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Who said Muslims do not all have a single co-ordination

666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world, and you will have: to save it! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam.  "Behold, I lay: in: Zion a cornerstone chosen and precious, and he who believes: in it: not: be disappointed," unius REI. 1 Peter 2.6.
You know: that: S. Margaret wrote before: of the: beginning: of the: French Revolution, this expression of the Madonna: "When, the crucifix will be trampled, blood will came: flow: is for: all the streets!" [[Why: we not: can tell of ourselves: of not be "Christians" the philosopher: Benedetto Croce,]].  perhaps: foresaw the occupation Masonic, and: the infiltration: cultural nature, and: Satanic our institutions: ie, modernism evoutionism? 1st ed. Original: 1942. is: an: short essay written by Benedetto Croce: in: the: 1942, in: the: who, the author claims, that, the Christianity has: completed revolution "that worked: in: the: heart: of the: soul, the conscience, and: giving prominence to the intimate: and: your: of: this consciousness, almost seemed: that: to acquire a new virtue, a new spiritual quality, which, until then: was: lack to all humanity "which, for: about: of: the revolution, it can: not: say" Christian. " [[Why: we not: can tell of ourselves: of not be "Christians" the philosopher: Benedetto Croce,]]. "The men, heroes, geniuses" who lived before: of the advent: of the: Christianity "action time has done: beautiful works, and: transmitted to us: an: rich treasure of molds, of: thought , of: experience, "but: in: all they works, lacked that value: that: today is: this: in: all of us and: that: only Christianity has: given to every man. The Christian revolution, 3. Philosophers: and: Christianity, 4. The merits of the: Christianity, why: not: can: not: call ourselves Christians? The morning has: trace the design: an: little written on the subject [1] "On August 26: of the: same year" to shake the melancholy has: meditate: and: wrote the essay: why: not: We can: not: say "Christian". [...] Are: deeply convinced: that: thinking: and: the modern civilization are Christians, continuing the efforts made by Jesus: and: by Paul. on: of: this: has: wrote a short note of: historical, that: I'll publish it as soon as the available space. of the: rest: not: She feels: that: in: this terrible war, that: that: is: in: contrast: is: a concept still Christian: of the: life with: another: that: could trace pre-Christian age, and: reattach the front to the: civilization, against the barbarian horde violence [4] "The work thus, ie: atheist: and anti-clerical: Benedetto Croce: wanted to indicate the particular perspective: that: assumed in his analysis the phenomenon of the: Christianity. in this brief text, Croce was, immediately, spread: this: notoriety: when the Catholic Church began: to: make explicit his dissent, against: Fascist regime. which reacted: with: a violent campaign of: Printing: that: hit also: Benedetto Croce: done scorn by the minister Fascist: National Education, Giuseppe Bottai: that: alluded ironically: about, "operetta" of Croce: with: an: article entitled Benedetto Croce "rincristianito" ie, stupid: for: Despite, value political and cultural of Christian revolution:  In true Benedetto Croce: not: had abandoned, never, his belief secular, nor took sides: to: defense of the Church in Rome: but: just watched as, "The appeal to the: history: not: we can: not: recognize, and: not: tell us Christians." The story showed what is: that: was been: the historic success: of the: Christianity, more: that: his religious message: to: establish itself: in consciousness. of all. Benedetto Croce: writes: "Christianity: is been: the most revolution: that: humanity has never: made ... "Like it or not, therefore we are the heirs of: a revolution: end: that: not: to: use case, Benedetto Croce, wanting, to signify the explosive character, and: constructively together: of the: Christian interior love: ie, revolution, that: historically: has: work,not, as all the other revolutions, that: but ... ".  The Christian revolution represents: an: unique event in the history of the: humanity: why: to: difference: of: all the others, it "worked: in the center, of the soul, in the moral conscience ',' the His law drew only by the inner voice 'and' moral conscience itself, the appearance: of the: Christianity, approximate, arrival rejoiced: and: is his labor: in: mode new. " Christian: is been: a revolution "so understanding: and: deep, so fruitful of: consequences, so unexpected: and: irresistible: in: the: its realization, that: not: wonder: that: has appeared or will yet appear: as, an miracle, a revelation from above, as, an: direct intervention: of God in human affairs. " but: in really, the Christian revolution ": it was: not an: miracle" and "is because, is the spirit, that is: always