jesus's name! soon you shall know of YHWH my friend and the friend of Abraham: Even . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]LifesAbstractEmotion --cancer is silent, when he came? you do not feel ! I will has recommended to you, to get out of this page and go in psychotherapy and the same advice? is valid for all: masons enlightened, Satanists in the world: even

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] Rothschild ---- lol. Ah! ha! Ha! lol. Certainly, your IMF, today, can not return, either, 40% of the money that was entrusted to him. But if we kill, 50% of the human race, then our accounts: they must return, because the corpses, dead bodies, or lol. zombie, do not have the habit of going to the bank to ask for their money! But, unfortunately, that our system makes the south more and more poor .. lol. Ah! ha! Ha! lol. . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]Rothschild ----- lol. Ah! ah! Ha! lol. certo, il tuo FMI, oggi, non può restituire, neanche, il 40% del denaro, che, a lui è stato affidato. Ma, se noi uccidiamo, il 50% del genere umano, poi, i nostri conti: devono ritornare, poiché, i cadaveri non hanno la abitudine di andare in banca a richiedere il loro denaro! Ma, per sfortuna, questo nostro sistema: fa diventare il sud: sempre più povero.. lol. Ah! ah! Ha! lol.

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]Rothschild -----lol. Ah! ah! Ha! lol. [[ /watch?v=ya7IhijXYUQ&feature=mh_lolz&list=FL5JJa-hbAWgE ]] your idea is brilliant, to exterminate the Muslims and the Chinese (Russia and India have already betrayed), using chimpanzees, who are trained to the video game: "shooter" è geniale la tua idea, di fare sterminare i musulmani e i cinesi (Russia e India hanno già tradito), utilizzando gli scimpanzé, che sono addestrati al video game: "spara tutto"

    1/14[orma fossile di uomo, in quella di dinosauro]dimostrazione crimine ideologico: di alto tradimento, per la congiura internazionale, di eterna teoria della evoluzione [["Geologists & Creation"]]. [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]Rothschild: io non sono entrato nella massoneria, come tu avresti voluto: "fottiti!": . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]crimine ideologico: satanismo, naturalismo, cioè, una religione, per il satanismo: la evoluzione!"fottiti!". Molti scienziati, soprattutto quando non hanno più bisogno di dipendere economicamente, cioè al tempo della pensione: gettano via la maschera, di ipocrisia e di oppurtunismo, e anche, di superba ignoranza, si convertono, alla verità, cioè diventano cristiani. è stata proprio questa:

    2/14[orma fossile di uomo, in quella di dinosauro]la calunnia, cui è stato oggetto, il famoso scienziato: il Geofisico e Paleontologo: Floyd Jones phd, thd Geophysicist, Paleantologist. il dr. Carl Baugh chiede: "cosa, da fervente evoluzionista: ha fatto diventare te: un creazionista?"dr. Floyd Jones, risponde: "L'evento discriminante, è avvenuto: 1. a motivo della mia grande cultura, e delle molte specializzazioni, 2. per onestà intellettuale! Infatti, dopo essermi specializzato in: chimica e matematica, io non potevo più: far finta di ignorare, quello che io avevo capito!".dr. Carl Baugh chiede: "tu vuoi dire, che, ti hanno insegnato: cose: tendeziose e parziali?

    3/14[orma fossile di uomo, in quella di dinosauro]dr. Floyd Jones risponde: "esattamente, proprio così! Ma, quando: io sono diventato uno scienziato, più maturo, io ho compreso, che, le cose non collimavano, poiché, quello che loro avevano insegnato a me, in geologia, andava contro, le leggi della: chimica, fisica, statistica e probabilità. Quando, io ritornai, dai miei professori della Università del Missoury, io pensavo che i miei professori: avrebbero saputo rispondere: alle mie argomentazioni. Così, io sono andato: da tre di loro, singolarmente, uno per volta, ed io ho fatto loro: delle domande, come: per es:. Riguardo: la seconda legge della termodinamica, ecc..

    4/14[orma fossile di uomo, in quella di dinosauro]poiché: loro dicevano, che, le cose vanno: a degradarsi: da sole, mentre, anche loro: mi hanno insegnato, che, nella teoria della evoluzione: le cose vanno a migliorarsi: da sole, divenedo più organizzate e complesse. Ma, questo è stato, veramente: molto strano: per me: poiché tutti e tre: i miei professori, invece, di dare delle risposte, hanno incominciato a darmi degli insulti: mentre: mi avevano lodato continuamente: in tutta la mia carriera universitaria. Singolarmente, si sono arrabbiati molto contro di me(lol. massoni?): ma, proprio io sono stato, il loro studente modello, ma, loro non si erano mai arrabbiati con me, prima,

    5/14[orma fossile di uomo, in quella di dinosauro]invece, hanno iniziato ad accusarmi, di essere un cristiano, ma, questo non era vero, infatti, anche se io ero soltanto un battista, cioè, qualcosa di formale, come tutti, ovvero, io non ero ancora: "nato di nuovo", io non avevo ancora preso coscienza, della mia natura divina. Così, come, io ho assicurato loro, di non essere un cristiano, ho potuto continuare a fare, le mie domande, tuttavia, loro non avevano le risposte... così, io ho capito, che, quando le persone si arrabbiano, sulle questioni religiose (lol. Evoluzionismo), è perché, loro non hanno le risposte. Io ho trovato molto divertenete, che,

    6/14[orma fossile di uomo, in quella di dinosauro]tutti e tre, mi hanno accusato della stessa eresia (lol. dal punto di vista evoluzionista), ma, è stato proprio, per questo, che, io sono diventato: un "vero" cristiano, poiché, proprio perché, loro erano nella menzogna: odiavano il cristianesimo, allora: la verità doveva essere soltanto custodita: nel cristianesimo. Sono stati i miei docenti, che mi hanno costretto ad una scelta religiosa, io sono stato messo, da loro: "religiosamente" di fronte, ad un bivio. "o, io seguivo la religione: della evoluzione, o: io ero un cristiano". Così, io ho capito, che, io dovevo iniziare a cercare, il mio Creatore: il Signore Gesù, e finalmente, io ho incontrato lui:

    7/14[orma fossile di uomo, in quella di dinosauro] Dio, come milioni di altre persone, anche io ho incontrato, lui." Con questa luce interiore, io sono ritornato: indietro, sui miei libri di testo: della geologia di base, ed: io ero allibito, sul fatto: che, quando: io stavo leggendo, non quadrava: con quello: che, io avevo imparato: in altre discipline scientifiche: pertanto, se oggi, io: non: ho tutte le risposte, a portata di mano, tuttavia, io non sono più: nella menzogna: della evoluzione. L'unica cosa certa? è che, io avevo incontrato Dio, l'unico che ha tutte le risposte!" così: "Floyd Jones phd, thd Geophysicist, Paleantologist": è diventato un: "cristiano: nato di nuovo",

    8/14[orma fossile di uomo, in quella di dinosauro] conoscendo, finalmente: in modo personale: il suo Creatore. dr. Floyd Jones: è un uomo incantevole: tutta la sua vita: è stata un assoluto successo: è stato: il primo, ovunque: al College, ecc.. lui è abituato, ad essere il vicincitore. È un uomo benedetto, che sa trovare la strada giusta, e sa perseverare, nella giustizia! Nei primi due anni dei studi universitari di matematica: Floyd Jones, non ha mai sbagliato un problema: il suo voto: era sempre: 100. Dalla osservazione, di tutti fossili, e dalla perfezione delle increspature, che: scompaiono, anche, dopo una sola notte passata nella umidità? Si deve ritenere, necessariamente, che il procedimento di fossilizzazione è avvenuto molto rapidamente.

    9/14[orma fossile di uomo, in quella di dinosauro] La fossilizzazione è riscontrabile soltanto: nelle roccie sedimentarie, prodotte, molto probabilmente, a causa di un diluvio universale, come è verificabile, dalla stratificazione: che è una costante, di tutto il pianeta. dr. Floyd Jones dice: "il fossile di medusa: è stata sepolta viva: cioè, è stata soffocata! Come del resto, quasi tutti i fossili: che, tutti hanno subito, un immediato seppellimento, per essere stati: soffocati, in ogni parte del mondo". Floyd Jones: dice: "la mia convinzione è: che: il pianeta terra, come anche: tutto l'universo, abbia: 6000 anni: circa, proprio così, come dice la Bibbia, questo è anche analizzato, dal mio personale studio, di indagine matematica,

    10/14[orma fossile di uomo, in quella di dinosauro] riguardo la datazione, che presto: sarà pubblicato". dr. Floyd Jones dice: "anche, io ho fatto parte, della teoria della evoluzione, perché, in passato, anche io, come tutte le persone, non riuscivo a capire, come veniva effettuato, il calcolo riguardo alla datazione delle cosiddette: "ere geologiche".. sic.., così, io ho dovuto fare, tutte le mie numerose specializzazioni, e fare: tutti i miei dottorati di ricerca, in un tempo: in cui, io non ero ancora un cristiano: "nato di nuovo", per arrivare a capire: che, la formula di base, usata, per calcolare la datazione, radiometrica delle rocce? è un trucco! Infatti, la equazione di base, porta uguale ad "x", l'età della roccia, che,

    11/14[orma fossile di uomo, in quella di dinosauro]noi non conosciamo, ed all'altro: "membro", altri: 7 valori: che: devono essere conosciuti, per poter risolvere: l'equazione! Purtoppo, Noi non sappiamo: e non potremo mai sapere: 5 di questi valori. Così la domanda è questa: "come faccio io, a risolvere un calcolo, se, io non conosco, 5: valori, su: 7? Quale attendibilità matematica, può esserci? La scienza evoluzionista, in modo disonesto, converte: i, 5 valori, inconoscibili, assumendoli pari a: "zero", ed è solo in questo modo, che, si ottengono i numeri astronomici, poiché, il risultato è, che, quasi tutto: si cancella: poiché, si costringe la matematica a produrre: grandi numeri, e noi sappiamo, che,

    12/14[orma fossile di uomo, in quella di dinosauro]sono necessari grandi numeri, per rendere credibile l'evoluzione".dr. Carl Baught, dice: "e in questo modo, che, noi abbiamo informazioni: distorte: ed il concetto di base, diventa: favorevole, per il modello naturalistico: questo. deve essere affermato: "non può esistere. una datazione precisa, dal punto di vista: matematico, fisico, chimico, radiometrico, e proprio: non è possibile dimostrare: che: la terra abbia più: di qualche migliaio: di anni". Se, tutti i fossili, fossero datati: con il "Carbonio 14"? il risultato sarebbe identico, cioè, noi avremmo, soltanto, poche migliaia di anni! In Giobbe cap.40: è dichiarato, che, l'uomo è stato contemporaneo, con i dinosauri,


    13/14[orma fossile di uomo, in quella di dinosauro] ed è quello, che, noi abbiamo dimostrato, con tutta una serie, di questi reperti fossili, cioè, l'orma ben definita di un uomo, all'interno di quella di un dinosauro. dr. Floyd Jones dice: "tutti i fossili, si trovano: soltanto: nella roccia sedimentaria. Ma, il metodo del: "carbonio 14", e quella: "radiometrica", funzionano, soltanto per la roccia ignea, dove non ci sono fossili. Ma, nella roccia sedimentaria, non ci possono essere: gli elementi radiottivi, poiché essi sono solubili nell'acqua, ecco perché, non può esistere un metodo scientifico, per datare un fossile".

    14/14[orma fossile di uomo, in quella di dinosauro] Carl Baught dice: "allora, poiché, non ci può essere un calcolo scientifico: circa la datazione, tu hai bisogno di avere "fede", se tu "credi", nella teoria della evoluzione ".dr. Floyd Jones, dice: "l'unico modo, che, noi abbiamo, per osservare un fossile: è quello della sedimentazione, cioè il lavoro dell'acqua, che ha creato strati, che sono come una costante, che ricopre, tutto il Pianeta Terra"

    UniusRei1 (24 minuti fa)on youtube page When through my metaphysics, be pagemy spirit has begun to talk: with all spirits of all man and women, nearly 7 billion human beings .. to seek a reasonable solution to the universal brotherhood? You have rejected my good reason, you said: "we will be slaves of the more strong", is now Satan Rothschilds: the stronger, and we are his servants! If you dimostrarei to be the strongest of all? is only so that we can be your servants! was just then, years later, was born politician UniusRei, in youtube: the my ministry. Unfortunately, my ministry has begun to kill and destroy the rebels from that time! I never wanted to impose Christianity, but because it: Christ is not a religion ... then it is just that, criminals take it up their ass!

    the problem? is not, that Satanism is stronger than Christianity, because God can not be defeated! Of course, Satanism in the days of Noah, had conquered: the whole human race except for Noah and of his sons, who understood only, that had to be obedient at their father. But, if you think that God can give you: the his kingdom to Satan? You are crazy! You're going, only, meeting, another massacre as it was for the French Revolution, etc. .. All Jews who were killed by Hitler? They mostly went, all to the heaven. if they were been not persecuted? will almost all gone to hell, as it is today, for their complicity with the system of the Rothschild bank seigniorage, Masonic, that is the NWO, corporations:SpA, and its lies of evolution. I do not authorize any satanic symbol, in any area of ​​this planet. all offenders will be killed

    1 / 4. . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] The King of Saudi Arabia: the my friend, -- if, I thought, That, the life: of a Christian is more precious, that, of the life of a Muslim? So, I would be a criminal and racist: Satanist, like you, and: like those other "super" Raiders, of the Zionists: "enlightened", like you, and: with you: one only family for the devil: in the hell, for all racist going to end up in hell, too, with you! Of course, if I thought with you, That God makes distinctions among men? also, I would have failed the purpose of my life: for be fallen course, in your religious curse: that is the: dangerous demon of the religion. In the book of Revelation: is revealed: [all the time, the Christian martyrs under the altar of the Jewish Temple celeste, they invocano God, saying: "when: You are holy, you do the Revenge for the our blood, that is been shed ?"] .

