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[Resurrection of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu: but, imperilism sharia salafis said: "NO" in Nigeria] By David Servant: The Investigation: Soon after it occurred last December, I heard the report of Nigerian pastor Daniel Ekechukwu’s resurrection via e-mail from my friend, pastor David K. Aboderin, of Lagos, Nigeria. I also heard about this miracle from my friend Brent Regis, son-in-law of Reinhard Bonnke. Bonnke had been preaching at the church where Ekechukwu was resurrected a short time before it occurred. Brent told me at that time some of the details of pastor Ekechukwu’s experience in hell. Some months after that, I also watched the video documentary of that miracle produced by Christ for all Nations, which focused primarily on the miracle of the resurrection. I wanted to learn more about the incident. Since I was scheduled to spend the first two weeks of September 2002 teaching at three pastors’ conferences in Nigeria, I told David Aboderin that if it would be possible, I would like to meet pastor Ekechukwu, and I prayed that the Lord would make it possible. I learned that pastor Ekechukwu was from a city called Onitsha, where he was the pastor of Power Chapel Evangelical Church. Onitsha was about a three-hour drive from where our final conference would be held, in the eastern Nigerian city of Umahia. So I asked the pastors at that conference if any of them knew how we could find pastor Ekechukwu. One young man raised his hand and told me that he had a friend who had an evangelist-friend who personally knew pastor Ekechukwu. However, we also learned that pastor Ekechukwu was very difficult to meet, as he is in such great demand. To make a long story short, we eventually learned that pastor Ekechukwu was temporarily staying at a hotel just five minutes from David Aboderin’s home in Lagos, where I would be lodging during my final three days in Nigeria . We were also granted opportunity to meet him. So in a country of 120 million people, and in a city of 12 million, the pastor I wanted to see was lodging just five minutes away from me! It was either great coincidence or wonderful providence! I was granted the favor of personally meeting with pastor Ekechukwu twice during those three days and also talking with several people on his ministry staff who were very familiar with his story. The following report has been compiled from several sources: (1) from pastor Daniel Ekechukwu himself by means of personal discussions I had with him from September 12-14, 2002, while I was in Lagos, Nigeria, (2) from his personal written testimony  contained in his own self-published booklet which he gave me, titled Miracle of the 21st Century, (3) from listening to his public testimony on September 13th at The Chapel of Glory, Lagos, Nigeria, (4) from the documentary video produced and sold by the ministry of Christ for all Nations, which includes the testimonies of pastor Daniel, the doctor who pronounced him dead, Daniel’s wife, Daniel’s father, the mortician who embalmed  Daniel, and several pastors who were present at his resurrection, and (5) from a personal discussion with Ede Samuel, a long-time friend and now personal assistant to pastor Daniel, who also was an eye-witness of many of the events surrounding Daniel’s death and resurrection. The events described in the following report are factual to the best of my knowledge and memory. [Resurrection of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu: but, imperilism sharia salafis said: "NO" in Nigeria] I am persuaded that due to complications from an automobile accident, Nigerian pastor Daniel Ekechukwu physically died in the late evening of Friday, November 30th, 2001, was dead for at least 42 hours, visited heaven and hell during the time of his physical death, and was raised from the dead between 3:50 P.M. and 5:15 P.M. on Sunday, December 2nd, 2001 in the basement of the Grace of God Mission, located in Onitsha, Nigeria. Pastor Ekechukwu’s resurrection is the greatest modern miracle of which I’ve heard. Although some of what happened to pastor Ekechukwu is certainly extra-biblical, none of it is unbiblical. Indeed, neither the story of pastor Ekechukwu’s resurrection nor the story of your salvation is found in the Bible, making them both extra-biblical, but neither should be discounted on that basis!
The Account: On Thursday, December 29th, 2001, Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu and his wife, Nneka, had a misunderstanding that degenerated into an argument that resulted in her slapping him. He was greatly offended by this incident, to the point of not acknowledging her greeting the next morning, which was, according to what pastor Daniel said to me, an attempt on her part to begin to reconcile. Pastor Daniel admitted that throughout the day of November 30th, he angrily thought about how he would put his wife in her place when he returned home. He would not, however, make it home that Friday.
As he was driving home that evening, the brakes on his 20-year old Mercedes 230E failed as he was heading down a steep hill, and his car crashed into a concrete pillar that was built to prevent cars from going over a steep embankment. He was not wearing a seat belt (few Nigerians do), and his chest hit very forcibly against the steering wheel and its knob, apparently doing damage to his internal organs, as he was soon vomiting up blood and having difficulty breathing (not to mention that he soon lost all signs of life). Daniel was not able to remove himself from his car, but frantic on-lookers pulled him out. One bystander volunteered her car while another bystander offered to drive him to St. Charles Borromeo Hospital, not far away on the outskirts of Onitsha. Within minutes of their arrival at the hospital, a doctor began administering emergency treatment, but Daniel knew his body was not responding to it. He began praying the prayer of a man who knows he is going to die, asking God to forgive him of all his sins so that he would be ready to stand before the Lord. He also sent for his wife, Nneka, with whom he had refused to speak when he left his home earlier that day. She fainted upon hearing the news of her husband’s accident and condition, but when revived was taken by a Christian neighbor to the hospital. Daniel’s friend, Ede Samuel (whom I interviewed at length) was with her and essentially witnessed everything that transpired over the next three days. Upon seeing Daniel in critical condition when she arrived at St. Charles Borromeo hospital, Daniel’s wife burst into tears, begging her husband not to die and leave her. The doctor admitted that there was nothing he could do to save Daniel’s life (keep in mind this was a Third World hospital), and so Daniel requested that he be transferred by ambulance to Umezuruike Hospital at Owerri, where his family doctor practiced. The Umezuruike hospital was 80 km away. His wife arranged for the ambulance, and it was on the way to Umezuruike Hospital that Daniel died. Daniel was lying in the back of the ambulance while his wife was in the front passenger seat. He began to feel that he was not going to survive, and so he called for his wife to as: to him. He began to say goodbye, give her instructions about certain church and personal documents, and admonished her to take care of their son and his church. She began sobbing greatly and amidst her tears strongly rebuked him for such negative statements. He was a man of God and should have faith, and not be speaking of dying! As she was speaking, Daniel saw two large angels (they were so large that he later wondered how they fit inside the ambulance—one was as big as the ambulance) who were completely white (even the pupils of their eyes) . Daniel tried to speak to the angels, but one held his finger to his lips, motioning for his silence. The angels lifted him on either side, and Daniel realized that there were now two of himself. The angels were holding him under each arm of his spirit man (which was perfectly whole), while his broken body was lying below. Once they left the ambulance, Daniel became oblivious to the natural world. When the ambulance arrived at Umezurike Hospital with Daniel’s body, it was now late at night (Friday, November 30th), and Daniel’s family doctor was not there. A member of the medical staff, however, examined his body and sadly told Nneka that her husband was dead and there was nothing that could be done. [Resurrection of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu: but, imperilism sharia salafis said: "NO" in Nigeria] So they drove to the Federal Medical Center in Owerri, but found no doctor there either. Finally they drove to the Eunice Clinic, and there Daniel was confirmed to be dead by Doctor Josse Annebunwa. There was no breathing, no heartbeat or pulse, and Daniel’s pupils were fixed. The doctor said that there was nothing he could do. A death certificate was issued at 11:30 P.M., November 30, 2001. They then drove Daniel’s corpse to his father’s house in a nearby village, and naturally Daniel’s father and other family members were heartbroken at the sight of Daniel’s dead body, weeping profusely. Daniel’s father instructed them to take his body to Ikeduru General Hospital Mortuary, not far away. They arrived there around 1:00 A.M. on Saturday morning. The resident mortician, Mr. Barlington Manu, received the corpse. The primitive Nigerian mortuary where Daniel’s body was taken had no cold storage facilities, and so the mortician injected embalming chemicals between Daniel ‘s fingers and into his feet. The full embalming would be administered in the morning. With the help of a staff member he laid Daniel’s body on a mortuary slab between two other corpses.
The next morning, when the mortician attempted to cut Daniel’s inner thigh in order to insert a tube by which he could inject more embalming fluid, he experienced a strange shock that pushed him away from the corpse. This did not surprise him, as he had experienced similar forces before and attributed them to occult powers (such things are widely practiced in Africa and highly respected by most African pastors whom I know). After a second attempt and a second shock, he concluded that Daniel must have been a member of a powerful secret society. He assumed, however, that after some occult sacrifices and incantations the powers in the corpse would subside, and he could then complete his work. (This mortician, of course, was not a Christian, but converted after Daniel’s resurrection.) Incidentally, Daniel said that people could smell the embalming chemicals coming out of his body for two weeks after his resurrection. They would hug him and hold their noses! Around 2:00 A.M. Saturday morning, the mortician, who lived next to the mortuary, was disturbed by songs of worship coming from inside his mortuary, which stopped as soon as approached the mortuary doorway. Upon searching for the music’s source in his mortuary, he noticed light emanating from the face of Daniel’s corpse. This completely unnerved him.
Later on Saturday, he again attempted to cut Daniel’s inner thigh in order to insert an injection tube, and met with the same resistance as before . That night the sounds of worship again emanated from the mortuary. (Don’t assume that Daniel’s body would have been buried the day after his death . Nigerians often bury their dead weeks after death has taken place.) All of this so disturbed the mortician that he located Daniel’s father to inform him of what had been happening and to request that he remove Daniel’s corpse from his mortuary. Just before the mortician’s arrival, Daniel’s wife experienced a dream in which she saw the face of her husband, and he was asking her why they had left him in the mortuary. He stated that he was not dead and that she should take him to Onitsha where German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was preaching. She determined to do so, even though her family thought she was out of her mind. It was now Saturday evening, and Daniel had been dead for 24 hours. The family finally yielded, but purchased a casket and brought funeral clothing for the mortician to dress Daniel . The mortician, however, had to cut the clothing in order to clothe Daniel because his body was as stiff as a board. An ambulance was hired on Sunday morning, December 2nd, and the casket that contained Daniel’s body was taken to Grace of God Mission (a large church) in Onitsha, about 1½ hours away, where evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was preaching at an afternoon church
dedication service. They arrived at the church around 1:00 P.M. The church grounds were being protected by swarms of federal and state security guards for the sake of Reinhard Bonnke, who has received many death threats, and who is hated by Muslims all over Africa. (Not to mention the fact that the World Trade Center had been destroyed by Muslim hijackers just weeks before.) For this reason, the security guards would not allow the casket to be brought onto church grounds, thinking it might actually contain explosives. Daniel’s wife loudly pleaded with them, and opened the casket to show them her dead husband, which resulted in their mocking and even flogging her because of her persistence. She caused such a disturbance that the senior pastor was notified, and his son instructed that Daniel’s wife be permitted to bring his body to the church without the casket, and that it be placed in the basement. Daniel’s body was laid there on two tables pushed together in a Sunday School room. Some believers gathered around Daniel’s body and prayed while Reinhard Bonnke, who knew nothing of the dead body in the basement, preached and prayed. Eventually, it was noticed that Daniel’s corpse twitched, and then irregular breathing started. (By this time, Reinhard Bonnke had left the premises entirely.) The attendant believers began praying fervently, and because his body was stiff and cold, they began massaging his neck, arms and legs. When those in the sanctuary got word that a dead man below was coming back to life, the basement room was soon jammed with people. Suddenly Daniel sneezed and arose with a jump. It was somewhere between 3:50 and 5:15 PM on Sunday afternoon. Daniel had died Friday night around 10:00 PM. He slowly became fully coherent over the next few hours. Do you doubt this account? A report on the web site of Christ of all Nations declares: Here are some hard facts that won’t go away. For two days Daniel did not breathe, his heart had stopped beating. It was in a hot climate, not suspended animation in an ice chamber. He had been injected with a harsh chemical to keep back mortification. As a corpse he was carted around for hours, pulled about, and lay in an airless narrow coffin for hours. He should have had severe brain damage, but he is alive now without any ill effects. This is no unsupported claim of bringing someone to life privately, as in a house. Here was a public event, an open demonstration of revival from death . If anyone has to be named, it is Nneka. Her incurable faith alone prevented Daniel’s burial simply to bring him where she was convinced God could bring him back to life. She regarded Reinhard Bonnke as a man of God and that in the atmosphere of faith where he ministered this miracle was possible . The faith of Nneka dictated the whole event and her faith was honored. By whom?  