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Objet: I would cry for :the 3rd skyscraper that fell to 11-09 TECKMASSE said: "Yes I cry too, but love is in our children and we must be strong for :them ... Listen children say and forward please."-ANSWER->. You OWN FOR YOUR CHILDREN, THAT YOU MUST LEARN TO PULL :the FINGER, life of all peoples of :the world? is in extreme danger!

♰PAX♛ Terror took possession of :the children of darkness. AMEN..♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB.Rrmbgpym->.[:the biggest abomination] :the king of Israel that built the Temple? has always been :there! In fact it is :the king of the world: NWO. ie, what controls :the world bank: IMF. However, it is unfortunate that he is a banker jew illuminated by Satan. That is :the greatest murderess and criminal of history of all mankind. :the good boy of YHWH? This offense did not deserve! Since it is written: "Thou shalt not kill! Not steal! Prisoners free", then you must first surrendered monetary sovereignty to the people, thief of a murderess and then you can build the Temple! that you are celebrating :the triumph of Satanism? History has taught you nothing? these bankers are preparing a new holocaust of Jews!

♰PAX♛ Terror took possession of :the children of darkness. AMEN..♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB.Rrmbgpym->.Jews can not build a Jewish temple as :there is :the satanic domain, of :the Enlightened Jews that have created a virtual dictatorship: this corporatocracy/multinationals: seignorage banking are at act with :the same unitary identity of Satan is :the most clandestine empire whereby have subjugate to slavery all peoples, whose only goal is to maximize profits, with no respect for the environment and humans. "No one shall be enslaved more distressing to those who believe to be free"-Goethe. This is an extermination against all :the peoples who are doing :the World Bank-IMF NWO: satanic empire. Before it is too late: you withdraw your money from :the bank. But, since we missed :the "purpose of :the contract", :the contractor no longer has to repay/mortgage loan to :the bank. so you not pay :the mortgage[/watch?v­­­­=CP9-CzBk­iIA]

Re:Leave :the old ideas sami7002 SAID: O Abdullah. One god is not a partner in :the King and all :the jinn are all servants of God. I love Jesus peace be upon him (284):the messenger believeth in that which hath been revealed unto him from his Lord and (so do) believers. Each one believeth in Allah and His angels and His scriptures and His messengers - We make no distinction between any of His messengers -and :they say: We hear, and we obey. (Grant us) Thy forgiveness, our Lord. Unto :thee is :the journeying.(285)--ANSWER-->. friend! God is much bigger than one religion and also of all religions put toge:ther. he is always bigger! I love ♥.ISLAM♥.holy - I love YOU: peace be upon YOU! What you have said is too precious! Islam holy for my not is religion, but is spirituality: high mystical level of adoration of :the infinite beauty:♥.Allah♥.!!there is still hope in :the world: :then! no violence on religion: then!

this is :the cost of our money: [(1)]☠ 100% bank seigniorage (Euro Dollar vs bills: Bott & CCT) +[(2)]☠ 100% debt public (interest required to bill) +[(3)]☠ 70% fractional reserve is required when a mortgage is asked at :the bank. +[(4)]☠ inflation. +[(5)]☠ recession. +[(6)]☠ rarefaction monetary. +[(7)]☠ 3°WW nuclear inevitable and essential as stated ":theElectroAllstar": "Dalai Lama. Give peace a chance! But, between ourselves: Who :the fuck gives peace really a chance? War is :the greatest business of all times. And business is war. Yeah, ladies and gentleman, that's capitalism, welcome to our world. +[(8)]☠ W JEW satanic x NWO perfect! -ANSWER->.☠ This system is rotten! it is about to collapse on you, that's why you will die like rats crushed ☠pax☠ + good 3° WW x you