    2 / 4. . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] The King of Saudi Arabia: the my friend, - you can tell me: "criminal, "in which cemetery, they were by you, all the Christian martyrs: that, they are been the Christian peoples first of you? " Why, then, you do the: "sympathy" agains the extermination of the poor Palestinians, if, the Zionists: they not provide a cemetery to them? but, 1. I in that cemetery. I can go to cry, the people of the Armenians? 2. to Otranto? an entire city was decapitated, because their people refused the: immediate conversion, to your Koranic Islam. 3. Twice, the Christians risked extinction, despite the overwhelming the odds history, then more and more were the Muslims .. and is the: case of, to say: "Is been For a miracle of God, That, were saved the Christians." I am the: Mahdi, for not an Islam: thet is for "Quran: fundamentalist".

    3 / 4. . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] The King of Saudi Arabia: the: my friend, - But, I am not will be able to save your lives of the destruction, That is designed against you. if, you: 1. not the refuse the abominable practice of slavery, and: 2. not: give a true freedom of 'religion. 3. for repealed, few parts of the Koran, so, it not be repealed, the Koran totally: after 3°WWnuclear! Since God has given, once again, at the American Satanists, of: to avenge the Christian martyrs. the Christian life you have left, to date, but the Zionists and: the Satanists: against you, will make to a perfect job! that work, That is right, That must be done against the mass murderers of all peoples, like you. ie, international criminals: that is right this agaisnt you, why, you are killer!

    4 / 4. . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] The King of Saudi Arabia: the: my friend, - This time, Israel will be swept of the: Coalition, That, is prepared against of: him, perhaps, That, Israel: not will to use its nuclear weapons, even against of you: "Saudi Arabia", for: to have betrayed the secret military alliance, That you have done in secret? What lies, and: about the lies, on the lies you want to rely on, the one against the other, or all together, That all you buy at interest: the: your money: by the American Satanists: enlightened, for: to be all together: the puppets: in this theater of cruelty: of the "enlightened" today, That is for: the collapse:of IMF: and: this: it can take place: that, out in a scenario on a planetary scale 3°WWnuclear. Otherwise, what will say to savers Rothschild: that, the Bank have lost all money, without war? But, I'd have said: "Unius Rei? is one only solution!"

    EXALTEDDIRT SAID: In Matthew 24:5 JESUS said; "For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many."In Matthew 24:11 JESUS said; "And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. In Mark 13:6 JESUS said; "For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many." In Luke 21:8 JESUS said;"And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them."This is you! Unless you repent, you will perish.... --ANSWER---- No, I am only a universal political: Thus, I can not use my religion as, violenza"! Indeed, I am metaphysics, Which the angels sang in Bethlehem When They said "is for the peace to all men of good will"

    1/4.. [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]al Re dell'Arabia Saudita: il mio amico, ---- se io pensassi, che, la vita di un cristiano è più preziosa, della vita, di un musulmano? allora, io sarei un criminale razzista e satanista, come te, e come quegli altri: "super" predatori dei sionisti: "enlightened", come te, e insieme a te: una sola famiglia per il demonio: per andare a finire all'inferno, anche loro, insieme a voi! Certo, se io pensassi, insieme a voi, che Dio fa distinzioni tra gli uomini, io avrei fallito lo scopo della mia vita: certamente, per essere entrato anche io: all'interno della vostra maledizione religiosa: cioè il pericoloso demone di religione. Nel libro dell'Apocalisse: è rivelato: [continuamente, i martiri cristiani, da sotto l'altare del Tempio ebraico celesteinvocano Dio dicendo: "quando: Tu che sei Santo, farai la vendetta per il nostro sangue versato?"].

    2/4.. [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]al Re dell'Arabia Saudita: il mio amico, ---- tu puoi dire a me criminale: "in quale cimitero, sono stati portati, tutti i martiri cristiani: cioè i popoli cristiani che erano prima di voi?". Perché, allora, tu fai il: "cordoglio" per lo sterminio dei poveri palestinesi, se, i sionisti non prevedono, neanche, un cimitero per loro? In quale cimitero, io posso andare a piangere, il popolo degli armeni? Ad Otranto? una intera città fu decapitata, perché i cittadini rifiutarono la conversione immediata, al tuo islam coranico. Per ben due volte, la cristianità ha rischiato l'estinzione, nonostante le forze soverchianti, dei musulmani.. ed è il caso di dire: "è per miracolo di Dio, che, si salvò la cristianità!". Io sono il Madhì, di un Islam non: "coranico: integralista".

    3/4.. [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]al Re dell'Arabia Saudita: il mio amico, ---- Ma, io non potrò salvare le vostre vite dalla distruzione, che è stata progettata: contro di voi. se voi: 1. non rifiuterete la abominevole pratica della schiavitù; e 2. non concederete una vera libertà di religione. 3. abrogando, poche parti, del Corano, affinché, esso non venga abrogato, totalmente! Poiché, Dio ha concesso, ancora una volta, ai satanisti americani, di poter vendicare i martiri cristiani. i cristiani hanno lasciato in vita voi, fino ad oggi, ma i sionisti e i satanisti: faranno contro di voi, un lavoro perfetto! quel lavoro, che è giusto, che deve essere fatto, contro dei sterminatori di popoli, dei criminali internazionali: come voi: che è proprio, quello che siete!

    4/4.. [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]al Re dell'Arabia Saudita: il mio amico, ---- Questa volta, Israele sarà travolto dalla coalizione, che, è stata preparata, contro di lui, forse che, Israele non userà le sue armi nucleari, anche contro di voi, Arabia Saudita, per avere tradito quella segreta alleanza militare, che, voi avete fatto in segreto? Di quali menzogne, e su quali menzogne, voi volete fare affidamento, l'uno nei confronti dell'altro, voi che tutti insieme comprate ad interesse: il vostro denaro: dai satanisti americani: per essere tutti insieme: i burattini: del crudele teatrino: degli "enlightened", oggi, che sta per crollare il FMI: e questo: può avvenire soltanto: in uno scenario su scala planetaria. Altrimenti, cosa dirà Rothschild ai risparmiatori: che, andranno alla Banca, per non trovare più: il loro denaro? Ma, io lo avevo già detto: "al Unius Rei? non c'è una soluzione!"

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] o9uj, MaIefic, Mistafield, P90user304, RandomPerson745, etc. .. mistafields all. Hey, mistafield, you can go in psychotherapy, to detoxify yourself from the bondage of addiction spicologica, that, you've created, with this youtube page. because, if you stay here? I decided to do you harm! Begone, Satan! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]o9uj, MaIefic, Mistafield, P90user304, RandomPerson745, etc.. all mistafields. Hey, mistafield, tu puoi andare in psicoterapia, per disintossicare te stesso dal legame di spicologica dipendenza, che tu hai creato, con questa pagina di youtube. poiché, se tu rimarrai qui? io ho deciso di fare a te del male! vattene satana!

    bless my ass loser.

    EXALTEDDIRT SAID: In Matthew 24:5 JESUS said; "For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many."In Matthew 24:11 JESUS said; "And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. In Mark 13:6 JESUS said; "For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many." In Luke 21:8 JESUS said;"And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them."This is you! Unless you repent, you will perish.... --ANSWER---- No, I am only a universal political: Thus, I can not use my religion as, to club "! Indeed, I am metaphysics, Which the angels sang in Bethlehem When They said "is for the peace to all men of good will"

    EXALTEDDIRT SAID:Regardless of your perspective you still have to face a holy GOD on the day of judgment! JESUS CHRIST said in John 14v6; "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one gets to GOD, except through me" NOT mohammed, not mary, not buddah, not confuscious, not any other man-made false religious figure! Why?! Because JESUS CHRIST "IS" GOD in human form! JESUS said in Matthew chapter 12v36 that "every person will give an account for every careless word they have ever spoken on the day of judgment" Unless you repent, you will perish.Question: "Is your sin so luscious that you will burn in hell forever for it?" -ANSWER---- what you have said? it's all true! I am (a false figure of Jesus), metaphysics (pure rationality of natural law: the Decalogue): However, I am designed by God's mercy, to bring salvation "to all men of goodwill", which has no able to believe in the truth revealed by God

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]Hey, Rothschild, the criminal king (hidden) of: Israel, IMF, New World World Order, masonry, Governs, satanism, occult power, ecc! Satan is pushing you "strong", "strong" from behind! I have not entered into Freemasonry: how would you have wanted! well, you can go fuck yourself: in Jesus's name: You must return me to the banking seigniorage: Immediately to me, That You have stolen to all peoples, for have made​ ​Them Become, all your slaves(hidden). In fact, God wanted to make me your Redeemer: your king of Israel. The Cutthroats of Satanism and all the Institutions? Not Be Able to Protect Yourself: by Fury of the people, even if you come down under  the ground, in one of many bases, military secret: run by thugs of Satanism, That is, your loved aliens!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] MaIefic ---- Hey, Mistafield, etc.. ie, only one of youtube spammers. I do not want to see you, on this page! In fact, your doctor said that staying on this page? seriously damages your health! .... Not even a woman feels the need: to say all the words that you say about this page! lol. perhaps, who is pushing a "strong", "strong" you from behind, he brings out the "strong", "strong" language in front of you? Go! begone satana! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]MaIefic ----- Ehi, Mistafield, ecc. ie, one only spammer of youtube. io non voglio più vedere te, su questa pagina! infatti, il tuo dottore ha detto: che stare su questa pagina? nuoce gravemente alla tua salute! .... Neanche una donna, sente il bisogno: di dire: tutte le parole, che, tu dici su questa pagina! lol. forse, chi spinge "forte","forte" te da dietro, lui fa uscire "forte", "forte" a te la lingua davanti? Vattene!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]LifesAbstractEmotion -- who pays you, to make puppet in youtube? you belong to him! He belongs, to another, ecc.. and that another belongs to Rothschild, .. everything is of Rothschild you are also of Rothschild, because you are been paid! But Rothschild, is very criminal, your kingdom is fake: why I am Unius Rei and King of Israele and Palestine: I am the man of JHWH


    every man is responsible for his actions! that's why so many men have fallen under a curse! They have become: cynical, selfish, sectarian, racist, Satanists ... believe that God loves a religion, over another, which is why many nations have fallen under a curse! I have not sold myself to the Masons! why? fuck you Rothschild !!! ogni uomo è responsabile per le proprie azioni! ecco perché, tanti uomini sono caduti sotto maledizione! Sono diventati: cinici, egoisti, settari, razzisti, satanisti... credono che Dio ama: una religione: più di un altra: ecco perché, molti popoli: sono caduti sotto maledizione! io non mi sono venduto alla massoneria! per questo? fottiti Rothschild !!!

    1/5[3° WW nuclear] shalom, salaam and peace: blessings to all. The Muslims were really mentally stuck to their founding act (of 1400 years ago) including Zionists, of the Synagogue of Satan, they were stuck in their mind, from the deportation of: Babylon, where they were Born the Curse Hypocrites: Scribes, Pharisees and their Talmud. However, Zionists of IMF- New World Order: enlightened: have the control of Each resource: politics, net works, multinational corporations monopolies, oil, chemical, weapons, banks, intelligence, agencies, governments, economy, international, trade, etc. .. that is all! Obviously the Zionists have covered and raped all symbols of Judaism and Christianity, for their control, of the scientific research: the way they pursue: the diffusion of the Satanism: and their Satanism: ideological and practical: and theory eternal evolution

    2 /5.[3°WWnuclear] the theory eternal of the evolution, for making of every man a slave as of an animal. is of pursue, the destruction of every Humanism, of any cultural identity: national, for the destruction of Every Religion! is in this way, will require their dictatorship "Hypnotic": ie, NWO: new"tower of: Babel": the New World Order! One government, One currency: the creation of fake three continental, apparently independent, How is now, through the fake cheating: of all the our Governments of masonry, of One Only private S.p.A. monetary sovereignty. always fires the censorship: about the real NWO-IMF: about: 1. bank seigniorage, 2. Christian martyrs; against: to the: our politicians, governments, religions, and to corrupt Freemasons: accomplices of Criminal Murderers Enlightened: Scribes: Pharisees: ie the Perpetual Synagogue of Satan.

    3/5[3 ° WWnuclear] All leaders, elites, journalists, children of bitch: ecc.. they know that not need of speak to the people of the argument: banking seigniorage, and of the terrible phenomenon: "Martyrdom Christians", that nearly: 500 million of Christians are subjected to unprecedented tortures, abuse, rapes and restrictions discrimination. is in this way,That, 400 Christians, every day, are killed in the general indifference: about the sinagoga of satan. Since has to be kept secret (as fo be anti-Christian), up to the: eve of the Global War (made inevitable), against muslims: that is the 3° WW nuclear. An act painful, but unavoidable: that is a war of survival. In fact Muslims have not Signed: the Universal Declaration on the Rights fundamental of the man, because they want to continue:


    4/5[3°WWnuclear] officially the abhorrent practice of Bondage, indeed, they do not want recognize the universal right at the Freedom of religion and therefore, the right to equality, between men, which is essential for the Peaceful coexistence between the people: ie, my Universal Brotherhood. Since muslims show, today, is of be the deadly killers of all diversity. In this way: Muslims are a terrible barrier, against the peaceful coexistence of all people. and is for this, that will force all Human Race, for a radical solution against muslims. This is a trap Designed well, through the complicity of Russia and China. Therefore all the Muslim countries will suffer an extermination of Biblical Proportions.