Who honored her faith? If not God, who else? I would add to this defense that if the incident was a hoax, I doubt that pastor Ekechukwa would have invented the story of what happened to him when he was escorted to hell, which I will relate next. Pastor Daniel’s message is now one of repentance to the church, to prepare the church to stand before Jesus, and many have indeed repented after hearing his testimony . If his story is all a hoax, the result of this hoax is real holiness. Finally, the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke certainly needs no promotional hoax, as His Nigerian crusades are already attended by millions. He in fact states that he had nothing to do with the miracle, and wasn’t aware of the dead body in the basement of the church where he was preaching. As amazing as the story of his death and resurrection is, what pastor Daniel experienced after his death is even more amazing. To him, what he experienced between his death and resurrection could have taken only fifteen minutes, even though he was physically dead for almost two days. After he was lifted from his body by the two angels in the  ambulance, he soon found himself momentarily alone, but soon joined by a different angel. Daniel stated that if he was confused about something that he saw or experienced, or if he had a question in his mind, this angel immediately gave him the answer. This angel first told him that they were going to Paradise . There was no time expended in getting anywhere the angel took him. As soon as the angel said they were going to Paradise, they were there. Daniel stood with the angel and watched a multitude of worshipping people who were dressed in sparkling white garments. He immediately thought they were angels, but the escorting angel told him that they were human beings who, “while they lived on earth, served God and had their faith focused on Christ Jesus and lived righteously.” These people were all ageless and raceless. That is, none appeared to be young or middle-aged or elderly, and none had any racial distinctives in their appearance. All were focused on a very bright light, and all worshipped in perfect unison. They would all lift their hands at once and bow at once “as if a sort of electronic device was activating them.” (This same phenomena was described to my wife by an elderly Haitian pastor who died for a short time, but was sent back to earth to finish his work.) Daniel did notice one man who looked elderly among the multitude, and the thought occurred to him that perhaps that man was God, but the escorting angel immediately corrected him. The man was father Abraham. [Resurrection of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu: but, imperilism sharia salafis said: "NO" in Nigeria] Daniel longed to join the worshippers, but the angel told him that there were other things Daniel needed to see. He told Daniel they would next go to see Jesus’ promise to His followers, the mansion He had prepared for those whom “He would find righteous on the last day.” Immediately they were there. Daniel said there is no earthly way to describe what he saw. The mansion had no apparent end to its height or width. It continually moved, and each room also revolved in some manner. It was made of something that was transparent like glass, and the floors appear to be made of light. Daniel didn’t see anybody in the great mansion, but heard beautiful singing. Wondering where the music was coming from, the angel immediately pointed him to the many flowers around the mansion. When Daniel looked at them more closely, they were moving and swaying and singing praise to God! The angel told Daniel, “The mansion is ready but the saints of God are not . Jesus is being delayed because Christians in the church are not ready yet.”  (This is entirely scriptural; see 2 Pet. 3:12.) Next the angel took Daniel to hell, and they stood at the gate. When the angel lifted his hand and let it fall again, the gate opened, and Daniel could immediately hear the awful sounds of people screaming and weeping, but everything in hell was in total blackness. Then a bright light shone from the angel, and Daniel could see many groups of people in anguish. He told me of three specific groups that went through endless cycles of torment, forever reaping in hell what they had sown on earth. One group consisted of people who would eat their own flesh and then vomit it out onto the ground, at which time the vomit would fly back onto their bodies and turn back into flesh that they would eat again. The angel told Daniel these people were those who had eaten human flesh as an occult practice. Another group, who had stolen land from others while on earth, endlessly dug rock-hard ground with their bare hands. Another group, former fornicators and adulterers, endlessly mutilated their sexual organs, which after being destroyed, would be  regenerated only to be mutilated again.
As I heard Daniel relate this scene, I couldn’t help but thinking of how many times Scripture declares that God will repay every person according to his or her deeds, and also promises that everyone will reap precisely what they have sown. I remembered the story Jesus told of Lazarus and the rich man. In the afterlife, their roles were exactly reversed. The rich man longed for a drip of water from Lazarus just as Lazarus had previously longed for a crumb from the rich man’s table. [Resurrection of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu: but, imperilism sharia salafis said: "NO" in Nigeria] Pastor Daniel also saw the former military dictator of Nigeria. He saw a Christian who had dabbled in occult practices and fallen away from the Lord, and a pastor who had embezzled money from his own church and also lied about it. The former pastor pleaded that he would return the money if Daniel could help him escape hell. Although there were different kinds of tortures, all of the people in hell writhed in agony under an unseen force that would wrench them repeatedly. All of them were shouting, wailing and gnashing their teeth. Pastor Daniel told me that if every Christian could see what he saw, there would be no need to preach the gospel, as every Christian would become the gospel. The most surprising thing is what happened next. The escorting angel told pastor Daniel, “If your record is to be called here, you will in no doubt be thrown into hell.” Pastor Daniel immediately defended himself saying, “I am a man of God! I serve Him with all my heart!” But a Bible immediately appeared in the angel’s hand, and it was opened to Matthew 5 where Jesus warned that if one calls his brother a fool he is guilty enough to go into the hell of fire (see Matt. 5:21-22). Pastor Daniel knew he was guilty for the  angry words spoken to his wife. The angel also reminded him that Jesus promised that God will not forgive our sins if we do not forgive others (see Matt. 6:14-15) because we will reap what we have sown. Only those who are merciful will obtain mercy (Matt 5:7). The angel told Daniel that the prayers he prayed as he was dying in the hospital were of no effect, because he refused to forgive his wife even when she attempted to reconcile on the morning of his fatal accident. Pastor Daniel wept at this revelation, but the angel told him not to cry, because God was going to send him back to the earth to grant the rich man’s request (see Luke 16:27-30). A man would as: back from the dead and warn people of hell. The angel said that Daniel’s resurrection would serve as a sign and be the last warning for this generation. Finally, pastor Daniel was led to the top of a mountain, at which there was a large hole full of darkness. There the escorting angel handed Daniel to a man standing there whom he didn’t recognize at first, but soon realized it was German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. The angel told Daniel that man would help him spread the gospel of salvation. Both Daniel and Rev. Bonnke fell into the hole, and that is when pastor Daniel jumped up from the table where he lay at the Grace of God mission . He was back in his body after having been dead for at least 42 hours, almost two full days. As you may imagine, pastor Daniel greatly emphasizes in his preaching the need to forgive those who have wronged us, lest anyone suffer the fate he almost suffered. How important it is that we obey Jesus’ commandments regarding forgiveness and walking in love toward each other, as well as all the rest of His commandments. It is indeed time for the church to repent and “pursue peace with all men, and the holiness without which no one will see the Lord” (Heb. 12:14). Do not listen to false teachers who say that holiness is not essential to ultimately gain eternal life. Jesus warned that only those who do the will of His Father will enter the kingdom of heaven (see Matt. 7:11). Do not listen to teachers who say that if you are once saved you are guaranteed that you will always be saved. Jesus warned His closest disciples (see Matt. 24:1-3) of the possibility of their not being ready when He returned and being cast into hell (see Matt. 24:42-25:46). Keep in mind that pastor Ekechukwu did not stand condemned just because of his one sin of unforgiveness. There were other sins he was confessing in the hospital as he was dying, but his unforgiveness annulled his prayers in which he was asking for forgiveness. If we expect God to forgive us, we must forgive others. That is what Jesus said. Are you ready to stand before Jesus, sincere and blameless? bereanpublishers. com/the-resurrection-of-pastor-daniel-ekechukwu/. Follow-up on the Daniel Ekuchukwu Report By David Servant [Resurrection of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu: but, imperilism sharia salafis said: "NO" in Nigeria] So many people have asked questions regarding my report on the resurrection of Nigerian pastor Daniel Ekechukwu that I thought I should write a follow-up . Reactions have ranged from total unbelief to serious self-examination and repentance . And because folks have forwarded the e-mail version or copied the snail-mail version, I’ve received responses from far and wide . The report has, for example, been posted on a web site in New Zealand and inquired about in Finland . If you’ve forwarded my previous report to anyone, you may want to forward this follow-up as well. First, do I really believe that pastor Daniel Ekechukwu was dead for at least 42 hours?  Yes, and for two reasons . First, because the evidence strongly indicates that this miracle actually happened . It is documented by means of many credible witnesses . It didn’t happen secretly; it happened publicly . I personally interviewed two of the witnesses, Daniel himself, and a friend of his, Ede Samuel, who was there when he died and when he was resurrected . Daniel’s friend said he thought Daniel’s wife was crazy thinking that her husband would as: back to life. Second, I believe the report because my theology makes room for the existence of God . It amazes me that people who see and experience millions of unexplainable miracles every day refuse to accept the fact that God performed one more little miracle in Nigeria . When you can explain to me how your fingernails grow or how the leaves change color in Fall, I’ll explain to you how Daniel Ekechukwu was raised from the dead!  It takes millions of unexplainable miracles for you just to read this sentence . To religious unbelievers, Paul asked, “Why is it considered incredible among you people if God does raise the dead?” (Acts 26:8). [Resurrection of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu: but, imperilism sharia salafis said: "NO" in Nigeria] If one does not believe that Daniel Ekechukwu was raised from the dead, one must then believe that he was unconscious for at least 42 hours, and that medical personnel, a doctor, family members, pastors, church members, and an experienced mortician were fooled into thinking he was dead because of the fact that he was not breathing, had no heartbeat or pulse, had fixed pupils and rigor mortis!  One might just as well claim that Lazarus wasn’t dead, only unconscious, and that he just happened to regain consciousness by the startling sound of Jesus’ voice as he lay in his tomb . If I had been there to examine Daniel Ekechukwu, I would have thought he was dead, just like everyone else. One “discernment ministry” attempts to discredit this miracle by quoting Hebrews 9:27: “It is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment.”  Supposedly this verse proves that Daniel Ekechukwu could not have been resurrected since the Bible says that people only die once . This is a very weak argument indeed . A quick look at the context of Hebrews 9:27 reveals that the inspired author was not declaring an unalterable rule, but using a general truth as an analogy for Christ’s one-time sacrifice . The passage actually says, “For inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment, so Christ also, having been offered once to bear the sins of many, will appear a second time for salvation…”   If Hebrews 9:27 invalidates Daniel Ekechukwu’s resurrection, then it also invalidates the experiences of those whom Jesus, Peter and Paul raised from the dead and who later died again. Another “discernment ministry,” splitting hairs, points out that the rich man’s request (recorded in Luke 16:27-28) was denied . This supposedly exposes the lie of pastor Daniel’s claim that the angel told him that the request of the rich man had been granted in Daniel’s resurrection . May I point out that the rich man of Luke 16 specifically requested that Lazarus be resurrected to warn his five brothers, but that request was denied because Abraham knew they wouldn’t believe, since they, as Jews, ignored the Law and Prophets all their lives . Abraham, however, never promised that no other people in the future would rise from the dead as a sign in an attempt to get other sinners (especially those who never heard any Scripture) to repent of their sins . If Abraham was promising that God would never resurrect anyone with the hope of leading people to repentance, then we must deny the many later resurrections of which we read in the Gospels and Acts, including even Jesus’ resurrection . The angel’s statement to pastor Daniel Ekechukwu could be paraphrased, “Even though the rich man’s request that Lazarus be sent to his five brothers was denied several thousand years ago (and for good reason), now God is mercifully going to grant even more than the rich man requested, and also for good reason . You will be resurrected and testify before more than five people who will not repent—you will speak to millions, and many who hear you will repent.”  So it is in that sense that God has granted the rich man’s request . And God certainly has the prerogative to do that if He desires, even though some “discernment minister” might object. It has been asked, “How was it that Daniel’s body had no visible marks from his accident when he came back to life?”  I suppose that if God is able to raise someone from the dead, He is also able to heal someone’s bruises, cracked ribs, and damaged internal organs. In fact, if God did not heal the people He resurrects, they would immediately die again of what originally killed them. Would not have Daniel’s body have bloated in the hot Nigerian climate during those two days? another person asks . I don’t know what would have been normal, but as I pointed out in my report, some Nigerians don’t bury their dead for many weeks or even months after death as they gather money from relatives for funerals .