♰PAX♛ Terror took possession of :the children of darkness. AMEN..♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB.Enlightened, what is the thing that you have afraid more of best?
is JESUS is Him: ALLELUIA! 1. King of kings; 2. Messiach; 3. Savior; 4. Lord; 5. Emmanuel 6. Anointed 7. One; 8. Prince of peace; 9. Light of the world; 10. wai, truth, life; 11. Son of God & man; 12. the Word; 13. Mornig star; 14. Alpha & omega; 15. Name above all name.
--- ANSWER ->lol. stingy ugly: put the hands in their pockets or around the world will become one Christianity very soon!
by your ★King-of-Jerusale­­m­­­­★&P­­a­­lestine♥.♰ReiUnius
Yahushua Messiah bless you too!
I am King of Israel & ReiUnius! God is Awesome!
a great victory for the Lord our God: Yahushua Messiah. Bless you!

[perpetuates curse on this page] against: Racism Satanism, to bring hatred and vulgarity on world, do for an abuse of That page of YouTube, against: Sharia Zionism cowardly abominable killers sexually immoral sorcerers idolaters masonry liars horror porn enlightened leaders lobby Governments IMF NWO elite Corporations SpA: Have taken on this page, the disease that they fear. That is established in the name & blood of Jesus: amen. I am the metaphysics of natural law: universal brotherhood. hallelujah. if you do not stop your spam against people? I exorcise in all youtube again, But of your death? only you will responsible!♰ I have done wrong to the All Those Criminals Who Toppled the cross CSPBCSSML NDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB♰ I am Rei Unius & king of Israel:.alleluia!♰Begone Satan!♰!Their part is in lake sting at fire & brimstone, very soon be dead! [MENE★Techel★PERES]♰ pax "Drink your poisons made by Yourself".♰amen

[Psalm17 I love you JHWH my strength] the earth shook appeared the seabed. For the spirit of your fury from his mouth came a devouring fire: he flew coals. glared at them with his arrows! Because JHWH save the humble people. With you I can break any barrier. With my God I can scale the walls. an expanse of dead bodies I leave behind me! (110) Because you have trained my hands for battle, my arms to stretch: a bow of bronze. YOU have put me in charge of Nations. A people who did not know I was served; to hear me? they immediately obeyed me! Foreigners tried the my favor, paled foreign men and come trembling out of their hiding places. In the name of Jesus: order at my Spirit to make: until the end of the world: slaughter of the satanists: Terror takes possession of the sons of darkness on all mankind. Alleluia!Go satana!"Drink your poisons made by yourself"CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMV­SMQLIVB♚MENE ♛TECHEL♛ PERES♰♛

Sure, God loves all his children. But you are a child of Satan and when with your bloody death will end your fucking life. It'll finally mercy for you will end. In fact, in Luke 19.27 - Jesus says: And those enemies of mine who did not want me for their king, bring them here and slay them before me" Alleluia! Revelation of St. John says: "those who take the mark (666 or micro chip) will have to drink the cup of God". We're talking about something that is: 1. size of a grain of rice 2. invisible because it is put into the body. But looking at you, one sees the spectacle of Carnival of an entire city. You and this joker of Satan, you are both whit serious psychological problems: I have the right medicine for you: the fire of Sodom! Amen! Alleluia! /watch?v=HBkTnaP0AWU * /watch?v=bct4A70HLC4 * /watch?v=VCuTWA9ucy8 */watch?v=Wk_5AxLjX50 * /watch?v=-WA7T7yIgSA * /watch?v=41D9hF9lcDc amen