    5 / 5. [3 ° WWnuclear] That is what they are waiting the: Satanist: 666 Rothschild, and: 322 Bush, that are the lords of war, of the: IMF-New World Order. in this way is their agenda: "enlightened", will be completed at the expense of all religions and all people. Because, all governments of the world: today, are all Satanism: ideological and practical, for exterminate its people. While God desires, from 2000 years, That, Christians and Jews are allies between them! Satanists Jews of the: IMF: freemasons, secret societies, corporations, continue to keep these two cultures sisters(Judaism and Christianity), in an artificial hostilities and in an apostasy, because if, they had not lost the purity of the their faith? certainly could not will win banking seigniorage

    1/5. [3°WWnuclear] shalom, salam pace e benedizioni a tutti. I musulmani sono rimasti veramente, mentalmente bloccati al loro atto fondativo (di 1400 anni fa), anche i sionisti, della sinagoga di satana, sono rimasti mentalmente bloccati alla deportazione di Babilonia: dove sono nati i maledetti ipocriti dei scribi, farisei e Talmud. Tuttavia, i sionisti del FMI-NWO: hanno il controllo di ogni risorsa: della: politica, NetWork, multinazionali, corporations, monopoli del petrolio, chimica, armi, banche, servizi segreti, governi, economia, commercio internazionale, ecc.. cioè tutto! Ovviamente, i sionisti si sono rivestiti dei simboli dell'ebraismo e del cristianesimo: del controllo della ricerca scientifica: Così loro perseguono la diffusione del satanismo ideologico e pratico:

    2/5. [3°WWnuclear] cioè la eterna teoria della evoluzione: per fare di ogni uomo una schiavo di animale. perseguono: la distruzione di ogni umanesimo, di ogni identità culturale e nazionale, la distruzione di ogni religione! è in questo modo che potranno imporre la loro dittatura "ipnotica": cioè la nuova "torre di Babele": il NWO: un solo governo ed una sola moneta: camuffate dalla creazione di tre entità continentali, apparentemente indipendenti: come è oggi. attraverso, la truffa di tutti i nostri Governi, privati della sovranità monetaria. scatta sempre la censura del NWO: circa: 1. signoraggio bancario; 2. martiri cristiani; contro tutti i nostri politici, governi, religioni: tutti corrotti massoni e complici di criminali assassini illuminati: scribi e farisei della perpetua sinagoga di satana.

    3/5. [3°WWnuclear] Tutti i leader, elite, giornalisti, figli di puttana: loro sanno che non devono parlare al popolo dell'argomento signoraggio bancario, e dell'atroce fenomeno del martirio dei cristiani, quasi 500 milioni di cristiani, sono sottoposti a: inaudite torture, sopprusi, abusi, stupri, restrizioni e discriminazioni. è in questo modo, che, 400 cristiani, ogni giorno, vengono uccisi, nella indifferenza generale. Poiché, tutto questo, deve essere tenuto segreto(in chiave anti-cristiana), fino alla vigilia della guerra globale ("ormai, resa inevitabile"), contro l'Islam: cioè la 3°WWnuclear. Un atto doloroso, quanto inevitabile: cioè una guerra di sopravvivenza. Infatti, i musulmani non hanno firmato la dichiarazione universale sui diritti fondamentali dell'uomo, perché loro vogliono continuare:

    4/5. [3°WWnuclear]"legalmente", la aberrante pratica della schiavitù, e perché non vogliono riconoscere o concedere: il diritto universale: alla libertà di religione, e quindi, il diritto alla uguaglianza tra gli uomini. Fondamento, indispensabile per la convivenza pacifica tra i popoli e per la fratellanza universale. Poiché loro dimostrano, oggi, di essere i micidiali killer di ogni diversità. è in questo modo che i musulmani rappresentano, una orribile barriera contro la convivenza pacifica dei popoli. ed è questo che costringerà tutto il genere umano, ad una soluzione radicale nei loro confronti: questa è una trappola ben studiata, attraverso la geniale complicità di russi e di cinesi. Pertanto, Arabia Saudita e tutti i paesi musulmani, subiranno uno sterminio di proporzioni bibliche.

    5/5. [3°WWnuclear] che è proprio quello che stanno aspettando i satanisti: 666Rothschild, e 322Bush: cioè i signori della guerra, del FMI-NWO. è in questo modo che la agenda degli : "enlightened", sarà completata ai danni di tutte le religioni e di tutti i popoli. Poiché, tutti i governi del mondo, già oggi, sono il satanismo ideologico e pratico per sterminare i propri popoli. Mentre, Dio desidera da 2000 anni, che, cristiani ed ebrei siano alleati! I satanisti ebrei: del FMI: massoni, associazioni segrete, corporations, continuano a tenere queste due culture sorelle: ebraismo e cristianesimo, nella artificiale ostilità: e nella apostasia, poiché se loro non avessero perso la purezza della fede? certamente non potrebbero lasciarsi strumentlizzare.

    1 / 4 [iusgentium. info /] [[WHAT is: ius gentium]] This association has the aim of: developing a new model of: integration for Italy, given the failures of past policies in this area. Multiculturalism, though, it is understood in the strict sense? has certainly failed, as can be seen clearly from the experience of northern Europe. The ideologue of the British multiculturalism, Trevor Phillips, the Caribbean, a sociologist refined, has backtracked: saying that: its multiculturalism: it would create: scary ghettos, neighborhoods of:: Pakistani Islamists of: Indian Hindus, of: Muslims somali, the company would have frayed, causing the explosion. According to the journalist Farina, in the multiculturalism, strictly speaking, each of opinion: as depositories:

    2 / 4 [iusgentium. info /] [[WHAT is: ius gentium]] of: an absolute moral code. If anyone offends: the my identity, the I: I claim: in fact, my moral code, the order: elimination of the profane. The: Dutch and Belgian companies, major carriers: of: this model (bankruptcy) of: living together, have shown, very fragile, suggesting Europe as a true and: empty shell right, the: the Western tradition: of: integrating wants: that:: the people housed: it is accepted in full, though: keeping: all the traditions, with the only limit of: accept the fundamental values ​​of the host community. A remarkable reversal of: The trend has been observed in France, where, if exceeded,

    3 / 4 [iusgentium. info /] [[WHAT is: ius gentium]] any prejudice secular, young people of immigrant: African descent, has called for the overcoming of: some tests, including: on the one of: gender: men and women, and: on the one of: the secular state. Of Our intent is: to promote the: integration of peoples, that:, approach to our national territory, encouraging the preservation of identity, but also the: knowledge, Our traditions, customs and rights, his order of: a better living and: cohabitation. Position of a hypocrite:: ethnic: "sic et sempliciter", we propose an alternative, a character bound to multiculturalism through cultural associations?. That may be public, but even a voluntary basis:

    4 / 4 [iusgentium. info /] [[WHAT is: ius gentium]] associations, institutes of culture, but also of doors: information on immigration, also managed by immigrants regularly residing in Italy (agg: This is also the purpose of: removing the shares weaker, that immigrants to the control of organized crime. To this end, communities, multi-ethnic: will be placed on the same floor, avoiding all inequality. We also have the intent: of: to develop an observatory on immigration? to order of: monitoring the situations of: discomfort, study the genesis of the different migration flows, and: become interpreters, each of the requirements of: these phenomena. G. Mori (President Ass Ius Gentium)

    WeAreONEbigFamily SAID: Thank you Lorenzo , im glad i know somebody who also knows it and even more , i do learn from you , Its great to know you. I might come up with a plan in the near future. I can discuss it with you ! maby ? if you don't mind? Greets --ANSWER---- I thank God continually for you! Why, we do not want the evil to anyone! lol. I would only, some people (500 million), in front of MY RIFLE HUNTING: obviously, lol. loaded only with salt. The first to be hit? will be the ass of Rothschild, and his accomplices of seigniorage banking! then will turn against of all satanists... io ringrazio Dio, continuamente, per te! Perché, noi non vogliamo il male di nessuno! lol. Io vorrei soltanto, qualche persona(500 milioni), davanti AL MIO FUCILE da CACCIA: ovviamente, lol. caricato soltanto con il sale da cucina. Il primo ad essere colpito? sarà il culo di Rothschild!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]Patrick Walker ----in the media, censorship only works: for the benefit of the Jewish lobbies: the seigniorage banking and his power occult: satanism, ecc... ie, those dogs of the racist Zionist of Talmud, all sons of 666Rothschild, and his six-pointed star, that it's never been the star of David, ie: synagogue of Satan, ie, banking seigniorage: for inevitable: 3 ° WWnuclear! But, if Satanists and their "instructions" of blasphemy have citizenship in youtube? then democracy is dead too! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]Patrick Walker ---- nei media, la censura funziona soltanto: a vantaggio delle lobby ebraiche: del signoraggio bancario: cioè, quei cani: razzisti dei sionisti: figli di 666Rothschild e della sua stella a sei punte: che: non è mai stata la stella di Davide: cioè: la vera sinagoga di satana e del signoraggio bancario: per la inevitabile:3°WWnuclear! Ma se i satanisti e i loro: "istruzionii" per le bestemmie hanno cittadinanza in youtube? allora, la democrazia è morta ugualmente!

    God is my friend! and if the atheists: the religious subject, subject at their demon of religion, Satanists, Freemasons enlightened Zionists Sharia, etc. .. will to burst with envy? For me can die all together! but God is so humble, gentle, and lovable that I do not know how you can not abuse him! In fact, it is inevitable for me, of be with him, in mode very arrogant! in truth I am a rough man Dio è mio amico! e se gli atei: i religiosi: sottomessi al loro demone di religione, satanisti, massoni illuminati, sionisti sharia, ecc.. schiattano per l'invidia? Per me possono crepare tutti insieme! ma, Dio è così umile, gentile, e amabile, che, io non so come è possibile, non abusare di lui! infatti, è inevitabile per me, l'essere arrogante con lui! in verità io sono un uomo ruvido

    WeAreONEbigFamily SAID: Poor non zionist israeli's get the blame by an evil deception , i try to tell people the truth , but its not easy. --ANSWER---- Yes, my brother, poor Jewish victims predestined, each designed of any shaoh, is been do by Satanists enlightened Jews, just against them (the precious seed of Abraham), and against us, of course: for the satanic and masonic seigniorage bank: that is the foundation of every destructive war... SI, mio fratello, poveri ebrei vittime: predestinate, di ogni shaoh progettata dagli ebrei satanisti enlightened, proprio contro di loro(il prezioso seme di Abramo), e contro di noi, ovviamente: per il satanico e massonico signoraggio bancario: che è il fondamento di ogni guerra distruttiva


    aparrisi SAID: R:Saluti.. Proprio oggi, IO vado ad una conferenza sul signoraggio bancario, a Givoletto (TO) con un mio amico. Riconoscere lo sterco serve sempre. aparrisi SAID A: Greetings .. Just today, I'm going to a conference on the bank seigniorage in Givoletto (TO) with my friend. Recognizing the dung is forever. Inviato a: lorenzojhwh

    WeAreONEbigFamily SAID: Poor non zionist israeli's get the blame by an evil deception , i try to tell people the truth , but its not easy. --ANSWER---- Yes, my brother, poor Jewish victims predestined, each designed of any shaoh, is been do by Satanists enlightened Jews, just against them (the precious seed of Abraham), and against us, of course: for the satanic and masonic seigniorage bank: that is the foundation of every destructive war... SI, mio fratello, poveri ebrei vittime: predestinate, di ogni shaoh progettata dagli ebrei satanisti enlightened, proprio contro di loro(il prezioso seme di Abramo), e contro di noi, ovviamente: per il satanico e massonico signoraggio bancario: che è il fondamento di ogni guerra distruttiva

    Israele guerra IRAN war profezia illuminati massoneria Rothschild 1di3 . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] TumnusIndustries - Israel has never had the requirements, in order to be protected by God: rather they were his enemies: that God wants to punish, those who, because of Satanism of the Sharia and the Christian martyrs . This time Israel will lose the war for the coalition that has already been prepared against him: about Iran, yet God stop it from will being destroyed as an entity policy. What he does, its satanic king: 666 the lord of the bank seigniorage, and of any monopoly, with its six-pointed star, which has never been the star of David, because, again, he not built the Jewish Temple in Satan's honor? He is the master of the world and of the Masonic: New World Order!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] eachtem ---- Muslims are all wonderful, all better than Jews and Christians, certainly, in fact, they pray and the other: "no." But, this story of Christian martyrs that muslims kill? is a story that will end in tragedy for all. Like the Jews, only, can fight: Rothschild and the seigniorage banking? so only you (Western Muslims) can force the Muslim states to the secular state and the true freedom of religion! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]eachtem----- I musulmani sono tutti meravigliosi, tutti migliori degli ebrei e di noi cristiani, certamente, infatti, loro pregano e gli altri: "no". Ma, questa storia dei martiri cristiani? è una storia che finirà in tragedia: per tutti. Come gli ebrei, soltanto, possono combattere: Rothschild e il signoraggio bancario? così soltanto voi (MUSULMANI OCCIDENTALI)potete costringere gli Stati musulmani alla LAICITà dello STATO ed alla vera libertà di religione!

    of each religion? God has made a mother! but, if they have been transformed: in all witches, as, Jezebel? This is a responsibility of the enlightened only! ie, the your synagoge of satana of youtube di ogni religione? Dio ha fatto una mamma! ma, se loro sono state trasformate: tutte nelle strege: come, Gezabele? questà è una responsabilità degli enlightened soltanto!