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[everyone can see: "rationally": God, really: JHWH: himself, through: of me] Isaiah 6:1-8. In the year, that, King Unius REI, began, to reign, I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and His train filled the temple. 2. under, Above, it stood the seraphims; each one had six wings: with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew. Isaiah 6:3. And one cried unto another and said, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory." 4. And the posts of the door moved at the voice: of him that cried, and the house was filled with smoke. 5. Then said I, "Woe is me! For I am undone, because: I am a man of unclean lips: and: I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts." 6. Then flew one of the seraphims unto me(ie, toward: all people, and all Peoples), having a live coal in his hand, which, he had taken with the tongs: from off the altar. 7. And he laid it upon my mouth and said, "Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity: is taken away, and: thy sin purged." 8. Also: I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?"

[everyone can see: "rationally": God, really: JHWH: himself, through: of me] Then said I, "Here am I. Send me!"(said: all people, and all Peoples), my metaphysics, is not: a mystical activity, but is a political act, rational, philosophical, speculative, is a property:of the human spirit, and, an his demonstration of it. would say, even, the atheist, anticlerical: Benedetto Croce! that is, the intrinsic value, the greater values: for an: more precious revolution, ie, the foundation: cultural and spiritual Christian civilization! This is why, in an intuitive way, everyone, can live: the experience of this word of Isaiah(rational, speculative, emotional, political, ie, real), and everyone can see: "rationally": God: JHWH: himself, through: of me .. because, only, in this way, I can see God

[is why: the IMF, must collapse: necessarily!] then, on the eve of a nuclear world war, because the Masonic system of bank seigniorage, it is full of derivatives fakes, and why, circulates, much more than double the money (money ill), which does not: it can never be converted into real wealth, and, therefore, the fraud of the Pharisees, it would become obvious to all, if not all were killed, and if all, not, be destroyed [at least, 70%: of mankind, must die] .. is because, the IMF, must collapse: necessarily! then it is stupid, doing support, to search well-being: unattainable and impossible for the peoples, therefore, it is smarter to invest in weapons, which is why if, the King, dell'Arabia Saudi, sells to me: 300,000 sq km of useless desert for him, then, can have the military resources necessary to stop, the army of the CHINA, and RUSSIA, that, will came against him!

666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world, and you will have: to save it! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam.  "Behold, I lay: in: Zion a cornerstone chosen and precious, and he who believes: in it: not: be disappointed," unius REI. 1 Peter 2.6.
You know: that: S. Margaret wrote before: of the: beginning: of the: French Revolution, this expression of the Madonna: "When, the crucifix will be trampled, blood will came: flow: is for: all the streets!" [[Why: we not: can tell of ourselves: of not be "Christians" the philosopher: Benedetto Croce,]].  perhaps: foresaw the occupation Masonic, and: the infiltration: cultural nature, and: Satanic our institutions: ie, modernism evoutionism? 1st ed. Original: 1942. is: an: short essay written by Benedetto Croce: in: the: 1942, in: the: who, the author claims, that, the Christianity has: completed revolution "that worked: in: the: heart: of the: soul, the conscience, and: giving prominence to the intimate: and: your: of: this consciousness, almost seemed: that: to acquire a new virtue, a new spiritual quality, which, until then: was: lack to all humanity "which, for: about: of: the revolution, it can: not: say" Christian. " [[Why: we not: can tell of ourselves: of not be "Christians" the philosopher: Benedetto Croce,]]. "The men, heroes, geniuses" who lived before: of the advent: of the: Christianity "action time has done: beautiful works, and: transmitted to us: an: rich treasure of molds, of: thought , of: experience, "but: in: all they works, lacked that value: that: today is: this: in: all of us and: that: only Christianity has: given to every man. The Christian revolution, 3. Philosophers: and: Christianity, 4. The merits of the: Christianity, why: not: can: not: call ourselves Christians? The morning has: trace the design: an: little written on the subject [1] "On August 26: of the: same year" to shake the melancholy has: meditate: and: wrote the essay: why: not: We can: not: say "Christian". [...] Are: deeply convinced: that: thinking: and: the modern civilization are Christians, continuing the efforts made by Jesus: and: by Paul. on: of: this: has: wrote a short note of: historical, that: I'll publish it as soon as the available space. of the: rest: not: She feels: that: in: this terrible war, that: that: is: in: contrast: is: a concept still Christian: of the: life with: another: that: could trace pre-Christian age, and: reattach the front to the: civilization, against the barbarian horde violence [4] "The work thus, ie: atheist: and anti-clerical: Benedetto Croce: wanted to indicate the particular perspective: that: assumed in his analysis the phenomenon of the: Christianity. in this brief text, Croce was, immediately, spread: this: notoriety: when the Catholic Church began: to: make explicit his dissent, against: Fascist regime. which reacted: with: a violent campaign of: Printing: that: hit also: Benedetto Croce: done scorn by the minister Fascist: National Education, Giuseppe Bottai: that: alluded ironically: about, "operetta" of Croce: with: an: article entitled Benedetto Croce "rincristianito" ie, stupid: for: Despite, value political and cultural of Christian revolution:  In true Benedetto Croce: not: had abandoned, never, his belief secular, nor took sides: to: defense of the Church in Rome: but: just watched as, "The appeal to the: history: not: we can: not: recognize, and: not: tell us Christians." The story showed what is: that: was been: the historic success: of the: Christianity, more: that: his religious message: to: establish itself: in consciousness. of all. Benedetto Croce: writes: "Christianity: is been: the most revolution: that: humanity has never: made ... "Like it or not, therefore we are the heirs of: a revolution: end: that: not: to: use case, Benedetto Croce, wanting, to signify the explosive character, and: constructively together: of the: Christian interior love: ie, revolution, that: historically: has: work,not, as all the other revolutions, that: but ... ".  The Christian revolution represents: an: unique event in the history of the: humanity: why: to: difference: of: all the others, it "worked: in the center, of the soul, in the moral conscience ',' the His law drew only by the inner voice 'and' moral conscience itself, the appearance: of the: Christianity, approximate, arrival rejoiced: and: is his labor: in: mode new. " Christian: is been: a revolution "so understanding: and: deep, so fruitful of: consequences, so unexpected: and: irresistible: in: the: its realization, that: not: wonder: that: has appeared or will yet appear: as, an miracle, a revelation from above, as, an: direct intervention: of God in human affairs. " but: in really, the Christian revolution ": it was: not an: miracle" and "is because, is the spirit, that is: always full: of: himself." [The philosophers: and: Christianity]. That Spirit is present: in: all philosophers, from, the medieval to the Renaissance, the French Enlightenment, the various Vico, Kant, Fichte, Hegel, made them, debtors of the values: of the Christianity: but: the same time, legitimate interpreters: of: the religion dissemination, of the his christians Principles, "these, and: all the others, as: they, that: the church of Rome, (like not: could not: be) of protect his institution: and: his structure: that: he had given to his dogmas: in the Council: of Trento, was of: disavow result: and: persecute and, in: last sentence: with all much in the modern age:[[ ie agenda Talmud IMF: an its syllabus without be: in degree: of: contrast to the science(exploited ideologically), to the: culture(exploited ideologically): and: to the: modern civilization(exploited ideologically): of the: bad atheists: an, for do, an other: evil civilization masonic satanic satanic bad civilization: for destroy: human values ​​and pave the way for global slavery. ]] " Poor in act: and: spread values: of the "Christian revolution" those philosophers, even laymen, that: the Catholic Church: that: has condemned them: but, ... . The Church must be recognized, however, the merit: of: not have removed, from the religious thought: the ratio personal: between: the man and God, ie, all scale mythical of past: and: of: having prepared definitive philosophical categories, in 'scope: about, an: debate cultural and politic: about on christian universal thought: for an attended, in all other areas: and, for all philosophies subsequent.  Neither the Church escaped, his task: of: become universal, looking: of: Christian thought that, prevails: and: be spread: in Europe, ecc.. while falling itself: in the its historical course: in: " errors "from which, however, was able to be healed: for, with through the reform. [[The merits of the: Christianity]] are "and: revolutions: and: the discoveries that: followed in modern times: they were special: and: limited in the manner of them, but: all invested man, the soul itself: of the: man, no!: you can not think of the Christian revolution ... why: the original impulse was: and: continues its ... re-evolution Christian worked: in the heart: of the: soul, the conscience of value universal and human, and: giving prominence: about  this consciousness, almost seemed: that: to acquire, a new virtue secular, a new spiritual quality secular, that: until then: was not been given, to all humanity. "[is atheist and anti-clerical: Benedetto Croce] In Christianity we have a new vision, of the history where man acts according to a new morality based on love, "of all men, without distinction: of: the Gentiles: and: of any classes, of free man: and: of slaves, to all creatures, to the world: that: is: work: of God, and for God: that: is: loving God, "the God, that: is the" spirit "[9] whose mystery is: still the subject: of the: survey: of the: philosophers whose passion for: the truth, makes almost: of the martyrs: is why". [is atheist and anti-clerical: Benedetto Croce]... in the Christian God: is still, ours, more refined philosophies, they call it, the Spirit Holy, that: always beyond us: and: forever: is: ourselves, and, if us: not: we adore more as: mystery is: why: we know: that: it will always mystery, into our eye: of the: abstract logic and: intellectual, undeservedly, believed and: dignified as "human logic", but: that: clear truth it is: for the eye: of the: concrete logic, that: may well be called "divine", in understanding: of: as be a Christian: why: as man continuously rises his values, and that is: in this continuously joining into God, he does truly man.