I prophesied about you misfortune, in the name of Jesus, throughout 2010. Amen. Alleluia. Now go to die or remove your filth, from the world. I have many atheist friends in my lists, because i have love and esteem for them: they are dignified positive honest. you: filthy. You will can not overcome, the test of fire! You remove this site blasphemous, now?You will not see the 2013! Throughout 2012? your life is in danger you must be careful at all odd days but are those par: that want kill you:will be alive in 2013? I command in Jesus' name the destruction of all Satanism, throughout the world. Satanists of all of your lists? The doctor is calling them! ✙ CSPBC SSMLNDS MDVRS NSMVSMQLIVB this
is virus deadly - AMEN - Alleluia "Drink your poisons made by yourself" http://satan-is-faggot.blogspo­ God has programmed me to win. /watch?v=HBkTnaP0AWU * /watch?v=bct4A70HLC4 * /watch?v=VCuTWA9ucy8 */watch?v=Wk_5AxLjX50 * /watch?v=-WA7T7yIgSA * /watch?v=41D9hF9lcDc amen

satanist you're to listen to them rant and rave through programmed fake electronic music over and over and over again (broken record); and you and the illuminati use the same baphomet signs and worship the same lucifier. you should be a little bit more honest when you call others crazy, I mean really, especially with the things you do in the dark? And when you think no one can see you? those are the most crazy. You don't have to get all defensive towards Jesus or God; cuz the ibex mountain goat you pervert and use as a familiar object to represent satan without justification or authorization.You will stand in judgment of you himself? as he does on this page. Hard Its not a question of
cosa dad can beat whos dad up.CSPBCSSML NDSMDVR SNSMVSMQLIVB my father God has already defeated your father the devil on the cross over 2000 years ago. you verminous worship so a REAL LOSER. How crazy is that?"Drink your poisons made by yourself"

alleluia!God has given me all right!Even a child can tell you:"You go like a soul damned!"all the fortresses were broken! if still standing? is because they kill each other in 3rd WW Nuclear which is for given the blame of the collapse of IMF and the planned slaughter of all mankind. I know every secret, even yours! On this planet, no one WILL can live according to natural laws: so all the enemies of God will die: everywhere! now you satanists, whether if they be atheists or believe however, you have only this life to "enjoy"=lol. outputs then, go away from all together in a mass for protest. because this will be noticed and may be a solution, to extend the your life.this is not a request: for your conversion:no! But you can continue to do so the pig again!ok?✙ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQL IVB Drink your poisons made by yourself ✙ MENE TECHEL PERES✙ end game in the name of Jesus:"You are all lost!"Luke19.27

bless! as a whole: the theory of evolution has transformed the ideology of the NWO, international Jewish finance in an ideological crime: that is, proof against God lol. while it is against logic, since God is timeless. Sure, we have the evidence of evolution in the same species, but we do not have a single fossil that is the passage from one species to another. All those shown? Have been portrayed as false: after. We, refined metallurgical findings in the "coal" and "polistrate fossil", the nephillim, all these tests prove it: 1. the Flood. 2. the existence of advanced antediluvian civilization. among the hundreds of surveys, measurements and finds pictures of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat: we also had the inspection: Russian army at the time of Tsar Nicholas II

♰PAX♛ Terror took possession of :the children of darkness. AMEN..♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB.rrmbgpym->For the glory of God of Abraham & his Throne: lorenzojhwh is the ReiUnius: the best power spiritual & political & authority metaphysics Universal of human kind. anyone who opposes his authority? he no has love for the natural law, ie will be punished as Exodus 20.12 says: "his life will be shortened". On all those who are responsible for having innocent blood shed, I put as seal of my power the damn symbol of Cain, on all murderers. This is decreed in the name of Jesus for the blood of Jesus every demon & man is bound at the foot of the cross. ✙ ♥ ♔WELCOME in my LIVE!✙ ♥ ✙CSPBC SSMLND SMDV RSN SM VSMQLIVB ✙ MENE TECHEL PERES✙ AMEN "Drink your poisons made by yourself"✙ *This is the victory that has conquered the world; the Our Faith! 1 Giov5,4

the power that was given to me by God? is awesome, terrible: the love! can not be contained and can not be supported in any way by men. I'm learning to use this power in this days. Indeed, the terror is spread among Satanists, and among all the children of darkness! I received all the powers of representation of the Kingdom of God: justice, truth, humility, love, forgiveness. What I establish on earth? Is immediately written and ratified in heaven! I'm like a rod of iron, and in fact, everything I have by shatter? I will shatter! as the various of clay. Re:­­=KrM0dAFsZ8k Arabs do not know that for to do: the 11-09 were the Jews satanist of the IMF, called "enlightened" or Masons to destroy Iraq and to reduce the constitutional liberties and better to damage:
of the whole human race: NWO