    WeAreONEbigFamily SAID: how do you know? -answer---- it is obvious ... God has given me: the metaphysics: to know the secret things, of course, this is a gift of the intuitive mind: that God gives, even the honest atheists, but in me, is more of a charisma, that is exceeds the level of supernatural, in fact, is in terms of the divine, it is this that allows me to be Unius Rei, ie, the brother of all, universal brotherhood, and I know of every secret, it is as if the true meaning of the Word of God living in me. Because: I can not rigenerarte mankind: alone? I have prayed and I got: from God, to spread my metaphysics: on all the man and women!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]ramadann1431, Facebookstandup, DurbahVision, abdibaasit said: John in [3:35]:Verily, verily, I say to you, that, the Son can not do anything on its own, but doing what he sees the Father doing) John [5:19]If all the miracles from the Father and not himself? John [5:30]How can miracles be evidence.If you are unable to worship God is a human being helpless.--ANSWER---- Friend! the glory of a servant of God like you? is really great! But, be for yourself, the son of God? is something else! You do not have the Holy Spirit, for understand the Bible! If you had, this Holy Spirit? Then you would be killed by other Muslims for "apostasy", and "blasphemy." now, this is the meaning of your life, prevent this from happening: again, as happens every day to 300 innocent Christian martyrs, that are kill by you!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] MistafiedNeedsAJob ---- solution: to Rothchilds and banking seigniorage: ie, IMF-New World Order? Rothschild is killing: of course! when someone, begin to kill, the enlightened? it will always be too late! I do not give my compassion, to who does not ask the mercy! Sure, I love the Jews, but not more than a Pygmy! maybe I am a racist like the Zionists? solution of Rothchilds and seigniorage banking: ie FMI- NWO? è uccidere Rothschild : ovviamente! quando qualcuno, incomincerà ad uccidere, gli enlightened? allora sarà sempre troppo tardi! Io non do: la compassione, a chi non chiede la misericordia! Certo, io amo gli ebrei, ma non amo loro più di come amo un pigmeo! forse io sono razzista come i sionisti?

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] MistafiedNeedsAJob ----I can not use a universal authority (Unius Rei), to push: on my religion! this for me, it would be wrong! Christianity is not an obligation, as are the other religions that kill Christians. but it is only a privilege to be the true son of God but, perhaps: I have now been recognized by govern, as Unius Rei? No! so I make my game: now! But, I'm at home, in every temple, of every religion. Of course, I'd be bad lol. only, in your church of Satan. I think I'm going to kill you! .. who is interested in a religion? In fact he has not known God, God is a PERSON, and not a religio

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]MistafiedNeedsAJob----- Lawrence Scarole is a Christian, but, my ministry of Unius Rei? is a universal ministry! To me belongs, the protection of all religions! If, I am very critical ... it is only because of the innocent Christian martyrs ... I would make war on Iran or Saudi Arabia, for their lack of freedom of religion! but, I do not push in favor of one religion against another. Because, for me, every religion should return to its purity. if there was only one pure religion? then there could be a bank seigniorage in world! Glory to God forever

    read psalms 83;18 in the king james bible, if we are to follow yours then you can at least follow ours to see what we have to say =) give it a try and after that read matthew24;14 then revelation21;4 and then finally proverbs 6;6 =)

    WeAreONEbigFamily SAID: Thx & greets much better , Check out Alan He's doing quite a good job , he is on top of my favorites channels now. universe6807 's channel --ANSWER----- "However, if, we will demolish AND delegitimized: All our religions and Institutions? Who Will Defend Us Against, The Zionist IMF: New World Order, ie, banking seigniorage: IE, enlightened? You want to fight with a video of youtube the enlightened? are powers political and economic, factors that need to understand how this time all were BEEN sentenced to death by enlightened. in 3° WWnuclear, in 2012, serves to wipe out this generation of Freemasons: the last agenda of the satanism 666Rothschild and 322Bush, for the triumph of satan ... it will be funny!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] deylinnTV ---- God is too big for one only religion! Everyone can have their religious beliefs, but not you! you alone, you can not, an Zomby: like you? they can not! because in fact you are about to descend into hell by your Satan: You believe me, "will not a hotel, 4-star" . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]deylinnTV ----- Dio è troppo grande, per una sola religione! Tutti possono avere le loro convinzioni religiose, ma, tu no! tu soltanto, non puoi, solo, gli zomby: come te, loro non possono! perché infatti tu stai per scendere da satana all'inferno: è credi a me: "non è un albergo a 4 stelle"

    WeAreONEbigFamily SAID: But the Jesuits and the pope are the top of the ILLUMINATI ! And behind Hitler and Nazi'ism. They rule the knights of malta wich represents the rothschilds !(Knights templar = Kabballah). So how can you invest your hope in the Pope? I can't never.-ANSWER---- Bible is Against Kabballah, that is the NWO-IMF to control all men. Everything that you said? are the slanders, that, Freemasons, enlightened, etc. have done, a vengeance: for over 600 Catholic excommunications of the Church against them, etc. .. Friend! the hope of every Christian is Jesus Christ, not the Pope because the Bible says: "Cursed is the man who trusts in another man, and that, not puts his hope in the Lord Jesus: only!" However, if we demolish or delegitimized: All our religions and isituzioni? Who will defend us against the enlightened?

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]4trophy . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]ortrophyaaaaaaaaaaaa . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]HORRoRFrEak4EvEr1 ---------- you seem ignorant! The concept of absolute good? or the concept of absolute justice? every ideal infinite? that is, sanctifying even the atheist, and that ennobles even the atheist, who, as everyone knows, he does not believe in God so to say, love, justice and truth, is as to say, too: "God exists"!!. If, then him: God is not there? This is less important for us, of the justice for itself. Because, the man without ideals? he's WORST OF BEASTS! I respect your atheism, because, you do not respect my faith? What you are afraid about me? If you continue to make the bullying against me? This could hurt you! in Jesus's name

    lorenzojhwh (1 secondo fa) Spam Segnalato come spam . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] 4trophy ---- if you remain on this page? I will curse you! and then we'll see if God does not exist! We want to make a bet on your life? . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]4trophy ----- se tu rimani su questa pagina? io ti maledirò! e poi vedremo se Dio non esiste! noi Vogliamo fare una scommessa sulla tua vita?

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]WeAreONEbigFamily said:secret behind kabballah , and use it in a good way.The Vatican have been buissy to poison us already for decades.--- ANSWER---- no, Kabbalah is satanism! Vatican Conspiracy? But if the court of inquisition was established: to intercept the Jews Marranos (enlightened). You have fought against the Rothschilds, from French Revolution until the Second Vatican 1 °? 1. each institution, and 2. each religion? was forced to be the accomplice of: IMF: ie, the Masonic system: the criminal: NWO. That is, Satanism institutional ideological and practical: of the banking seigniorage, debt: public: loss of sovereignty, etc. .. So, mock them all? is very self-destructive against all of us, how to be us, the real cowards. In fact, only the institutions and religions: they can be our hope! Who has done more than 600 anathemas against freemasonry? The "Pope! Pope is only a priest, who, he says Gospel

    WeAreONEbigFamily SAID: Because, i could risk a point of no return. - ANSWER---- no brother, you stay with us, we love you! 1. You are precious to us! 2. God is a resource that can never fail. However, if you have decided, right, lol. to end: it anyway? lol. because you do not try to kill a few Rothschild?--ANSWER---- no fratello, tu rimani con noi, 1. tu per noi sei prezioso! 2. Dio è una risorsa, che, non può mai fallire. Comunque, se tu hai deciso: proprio, lol. di farla finita: comunque? lol. perché, tu non provi ad un uccidere un qualche Rothschild? blessings too = shalom + salam

    aparrisi said: What I expected, the risk of bankruptcy(IMF), is coming true ... We are just a few months after the end of the year, and speculative attacks, are intensifying: against Italy. We were the next targets. - ANSWER ---- Berlusconi and Tremonti? have stopped cooperating with the "enlightened". They (the right) are not the office of the enlightened, as the left of Veltroni, Dalema, etc. .. has proven to be. In reality, all the politicians of the world: they have not more confidence in the deadly game of enlightened: and hierarchies Masonic faithful to them. so that my political project: dell'Unius Rei, become always more believable as an alternative to FMI_NWO and at their inevitable solution: that is the 3 rd WWnuclear

    WeAreONEbigFamily SAID: Bless you Lorenzo, you have proven to me, that you always have been honest and loyal towards me and others, i want to thank you for that, for my struggle for the truth is not an easy one, but with the help of the more experienced, i will not get stuck in the darkness, that, i dive in to see what i can find. In a way i'm rediculous, because, i could risk a point of no return, but until now so far so good, Thank You. --ANSWER---- we are: all together, so many with atheists honest, with each and all religions of the world. we are the great family of God, too, if, I mistreat the Muslims, because, of the Christian martyrs? actually, I love more the Muslims, than the Jews, who today, are hypocrites and evil. But I'm the King of Israel and it is my responsibility to bring all Jews, Satanists, and no, all to the God of Abraham, again!


    aparrisi said: Quello che prevedevi, sui rischi della bancarotta, si sta avverando... Siamo a pochi mesi, dalla fine dell'anno, e gli attacchi speculativi, si stanno intensificando contro l'Italia. Eravamo i prossimi bersagli. -- ANSWER ----- Berlusconi e Tremonti? hanno smesso di collaborare con gli: "illuminati": LORO(la destra) non sono l'ufficio degli enlightened, come la sinistra di Veltroni, Dalema, ecc.. ha dimostrato di essere. In realtà tutti i politici del mondo: non hanno più fiducia nel gioco mortale degli enlightened e delle alte gerarchie massoniche a loro fedeli. è così che il mio progetto politico dell'UniusRei, diventerà sempre più credibile: come una alternativa al FMI_NWO e alla loro inevitabile soluzione: cioè la 3°WWnuclear

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] UniusRei ---- I am the representative of Jesus Christ, I bear his holy name! I represent: all the Christian Churches. I can use: the authority of God's name, YHWH, Allah, etc. .. and the authority of Jesus Christ! Amen. Hallelujah Hallelujah ... .. hallelujah. I am the protector and representative of all religions, properly understood, therefore, have no life all criminal of satan: 666 322 shiaria zionism, enlightened, ecc.., or, he not can hide: himself, in the time of my domination on world! In Jesus's name: amen hallelujah . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]UniusRei ----- Io sono il rappresentante di Gesù Cristo: io porto il suo nome! io rappresento: tutte le Chiese Cristiane. Io posso utilizzare: l'autorità del nome di Dio: JHWH, Allah, ecc.. e di Gesù Cristo! amen. alleluia...Alleluia.. hallelujah. Io sono il protettore e il rappresentate di tutte le religioni: rettamente intese, pertanto, nessun criminale avrà vita, o potrà nascondere: se stesso, nei tempi del mio dominio sul mondo!

    ramadann1431 SAID: Proof The Bible Has Been Corrupted --ANSWER---- Please, can you bring me a single example, that the Bible has been corrupted? (sorry, I do not understand the spoken English for a video), where the Bible has been corrupted? Perhaps you mean the corrupt translations of the Jehovah's Witnesses? Because everyone knows the ignorance of Muslims and their utter lack of scientific method. If you do not find evidence for your calumnies then you stop making apostasy and blasphemy against God! Amen: In Jesus's name: Hallelujah.

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] rich ---- your pig? is fat! the butcher? He just expects you! from the hell is that, the Rothschilds, with their damn IMF, which will collapsed in the 3 rd WWnuclear? they call you just as you do not hear: their voice? "The few who understand the system, will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages [...] will bear its burden without complaint, and perhaps without suspecting that the system is inimical to their best interests." - Rothschild Brothers' of London communiqué to associates in New York June 25, 1863

    But to understand the financial crisis, 9/11 and so much more, it must be spoken constantly. As we begin a new year, amid ever-gathering global tyranny, this information is vital for everyone to know.By David Icke - Davidicke . com I have written and spoken extensively about the agenda behind the unfolding global financial crisis and here I will expose the coordinating force, or at least the prime one, behind that agenda and so much else, including 9/11.Most conspiracy researchers either don't realise the fundamental significance of this network or are too frightened to say so if they do. Sod that.It is widely known as Zionism or, as I call it, more accurately, I suggest ... Rothschild Zionism. I add the 'Rothschild' to constantly emphasise the true creators of Zionism and its controllers to this day (see Human Race Get Off Your Knees).

    Thanks & God bless!!!