@ King of Saudi Arabia - you'll wonder why, I put in the first place: Israel .. but in thee: there can not be an answer! If Italy were destroyed, along with all of its civilization? I could find, always, something like that, elsewhere in Franca: with, Pascal, Maritain, etc. .. (or, I might, find important values, anywhere, even in Saudi Arabia) .. but, if Israel was lost? nothing could stop the empire of Satan on earth! That's why, the Pharisees IMF, of, Neturei Karta, have an interest in destroying Israel. ! Se l'Italia andasse distrutta, insieme a tutta la sua civiltà? io potrei trovare, sempre, qualcosa di simile, altrove, nella Franca: con Pascal, Maritain, ecc.. (o, io potrei, trovare valori importanti, ovunque, anche in Arabia Saudita).. ma, se Israele andasse perduto? nulla potrebbe fermare l'impero di satana sulla terra! ecco perché, i farisei FMI, Neturei Karta, hanno interesse a distruggere Israele

@ OBAMA - synnek1, he closed the comments page of youtube? because no criminal Satanist would die for his country! Satanists are only: the traitors of the IMF: and their kingdom is against all peoples, @ Pax 666 pax voodoo - drink your poison: made by yourself: Synnek1 kkk nazi. I heard Satan to ask your human sacrifice: on his altar! you're ready? to love Satan, in an absolute and total mode? .. You saw how many people die on the altar of Satan, every day? why, it Should not ever be like: even: your time, now? even one: day. or another day? will came for you! Pinocchio and Candlewick: Their ticket they paid for: being: in the "Toyland". is not better, That Should one man die: that is, Synnek1 MASTER BIG, So That all the people of Satanists: is can to return to the Lord Jesus Christ? That Is, for to be, with me, unius REI? --ANSWER @ IsraelnationalTV but he closed on this article, the page of youtube, 24 hours ago. Satanists have control of all media: and you're dead!

now that, modernism, (naturalism consociativismo: Masonic. after, 600 excommunications, of a Church that, not: still had betrayed Jesus Christ) will win, most of the Episcopate? Satan will finally be released from his dungeon! so, Israel will be annihilated! is for, this, that have worked the Pharisees of IMF NWO. damn clerical celibacy, emerged: the crime of privilege medioeval: of "primogeniture". Catholic Church has condemned itself to destruction has not been able to protect Israel, and gave mankind to Satan! ora, che, il modernismo, (naturalismo: consociativismo: massonico. dopo 600 scomuniche: di una Chiesa: che non: aveva ancora tradito, Gesù Cristo) conquisterà l'episcopato? satana, potrà essere finalmente liberato! così, Israele sarà annientato! è per questo, che, hanno lavorato i farisei del FMI NWO. maledetto celibato ecclesiastico, scaturito: dal crimine del "maggiorascato!" la Chiesa Cattolica: ha consegnato il genere umano a satana!

for have persecuted, Natuzza Evolo, and Padre Pio? the Catholic Church has lost any, credibility spiritual! is shame: disciplinary, about, infamy, medieval, for primogeniture, then, has imposed: celibacy ecclesiastic: an inhuman cruelty done, after, his: 1000 years of history, and it is also a crime theological for saying that, "human nature is good", but, in this way: he spit, on not necessary, for her, sacrifice of the Cross .. while, it is not able to speak, about, the divine nature, that, only, every Christian in a personal relationship, with, the Risen Lord: may have. because, denies, specifically: the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, into charismatic life, of: every Christian! and is a crime masonic: of, high: treason: to have done: of itself, the silent accomplice: of: banking seigniorage: of 666 IMF FED ECB: NWO satanic, the synagogue of Satan, of the Pharisees, and: even: invited to give the vote to the Freemason: enlightened: Bildenberg, ie,President MONTI
the 50 countries, the worst. Serving persecuted Christians worldwide: OpenDoorsUSA.. 2012: January. Table of Contents: World Watch List 2012 Countries. North Korea, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Iran, Maldives, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Eritrea, Laos, Northern Nigeria, Mauritania, Egypt, Sudan, Bhutan, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Chechnya, China, Qatar, Algeria, Comoros, Azerbaijan, Libya, Oman, Brunei, Morocco, Kuwait, Turkey, India, Burma/Myanmar, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Syria, United Arab Emirates. Ethiopia, Djibouti, Jordan, Cuba, Belarus, Indonesia, Palestinian Territories Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Colombia, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, The Main Persecutor of Christians

of all the heresies of Judaism, like Christianity? the most dangerous heresy has always been: the heresy of the Pharisees, that they hijacked the religion of Moses: from the time of the exodus, causing, in Moses and, in Solomon, the huge upset pain! in fact, it is the fault of the Pharisees, and their secret lodges, for the continuing deterioration of the conditions of mankind in the last 4000 years! di tutte le eresie dell'ebraismo, come il cristianesimo? la più pericolosa eresia: è sempre stata: la eresia dei farisei, che, loro hanno dirottato la religione mosaica: dal tempo dell'esodo, provocando in Mosé ed in Salomone, degli enormi turbamenti! in realtà, è colpa dei farisei, e delle loro loggie segrete, il continuo peggioramento, delle condizioni del genere umano, negli ultimi 4000 anni! not only aliens, but also to all my enemies, will start to come out, of the blood, from, his mouth! all the blood: of innocent people, christians martyrs, ecc.. all the poor unhappy, that they criminals have devoured...

[where: not a leaf stirs: that Riyadh does not want] Nigeria, killing nine voluntary anti-polio. the witnesses say, was the sect Boko Haram.
From the first evidence, the massacre was carried out by militants: with: a series of attacks: in the northern city: of Kano. With Afghanistan and Pakistan, Nigeria is the only country: where: polio is still endemic. Since 2003, Muslim leaders: oppose vaccination: because it would lead to infertility. In 2003 Muslim leaders in northern Nigeria: have do opposed the anti-polio vaccination, saying that would cause infertility. The attack resulted in: Kano is yet another blow to the efforts of world organizations involved in health to eradicate polio still endemic in Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Just in Pakistan in December, seven voluntary polio: were massacred in Swabi, 75 km north-west of Islamabad.

[TUNIS Djellaz: is the strategy for the Saudi imperialism: the terror] Magdi Cristiano Allam: founder of the party, "I love Italy" says: "each, man secular, thus becomes an enemy of Islam, which is : worthy, for this: of the death penalty, we need to create: a middle class, which, know how to get out: all Muslim peoples: from platform: barracks and mosques - ANSWER - the target of Islamist terrorism: is an State, society, ecc.., that, will , reflects the objectives of the: sharia and jihad, but, they are incompatible with the survival of the human race ... while Al Arabiya: gives news of a new aggression against: an opposition leader, Ahmed Nejib Chebbi, that is: the founder of the Democratic Progressive Party. and [translate. google] has intentionally destroying: my previous article: and also: blocked my ADSL

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[TUNIS Djellaz: is the strategy for the Saudi imperialism: the terror] Magdi Cristiano Allam: founder of the party, "I love Italy" says: "Also, Tunisia, is: confirmation, how Muslims can be moderate, but that, Islam: it is incompatible: with: democracy, "when it becomes inspiration, for a political force, in fact, this has been: murder, that: the Islamists have made: against: Chokri Belaid, because: on: facebook, Chokri Belaid, has been shown: as: leader of the unbelievers, and instead, he was just a good Muslim secular, but it has been shown, such as an enemy of Islam who deserved to die. thus, a political force, which adopts Islam as the Qur'an and Muhammad then: is no longer compatible: with democracy and human rights .. because, only: they become: the incarnation of divine truth, and: everyone else, even if, differ: a single point: they are enemies to kill, to delete! "

February 8, [where: not a leaf stirs: that Riyadh does not want] series attacks in Iraq, 29 dead, for: Two car bombs: exploded in Baghdad near a market. Another attack in the city of Shomali.  At least 29 victims: two doubles: attacks: that took place today in Iraq, according to a new budget: provided by medical personnel security. The first attack struck the crowded market Kazimiya, district by a majority: Shia Baghdad, the second: it happened in Shomali, predominantly Shiite city: in the province of Babylon. In both cases, it was double explosion. epr programmed to the massacre of Shiites heretics .. Shia and moderate laity were sentenced to death by the Salafis, in anticipation of the Jihad of World War III: This, he said, his uncle Pharisee: talmud 666 IMF Rothschild
09/02/2013 [Among: tear gas: and prayers, Tunisia burying Belaid, and his Spring: crushed: by the imperialist dream: of Salafi jihad islamists ] The crowd in the cemetery: Al Jellez, where: was buried: Chokri Belaid . were over one million the number of people who have followed the procession. The heavy toll from the clashes, with dozens of cars on fire, dozens wounded, and 131: people arrested by security forces: the Arab Spring: was prompted by the IMF: to be murdered, the reasons is agenda NWO, for, forced a World War III: for disintegrate Nazism Islamic and the State of Israel .. "dies, Samson with all Philistines. "A million were at the funeral of the leader of the opposition: the procession, huge, shouted:" Government murderess ". Government murderess "Government murderess "Government murderess " is true: is an islamist Government murderess "

Obama has been a disaster! we see how, is capable of defending itself from cancer, too him? [jihad imperialism is worse than Al Qaeda] people sentenced to death in Riyadh, forced, to the Holy War against Syria: [war Syria Saudi Arabia] 09/02 / 2013. The agency, AINA, revealed a "memo", top secret, sent by the Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia, where it is possible to Those condemned to death by decapitation: in the cells of the Saudi kingdom: to: opt instead: to go and fight: the "Jihad", the "holy War" religious, against: the Syrian government. by Marco Tosatti. The agency AINA: revealed a "memo" top secret sent by the Ministry of the Interior: in Saudi Arabia, where it is possible, Those sentenced to death by beheading: in the cells of the Saudi kingdom: to opt instead: to go and fight the "Jihad", the "holy War" against religious: the Syrian government. The memo is dated April 17, 2012, and was Concerned at the time, 1239, guests on death row.