You are already free, if you want to be free: is the truth!"all your debts have been paid" and you will not be found guilty. you will free and happy? you'll be full of power of the Holy Spirit, just like me. you can get out of this prison you can break every chain:Jesus is already on your side. first break the chain with Jesus. very soon all your chains fall. I have the power, promise to you on behalf of God that no one can hurt you. I promise you in Jesus' name You'll be blessed happy protected! son delete this site immediately. for the love of: God saints, good souls for the future of mankind for your salvation now, now destroy this site! I'm on your right while Jesus is on your left. Immediately delete this nightmare and you get the freedom of God's children you can do. your example will be followed by millions of kids! you become famous: for better or for worse? how you can take to go all to hell? millions of children?

REPENT OR PERISH. 1Corinthians 6:9-10.Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. Revalation 22:15.For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie. Galatians 6:7. Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. ♰ CSPB CSSMLNDSMD VRSN SMVS MQLIVB ♰ ♰ Matthew 10:28. And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Seek Forgiveness and Redemption Through Your Saviour Jesus Christ. Repent: for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. (spread this message)

Investigate! never forget 9✈11. Inform yourself or stay in the dark or perhaps you are: the dark?! God has programmed me to win:♛♰♛ the fortresses have been broken; hell is in most total despair, all Satanists are lost! For the holiness of: 1. God of Abraham, 2. His Throne, 3. His name "YHWH", 4. angelic choirs. lorenzojhwh decrees, all the curses on all Satanists and their accomplices, forever: "Amen.CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB Hallelujah." can not be counted: dead, disease, illness, accidents, infections obsessions, possessions, anxiety, depression, disorders, insomnia, despair, madness: "Amen. Hallelujah."Mene Techel Peres PAX CSPB CSSMLNDSMD VRSN SMVS MQLIVB Drink your poisons made by yourself! this is virus deadly - AMEN - Alleluia "Drink your poisons made by yourself"

[to all Satanists]if I not build a Jewish temple? then all you die because this is what the international jew banker. decided for many of you much ago long in short, as did the11-09.this is true: he does a good job, for to kill you.But you are not prepared for death, because: of course you go into a hell of fire and desperation. your company is self-destructive! because you breed+spread hatred? The power and security that come from fear? are: 1. only for few; 2. very fragile. But, Love, beauty, wisdom, do not fear confrontation, not weaken in Division: are strongest! love has already won over death! If all farmers of love, did not have a weight? I'd enough - alone - to sink you, in what you all want to give to others. ✙ ♥ ♔ WELCOME in my LIVE! LOVE!✙ Rei♥Unius♔ Each demon is forced to go by his exorcist? Then the enlightened come to me! ✙ ♥ ♔ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB ✙drink your poisons made by yourself. We love: are all equals and brothers

♰PAX♛ Terror took possession of :the children of darkness. AMEN..♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB.crippledfonz--> you got to keep moving? for how long: still?falling down like hail to hell in the fire of infinite despair: a day endless tirelessly ceaselessly rest AMEN CSP BC SSM LNDS MDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB ✙drink your poisons made by yourself. this is pathetic for you. a colony: the planet earth is rebel against the Kingdom of God from which is? there is no proportion between the spiritual energies into play! Truly God has staked himself with Christ. But because Christ is risen then, everything has already been established and then your lives are really in danger. My position is for all Satanists in the world: a real threat. you have not tried: a satanic ritual on me? now if I had a passive attitude against you? The Holy Spirit inside me that did not is for rise up against my enemies: spontaneously? the Bible is not a book to read, as the Koran. the Bible is God; the Word; wisdom. That is Christ. AMEN there is not a future for Satan, for you