    AsisterofChrist SAID: beautiful video. So sad that the antichrist will sit in that temple. Also: Revelation 21:22 I saw no Temple in the city, for ADONAI, God of heaven's armies, is its Temple, as is the Lamb. --ANSWER---- Brother, we are responsible for our time. Since only the Jewish temple and a true king Israel, which is not a Zionist or enlightened satanist masonry, can save us, today, from the 3 rd WWnuclear, but what will happen at the time of the antichrist, that is between 300 years? that is not our responsibility! ----- FRATELLO, noi siamo responsabili per il nostro tempo. Poiché soltanto il tempio Ebraico ed un vero di Israele, che non è un sionista o un enlightened, possono salvare noi dalla 3°WWnuclear, ma quello che avverrà, ai tempi dell'anticristo, cioè tra 300 anni? quella non è una nostra responsabilità!

    video: Top Bible scholar leaves Christianity . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]ramadann1431 ------ 1. Bible is not distorted!!! see Kumran 2. God does not punish someone because he is in a different religion, God judges of the good or evil that can be done, and in all Muslim countries: Christians suffer martyrdom, and of trouble because you have transformed the 'Islam, in an ideology, and imperialism: that is, Satanism for the conquest of the world. How not you ashamed  to speak as a free man, while you are the slave of your abomination! I am the Mahdi and I believe in a saint holy Islam. but ye have profaned the name of God: Allah

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] Jew important ---- there is one satanic beast: 1. of Rabby; 2. of enlightened; 3. of Rothschild, Rochefeller, ecc.. 4. an governor of a central bank, 5. Mason, etc.. ..! On this planet earth, by you? you are the synagogue of Satan, who of you, wants to talk with me, of "banking seigniorage"? is from: 30/mar/2008, That I can not try an dialogue: I am: the Semitic (ReiUnius has the charisma of all: totalità) King of Israel jew: in faith born in Bethlehem! I'm available, too, for: a box-mail reserved for

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] jew important ---- there is some satanic beast: 1. of important jew man! 2. of the Zionist important! 3. of Rabbi; 4. of enlightened Rothschild, etc. ..! on this planet earth, make an witchcraft, just by you: the synagogue of Satan, who wants to talk with me, of "banking seigniorage"? because: it is from: 30/mar/2008, that I try this dialogue: ancun without result. I am willing to talk through the key binding:"segret of oath"! because I am the King of Israel jew: in faith born in Bethlehem! è dal: 30/mar/2008, che, io tento questo dialogo: senza ancun risultato. io sono disposto a dialogare anche attraverso il segreto vincolante! perché, io sono il Re ebreo di Israele: nato di nuovoattraverso la fede, in Betlemme!

    [war vs Iran]1di4[[Il libro del profeta Isaia? è stato sigillato!]] il Libro del profeta Isaia? Esso non è sigillato per me! Infatti, io sono "Unius:Rei" e il mio nome: significa: "chiunque, in tutto il mondo, crede in UniusRei? Lui non vacillerà!". Isaia28,16. Mentre, al v.17: è spiegata la mia metafisica: della legge naturale universale: fai il bene ed evita il male(giustizia); non mentire(verità). Tutta la più grande malvagità, satanismo, e crudeltà del mondo nascono dall'ebraico signoraggio bancario: poiché questo abominio rende gli uomini schiavi. Questo potrebbe essere legittimo per il Talmud satanico, ma non è legittimo per Geremia 34,9. che, ordina di liberare tutti gli schiavi! e infatti, chiama "fratelli", gli schiavi! Ora, Dio vuole che tutti i popoli siano "fratelli", poiché la santità di Dio non può essere offesa, o accusata di ingiustizia, nell'aver fatto nascere qualcuno in un popolo, piuttosto che in un altro popolo.

    [war vs Iran]2di4[[Il libro del profeta Isaia? è stato sigillato!]]Ecco che, è abrogato il versetto che permetteva l'usura nei confronti dei non ebrei: ammesso che, esso, già in origine non fosse stato un versetto corrotto: dai sacerdoti del tempio: di Gerusalemme, che, loro hanno assemblato la Torà. Oggi, Dio dice: "tutti i popoli sono fratelli! La schiavitù è bandita su tutto il pianeta: amen, alleluia: in Jesus's name: sono colpiti a morte i ribelli: amen, alleluia!!". Ma questi satanisti di illuminati: non si accontentano di fare usura, loro inventano dal nulla il denaro(signoraggio:bancario); e vi fanno pagare sopra l'interesse(debito:pubblico), ecc.. perché, il costo del denaro, arriva a costare: il 270% del suo valore; contro di noi, (come ha dimostrato: lo scienziato Giacinto Auriti). Per essere tutti i popoli: gli schiavi: di questi satanisti: (666):Rothschild, Rochefeller, (322): Bush, ecc..

    [war vs Iran]3di4[[Il libro del profeta Isaia? è stato sigillato!]]Ora, sono proprio i satanisti enlightened, ed i razzisti dei sionisti(la truffa di una stella a sei punte: di due triangoli equilateri, che non è mai stata la stella di Davide, ecc..), sono loro: che, hanno profanato, la religione ebraica, e che, deridono il profeta Isaia!(Isaia 28,9). Ma Dio vendica l'insulto al profeta Isaia, attraverso un altro balbuziente: (della lingua inglese), che è proprio: lorenzojhwh in youtube:(Isaia 28,11-13): che viene a rivendicare il suo regno universale di Unius Rei, e di Re di Israele e Palestina. Ma, anche lui non sarà ascoltato e loro cadranno rovinosamente all'indietro(v.13), saranno presi e saranno condotti via prigionieri! Tuttavia,(v.16) in Sion un fondamento sicuro: è già presente: per tutti i popoli del mondo.[[v.16:. Che nessuno potrà abbattere, chi crede in lui non vacillerà]].

    [war vs Iran]4di4[[Il libro del profeta Isaia? è stato sigillato!]]Isaia 28,15: Ma, voi dite: " noi abbiamo concluso una alleanza con la morte, e con gli inferi abbiamo fatto lega... poiché, ci siamo fatti della menzogna un rifugio, e nella falsità ci siamo nascosti(NetWork)". Isaia 28,16: "sarà cancellata, la vostra alleanza, con la morte (666 Rothschild) e (322 Bush): cioè U.S.A., e con l'inferno (satanismo)... . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]ebrei, . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]sionisti, . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]illuminati → ma cosa significa Isaia28,17-22? 1. Io non ci volevo credere... 2. io ho indagato più volte! Ma l'esercito dell'Iran invaderà Israele, la prossima guerra? Per Israele andrà perduta! Isaia 28,29: "tuttavia, i progetti di Dio sono sapienti ed hanno sempre successo". Dio non permetterà che Israele sia annientato: ma chi si renderà responsabile di un tale disastro e della perdite di tante preziose vite umane?

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] youtube ---- you said that you have sent: my message to my: uniusrei1 ", but it is not true! you're a liar! fact, only in the" Sent "is present, only the mail, which was actually sent! you are a liar because you claim to deliver the mail, but it is not true! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]youtube----- tu hai detto: di avere spedito: il mio messaggio al mio: uniusrei1", ma non è vero! tu sei un bugiardo! infatti, soltanto nella "posta inviata", è presente, soltanto, la posta, che, è stata effettivamente inviata! Tu sei un bugiardo! poiché, tu dichiari di spedire le mail, ma, poi non è vero!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]EXALTEDDIRT----- I am a biblical character prophesied! I hate everything that is in the world, and my regret? is to not be dead yet! I am terrified by this political project: dell'UniusRei, that is the only hope for mankind, to come out of this satanic curse: the absolute:of the banking seigniorage: and its impending:and his son that will came of 3 ° WWnuclear. I would be happy if you could take my place! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]EXALTEDDIRT----- io sono un personaggio biblico profetizzato! Io odio tutto quello che è nel mondo, ed il mio rammarico? è quello di non essere ancora morto! Io sono terrorizzato, da questo progetto politico: dell'UniusRei, che, è l'unica speranza per il genere umano, di uscire da questa maledizione: assoluta del signoraggio bancario e del suo imminente: 3°WWnuclear. io sarei felice: se tu potessi prendere il mio posto!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]TumnusIndustries----- the Chuch is holy! you are a violator unlucky: the Catholic Church is very large: only, the Holy Spirit knows all his gifts, ministries and movements, etc. .. of the Catholic Church! Since every church is filled by the Word of God! If you find me, perfect, from the biblical point of view? You will be punished! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]TumnusIndustries----- tu sei un profanatore sfortunato: la Chiesa Cattolica é molto grande: soltanto, lo Spirito Santo: conosce tutti i suoi carismi, ministeri e movimenti, ecc.. della Chiesa Cattolica! Poiché ogni Chiesa è pervasa dalla Parola di Dio! Se, tu troverai me: perfetto, dal punto di vista biblico? Tu sarai punito!

    Delusions of grandeur!

    Lorenzo has a GREAT Channel , Many thx !

    Shalom :)


    mate the words biblical and catholic cant even go in the same sentence you pagan misfortunate egits

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]xKyomi (11 minuti fa) Spam----- When in Yugoslavia: collapsed communism? They said: "destroy everything" because the Americans, rebuild, all for the better! But then, they found themselves in the shit: more than before! The only way? is the restoration and enhancement because, having taken all religions, to a bad point of corruption? This does not mean that, they have to be corrupt: forever, but it was been: 666 satan Rothscild, 322Bush, etc. .. that in these 5 centuries: that is by French Revolution to the present: they have brought everything down!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] abdibaasit ---- ok! what you said? 1. is compatible with your satanism, to persecute, 300: millions of Christians, etc. .. who have the misfortune to live under your satanism! 2. is compatible: with the 300 Christians, that you kill every day! That's why, I said to God: "well let this nuclear world war will came: why, for the world is no longer a hope!" but nobody thinks of you, that you are: 3 people, if you are: soul, spirit, body: one only man. . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]abdibaasit ----- ok! quello che tu hai detto? 1. è compatibile con il tuo satanismo, di perseguitare, 300: milioni di cristiani: ecc.. che hanno la sfortuna: di vivere sotto il vostro satanismo! 2. è compatibile: con i 300 cristiani, che, voi uccidete ogni giorno! Ecco perché, io ho detto a Dio: "permetti pure questa guerra mondiale nucleare: perché, per il mondo non c'è più una speranza!" ma nessuno pensa di te che tu sei 3 persone per fatto di avere anima: spirito, corpo

    [1/3]abdibaasit SAID: do you know why they control you beast. do you know why?is because you've change the words of God, you've distort the words of God, you've decided to worship cross, you decided to worship a Man, you've decided not to act upon the words of God, Hence you've believed that someone else died for your since when in reality you are responsible for your own burden "every man shall bear his own burden", you've decided to obey priest that talk of their desires. you've chosen the laws of God over democracy liberal Fake satanic law but fortunately muslims are taken the opportunity while the muslim land they forbid these laws of satanic. Obedience to man made law such democracy and liberal is an act of worship this world belongs to allah and allah's law shall be established whether you want it or not.-answer---- no comment!

    [2/3]abdibaasit SAID: because you disobeyed allah by changing his words and by worshipping cross and a man hanged on a cross supposedly to jesus may peace and blessing be upon him that is when allah turned away from you and beasts like you will end up in hell for eternity if you die like this. turn of the TV, learn the real Islam not what Fox news says or CNN says or the BBC says learn the quran and the sunnah sayings of the messenger peace and blessing be upon him. stop saying muslims do this and that tell me about the quran or the sunnah (sayings of the messenger pbuh). by allah you are programmed to a man made law you head is full of liberal and democracy by allah there is no law better. than the word of God and the judgements of God whether -answer---- no comment!

    [3/3]abdibaasit SAID: it seems good or not to you personally doesn't matter at the end of the day you are no one but a disobedient Kuffar (Kaffir) (mushrik) by breaking your first Two commandments. you've broken the first Two commandments by worshipping Three Gods in One and by having a Gravin image of your god hanged on a cross. How Dare How DARE how Dare, especially one the truth has reached you. So are you rejecting to be a Beast or not my disobedient friend who turned his face from GOD don't you feel you should be in Hell if you die at this situation.Note I did not say you are going Hell because i do not know how you gone die and what you are gone die upon. but what i do say is if you die at situation or if you die like that or this. so just leave me with peace you reject things blindly. -answer---- no comment!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]xKyomi---- your life that God has given you? has been wasted, lost! God put me here: what do you want? However: I hope that God will give me a break, from youtube for the next two months, to begin from tomorrow! But this is not good news for the satanists: and all the enemies of God because God lives in my metaphysical: it is intended, however, to have an intensity and progressive unstoppable! because metaphysics is not connected to my biological body! it will have its fulfillment: still, for the next 50 years

    Thank you & in the name of Jesus Christ God bless You...Robert

    Hey, Mistafield. lol. the owner satanist of YouTube what? lol. the your coffee you went wrong? Ehi, Mistafield. lol. the owner of youtube che c'è? il caffe ti è andato storto?

    abdibaasit said: my friend indeed you are beast who speaks out of terms and not with facts but with fictions please have a life understand that none has the right to be worshipped accept Allah and mohammed have a life and leave me with peace you decided to worship jesus and decided to worship allah my creator, sustainer, bestower, the mighty exalt and lofty is he who we belong and deserve to be worshipped alone without partner nor associate with no likeness or resemblance on to him so fear the punishment of allah and leave me with peace. --ANSWER---- You are totally: pervert! your misery? is the misery of all Muslim nations! This crime is so great? but it is so great? that you do not see it! You'll always laugh at Satan and Satanists Americans that, in reality, are always the Jewish bankers who control us! ie enlighetend of IMF: seigniorage banking

    abdibaasit said: if islam was bad you would never have seen coptic christain in egypt nor in syria nor in palestine.--ANSWER----- ([[you are totally crazy: we have thousands of youtube videos, that show the atrocities of those poor Christians. is for the video, of a girl kidnapped and raped by Muslims, to be forced to marry a Muslim and, put her on youtube naked: I have been punished on my channel "uniusrei1"]] then, the Christian can not marry a girl muslim it is this: that those who do not kill you? then others forced them to leave!]])