Obama has been a disaster! we see how, is capable of defending itself from cancer, too him? [jihad imperialism is worse than Al Qaeda] people sentenced to death in Riyadh, forced, to the Holy War against Syria: [war Syria Saudi Arabia] is Offered, full forgiveness, and a monthly salary, to their Families in the kingdom , change "... of Their training, to be sent out, the Jihad in Syria". The nationalities of the prisoners, were different: Yemenis, Palestinians, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Somalis, Afghans, Egyptians, Pakistanis, Iraqis and Kuwaitis. The memo, reported Which Aina, a photograph, that show side, was signed: Abdullah bin Ali al-Rmezan, a senior official: the Ministry: the Interior. Second, a former Iraqi parliamentarian, the Russians have Threatened: to bring: this case to the attention of the United Nations. The Saudis would: then: Decided to stop: their clandestine activity, provided that: the program will not: was: made​​: in the public domain.

666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam.  "Honour, then: to: you: that: you believe, but: for: those: that: not: believe the stone: that: the builders rejected: is: become a corner stone: and: stone of stumbling stone: of: the scandal. They will stumble: why: not: obey to the: Word. to: this: they were intended. " 1 Peter 2.7.

666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam.  "Behold, I lay: in: Zion a cornerstone chosen and precious, and he who believes: in: it: not: be disappointed," unius REI. 1 Peter 2.6

You know: that: S. Margaret wrote before: of the: beginning: of the: French Revolution, this expression of the Madonna: "When the crucifix will be trampled, blood flow: for: the streets!" Time: not: is: never: enough, indeed: time is running. The dangers: not: are: never: been: to: so high!
: Never: our time: is been: so limited! Converted, as long as you are: in: time! The time is never enough, in: fact the time is racing, while the dangers have never been so tall! Our time has ever been so limited! Converts, until are: in: time! He, YHWH will forgive you, if: you turn: to: Him: with: all my heart! "... C 'is: now: in: the: world: an: Satanic group: of: planners: an: single global system (New World Order). They eliminate the Church of Jesus ..." Unius REI  ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB!  vota Magdi Allam.

[Arab League: all the beasts of the Gulf, the jihad of the penis: and: happiness: Obama vampire] 08/02/2013. The route of the young Indian, sent to serve (sexually) the sheikhs of the Gulf, to which four wives are not enough! The Guardian, reveals the story of many girls, who, with the promise to find a place, of, skilled labor: in Saudi Arabia (where there is slavery) end, however, the spiral, the exploitation of: francesca peaceful. Poverty has forced more and more Indian girls, to surrender: in the hands of traffickers: no scruples, that the ship in the Gulf countries (Saudi Suadita, Bahrain and UAE) to serve the rich, as unscrupulous sheikhs. is the new frontier: the trafficking of women, unveiled today by the British newspaper: Guardian that: recounts, including: the other, the story of Begum Anis, 27 years old: and: 4 children, deceived by a so-called intermediary:

[Arab League: all the beasts of the Gulf, the jihad of the penis: and: happiness: Obama vampire] that, after having taken: 10 000 rupees (about 120 euro) to: send her to work as, domestic workers, in Saudi Arabia (where he would: have earned: 125 euro: per month, that is, four times: his wages home to hospital), he sold, at auction: the prostitutes in Riyadh, for the consideration of 300 dollars. According to the National Crime Records Bureau: In India there were: 3,517 cases: of human trafficking: in 2011 (there were: 3,422 in 2010). Events: as a: the: of: Begum Anis are frequent, admits Indian police: that: a few months intercepted a "load" of 40 women from the start: at the airport in Delhi. The "sale" on: almost always family of humble origins, illiterate, in some cases: the victims (mostly women) end: really: clean: a luxurious residence of petroleum:

[Arab League: all the beasts of the Gulf, the jihad of the penis: and: happiness: Obama vampire] but: much more frequently, are initiated into prostitution. The market offers opportunities to profit, not only trade, but also on the falsification of documents, which explain to the Guardian, the volunteers: Indian Migrants' Rights Council, is privileged channels: at the border, where: corruption : it is almost: endemic. Last month, an employee of Air India: he was arrested: the airport in Delhi: own: for having printed: a fake boarding pass to a "migrant for employment" with: the complicity of: an agent Police. Once they arrive at their destination, they discover Indian slaves: that he had burned the bridges behind him. Trade unions in the Gulf: not: even exist: for local workers.

[Arab League: all the beasts of the Gulf, the jihad of the penis: and happiness: Obama vampire] According to a recent report: Human Rights Watch: immigrants: that: working in Saudi Arabia are hard at work: from 15 to 20 hours: daily: without holidays, health care, neither lunch breaks. Then, there are brothels. Occasionally, there is a species of happy ending. Begum Anis: was released from his wife (one of his wife) his "master" and has succeeded to return home in Hyderabad decided to denounce: the agent: which was: his months of captivity, but, apparently, they've lost track of him.

[nulla è cambiato da 4000 anni: oggi, noi abbiamo le loggie massoniche] il Gran Sinedrio, cioè, il supremo consesso, Il sinedrio di Gerusalemme o Gran Sinedrio (poi, erano presenti anche sinedri locali, con giurisdizione limitata), ecc.. tutta questa struttura, è diventata segreta, attraverso, le loggie massoniche! infatti, il ruolo fondamentale dei sinedri local, era principalmente politico, e soltanto relativamente religiosi! Ogni singolo Sinedrio era un consiglio legislativo composto da 70 anziani.. ecc.. [[ IL GOVERNO MONDIALE EBRAICO, di Dagoberto Huseyn Bellucci. (in 18 capitoli), CAPITOLO 2°. IL GRAN SINEDRIO MONDIALE : LA TESTA DEL SERPENTE! ]] --ANSWER-- io no ho il tempo per leggere questo documento, ma, è lo stesso FMI FED BCE NWO, ad attestare che molte delle tesi, qui illustrate devono essere vere: necessariamente!

ma, la malvagità dei farisei? veramente: è senza limiti!: perché, quando i farisei: Illuminati(cioè, quelli del sistema massonico: per fare congiure, e tradimenti), si sono accorti, che, tutto il popolo degli ebrei, era dalla parte di: Giovanni Battista: e dalla parte: di: Gesù di Betlemme, poi, hanno maledetto: il loro stesso popolo, ed in questo modo: subito dopo la morte di Gesù: hanno giurato di annientarlo: attraverso, l'Olocausto, ecco perché, hanno trovato il modo di fare perdere 2000 anni di genealogie paterne (ed infatti, a tutt'oggi, gli ebrei hanno soltato, delle inutili genealogie materne!), ed infatti, da quel momento, anche tutti gli ebrei: sono stati parificati ai goym, ecco perché, a tradimento, nei loro riti religiosi, viene fatto ingerire, un composto, contenete del sangue umano, sangue, sottratto, ai goym, attraverso, il sacrificio umano a satana..

poiché, la Torà condanna a morte: ogni trasgressore? sia, il gentile", come anche l'ebreo, quindi, i farisei: Illuminati del FMI, hanno condannato a morte: John Fitzgerald Kennedy, apparentemente, per la questione: di: Marilyn Monroe, mentre, nella loro ipocrisia, loro non potevano essere sfidati, circa la sovranità monetaria che aveveno rubato a tutti i popoli, atraverso, il signoraggio bancario, perché, con L'ordine esecutivo 11110, che, fu un ordine esecutivo firmato il 4 giugno 1963? : John Fitzgerald Kennedy, di fatto, aveva spodestato gli Illuminati del loro potere: i satanisti farisei: nel suo tentativo( di JFK.) di difendere: la spenza di tutti i popoli! cioè, la sopravvivenza di Israele.

ora, noi sappiamo, che, Dio, non: ha un problema: con il peccato, perché Gesù ha pagato il prezzo ddel peccato sulla Croce! e, se, qualcuno, dice a Dio: "tu Dio, tu perdona me, per questa mia infrazione: contro: la legge della Torà(Bibbia)". allora, Dio nel perdonare: lui dimentica, anche, il tuo peccato! perché, la mente di Dio: è: come: un HD, dove: i file possono essere cancellati, da lui stesso. ma, sorge un terribile problema, per chi ha dato scandalo ai semplici, cioè, alle giovani coscienze in formazione! "meglio per lui, sarebbe stato, che, lui non fosse: mai nato!".. ecco perché, tutti e non soltanto: gli "intemperanti", loro devono proteggere nel pudore, della loro vita privata, ogni forma di attività sessuale.. quindi tutte le immagini di contenuto erotico, che, servono ad aumentare le vissualizzazioni, devono essere occultate!

[sodoma e gomorra: è: la agenda dei farisei, per distruggere i goym] Zapatero ha detto: ai bambini: di 9 anni: nel suo pubblico programma: di istruzione: "la natura: ci ha dato il sesso"(lol. ma, non ha detto: chi: a noi ha dato: la natura), "e noi: possiamo usare: il sesso: con una ragazza, o: con un ragazzo, o, con: un animale".. ecco perché: si è giunti a dare il matrimonio, agli omosessuali(un vero abominio sociale), dove tutte le giuridiche, garanzie: per le coppie di fatto: sarebbero state: più che necessarie.. perché: il matrimonio ai gay, mentre, non rappresenta, una loro tutela, in realtà, è soltanto, la distruzione dell'ordine naturale, e, senza ordine natrale, non c'è la civiltà cristiana.. perché, i farisei, sono come i salafiti, molto religiosi, e per loro: è necessario: poter condannare a morte la società, circa, tutto quello che dice la Torà