Re:✙drink your poisons made by yourself. "HipHopMessiah09" SAID: "hell is on earth and i'm serving my life sentence, death will set us both free of the chains that are here to bind us from being free on earth! i know life and death, can create life and take it away, does this make me a god? i fear only my own actions and what this cold world has made me capable of doing! but don't hate me, i am just a reflection of yourself!" -ANSWER-> no! You are a reflection of Satan, but I am a reflection of God! himself You say that it is a failure, cursed, unhappy now that the occult powers of the IMF dominate the entire planet, as then your situation will be desperate for you, after death. while I
have the joy, even now. I Decided to pull "discharge" of water and you go down. ♰PAX♛ Terror took possession of :the children of darkness. AMEN..♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB.Rrmbgpym-> we are at final stages Satan's breath blessed my friends + Curse my enemies for I am invincible.Alleluia: the kingdom of Satan now: falls is crumbling Amen Alleluia

enough:Cancer. now. for those. who have in : animal sex; porn; horror; Satanism; kisses with tongue; vulgarity; negative educational impact for children? I'm Rei Unius the King of Israel in Jesus' name I command that: the first dangerous che will disease to which their thinking think? is own one that should receive: invincible disease that leading to death: loved the curse? Falls on him! Drink your poisons made by yourself CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVBME­­­NETECHELPERES♰PAX

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior I am here to tell you that Jesus loves you. He loves you so much that He gave His life for you. God the Father also loves you. He loves you so much that He gave His only Son for you by sending Him to the cross. At the Cross Jesus died in your place. Taking upon Himself all of your sins and all of my sins. He was judged for our sins and paid the price for our sins. Therefore our sins will never be held against us. Right where you are, you now have the opportunity to make the greatest decision in your life. To accept the free gift of eternal life by truly believing that Jesus Christ died for you. So wherever you are, pause to reflect on what Christ has done for you and say to the Father, "Father, I believe that your Son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross for the forgiveness of my sins."

Your time is near, time to show your extreme loyalty to Satan.Alleluia! +Mene+ Techel +Peres + ->PAX. Amen. rises YHWH and His enemies be scattered! like chaff scattered by the wind, like burning wax so are the wicked for Glory of the Lord. Sons of Darkness "lorenzojhwh" tells in the name of Jesus: "Now you must burn!" STOP: halloween antichrist pride slavery blindness Satan Go! CSPB CSSMLNDSMD VRSN SMVS MQLIVB for the destruction of your: satanic alien SpA Freemasonry seigniorage banking for you: fire food is harmful diseases shame Dishonor depression obsessions infestation Cloak of lead. Woe to you cursed.Elijah is back and you'll need to get off the river Kishon with him where you will be executed: and your boss jew belonging to Marduk. with this ceremony, I hit your ascending hierarchy (up to the enlightened) and descended. I linked you, to the foot of the cross, to knowledge of your opinion of damnation.Amen

SAID: most satanists do adhere to a Moral Code-ANSWER->You're crazy! The unique character of Satan is the breaking of all morality, that exalt the freedom for to bring at the idolatry of himself: all the lies of satanists? can never deceive me that are an exorcist! but I'm back for this extraordinary words of MrAndocalrisian said: " I've needed a good laugh, because I've had this spiritual tumor growing inside me. I think the only cure for spiritual tumors is a good laugh" -ANSWER-> EVERY CANCER SPIRITUAL is inevitably destined to become physicist! the only medicine to eradicate it? is back in communion with God here all admit supernatural phenomena and then deny God or Satan? This is absurd! then if I say: I know them both?" you do not believe to me and continue to take in so much filth to ruin the children? I will ruin you and certainly have the power to do so.