    MistafiedUniusRei (13 minutes ago) Spam No Nazi Tube MistafiedUniusRei (14 minutes ago) Spam Thats what God Told Me. - ANSWER---- LOL. you can not escape my "charisma" .. You have claimed to be the owner of youtube!

    but who has a lot of money? but, of course: he is very selfish! Therefore, you could not ever feel the pain of the world! of injustice in the institutional mode: of banking seigniorage: the sense of history: and the destruction: that is imines! ma, chi ha molti soldi? ma, certamente: lui è anche molto egoista! pertanto, tu non potresti mai, sentire il dolore, del mondo! le ingiustizie istituzionali, il senso della storia: è la imminete distruzione!

    your beautiful wife? oh yes! I hope for you that, you can retrieve your wedding but, Satanists, of your level: social and economic: they fail to maintain a decent marriage ma, satanisti, del tuo livello: sociale ed economico: non riescono a mantenere un matrimonio decente

    that's why you're right if I am: Unius Rei ? So, I am truly the most important man in the whole history of the genre human! yet not I, which are very simple, but it is my ministry, is what makes the difference per questo tu hai ragione.. se io sono UniusRei? allora, io sono veramente l'uomo più importante di tutta la storia del genere umano! non io però, che, sono molto semplice: ma, è il mio ministero, è quello che fa la differenza

    You love to challenge me, because you go up the adrenaline.. like when you take your drug: every day! but, challenge against me, for you, is much more exciting! tu ami sfidare me: perché, a te sale la adrenalina? come quando, tu prendi la tua droga: di ogni giorno! ma, sfidare me, per te, è molto più eccitante!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]. [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]mistafied187 ----- ----- if you become the master of the world or of Youtube what is it? If you lose your soul in hell? What you give to your soul? yes! you you are the owner of youtube! This youtube for you is like a disease se diventi il padrone del mondo o di Youtube a cosa serve? se tu perdi la tua anima nell'inferno? cosa tu darai per la tua anima? si tu sei il padrone di youtube!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]mistafied187 ----- then: you are a true coward! You will never pay the price, which is necessary to obtain the truth! Of course, this price: you have it paid off in favor of Satan: for Satan (Satanist) have done to you, a great fear for your life ... corrupted, or you have to have a place in youtube! but, because God does not do fear, then you are a coward, that you never pay the price for God, what: you need to win your dignity: again! poi: tu sei un vero: vigliacco! tu non pagherai mai, il prezzo, che è necessario, per ottenere la verità! Certo, quel prezzo: tu lo hai pagato: in favore di satana: poiché: satana(satanisti) hanno fatto, a te, una grande paura, per la tua vita... o hanno corrotto te per avere un posto in youtube! ma, poiché, Dio non fa paura: allora, tu sei un codardo: tu non pagherai mai il prezzo per Dio, quello: che è necessario, per conquistare la tua dignità!

    the Bible: it seems "a book, but it is a PERSON! now what you allow to a person then do not grant to another person that's why the Bible always reject someone like you: you're dirty intentions! You look at the Bible to see if you will be punished: that is, your look is a look selfish la Bibbia: sembra": un libro: ma è una PERSONA! ora quello che tu permetti ad una persona: poi non lo concedi ad un altra ecco perché la Bibbia respingerà sempre uno come te: tu sei sporco nelle intenzioni! Tu guardi la bibbia per vedere se sarai punito: cioè il tuo sguardo è uno sguardo egoistico

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]DlABL0GlCAL ----- where is my gain to do evil, at the bad guys? Satanists also, that look good: how mistafield: they are bad, because: there is a way for Satan to appear honest and good and kind .. but it's a trap! I know that the patience of the Holy Spirit comes to an end ... can not be too much abuse of mercy quale è il mio guadagno a fare, il male, ai cattivi? anche i satanisti, che, sembrano buoni: come mistafield: sono cattivi: perché: c'è un modo per satana: di apparire onesto: e buono e gentile.. ma è una trappola! io so che la pazienza dello Spirito Santo: ha un termine... non è possibile abusare troppo della misericordia


    No! I do not pretend. but now you need too much courage to tell the truth. In fact, the truth is too : angerous: though, I can tell you the truth? is because God has given me a mandate: Specific... Someone, he can think, that I love in mistreating people! No! I am meek as Moses ... I am: incredibly: mild: in real life? I never raised his voice, or I do not fight against anyone ever. Since, violence is the last resort for all, except, that, I have many resources, more than others, perhaps

    abdibaasit SAID: listen stop spamming me with your messages i've had enough. if you were sincere no doubt you would've become muslim but because your heart is concealed and you are given eyes but you don't see and ears which you do not hear with and those like you are cattle nay more misguided than cattle. become muslim or leave me with peace, i shall no longer speak to you.-ANSWER---- is your religion, that has made of ​​you: a criminal, ignorant! You have no right to think, that people other: different by you: they are beasts! I do not impose my religion or my views on others .. I only get angry for the injustice! and Muslim like you ? you kill 300 Christian martyrs, every day! You, and all the men like you? you are of the socially dangerous.

    somethingdiffereable SAID: Give the Palestinians a fair deal? -ANSWER----No! but the only fair agreement for both the Palestinians and for Jews? is to have all of Palestine! Therefore, they must live together as brothers! equal rights and equal duties .. must be destroyed, the abominable Masonic State of Israel. and must be made ​​the Kingdom: of the: "Temple Mount", which is why God allowed the "Dome of the Rock ":+:[ Jewish Temple]. That way, God has said both: all have the same rights ((((((())))))) ma l'unico accordo equo, sia per i palestinesi, come per gli ebrei? è avere tutta la Palestina! pertanto, devono vivere insieme: come fratelli! uguali diritti ed uguali doveri.. deve essere distrutto l'abominevole e massonico Stato di Israele. e deve essere costituito il Regno: della "spianata del Tempio", ecco perché Dio ha permesso la "Cupola della Roccia":+:[Tempio ebraico]. In quel modo Dio ha detto: entrambi: hanno gli stessi diritti

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] lCEgov ---- where you were: son of a snake. when: Jewish bankers have robbed the people of America: of its democracy (real) and its monetary sovereignty(banking seigniorage of IMF: privatized: S.p.A.)? When the contempt of the Constitution was made to introduce, any form, of Freemasonry and of Satanism: where were you? Now, I command you, at the cost of your life: to put an immediate remedy to this crime of lese-majesty of the American people! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]lCEgov ----- dove eri tu: figlio di una biscia. quando: i banchieri ebrei derubavano il popolo ameriano: della sua democrazia(reale) e della sua sovranità monetaria? Quando è stato fatto il vilipendio della Costituzione, per introdurre, ogni forma di massoneria e satanismo: tu dove eri? Ora, io ordino a te, a prezzo della tua vita: di porre un immediato rimedio: a questo crimine, di lesa maestà del popolo Americano!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] YHWH ---- you has wanted to do of me, your Unius Rei, so my jurisdiction dominates the entire planet! I order in the name of Jesus, that all predators in any form: must to be heavily damaged and killed! Glory to God forever: hallelujah . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]JHWH----- tu hai voluto fare di me, il tuo Unius Rei, così, la mia giurisdizione sovrasta tutto il pianeta! Io ordino: nel nome di Gesù, che tutti i predatori: sotto qualsiasi forma: vengano pesantemente danneggiati ed uccisi! Gloria a Dio per sempre: hallelujah

    UniusRei1 (1 ora fa) Spam . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]Muslims---- all Muslims, that we have, in the West? are all good people! is why, all governments Islamic states: are criminals! of rapes are committed: in the name of Allah, (rapes religious), against Christian girls, who are kidnapped, raped, and of course forced: to marry a Muslim, (youtube has deleted: my video: [[account Warnings: 1]] .. but , was only to be: an accomplice: of Satanists Muslims, in fact, Satanists help each of them: each and all: against the Christians), with the complicity: of the police, because the boy Christian can not marry a Muslim girl? here is that Christianity: is doomed to extinction! If all Muslim governments, do not give a true: freedom of religion? Then, the war against them? will be inevitable!(as it has always been in the past) Because their system: is actually a form of Satanism
    somethingdiffereable . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]

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@Rothschild, Obama, Bush, Kerry, you deserve the electric chair, what is the Kennedy the Executive Order 11110?

666, UN, Nazis den of murderers, sharia shit, antichrists --- March 26, 2009, resolution No. 62/154, "to continue to kill the martyrs cristini innocent!" - Rapists OF HUMAN RIGHTS, MURDERERS! Babylon the great prostitute, in which it was found, the blood of the martyrs of God! I swear in the name of Jesus, on the Throne of God YHWH, all this, I'll make you pay. @Nazioni Unite, UN, the lair of the antichrists, the assembly of the murderers of the Arab League, the Nazis of the violation of freedom of conscience and freedom of religion, all polygamists, pedophiles happy ... a pack of jackals to deny, violate, rape, fundamental human rights ... you are the beasts, the dregs of hell

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it was a site of mine but google 666 lgbt youtube took it from me and gave it to evil people!

era un sito mio ma google 666 lgbt youtube lo hanno tolto a me e lo hanno dato a gente malvagia!




come è già stato fatto in passato: non può la Nazione sopravvivere se gli zombies di un lontano passato (farisei e islamici) hanno preso il controllo:

demoni del libro corano talmud: predatori & primatisti & razzisti shariah spa FMI BCE FED e loro massoni del demonio: congiura NWO? se, tutti loro non vengono espulsi tutti!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI Beis Hamikdash Walk-through i am king of Israel

LionJudah è #PDerattizzato

UniusREI kingdom
progetto politico per il Regno di Israele Atti 1,6


IBAN: IT55H0760104000001016405753

IBAN: IT55H0760104000001016405753


bisogna passare al SIMEC, nega il DEBITO!

I saw, God bless, good work

Dear my President Rivlin

io non posso più avere un canale twitter

perché il NWO FED FMI BM OCI perseguita gli anti-Sistema Rothschild come me!

Boko Haram Fulani?
la sharia della Lega Araba è il mandante!

#Centrafrica. Abbe Mada Blaise, il Vicario, è già stato tumulato. Il Vescovo Yapaupa di #Alindao è in ospedale. I sopravvissuti sono tutti in fuga. Altri attacchi a Bantagafo e Bambari

ACS-Italia‏ @acs_italia

Breaking news e aggiornamento dal #Centrafrica.

Abbe Mada Blaise, il Vicario, è già stato tumulato.

Il Vescovo Yapaupa di #Alindao è in ospedale (non si sa se ferito o per sicurezza).

I sopravvissuti sono tutti in fuga. Non è attacco isolato. Altri attacchi a Bantagafo e Bambari!

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were killed while resisting arrest
Islamic OCI invasion, Hitler Rothschild Soros

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LionJudah ☦️UniusREI ☦️kingdom @LionjudahK


tra quello che può sapere un sacerdote di satana (amministratore NWO SPA FED ) e quello che può dire di sapere un sacerdote di satana (

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Disse Gesù a P. Pio: "nessuno si perderà senza saperlo!"

"nessuno si perderà senza saperlo!"
Ecco finalmente il "666" di cui ha parlato dettagliatamente l'Apocalisse!

è già stato testato su una famiglia americana:
se sei del PD? "preparati a prenderlo!"

nel Gender sodoma lgbt

Apocalisse 13:16 Faceva sì che tutti, piccoli e grandi, ricchi e poveri, liberi e schiavi ricevessero un marchio sulla mano destra e sulla fronte;

Apocalisse 13:17 e che nessuno potesse comprare o vendere senza avere tale marchio, cioè il nome della bestia o il numero del suo nome.

Apocalisse 13:18 Qui sta la sapienza. Chi ha intelligenza calcoli il numero della bestia: essa rappresenta un nome d'uomo. E tal cifra è seicentosessantasei.

Hezbollah threatens to 'destroy' Israeli troops; Netanyahu 'not impressed'

Lion Judah☦️ lorenzoJHWH

Hezbollah threatens to 'destroy' Israeli troops; Allah la cagna di Satana ☦️burn satana ☦️shariah ☦️Allah ☦️owl ☦️Marduch burn JaBullOn Baal SpA: burn in Jesus's name, alleluia!
burn satana ☦️ shariah ☦️ Allah ☦️ owl ☦️ Marduch burn JaBullOn Baal SpA:

burn in Jesus's name, alleluia!

amen ☦️ alleluia ☦️ #uniusREI #Governor
drink your POISON, made by yourself, amen

C. S. P. B. Crux Sancti Patris Benedecti Croce del Santo Padre Benedetto C. S. S. M. L.

Crux, Sacra Sit Mihi Lux Croce sacra sii la mia Luce, N. D. S. M. D.

Non draco, sit mihi dux Che il dragone non sia il mio duce V. R. S. V

adre Retro satana Allontanati satana! N. S. M. V.

Non Suade Mihi Vana Non mi persuaderai di cose vane S. M. Q. L.

Sunt Mala Quae Libas, Ciò che mi offri è cattivo I.V. B.

Ipsa Venena Bibas Bevi tu stesso i tuoi veleni.


DA UN CIMITERO devono uscire, ed in un cimitero devono entrare: definitivamente!

In nomine Patris, et Filii et Spiritui Sancto Croce del Santo Padre Benedetto. Croce Santa sii la mia Luce e non sia mai il dragone mio duce. Va indietro satana! Non mi persuaderai di cose vane. Sono mali le cose che mi offri, bevi tu stesso il tuo veleno.