[666 political, knows all this] 03/16/1973. The Freemasons: are all Adorers of the: devil ... it's all part, My children, to: an: evil plan: for: to reduce man to a state: of: enslavement, to the evil, ie ideology: of: scientism, relativism, materialism, pornograzia, craziness, subliminal messages: of : any kind). We are: under, this enlightened masters "(original term), that: now seek: of:" groom "the life of: every man, woman: and: child (between, Their: Net Work, institutions, etc. ..) for: to lead mankind to the: slavery. I assure you, My children, that: is: an octopus: that: is getting longer: in: all directions: on earth: for: overpower the man: and: do an slave of him. These tentacles stretch: for: to promote ': an: one world government and one world religion (New Age) [322 political knows all this] ... Church of man "based on humanism, modernism: ie: Satanism." 01-10 -1977. . "There is an: piano: in: this: when, for: to plunge your world: in: a common dictatorship ..." 24/12/1976, "... is the work: of: Lucifer: that: use agents (SpA) for: remove and corrupt, all the churches (all religions) from your world and all mankind together: in the name: of the: peace: and of the: brotherhood under: only one roof, ie, 666. At some point, My children, that: you will think: that: it would be better to die, so great: is evil: that be shed: in: all world, by the "Illuminati" (original term) and their agents!(Zapatero, ecc..). "11/25/1978,". The Antichrist, "666", is: in the world (with techno-finance), in your country (USA).. He sows discord among nations. "05/14/1977,". 666 is: entered: in forces: on the ground. His agents: are: from too time: in the Vatican. are been seized of: some of the highest positions in the ecclesiastical hierarchy. and, also, Took control: of many governments. They're bringing the nations to the brink: of the: destruction. "05/08/1977, posts to: Veronica Lueken, Bayside, New York. Mankind: not: find peace until: to: when it: not: know My Message said. Jesus: to: Sister Faustina Kowalska. [No. is impossible: pay taxes].
In fact, the tax levy: is: of the 75%, for do pay, 1 euro: at: 2.70: euro. The tax: is: a true extortion, in fact, said: Prof. Giacinto Auriti, [But: is: also: demonstration: an: secret government: and: Satanic behind: of: all fake pseudo democracies: and of all: fake: Governments in the world. The first: to: disclose this criminal organization: is been: Jesus Christ: of: Bethlehem. in his invective: against the Pharisees, who today are the masters, of the world, and masters of the IMF: also. This revelation is: occurred when the organization of the Illuminati: was: really secret: and: only the Lord could reveal it to the: mystic Veronica Lueken, Bayside New York already: in: the: 1973, the report, between:" Politics, magic: and: satanism".
In the light of: Joseph Cosco has: published "Politics, magic: and: Satanism" claims: that: essential: is return to national self-determination! The writer concludes: that: you have to abolish: IMF FED ECB, EU, multinationals, all supranational institutions: project microchip, for: the crime already made: of: high treason. masonic, strategy adopted by the Political: of the: Bilderberg Group. with: the purpose of do occult nazi slavery, for: the establishment of: an: New World Order: and: of an satanic World Government by 2016. Weapons Silent occult: for: the silent war "is: a doctrine: JabullOn, adopted by the Policy Committee: of the: Bilderberg Group: for destroy, Christian civilization and Israel, with, their Organization; Group: of the: Bilderberg, recruit: politicians, ministers, financiers, Presidents: of: multinational moguls: of the: information, Reali, university professors, men: of a number of criminal: in any fields that: with: their decisions can influence the world.

666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, as, having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 
Trilateral (meets industrial: and: businessman: of the: three blocks continental USA, Europe, Japan, Asia): and: Commission of Foreign Relationship (3D CFR: that: or: never: from 1921 brings together all the characters that: are manage on the U.S.) ... "outer circle"? "inner circle"? (but: this Satanists are all crazy)! U. Agnelli, H. Kissinger, Mario Monti, ALL GOVERNORS: of the: CENTRAL BANK SPA. 33.000 encrypted bank accounts: and: cleanstreem called? 666, 322 FED ECB, IMF - you have ruined the world, and you will have to save it, now! this time? you do not laugh, as, having have laugh, on your: 11_09. CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB ♰ "Drink your poisons made ​​by yourself" "You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vote Magdi Allam. 666, 322 FED ECB, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, laugh like having all'11_09; [rate Magdi Allam]. you not: has idea: who can compete on this: investigation: of the gender, but I think: that: both of the interest: Suspected or appointed: that: an: court [Enlightened are over all, and any jurisdiction?] enshrines Their strangeness to the assumed facts are: The Lords: of the World, Secret History: of all criminals, Their family Enlightened, for, New World Order:
The criminal power: of the: banking seigniorage is: real satanism: ie, expropriated all Peoples of Their (seigniorage): of the 100%, and pay also, debt (interest) of the 100% more. further, indebted, to other: 70% for private debt, theft of 70% of all our taxes, Because The total cost of money is equal to 270%: said: scientist Giacinto Auriti. (interest: over, another interest, ie, unresolvable debt cost). Therefore, as: hypothesis: of: crime we have: criminal Association: for, genocide, satanism, fraud, usury, incitement to suicide, induction: and: reduction to the: slavery, exploitation: of the: prostitution, predation, high: treason, of the Constitution, etc ... So, the crime would be: extinction of the entire human race. Agency Italian Illuminati: Mario Monti. Upon complaint: of: Mr Tremonti: that, said: in: TV: "Illuminati, are: Padoa Schioppa, Prodi, Veltroni, group "Bilderbergers: Giovanni and Umberto Agnelli, Mario Draghi, Renato Ruggiero, 1996 Franco Bernab is: Mario Monti, Walter Veltroni. 1997 Carlo Rossella, Stefano Silvestri, 1998 Emma Bonino, Luigi Cavalchini, Rainer Masera, Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, Siniscalco, 1999 Paolo Fresco, Francesco Giavazzi, Alessandro Profumo. Illuminati and the Black Nobility: all, MASTERS OF Masonic lodges. with all PRIESTS: of: SATAN'S INTERNATIONAL institutional: secret services.
the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, FED, ECB, the U.S. President, MULTINATIONAL ALL, all: NET WORK: and: THE NATIONAL TELEVISION NETWORKS (is, for CONCEALMENT: of the: seigniorage banking) Hollywood major studios are: and: Record Companies International. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF NWO. You have ruined the world, and, you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, as, having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. In the: 1871 plan: of: Weishaupt was further includes: his: Albert Pike: that: Processes an: document: for: the establishment, of an (New World Order) through three world wars: for: create, and destroy Israel. Would be: enlightened, all possessors of: hyper riches, the families of Rothschild, ASTOR, BUNDY; COLLINS, DUPONT, FREEMAN, KENNEDY, LI; ONASSIS, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn, the British Royal family, Bill Clinton, ecc.. "fixer" Polish Harriman, of the Morgan Guaranty. ecc.. all Bildenberg, ecc.. all masonic lodges.
everything, that you want not to invest about me? will be lost! hallellujah-- [EGO SUM: Emerald Tablet: I am] only, YHWH is alive! all creatures, and ourselves, we are, only, of images, as, oleogrammi, with, have free will, then, none of us can live independently outside: OF the thought of God, and no one thought, it could harm against: HIM, is why, JHWH is thinking to him: and to everyone! and, I am unius REI, because, no man before me, and none after me will ever have the concept of totality and unity in him, as, it is in me! I am the GREAT ARCHITECT, but, in any way: my work, NOT, may be used by the antichrist! because, I do not leave MY successors, but, ONLY, free peoples and sovereign nations! [[Verum, sine mendacio certum et verissimum, [Completum est quod dixi de operatione solis] KING metaphysico UNUS REI I AM, eGO SUM]].
[[Verum, sine mendacio certum et verissimum, [Completum est quod dixi de operatione solis] KING metaphysico UNIUS REI, eGO SUM. ]]

we have a duty to fight and rule: because Satan is a usurper, criminal, evil, the destruction slavery, microchip, of mankind .. but we, the monotheists, to have the legal rights of the kingdom, but you synnek1, you have replaced all our titles Christians, on youtube, with the titles of Satanists (see: psalm, ecc..)! that, your is, a religion more theat, criminal, is satanic .. so, no one can say, that Satanism is merely, naturalism and atheism, because Satanists move themselves on a spiritual level! to attack the very future of mankind. Begone, Satan Zapatero 666 322, inventor and master of all deceit, enemy of man's salvation .. @ Pharisees, IMF FED ECB, 666, masonic system - go back into the darkness of the sewer .. you can not you want your carnage!

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    [if Muslims are not murderers? then, the fraud of their religion collapses!] rednck13 Daniels Timeline said: Non ci sono cronache arabi dell'Islam del primo secolo dell'Islam. Molti dei primi documenti conosciuti sull'Islam si riferiscono ai seguaci di Maometto come "hagarenes," e la "tribù di Ismaele", in altre parole, come discendenti di Agar, la serva che gli ebrei patriarca Abramo utilizzato per padre di suo figlio Ismaele. Questa stessa qualità di trasmissione si trova per quanto riguarda la Bibbia ebraica e cristiana non si può dire del Corano islamico. Il Corano islamico è stato in gran parte scritto da conti a mano 3 ° e 4, e da alcune riflessioni scritte su carta di scarto, foglie di palma e pietre - e compilato più di 150 anni dopo la morte di Maometto nel 632 dC Nel lMasabih il Mishtatu ', capitolo 3, veniamo informati che dal comando del primo califfo, Abu Bakr, il testo del Corano è stato "raccolto" da Zaid ibn Thabit

    [if Muslims are not murderers? then, the fraud of their religion collapses!] rednck13 Daniels Timeline said:"di foglie di palma e le pietre e dal petto di coloro che aveva imparato a memoria" le rivelazioni varie. "copia di Abu Bakr è entrato in possesso di Hafsah, una delle vedove di Maometto. Qustalani afferma che dopo la morte è il suo Hafsah copia è stata fatta a pezzi da Mirwan, che fu governatore di Medina. La datazione più antica di tutto Corano 790 dC (dopo Cristo), ed è nella British Library. E '158 anni dopo la morte di Maometto. Vedi Corano corrotto qui. I musulmani spesso affermano che il manoscritto del Corano nel Museo Topkapi di Istanbul, la Turchia è una delle più antiche fonti. I musulmani dicono che risale da circa 650 dC Vi è un problema insormontabile con questo. Questo documento è scritto in cufico (noto anche come al-Khatt al-Kufi) script.

    [if Muslims are not murderers? then, the fraud of their religion collapses!] rednck13 Daniels Timeline said: Monete in mostra al British Museum che le prime monete con la data cufico script dalla metà alla fine del 8 ° secolo (750-800 dC). Lo script utilizzato solo durante e dopo giorni di Maometto era lo script Jazm. Le prime copie del Corano sono scritti senza vocali e punti diacritici che la moderna araba usa per mettere in chiaro ciò che la lettera è destinato. Nei secoli VIII e IX, più di un secolo dopo la morte di Maometto, i commentatori islamici aggiunto segni diacritici per chiarire le ambiguità del testo. There are no Arabic chronicles of Islam from the first century of Islam. Many of the earliest documents known about Islam refer to the followers of Muhammad as "hagarenes," and the "tribe of Ishmael," in other words as descendants of Hagar, the servant girl that the Jewish patriarch Abraham used to father his son Ishmael.

    [if Muslims are not murderers? then, the fraud of their religion collapses!] rednck13 Daniels Timeline said: This same quality of transmission we find regarding the Jewish and Christian bible cannot be said of the Islamic Qur'an. The Islamic Qur'an was mostly written down from 3rd and 4th hand accounts; and from a few thoughts written on scrap papers, palm leaves and stones --and compiled over 150 years after Muhammad died in 632 A.D. In the Mishtatu 'lMasabih, chapter 3, we are informed that by the command of the first Caliph, Abu Bakr, the text of the Qur'an was "collected" by Zaid ibn Thabit "from palm leaves and stones and from the breasts of those who had learned by heart" the various revelations." Abu Bakr's copy came into the possession of Hafsah, one of Muhammad's widows. Qustalani states that after Hafsah's death her copy was torn to pieces by Mirwan, who was governor of Medina.