[Psalm 140] from the rock were thrown their leaders, that I had heard sweet words by me. As cracks the open is of land, their bones were scattered on the mouth of hell. [Psalm 149] Sing to the Lord a new song, his praise in assembly of the faithful, Let Israel rejoice in his Maker, they must exult in their king the sons of Zion. They praise his name with dancing with drums and harps, they sing hymns to him. The Lord loves his people. He crowns the humble with victory. Should exult: the faithful in glory to glad arise from their beds. The praises of God in their mouth and two-edged sword in their hands, to carry out vengeance to the nations and punish people: Hallelujah to tighten the their heads in chains, their nobles in fetters of iron; to perform on the sentence already wrote on of their: This is the glory for all his faithful.

[Ultimatum to the Satanists and their protectors: mason elite leader statesmen]God has put more energy and love to create you, that not to create all the galaxies and all the angels. you instead for gratitude, you have reversed the cross, which is why that there is no remedy for your downfall and your desperation is without no relief. lorenzojhwh you puts to head down into the abyss, you will have agonizing days and your life miserable must end in dramatically in nuclear 3WW: before and not after. If you have sold your life to Satan in for metal, horror, porno, ecc. if you have had an old site: this you Need to Know, who he was before of you is died: I killed him, so I kill also you! ✙ ♥ ♔ is virus deadly AMEN "Drink your poisons made by yourself"✙ I order, in the name of Jesus: immediate destruction of Satan and of all his satanic symbol ✙Halleluja ✙MENE ✙TECHEL✙ PERES♰­­ "You are all lost!"Luke19.27♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB

YHWH Father in Jesus' name with the his Blood bind the foot of the cross all men and all the demons of this world. Who dared to overthrow the cross, symbol of the greatest love? What the Constitution decided that the people had to be a subject of bank seigniorage? and all his institutions of hidden power, like: Satanism, Freemasonry, intimidation, corruption? Because ideologies: kabbalah, Zionism, Sharia, idolatry, witchcraft, porn horror. Who has allowed corruption and Halloween in all world? Who destroyed the Christian civilization and imposed evolution? human life in is profaned and man is now considered as an animal. has been destroyed: your dignity in him. Which politician has legalized this abomination? is for sinners: all evil of evil. They have the first disease dangerous that is in them mind: in this year, not accounting the misfortunes of all kinds: accidents, the shame and dishonor on their children: oppression, despair, anguish and tribulation infestation.

YHWH thou hast made man in Your image but Jew: son of the devil "enlightened" usurpers of power with the bank seigniorage, they have made man in the likeness of an animal. I curse him with all his accomplices, not until they see the destruction of all their children with their eyes. God of Abraham exterminate these evil of illuminated by the earth face, I can see their ruin, that they can get all the depths of hell in this year. That's enough! for all those who have in : 1. animal sex 2. Porn 3. horror 4. Satanism 5. kisses with his tongue 6. vulgarity; 7. negative educational impact, that is not suitable for children? I Rei Unius the King of Israel in Jesus' name I command that: the first dangerous will disease to which their thinking think? is own the one that should receive, an unconquerable disease that leading to death. Loved the curse? Falls on him! Amen, hallelujah! CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB ♚ MENE TECHEL PERES ♰

Re:Amen hallelujah!♚MENE♛TECHEL♛PERES♰­pax­­ "nargargoole" SAID: i am going to help you make your game stronger.. or you will die soon.. or someone very close to you will. so this is like the Devil doing you a favor..learn it. then come back when you are not so weak and inputent. okay --ANSWER-> That's it? I can do more! tout est sous contrôle:"Jesus live!"This ministry can not be faced! lorenzojhwh in Jesus' name i command: i orders destruction of all satanism institutional: government, secret services, military, religion, aliens, administrative, ideological. Alleluia Begone Satan:go! Drink your poisons made by yourself enough: Cancer now: for blood of Jesus Christ, I bind all Satanists at the foot of the Cross, for their immediate process. for their internal their demons, and angels from the outside: hit hit hit all them until the onset of insanity, consumption and death. Loved the curse? Falls on him! end game: "You are all lost!" Luke19.27