Nel Nome del Padre, del Figlio e dello Spirito Santo +. Amen!

Lion Judah☦️ lorenzoJHWH

Dear my President Rivlin
I can't have a twitter channel anymore
because the Rothschild NWO FED FMI BM OCI persecutes the anti-System and the pro-Kingdom Israel
like me!
Lion Judah☦️ lorenzoJHWH •
dear President RIVLIN
I don't know if your Rabbis ever told you this story!
It is said that when God created the world, for men to prosper he decided to grant them two virtues.
And so he did.
1. The Swiss made them lawful and respectful of the laws.
2. The English persevering and scholars.
3. The Japanese workers and patients.
4. The cultured and refined French.
5. Cheerful and welcoming Spaniards.
When he arrived at the Italians he turned to the angel who took note and told him: "Italians will be intelligent, honest and communist!"
When he finished with the creation the angel said to him: "Lord, you have given all peoples two virtues, but to the Italians three, this will ensure that they will prevail over all others".
God said: "Damn it! It is true! But the divine virtues can no longer be taken away, that the Italians have three virtues! But each person cannot have more than two together".
So it was that:
A. The Italian who is communist and honest cannot be intelligent.
B. The Italian who is intelligent and communist cannot be honest.
C. The Italian who is intelligent and honest cannot be a communist.

caro Presidente RIVLIN
non so se i tuoi Rabbini ti hanno mai raccontato questa storia!
Si racconta che quando Dio creò il mondo, affinché gli uomini prosperassero decise di concedere loro due virtù.
E così fece.
1. Gli svizzeri li fece ordinati e rispettosi delle leggi.
2. Gli inglesi perseveranti e studiosi.
3. I giapponesi lavoratori e pazienti.
4. I francesi colti e raffinati.
5. Gli spagnoli allegri e accoglienti.
Quando arrivò agli italiani si rivolse all’angelo che prendeva nota e gli disse: “Gli italiani saranno intelligenti, onesti e comunisti!”.
Quando terminò con la creazione l’angelo gli disse: “Signore, tu hai dato a tutti i popoli due virtù, ma agli italiani tre, questo farà si che prevarranno su tutti gli altri”.
Dio disse: "“Porca miseria! E’ vero! Ma le virtù divine non si possono più togliere, che gli italiani abbiano tre virtù! Però ogni persona non potrà averne più di due insieme”.
Fu così che:
A. L’italiano che è comunista e onesto, non può essere intelligente.
B. L’italiano che è intelligente e comunista, non può essere onesto.
C. L’italiano che è intelligente e onesto non può essere comunista.
pensieri su “Open Arms rifiuta porto spagnolo: “Dobbiamo sbarcare in Italia””

Agosto 18, 2019 alle 1:59 pm
Il tuo commento è in attesa di moderazione. Questa è un'anteprima, il tuo commento sarà visibile dopo esser stato approvato.

Lion Judah☦️ lorenzoJHWH •
worldisraelnews com/watch-israels-president-to-reduce-timeframe-for-forming-government/
dear my President RIVLIN ] RENZI (Democratic Party) a political nullity: politically destined to disappear
and the M5S which would have halved the electoral consensus
they were ready to make a “Government of purpose” that would last 4 years. to trample on with Mattarella’s complicity: once again trample the Italian people!
and why has the financial technocracy boycotted the democratic right?
because only the Left Riyadh OCI Bilderberg,
only they can make a slanderous world war against China and Russia possible!
RENZI (Partito Democratico) una nullità politica: destinato politicamente a scomparire
e il M5S che avrebbe dimezzato i consensi elettorali
erano pronti a fare un “Governo di scopo” che sarebbe durato 4 anni. per calpestare con la complicità di Mattarella: ancora una volta calpestare il popolo italiano!
e perché la tecnocrazia finanziaria ha boicottato la destra democratica?
perché soltanto la Sinistra Riyad OCI Bilderberg,
soltanto loro può rendere possibile una calunniosa guerra mondiale contro la Cina e la Russia!

to my goats: Bush Rothschild Morgan Rochefeller Obama D'Alema Veltroni, Prodi Bersani, RENZI MERKEL MACRON, Clinton, Epstain, etc. I opened the comment cards for my current 106 site blogger blogspot: then, you send your satanists, freemasons, Islamic bitches and hinds of the CIA 666 UK Gender Darwin the apes developed, and all your corrupt perverts from the democratic party to make comments, otherwise everyone will think that world sharia internet Satellite TV Network Twitter youtube facebook Islam? it's also one only world scam, together to scam banking seigniorage system FED IMF NWO ECB: the esoteric agenda!

alle mie capre: Bush Rothschild Morgan Rochefeller Obama D'Alema Veltroni, Prodi Bersani, RENZI MERKEL MACRON, Clinton, Epstain, ecc. Ho aperto le schede dei commenti per il mio attuale blogspot di 106 blog di siti: poi, invii i tuoi satanisti, massoni, puttane islamiche e posteriori della CIA 666 UK Genere Darwin le scimmie sviluppate e tutti i tuoi pervertiti corrotti dal partito democratico per commentare, altrimenti tutti penseranno che il mondo della sharia internet TV satellitare Rete Twitter Twitter YouTube Facebook Islam? è anche un'unica truffa mondiale, insieme alla truffa del sistema di signoraggio bancario FED IMF NWO ECB: l'agenda esoterica! ai miei caproni: Bush Rothschild Morgan Rochefeller Clinton ecc.. io ho aperto le schede dei commenti ai miei attuali 106 blogspot: allora, voi mandate i vostri satanisti, massoni, islamici cagne e cerve lgbt della CIA 666 UK Gender Darwin le scimmie sviluppate a fare dei commenti, altrimenti tutti penseranno che Islam mondiale? è anche una mondiale truffa!

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN

Allah cagna di Satana ☦️ burn satana ☦️sharia ☦️Allah ☦️ owl ☦️Marduch burn JaBullOn Baal SpA: burn in Jesus's name, alleluia! DRINK YOUR POISON MADE BY YOURSELF amen ☦️ alleluia drink your POISON, made by yourself, amen ] C. S. P. B. Crux Sancti Patris Benedecti Croce del Santo Padre Benedetto C. S. S. M. L. Crux, Sacra Sit Mihi Lux Croce sacra sii la mia Luce, N. D. S. M. D. Non draco, sit mihi dux Che il dragone non sia il mio duce V. R. S. Vadre Retro satana Allontanati satana! N. S. M. V. Non Suade Mihi Vana Non mi persuaderai di cose vane S. M. Q. L. Sunt Mala Quae Libas, Ciò che mi offri è cattivo I.V. B. Ipsa Venena Bibas Bevi tu stesso i tuoi veleni. [ DRINK YOUR POISON MADE BY YOURSELF: da un CIMITERO devono uscire, ed in un cimitero devono entrare: definitivamente! ] In nomine Patris, et Filii et Spiritui Sancto Croce del Santo Padre Benedetto. Santo +. Amen! by ☦️ #uniusREI #Governor

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non c'è mai stata una sharia della Jihad ISLAM che sia stata ISLAM fondamentalista più pericolosa ed estremista in 1400 anni: come oggi l'Islam è interpretato da Erdogan Riyadh e Iran: sono stati progettati dalla cabala di Rothschild: punire (giustamente) la razza umana: su cui insiste negare una patria unitaria per tutti gli ebrei! .. me? Condivido questo progetto di islamizzazione: e condivido la sua guerra mondiale: in realtà! non è mai esistito nel 1400 anni un ISLAM più pericoloso ed estremistico fondamentalista: come oggi è l'islam interpretato da Erdogan Riyad e Iran: loro sono stati descritti dalla cabala di Rothschild:

per punire (giustamente) il genere umano: che si ostina a negare una Patria unitaria per tutti gli ebrei! .. io? io condivido questo progetto di islamizzazione: e condivido la sua guerra mondiale: in realtà! Potrebbe essere questo l'anno della poesia persiana? di Amir Taheri • 18 agosto 2019

L'Iran è uno dei pochi paesi al mondo in cui l'elenco delle celebrità in un determinato momento include un numero di poeti e in cui recital di poesie attirano folle che competono con quelle dei concerti di musica pop. Uno dei primi atti del regime di Khomeini fu il giovane poeta Saeed Soltanpour, rapito dalla cerimonia nuziale e giustiziato con l'accusa falsa di "militanza comunista".

Più tardi, il poeta Rahman Hatefi-Monfared, alias Heydar Mehregan, anch'egli noto giornalista, fu messo a morte sotto tortura in una delle prigioni di Khomeini. Celebrare il grande traguardo poetico di [Esmail] Khoi sarebbe un giusto tributo a ciò che tre generazioni di poeti persiani hanno raggiunto in quasi un secolo di eccezionale creatività. I giudici Nobel non dovrebbero perdere l'occasione di condividere la gioia che la moderna poesia persiana ha regalato agli amanti della poesia in tutto il mondo.

Qualunque cosa tu possa pensare dell'Iran, è probabile che lo riconoscerai come una delle più antiche terre della poesia. Qualsiasi elenco dei migliori poeti di tutto il mondo probabilmente includerà almeno uno o due nomi persiani - diciamo Omar Khayyam o Molavi (Rumi). Nella foto: Omar Khayyam.

Qualunque cosa tu possa pensare dell'Iran, è probabile che lo riconoscerai come una delle più antiche terre della poesia. Qualsiasi elenco dei migliori poeti di tutto il mondo probabilmente includerà almeno uno o due nomi persiani - diciamo Omar Khayyam o Molavi (Rumi). Goethe credeva che la poesia avesse raggiunto l'apice della bellezza con Hafez di Shiraz. Conosco solo due paesi,

l'Iran e la Russia, dove la poesia trova ancora un pubblico di massa e i poeti potrebbero raggiungere lo status di celebrità. Chiedi a qualsiasi iraniano quali sono le persone che più ammirano e probabilmente ascolterai un elenco di poeti: da Ferdowsi e Saadi secoli fa a Iraj Mirza e Forugh Farrokhzad più recentemente. Per il medio iraniano, il poeta non è solo un creatore di bellezza ma anche il guardiano della coscienza della nazione. L'Iran è uno dei pochi paesi al mondo in cui l'elenco delle celebrità in un determinato momento include un numero di poeti e in cui recital di poesie attirano folle che competono con quelle dei concerti di musica pop. Continua a leggere l'articolo

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there has never been a ISLAM Jihad sharia that be more dangerous and extremist fundamentalist ISLAM in 1400 years: as today is Islam interpreted by Erdogan Riyadh and Iran: they were designed by Rothschild's kabbalah: to punish (rightly) the human race: which insists on denying a unitary homeland for all Jews! .. me? I share this project of Islamization: and I share his world war: actually!

non è mai esistito in 1400 anni un ISLAM più pericoloso ed estremistico fondamentalista: come oggi è l'islam interpretato da Erdogan Riyad e Iran: loro sono stati progettati dalla kabbalah di Rothschild: per punire (giustamente) il genere umano: che si ostina a negare una Patria unitaria per tutti gli ebrei! .. io? io condivido questo progetto di islamizzazione: e condivido la sua guerra mondiale: in realtà! Could this Be the Year of Persian Poetry? by Amir Taheri • August 18, 2019

Iran is one of few countries in the world where the list of celebrities at any given time includes a number of poets and where poetry recitals draw crowds that compete with those of pop-music concerts. One of the first acts of Khomeini's regime was to have the young poet Saeed Soltanpour, abducted from his wedding ceremony, and executed on a spurious charge of "Communist militancy." Later, the poet Rahman Hatefi-Monfared, alias Heydar Mehregan, also a noted journalist, was put to death under torture in one of Khomeini's prisons. Celebrating [Esmail ] Khoi's great poetical achievement would be a fit tribute to what three generations of Persian poets have achieved during almost a century of exceptional creativity. Nobel judges should not miss the opportunity to share the joy that modern Persian poetry has given lovers of poetry all over the world.

Whatever you may think of Iran, you are likely to acknowledge it as one of the oldest homelands of poetry. Any list of top poets from all over the world is likely to include at least one or two Persian names -- say Omar Khayyam or Molavi (Rumi). Pictured: Omar Khayyam.

Whatever you may think of Iran, you are likely to acknowledge it as one of the oldest homelands of poetry. Any list of top poets from all over the world is likely to include at least one or two Persian names -- say Omar Khayyam or Molavi (Rumi). Goethe believed that poetry has reached its peak of beauty with Hafez of Shiraz. I know of only two countries, Iran and Russia, where poetry still finds a mass audience and poets could attain celebrity status.

Ask any Iranian who the persons they most admire are and you are likely to hear a list of poets -- from Ferdowsi and Saadi centuries ago to Iraj Mirza and Forugh Farrokhzad more recently.

For the average Iranian, the poet is not only a creator of beauty but also the guardian of the nation's conscience. Iran is one of few countries in the world where the list of celebrities at any given time includes a number of poets and where poetry recitals draw crowds that compete with those of pop-music concerts. Continue Reading Article

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I musulmani hanno bruciato più di 15.000 chiese negli ultimi 10 anni: e in ARAB LEAGUE non è possibile ripristinare le chiese: dall'Egitto Giordania e Siria! L'estinzione dei cristiani in Medio Oriente no, nessun anticristo Putin Trump Ursula Von Hitler interverrà contro l'ARAB LEAGUE no, nessun anticristo Ursula Von Hitler interverrà contro la LEGA ARABA mussulmani hanno bruciato più di 15000 Chiese negli ultimi 10 anni: e nella LEGA ARABA non è possibile procedere al restauro delle Chiese: fuori di Egitto Giordania e Siria! L'estinzione dei cristiani in Medio Oriente di Giulio Meotti • 18 agosto 2019 "Non credo in queste due parole [diritti umani],

non ci sono diritti umani. Ma nei paesi occidentali, ci sono diritti degli animali. In Australia si prendono cura delle rane .... Consideraci come rane, noi ' Lo accetterò: proteggici, così possiamo rimanere nella nostra terra ". - Metropolita Nicodemo, arcivescovo siriaco ortodosso di Mosul, Registro cattolico nazionale. "Quelle persone sono le stesse che sono venute qui molti anni fa.