    [if Muslims are not murderers? then, the fraud of their religion collapses!] rednck13 Daniels Timeline said: The oldest Qur'an dates from around 790 A.D. (after Jesus), and it is in the British Library. That's 158 years after Muhammad's death. See corrupted Qur'an here . Muslims often claim that the manuscript of the Qur'an housed in the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul, Turkey is one of the oldest sources. Muslims say it dates from around 650 A.D. There is an insurmountable problem with this. This document is written in Kufic (also known as al-Khatt al-Kufi) script. Coins in the British Museum show that the first coins using the Kufic script date from the mid to end of the 8th century (750-800 A.D.). The only script used during and after Muhammad's days was the Jazm script.
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    saudi arabia salafis imperialism [if Muslims are not murderers? then, the fraud of their religion, collapses!] rednck13 Daniels Timeline said: These earliest copies of the Qur'an are written without vowels and diacritical dots that modern Arabic uses to make it clear what letter is intended. In the eighth and ninth centuries, more than a century after the death of Muhammad, Islamic commentators added diacritical marks to clear up the ambiguities of the text. that of Mohammed, that is, not to write at once: his revelations? was high: betrayal!.. quello di Maometto, cioè, di non fare scrivere: subito: le sue rivelazioni? è stato alto: tradimento!

    Synnek1 has posted a comment: 7 hours ago: . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] unius REI. We do not Forgive We do not Forget ...! -- ANSWER - OK! by today, your day off, is canceled! you 3 Satanists institutional (Ihatenewlayout and kain) you will not have Saturday and Sunday free, never more: for to go:at your: human sacrifice: ie, cannibal on the altar of your Satan .. because: Satanists Italian institutional: make suck too: starting with: 1. witch to.(5olo: sorry: 5lol) malignant ierodula sacred, and: 2. 1wz1: that is, MassimoIlPetano (Nobility Patana! PETANIA FREE!) Madonnatroia100, which, I hope, they are all: sued by the Northern League! as: the Church Cattotlica has lost its dignity! and since it also: the Jewish community has lost its dignity on this video: ★ Happy Easter to all Jewish noses! ★: that is real anti-Semitism!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]666 synnek1 ---OK! da oggi, la vostra giornata libera è annullata! voi 3 satanisti istituzional: (Ihatenewlayout and kain) non avrete più sabato e domenica liberi: per andare a fare: il vostro: sacrificio umano sull'altare di satana.. anche perché: i satanisti isituzionali italiani: mi fanno schifo: ad iniziare dalla: 1. strega maligna: la ierodula sacra, e da: 2. 1wz1: cioè, MassimoIlPetano (Nobiltà patana! PETANIA LIBERA!), madonnatroia100, che, io spero, loro vengano tutti: querelati dalla Lega Nord! visto che: la Chiesa Cattotlica ha perso la sua dignità! e visto che anche: la comunità ebraica: ha perso la sua dignità: su questo video:★Buona Pasqua ebraica a tutti i nasoni!★: che è vero antisemitismo!

 They must load those bodies with embalming fluid. (When David Aboderin, my Nigerian friend whom I mentioned in my previous report, lost his mother about a year ago, she was not buried for three months after her death.)  Not only was Daniel’s body partially injected with embalming chemicals, but it seems obvious from the mortician’s testimony that supernatural things were occurring to Daniel’s body even as it lay in the morgue. [Resurrection of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu: but, imperilism sharia salafis said: "NO" in Nigeria] Some of the “discernment ministries” have attempted to discredit the entire miracle because of its association with Reinhard Bonnke, whom they deem to be a false teacher. Bonnke, however, is a man who has as: close to death for his faith in Christ, and risks his life every time he ministers in Africa, where Muslims hate him . He was not permitted to minister in Nigeria for a number of years because of Muslim rioting in the city of Kano, where many Christians lost their lives and he almost lost his life just prior to a crusade there . He proclaims a gospel that calls millions of people to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, and he prays for sick people, and numbers of them are healed through their faith, a very biblical thing . The truth is, as I said in my report, Reinhard Bonnke was nowhere near the church when Daniel Ekechukwu was resurrected. Many of the “discernment ministers,” although saying they believe that God can heal someone or raise someone from the dead, could not tell you of a single instance where they believe God has actually healed someone or raised someone from the dead . Moreover, they do their best to discredit every report of a healing or resurrection if it is associated with someone whose doctrine differs from theirs . And while these “discernment ministers” spread their judgments to their little constituencies of fellow unbelieving believers, people like Reinhard Bonnke just keep preaching the gospel to the lost multitudes, risking what no “discernment minister” would dare risk, as they safely tap away on their keyboards in their kitchens and bedrooms. What about the theological implications of Daniel’s experience in hell?  For example, isn’t the scene of people endlessly eating their own flesh far-fetched?  No, not really . God has repeatedly promised in His Word that He will render to every person according to his deeds . Paul wrote: But because of your stubbornness and unrepentant heart you are storing up wrath for yourself in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God, who will render to each person according to his deeds: to those who by perseverance in doing good seek for glory and honor and immortality, eternal life; but to those who are selfishly ambitious and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, wrath and indignation . There will be tribulation and distress for every soul of man who does evil, of the Jew first and also of the Greek, but glory and honor and peace to everyone who does good, to the Jew first and also to the Greek (Rom. 2:5-10; emphasis added). The people whom Daniel saw endlessly eating their own flesh were apparently being judged for eating human flesh as an occult practice during their lives . In the Old Testament, God promised He would judge wicked people by leaving them no alternative but to eat the flesh of their own dead children (see Deut. 28:54-57). As foretold in the New Testament book of Revelation, when God will wrathfully turn the waters of the earth into blood, an angel will declare, “Righteous are You, who are and who were, O Holy One, because You judged these things; for they poured out the blood of saints and prophets, and You have given them blood to drink. They deserve it” (Rev. 16:5-6) . God is not the big teddy bear that so many think He is. [Resurrection of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu: but, imperilism sharia salafis said: "NO" in Nigeria] Unless people repent, God is going to give them exactly what they deserve. They will reap what they have sown, and thus Hell will be customized for every sinner . Jesus warned of this: “And that slave who knew his master’s will and did not get ready or act in accord with his will, will receive many lashes, but the one who did not know it, and committed deeds worthy of a flogging, will receive but few (Luke 12:47-48). Certainly the one aspect of Daniel’s experience in hell that is the most sobering was the angel’s declaration that Daniel would have ended up there because of his unforgiveness (if God had not had mercy on him) . Can unforgiveness actually cause a Christian to end up in hell?  Again, Scripture answers Yes . Do you remember the parable of the unforgiving servant found in Matthew 18:21-35?  When the master learned that his servant whom he had graciously forgiven had refused to forgive a fellow servant, he was “moved with anger,” and “handed him over to the torturers until he should repay all that was owed him” (Matt. 18:34) . That is, the servant’s formerly-forgiven and unpayable debt was reinstated, so that he found himself once again owing what he could never repay, under the wrath of his master and handed over to be tortured. Jesus then warned, “So shall My heavenly Father do to you, if each of you does not forgive his brother from your heart” (Matt. 18:35). Clearly, this was a warning to Christians as proven by the external context (see Matt. 18:1-2, 21; the parable was spoken to believers, admonishing them to forgive their brothers), and by the internal context, as the unforgiving servant obviously represents a person who was previously forgiven by God, a Christian. But, that forgiven person’s forgiven status was annulled . He reaped what he had sown . Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu was no different than the unforgiving servant in Jesus’ parable . So why should we be surprised that an angel told Daniel Ekechukwu what Jesus has told all of His followers? [Resurrection of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu: but, imperilism sharia salafis said: "NO" in Nigeria] All of this is to say that Christians can forfeit their salvation by unforgiveness . If you are among those who believe that if you are once saved you are guaranteed that you will always be saved, you need to re-think your position . That view is not only disproved by the parable of the unforgiving servant, but also by many other scriptures. (See Matt. 24:4-5, 11-13, 23-26, 42-51; 25:1-30; Luke 8:11-15; 11:24-28; 12:42-46; John 6:66-71; 8:31-32, 51; 15:1-6; Acts 11:21-23; 14:21-22; Rom. 6:11-23; 8:12-14, 17; 11:20-22; 1 Cor. 9:23-27; 10:1-21; 11:29-32; 15:1-2; 2 Cor. 1:24; 11:2-4; 12:21-13:5; Gal. 5:1-4; 6:7-9; Phil. 2:12-16; 3:17-4:1; Col. 1:21-23; 2:4-8, 18-19; 1 Thes. 3:1-8; 1 Tim. 1:3-7, 18-20; 4:1-16; 5:5-6, 11-15, 6:9-12, 17-19, 20-21; 2 Tim. 2:11-18; 3:13-15; Heb. 2:1-3; 3:6-19; 4:1-16: 5:8-9; 6:4-9, 10-20; 10:19-39; 12:1-17, 25-29; Jas. 1:12-16; 4:4-10; 5:19-20; 2 Pet. 1:5-11; 2:1-22; 3:16-17; 1 John 2:15-2:28; 5:16; 2 John 6-9; Jude 20-21; Rev. 2:7, 10-11, 17-26; 3:4-5, 8-12, 14-22; 21:7-8; 22:18-19.). Jesus solemnly warned that if we don’t forgive others, God will not forgive us . This is so vital that we should examine ourselves in this regard at least as much as every time we pray according to Jesus: Whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father who is in heaven will also forgive you your transgressions. But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father who is in heaven forgive your transgressions (Mark 11:25-26; emphasis added). This is so fundamental that the concept is included in the Lord’s Prayer? And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors’….”For if you forgive others for their transgressions, your heavenly Father will also forgive you . But if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive your transgressions (Matt. 6:12-15; emphasis added). Keep in mind that God does not expect us to do what He himself does not do, that is, forgive people who don’t humble themselves and request our forgiveness . If a brother sins against us, Jesus didn’t say we should forgive him; He said we should confront him . And if he refuses to listen to us, Jesus didn’t say we should forgive him . Rather, we should bring two or three with us and confront him again . And if he refuses to listen to those two or three, he should not be forgiven but be confronted before the church . And if he refuses to listen to the church, he should not be forgiven but be excommunicated and treated like an unbeliever . Thus we can confidently say that there are some people whom God does not want us to forgive . Significantly, these steps of reconciliation and discipline I have just mentioned are found in Matthew 18:15-17, just prior to the parable of the unforgiving servant . These two passages certainly should not be interpreted so as to contradict one another. Forgiveness in its purest form can only be given when it is requested . Jesus said, “If your brother sins, rebuke him; and if he repents, forgive him. “And if he sins against you seven times a day, and returns to you seven times, saying, ?I repent,’ forgive him” (Luke 17:3-4; emphasis added). In the parable of the unforgiving servant mentioned earlier, note that both first and second servants requested mercy. In pastor Daniel’s case, his wife had sought for reconciliation, Daniel had refused her, and then he experienced his ill-timed death . Thank God that He had mercy on Daniel, and in so doing, God has shown His mercy to all of us who are not ready to stand before Him because of unforgiveness in our hearts. Clearly, it is a very great evil in God’s eyes to refuse to forgive a brother or sister in Christ who requests our forgiveness . It is also an evil to not confront a brother or sister who sins against us and harbor ill-will against him or her . This is, however, commonly practiced by those of us who name Jesus as Lord . When offended, we don’t confront the offender . Rather, we harbor a grudge and tell everyone of the offense, gossiping, adding sin to our sin, and placing ourselves in the danger of being judged by God (see Matt. 7:1-5) . Jesus warned us that if our relationship with our brother is not right, our relationship with God is not right either: Therefore if you are presenting your offering at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your offering there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother, and then as: and present your offering (Matt. 5:23-24). If we realize that we have offended a brother, we should stop what we are doing, even if we are performing some spiritual obligation, and go to that brother to work towards reconciliation, just as Jesus taught. Thus, both the offender (if he realizes what he has done) and the offended have responsibility before God to make no delay in working for reconciliation . And if they can’t reach reconciliation, they should seek the help of others until reconciliation is reached or until one party is excommunicated from the church, according to Christ’s instructions in Matthew 18:15-17 . Obviously, this is serious stuff to God. [Resurrection of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu: but, imperilism sharia salafis said: "NO" in Nigeria] With unbelievers and false believers, of course, it is not the same . We can attempt to confront those who offend us, but we have very little recourse if they refuse to be reconciled. As our general rule, we should imitate God, who longs for sinners to turn from their sins and be reconciled to Him, and so He always is working towards reconciliation, patiently waiting for sinners to repent . We, too, should maintain an “open-heart” policy, always doing what we can to be at peace with others . In this regard, Paul wrote, “If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men” (Rom. 12:18) . Both Jesus and Stephen prayed for God to forgive the very people who were killing them . We, too, have the same capacity to love by the power of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu is now calling Christians to do what Christ has been commanding all His followers to do for two thousand years: forgive one another . And he is doing it with the passion of a man who really believes that Jesus meant what He said . What if the whole thing is a hoax?  Then the worst thing that will as: out of it is that hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions, of Christians will examine their lives and obey Jesus’ commandments regarding forgiveness. Thus they will be more ready to meet Him when He comes . That isn’t so bad, is it?  And even if we ignore everything that Daniel Ekechukwu says, we would be wise to not ignore anything Jesus said . He had a lot to say about the absolute necessity of forgiveness and the dire consequences of unforgiveness. [Resurrection of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu: but, imperilism sharia salafis said: "NO" in Nigeria] If you address as Father the One who impartially judges according to each one’s work, conduct yourselves in fear during the time of your stay on earth; knowing that you were not redeemed with perishable things like silver or gold from your futile way of life inherited from your forefathers, but with precious blood, as of a lamb unblemished and spotless, the blood of Christ (1 Pet. 1:17-19, emphasis added). Shepherd Serve ? 2415 Orchard Drive ? Pittsburgh ? PA ? 15241  (412) 833-5826 .. Even though I walk: in the valley of the shadow of death, I will not, fear no evil, for you are: with: me: your rod thy staff they comfort me ". He died in his sins, but went to hell, God made him return to the land of the living