i am Rei Unius [✙ ♔ ✙] Dio è ♥ + Dio è ♥ + Dio è ♥ [✙ ♔ ✙]♛♰♛ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQL(IVB=­drink your poisons made by yourself)pax ♛♰♛ ME­­­­NE TECHEL PERES ReiUnius ♥ king x Israel ♔ ♛♰♛ planet earth? this is my kingdom! If you let Satan you will do again the experience of happiness .. a new life.I can not let Satan in my kingdom: Therefore, all
Satanists should be killed in a mode supernatural✙ ♥ ♔ WELCOME in my LIVE! ✙ ♥ ♔ I am the door metaphysics, secular positive natural, rational justice, to open to all honest men, from first to last atheists: the heaven in Jesus' name. Amen Alleluia God gave us men to our love, our sense of justice and equality, the universal ability to relieve the pain of men of all the our brethren of all mankind. ✙ ♥ ♔ WELCOME in my LIVE!

kneel! can not you see? passes the Lord! amen alleluia + love + shalom +salam..what is it made? is received! we collect all that we will have sown! vas a que destruir esta abominación de Satanás I have news for you: amen "He who is in me? is stronger than him: Satan that is in the world. All hell? is powerless against me! " you are completely helpless against me. you can not defend yourself from me, all hell with Satan can not. you're lost. you go to you destroy this abomination of Satan. You're Already...

[O.o] Put this owl on your profile
/)__) If you've seen the Cremation of Care
-"--"- Ritual at Bohemian Grove
__███\__███\_________Put This
__███\__███\_________On Your
__███\__███\_________Profile If
__███\__███\____ 7____You Think
__███\__███\___███\__9/11 Was
__███\__███\___███\__ A
__███\__███\___███\__666 322
__███\__███\___███\__owl grove
__███\__███\___███\__ BAD
__███\__███\___███\__ JOB
hei 322Bush, 666Rothschild, etc. ...
[O.o] because: this year
/)__) You not invite also me, at your "cremation of care"
-"--"- Of Ritual Of The Bohemian Grove
..........._..'¹-~-¹-.But the fruit of the Spirit
.....,-""-;\\/ ¸,.,¸ ¸¸,' love, joy, peace,
..../....-'.).\..'......longsuffering, gentleness,
(▒\,---'`▒)▒).......... goodness, faith,
(▒)(▒)(▒)(▒)...Meekness, temperance:
..(▒(▒)(▒)(▒)▒)...against such there
(▒)(▒)(▒)▒) no law.
.......(▒)▒)..............Galatians 5:22-23
.......(▒)Will Jesus Christ Return In AD 2328: about !!! MY task FORCE:
-1. rrmbgpym
-2. shalomnaumann
-3. lorenzoJHWH,
-4. HumanumGenum,
-5. ShalomGerusalemme,
-6. 666GiudaicoMassonica,
-7. SatanQueenFagot,
-8. HellxDesPairTruction,
-9. UniusRei,
10. UniusRei1,
11. UniusRei2: deleted by satanists,
12. UniusRei3,
13. UnisRei3,
14. LorenzoScarola,
15. BrotherhoodUniversal,
16. i10Comandamenti,
17. myJHWH,
18. JewsxMessiahUniusRei,
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100% anti-racism
100% anti-Nazism
100% anti-Sharia
100% anti-banking seigniorage
100% anti-Zionism
100% anti-Talmud
100% anti-NWO
100% anti-Esoteric Agenda
100% anti-masonry
100% anti-SpA
100% anti-porn
100% anti-Satanism
100% anti-IMF
100% anti-secret societies
a solemn oath:
★100% national self-determination
★100% equality between all men
★100% equality between man & woman
★100% freedom of religion
★100% freedom of Thought
★100% freedom of sexual identity (is only a political assessment: for rejection violence)
★100% monetary sovereignty
★100% universal brotherhood
★100% Natural Law
★100% 10 Commandments