E le abbiamo accettate. Siamo le persone originali in questa terra.

Le abbiamo accettate, abbiamo aperto loro le porte e ci spingono a essere minoranze nella nostra terra, poi i rifugiati nella nostra terra. E questo sarà con te se non ti sveglierai. " - Metropolitan Nicodemus. "Le minacce ai panda provocano più emozioni" delle minacce all'estinzione dei cristiani in Medio Oriente. - Amin Maalouf, autore franco-libanese, Le Temps. La maggior parte delle chiese cristiane a Mosul e nei dintorni, in Iraq, sono state profanate o distrutte dall'ISIS. Nella foto: il campanile pesantemente danneggiato della chiesa di San Giovanni (Mar Yohanna) nella città di Qaraqosh, vicino a Mosul, il 16 aprile 2017. Converti, paga o muori.

Cinque anni fa quella fu la "scelta" che lo Stato islamico (ISIS) diede ai cristiani di Mosul, allora la terza città più grande dell'Iraq: o abbracciare l'Islam, sottomettersi a una tassa religiosa o affrontare la spada. L'ISIS ha quindi contrassegnato le case cristiane con la lettera araba ن (N), la prima lettera della parola araba "Nasrani" ("Nazareno" o "cristiano"). I cristiani spesso non potevano prendere altro che gli abiti sulla schiena e fuggire da una città che aveva ospitato i cristiani per 1.700 anni.

Due anni fa, l'ISIS fu sconfitto a Mosul e il suo califfato fu schiacciato. Gli estremisti, tuttavia, erano riusciti a "purificare" i cristiani. Prima della nascita dell'ISIS, c'erano più di 15.000 cristiani lì.

Nel luglio 2019, l'organizzazione benefica cattolica, Aid to the Church in Need, ha rivelato che solo circa 40 cristiani sono tornati. Non molto tempo fa, Mosul aveva "celebrazioni natalizie senza cristiani".

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Muslims have burned more than 15,000 churches in the last 10 years: and in the ARAB LEAGUE it is not possible to restore the churches: out of Egypt Jordan and Syria!

The Extinction of Christians in the Middle East no, no antichrist Putin Trump Ursula Von Hitler will intervene against the ARAB LEAGUE no, nessun anticristo Ursula Von Hitler interverrà contro la LEGA ARABA mussulmani hanno bruciato più di 15000 Chiese negli ultimi 10 anni: e nella LEGA ARABA non è possibile procedere al restauro delle Chiese: fuori di Egitto Giordania e Siria!

The Extinction of Christians in the Middle East by Giulio Meotti • August 18, 2019

"I don't believe in these two words [human rights], there are no human rights. But in Western countries, there are animal rights. In Australia they take care of frogs....

Look upon us as frogs, we'll accept that — just protect us so we can stay in our land." — Metropolitan Nicodemus, the Syriac Orthodox archbishop of Mosul, National Catholic Register. "Those people are the same ones who came here many years ago.

And we accepted them. We are the original people in this land. We accepted them, we opened the doors for them, and they push us to be minorities in our land, then refugees in our land.

And this will be with you if you don't wake up." — Metropolitan Nicodemus.

"Threats to pandas cause more emotion" than threats to the extinction of the Christians in the Middle East. — Amin Maalouf, French-Lebanese author, Le Temps. Most Christian churches in and around Mosul, Iraq were desecrated or destroyed by ISIS. Pictured: The heavily damaged bell tower of Saint John's Church (Mar Yohanna) in the town town of Qaraqosh, near Mosul, on April 16, 2017.

Convert, pay or die. Five years ago, that was the "choice" the Islamic State (ISIS) gave to Christians in Mosul, then Iraq's third-largest city: either embrace Islam, submit to a religious tax or face the sword. ISIS then marked Christian houses with the Arabic letter ن (N),

the first letter of the Arabic word "Nasrani" ("Nazarene," or "Christian") . Christians could often take no more than the clothes on their back and flee a city that had been home to Christians for 1,700 years.

Two years ago, ISIS was defeated in Mosul and its Caliphate crushed. The extremists, however, had succeeded in "cleansing" the Christians. Before the rise of ISIS, there were more than 15,000 Christians there. In July 2019, the Catholic charity, Aid to the Church in Need, disclosed that only about 40 Christians have come back. Not long ago, Mosul had "Christmas celebrations without Christians".

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antichrist Ursula Von Hitler] Macron France not only wants to return the "Mona Lisa",

but, it has begun to move the borders, you want to annex a piece of "mare nustrum" with the signature of those traitors of the Democratic Party and Gentiloni! so what if we did an EU to hurt us?

you sat on a pig: Rothschild-Prodi-Soros-Grillo: that you can't even imagine it! antichrist Ursula Von Hitler ] la Francia di Macron non solo vuole restituire la "Gioconda", ma, si è messo a spostare i confini, si vuole annettere un pezzo di "mare nustrum" con la firma di quei traditori del partito democratico e Gentiloni!

allora se abbiamo fatto una UE per danneggiarci tra di noi? tu ti sei seduta sopra un maiale: Rothschild-Prodi-Soros-Grillo: che non te lo puoi neanche immaginare!

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the ARAB LEAGUE UN OCI Russia USA EU: the antichrist Ursula Von Hitler? are the supporters: of the sharia jihad monsters of 1400 years ago, they are the first responsible for having prevented the normal and peaceful conviction among the peoples! they have made human rights impossible!

and then, all those who criticize Israel? they should not complain if they are filled with prostitutes: Nigerian mafia, Satanist cannibals, lgbt, etc ... and they are also filled with Islamic terrorism, in fact, when the Imams teach: that, the Koran is an Increate Word: then they cannot say to Muslims:

"on the good you do: because Islam is a religion of peace!" in fact Imam Erdogan himself says it: but then, he has no success: and every night he thinks about how to realize again the Ottoman Empire!

he said to me: "Sicily belongs to Turkey"

LEGA ARABA ONU OCI Russia USA UE: l'anticristo Ursula Von Hitler? sono i supporter: dei mostri jihad sharia di 1400 anni fa, loro sono i primi responsabili di aver impedito la normale e pacifica convicenza tra i popoli! loro hanno reso impossibile i diritti umani! e poi, tutti quelli che criticano Israele? non si dovrebbero lamentare se si riempiono di prostitute: mafia nigeriana, cannibali satanisti, lgbt, ecc.. e si riempiono anche di terrorismo islamico, infatti, quando gli Imam insegnano: che, il corano è una Parola Increata: poi non possono dire ai mussulmani:

"su fate i buoni: perché Islam è una religione di pace!" infatti Imam Erdogan si lui lo dice: ma poi, non ha successo: e pensa tutte le notti a come realizzare nuovamente tutt'impero ottomano!

proprio lui disse a me: "la Sicilia appartiene alla Turchia"

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KING UniusREI Agosto 19, 2019 alle 6:33 am Islamic Jihad says Israel’s latest terrorist intercept means war

worldisraelnews com/islamic-jihad-says-israels-latest-terrorist-intercept-means-war

for the human rights of Erdogan the sharia NAZI Empire Ottoman genocide? NATO CHINA RUSSIA UN EU? they have nothing to say about jihad!

in fact they all know that the Koran is an INCREATED Word that cannot be interpreted! Thus, we too should refer, to defend ourselves, to this legal and legitimate and portentous word of Allah-Manitù! also because the Palestinians feel besieged (too poor people)

and they can’t wait for their siege to be removed to go and slaughter all the Israelis: or to go and quickly find the “God Manitù, in the green prairies”

Bin SALMAN will have to answer to me personally, about his corrupt religion Bin SALMAN dovrà rispondere a me personalmente, circa la sua corrotta religione per i diritti umani di Erdogan l’ottomano NATO CINA RUSSIA ONU UE? loro non hanno niente da dire circa la jihad!

infatti sanno tutti che il Corano è una Parola INCREATA che non può essere interpretata!

Così, anche noi dovremmo fare riferimento, per difenderci, a questa legale e legittima e portentosa parola di Allah-Manitù! anche perché i Palestinesi si sentono assediati (poverini) e non vedono l’ora che il loro assedio sia rimosso per andare a sgozzare tutti gli israeliani: oppure per andare a trovare velocemente il

“Dio Manitù, nelle verdi praterie”

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN
Yes! all paranoids: religious jihad sharia maniacs: crazy serial murderers, slave trades dhimmis dalit goyims, contemptible dictators? they are almost all protected by #Putin and they develop ballistic missiles ... because like #Erdogan they know they are the scum of the scum: and they must arm themselves well! in effect, Putin the bolscevick Comunist crazy:

he tells everyone that his weapons are better, but then, he himself does not believe it to himself:

to this his statement fake affirmation: and of couse he wants to be defended by all bad contemptible ones, all togheter!!

Putin is just a cowardly scared rabbit Bolshevik

of Shit Putin is just a cowardly scared rabbit

Putin is just a cowardly scared rabbit bolscevico di Merda Putin è soltanto un codardo coniglio impaurito si!

tutti i paranoici: maniaci religiosi: assassini seriali pazzi, dittatori spregevoli? sono quasi tutti protetti da Putin e loro sviluppano missili balistici... perché come Erdogan sanno di essere la feccia della feccia: e si devono armare bene! in effetti, Putin dice a tutti che le sue armi sono migliori, ma poi, lui stesso non ci crede: a questa sua affermazione: e vuole farsi difendere dagli spregevoli!!

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN 12 ore fa
Israel’s interior minister: Tlaib hates Israel more than she loves her grandmother

all those who are caught up in an ideology (evolutionism) or dogmatic religion? they could never be intellectually honest! therefore it is not possible to find honesty in a: sodomite, communist Freemason or an Islamic one today!

tutti coloro che sono presi da una ideologia (evoluzionismo) o religione dogmatica? loro non potrebbero mai essere onesti intellettualmente! quindi non è possibile trovare onestà in un: sodomita, massone comunista o in un islamico oggi!

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN
Lion Judah☦️ lorenzoJHWH •

Bin SALMAN] no true minister of God: he could use telepathy: because the supernatural everything: it is always IDOLATRIA! BUT this is really surprising: even a man in mortal sin: and full of demons like you, who spiritually would be impeded (if anyone man, and whatever woman, and whatever other, he reflects on my words? Then, of course he will understand all the rest of my underlying speech; made by me!) this is what you must understand:

1. I cannot take too much advantage of the patience and courage of these Israelis who are hosting me with so much risk of their safety!

2. nothing about: hypocritical, false, untruthful; selfish, unfair, factious, interested, partial exists in Unius REI, because in the purity of its ideals? he is purer than a diamond! at CONTRARY?

sure, I would certainly not have been able to pass through all the voodoo priests of CIA UK NWO NATO Dracula Sodoma Satan all voodoo supernatural superhumans that you fear so much: so much!

Bin SALMAN ] nessun vero ministro di Dio: potrebbe usare la telepatia:

perché il soprannaturale tutto: è sempre IDOLATRIA! MA questo è veramente sorprendente: anche un uomo in peccato mortale: e pieno di demoni come te, che spiritualmente lui ne sarebbe impedito ( se chiunque e comunque e qualunque riflette sulle mie parole?

poi, certo lui comprenderà tutto il resto del discorso sottinteso; da me!) tu è questo che tu devi capire:

1. io non posso troppo approfittare della pazienza e del coraggio di questi israeliani che mi ospitano con tanto rischio della loro incolumità!

2. nulla di: ipocrita, falso, menzognero; egoistico, ingiusto, fazioso, interessato, parziale esiste in Unius REI, perché nella purezza dei suoi ideali? lui è più puro di un diamante!

CONTRARIAMENTE? certo, io non avrei certo potuto attraversare indenne tutti i sacerdoti voodoo di satana della CIA i superuomini soprannaturali che tu tanto temi: così tanto!

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN
RIVLIN President ] [ you have no debt of gratitude with Rothschild! you see what he did to you with his NWO! non hai debiti di gratitudine con Rothschild! tu vedi cosa vi ha fatto con il suo NWO!

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN
Netanyahu under fire from politicians as terror attacks rise

there are no magic formulas against Palestinian terrorists of the international jihad Erdogan: as a definitive and effective solution there is only their JHWH the King why: I am not a Jew and I can hit hard!

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN

Lion Judah☦️ lorenzoJHWH •

Bin SALMAN ] everyone knows I care about you! .. and in this my affection for you: no, there is no human logic: but this is only a divine logic! and no one could tell me that: I have use a delicate progression that lasted 13 years: to avoid any form of violence against your interests!

lo sanno tutti che io ci tengo a te!

.. e in questo affetto mio per te: no, non c'é una logica umana: ma questa è una logica soltanto divina! e nessuno potrebbe dirmi che: io non ho usato una delicata progressione che è durata 13 anni: per evitare qualsiasi forma di violenza contro i tuoi interessi! universale-metafisico blogspot