 testimony of Kenneth Hagin, who returned from hell: 

Kenneth Hagin says: 'In the late afternoon of my heart stopped, and beat, the spiritual man: that: he lived in my body left me.' When death took possession of, me, my grandmother, my younger brother: and, my mother noticed: in the house and I only had the time of, say, 'goodbye': that: the inner man slipped away, leaving my lifeless body, eyes and the meat cold. I went down, down, down to the point[★ MANE ♛ THECEL ♰ PHARES ★] CSPBCSSMLNSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. hallelujah: that: I saw the lights on the ground dissolve. not, is:[★ MANE ♛ THECEL ♰ PHARES ★] CSPBCSSMLNSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. hallelujah: accurate to say that: I fainted, even[★ MANE ♛ THECEL ♰ PHARES ★] CSPBCSSMLNSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. hallelujah: that: I was in a coma;[★ MANE ♛ THECEL ♰ PHARES ★] CSPBCSSMLNSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. hallelujah: I can try that: I was clinically dead. His eyes were fixed, his heart had stopped of, beat, and the pulse had stopped. The Scriptures speak of the 'unprofitable servant: cast into outer darkness where there is weeping, and, gnashing of teeth' (Matthew 25:30).: More: going down: and,: more: it was dark, until: I was in darkness: more: absolute not, I saw my hand: to: an: inch from my eyes.: more: I went down: and,: more I could feel the heat: around me, the atmosphere became stifling. Finally, in the of, me past the lights flickering, reflected on the walls of the caves where they were: the damned, caused of the fire of hell. The immense flaming sphere, the white contours, and dragged me, attracted me as: the magnet attracts metal. not, I WANTED TO GO! not, I walked, it was my spirit[★ MANE ♛ THECEL ♰ PHARES ★] CSPBCSSMLNSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. hallelujah: that: he behaved as: the metal in the presence of a magnet. not, I could take my eyes off the ball, I felt the heat on his face. Many years have passed, but, I can review the scene: with: the same sharpness of, then. The memory is: so clear,: that: everything I think: that: it happened last night. Now you will say, 'How are these gates of hell?' Not, I could describe it as: for, do it, I should have: an: term of, comparison, as: someone who, not having seen: an: tree not, can be described as: is: did, because: not, has nothing to compare. I stood in the doorway, but it was a brief stop: not, I wanted to get in! Understand: that[★ MANE ♛ THECEL ♰ PHARES ★] CSPBCSSMLNSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. hallelujah: n: another step, still: a few meters and I would be finished for always, not, I would be: more: could not get out: from that horrible place. When I was on the verge of, get to the bottom of the abyss: an: other spirit beside me: not, I turned to look at him, because: not, could not take your eyes off of the flames of hell. That infernal creature had laid the meantime, a hand on my arm, for, come with me inside: at that moment I heard a voice[★ MANE ♛ THECEL ♰ PHARES ★] CSPBCSSMLNSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. hallelujah: that: rose above the darkness, the earth and the heavens: he was the voice of, not God, The and I saw, not, because I know what he said: not spoke in English, but in another language and, when he did, where were the damned was crossed: a light and strong, was shaken as: a leaf in the wind. This forced glow that spirit[★ MANE ♛ THECEL ♰ PHARES ★] CSPBCSSMLNSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. hallelujah: that: I was close to loosen his grip on my arm. not, was caught in the vortex, but, an invisible force pulled me out of the fire, away of the heat, and, retraced the shadows of the dense darkness: on the contrary. I began the ascent to the exit of the pit: and finally saw the lights on Earth. I returned to my room, as: if I had just come out: for,: an: minute: through the door: with: the only difference[★ MANE ♛ THECEL ♰ PHARES ★] CSPBCSSMLNSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. hallelujah: that: my spirit not had need of, doors. I slipped in my body as: one: that: slips his pants in the morning, through: the mouth, in the same way just before I was released. I began to speak: with: the grandmother, who said, 'Son, I thought: that: you were dead!' My great grandfather was a doctor and she helped him.: More: later told me: 'I have dressed many corpses in my time, I have had several experiences with[★ MANE ♛ THECEL ♰ PHARES ★] CSPBCSSMLNSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. hallelujah: : similar cases, but I learned a lot of,: more: having: to that: do with: you, of, than I learned before: for you were dead, stop heart: and, had his eyes'. 'Grandma,' I replied, 'it was not yet time, but this time: I feel[★ MANE ♛ THECEL ♰ PHARES ★] CSPBCSSMLNSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. hallelujah: that: is: really the end: I'm dying! Where's Mom?. 'Your mother is: out on the porch,' he replied, and in fact I felt: that: he prayed walking up and down '. Where's my brother? 'Asked. 'It's going to call the doctor next door'. 'Grandma, I would like to say goodbye to his mother, but, not, want: that: you leave me alone, will explain you,' I said, and, the left: an: message for my mother. Then I went, 'Grandma, I respect him a lot, and when her health failed, you were for, me as: a second mother. And now I'm, not, I will return: more: back this time. ' I knew: that: I was dying, and, not, I was not ready for, meet God My heart stopped, again, in the chest and, for the second time, my spirit left his body by repeating the descent into darkness, until terrestrial lights were completely gone. At the bottom, I suffered the same experience: God spoke of the sky and yet my spirit came out of the, there, and returned to the room, slipped in the bed where my body lay lifeless. I began to talk: with: the grandmother and again I said, 'I will not this time, Grandma!' And I added some words to relate to family and, for the third time I came out of the, my body and began to descend. I wish I had the right words for, describe: the horrors of hell and, make it clear to these men so pleased: of, oneself, and regardless of, as: lead their lives without worrying about later: that: there a future life ultra earthly me teach the Word of God: and, my personal experience. I know what it means to lose your senses you seem all dark, all dark, but: not, there is darkness: that: can be compared to the inner night. When I began to go down: for the third time, my spirit exclaimed: an: cry: 'God, I belong to the church, are baptized in water'. He waited for an answer: that: not, came '. I heard only my own voice[★ MANE ♛ THECEL ♰ PHARES ★] CSPBCSSMLNSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. hallelujah: that: returning to resonate strongly, as if to tease me. Need to: a lot: more[★ MANE ♛ THECEL ♰ PHARES ★] CSPBCSSMLNSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. hallelujah: that: the mere fact of belonging to a church: and,: an: Baptism in water: for, avoid the pains of hell: and, gaining the sky! Jesus said, "... You: that: you are created of, again" (John 3:7). I think, certainly, to be baptized in water, but only after that: an: individual has been generated of, again. Sure, I believe in the church community, groups of Christians united: for, in the name of work, but God, if you will only, and joined the Church, you will: only, have been baptized, but did not: to be truly born, a second time?, you will go to hell (because, no religion can meet the needs of justice). How: I left a third of the time, and the abyss, I went back into my body, my spirit began to pray, I found myself: that: continued prayer so loudly,: that: I heard the whole neighborhood. The people came in the house, for, seeing what had happened, looked at my watch and I saw: that: they were precisely, 19:40: it was the hour of my rebirth, thanks to divine providence, for the intercession of, my mother. My prayer not, was linked to the fact that I was baptized or: that: I belonged to the church, but, imploring God, ask him of, have pity of, me, a sinner, of, forgive me for, my sins, of, cleanse us from all unrighteousness, I accepted, I recognize you as my personal Saviour. I felt so good, as: where: n: heavy burden, had slipped away of the shoulders' (Kenneth E. Hagin, I believe in visions, Aversa 1987, p. 3-6). All this took place to Hagin, in April 1933, at: about sixteen years, in the city of, MacKinney, Texas (USA).

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questa NON è una testata giornalistica

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