  1. Io Amo l'Italia
    Magdi Cristiano Allam si è rivolto in una lettera alle più alte cariche dello Stato per denunciare la situazione di oscuramento mediatico che sta colpendo durante ...
  2. Magdi Allam News - Il Fatto Quotidiano
    Magdi Cristiano Allam punta alle politiche 2013 e si presenta alle urne candidato presidente con “Io amo l'Italia“. Con una serie di slogan che rispecchiano il ...
  3. Magdi Allam (fanclub) - Il Cannocchiale
    Magdi Allam non ha bisogno di fare il politico perché il Suo posto di Vice Direttore del più grande giornale italiano, il Corriere della Sera, vale 10 e anche 100 ...
  4. Grazie Gesù. La mia conversione dall'Islam al cattolicesimo - Allam ...
    Grazie Gesù. La mia conversione dall'Islam al cattolicesimo è un libro di Allam Magdi C. pubblicato da Mondadori nella collana Frecce.
  5. Magdi Allam - Nonciclopedia
    Magdi Mussulmano Allam è un tizio che vuole entrare in politica a tutti i costi. Magdi Cristiano...
  6. Ricusate le liste di Magdi Allam, dei Radicali e di Unione Popolare ...
    23/gen/2013 – Sono state tutte escluse alla Camera, ma per Up salta anche Palazzo Madama. Ora i referenti possono presentare ricorso fino alle 12 di oggi.
  7. Magdi Allam - Wikiquote
    Magdi Cristiano Allam (1952 – vivente), giornalista e politico egiziano naturalizzato italiano. Indice. 1 Citazioni di Magdi Allam; 2 Io amo l'Italia. 2.1 Incipit; 2.2 ...
  8. Magdi Cristiano ALLAM
    Magdi Cristiano ALLAM Gruppo Europa della Libertà e della Democrazia Vicepresidente/Membro dell'ufficio di presidenza Italia "Io amo l'Italia". Nato il 22 aprile ...
  9. Magdi Allam - Notizie in Liquida
    «Gentile Magdi Cristiano Allam, le scrivo perché ho letto il suo articolo sul Giornale on line sul matrimonio egualitario in Francia, riguardo al quale lei è ...
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king Unius REI

king Unius REI
jewish Messiah

my Rabbi

my Rabbi
Kaduri Yitzhak

my jhwh my jhwh Select 666 Country:

Re dei Re, Signore dei Signori Unius REI, governatore universale

my jhwh my jhwh Select 666 Country: holy my jhwh

Re di Israele

Re di Israele
e di Palestina: Unius Rei

my jhwh my jhwh Select 666 Country: holy my jhwh

☦️burn satan ☦️shariah Allah ☦️owl lilit Marduch burn JaBullOn Baal SpA: burn in Jesus's name, alleluia!

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Nella forza dei popoli per il riscatto della sovranità ferita

Nella forza dei popoli per il riscatto della sovranità ferita
il signoraggio deruba la sovranità costituzionale!

500 cristiani al giorno muoiono ancora oggi

500 cristiani al giorno muoiono ancora oggi
il massacro silenzioso dei cristiani (Antonio Socci)

300.000.000 di cristiani sono considerati criminali a causa della loro fede.

300.000.000 di cristiani sono considerati criminali a causa della loro fede.
500 di loro ogni giorno perdono la vita



la più grande truffa del genere umano! A dei privati S.p.A.

la più grande truffa del genere umano! A dei privati S.p.A.
in cambio di carta, diamo le nostre vite!

my jhwh Select 666 Country: holy my jhwh

my jhwh Select 666 Country: holy my jhwh

i am Unius REI in kingdom of Palestine