full: of: himself." [The philosophers: and: Christianity]. That Spirit is present: in: all philosophers, from, the medieval to the Renaissance, the French Enlightenment, the various Vico, Kant, Fichte, Hegel, made them, debtors of the values: of the Christianity: but: the same time, legitimate interpreters: of: the religion dissemination, of the his christians Principles, "these, and: all the others, as: they, that: the church of Rome, (like not: could not: be) of protect his institution: and: his structure: that: he had given to his dogmas: in the Council: of Trento, was of: disavow result: and: persecute and, in: last sentence: with all much in the modern age:[[ ie agenda Talmud IMF: an its syllabus without be: in degree: of: contrast to the science(exploited ideologically), to the: culture(exploited ideologically): and: to the: modern civilization(exploited ideologically): of the: bad atheists: an, for do, an other: evil civilization masonic satanic satanic bad civilization: for destroy: human values ​​and pave the way for global slavery. ]] " Poor in act: and: spread values: of the "Christian revolution" those philosophers, even laymen, that: the Catholic Church: that: has condemned them: but, ... . The Church must be recognized, however, the merit: of: not have removed, from the religious thought: the ratio personal: between: the man and God, ie, all scale mythical of past: and: of: having prepared definitive philosophical categories, in 'scope: about, an: debate cultural and politic: about on christian universal thought: for an attended, in all other areas: and, for all philosophies subsequent.  Neither the Church escaped, his task: of: become universal, looking: of: Christian thought that, prevails: and: be spread: in Europe, ecc.. while falling itself: in the its historical course: in: " errors "from which, however, was able to be healed: for, with through the reform. [[The merits of the: Christianity]] are "and: revolutions: and: the discoveries that: followed in modern times: they were special: and: limited in the manner of them, but: all invested man, the soul itself: of the: man, no!: you can not think of the Christian revolution ... why: the original impulse was: and: continues its ... re-evolution Christian worked: in the heart: of the: soul, the conscience of value universal and human, and: giving prominence: about  this consciousness, almost seemed: that: to acquire, a new virtue secular, a new spiritual quality secular, that: until then: was not been given, to all humanity. "[is atheist and anti-clerical: Benedetto Croce] In Christianity we have a new vision, of the history where man acts according to a new morality based on love, "of all men, without distinction: of: the Gentiles: and: of any classes, of free man: and: of slaves, to all creatures, to the world: that: is: work: of God, and for God: that: is: loving God, "the God, that: is the" spirit "[9] whose mystery is: still the subject: of the: survey: of the: philosophers whose passion for: the truth, makes almost: of the martyrs: is why". [is atheist and anti-clerical: Benedetto Croce]... in the Christian God: is still, ours, more refined philosophies, they call it, the Spirit Holy, that: always beyond us: and: forever: is: ourselves, and, if us: not: we adore more as: mystery is: why: we know: that: it will always mystery, into our eye: of the: abstract logic and: intellectual, undeservedly, believed and: dignified as "human logic", but: that: clear truth it is: for the eye: of the: concrete logic, that: may well be called "divine", in understanding: of: as be a Christian: why: as man continuously rises his values, and that is: in this continuously joining into God, he does truly man.

@ King of Saudi Arabia - you'll wonder why, I put in the first place: Israel .. but in thee: there can not be an answer! If Italy were destroyed, along with all of its civilization? I could find, always, something like that, elsewhere in Franca: with, Pascal, Maritain, etc. .. (or, I might, find important values, anywhere, even in Saudi Arabia) .. but, if Israel was lost? nothing could stop the empire of Satan on earth! That's why, the Pharisees IMF, of, Neturei Karta, have an interest in destroying Israel. ! Se l'Italia andasse distrutta, insieme a tutta la sua civiltà? io potrei trovare, sempre, qualcosa di simile, altrove, nella Franca: con Pascal, Maritain, ecc.. (o, io potrei, trovare valori importanti, ovunque, anche in Arabia Saudita).. ma, se Israele andasse perduto? nulla potrebbe fermare l'impero di satana sulla terra! ecco perché, i farisei FMI, Neturei Karta, hanno interesse a distruggere Israele

@ OBAMA - synnek1, he closed the comments page of youtube? because no criminal Satanist would die for his country! Satanists are only: the traitors of the IMF: and their kingdom is against all peoples, @ Pax 666 pax voodoo - drink your poison: made by yourself: Synnek1 kkk nazi. I heard Satan to ask your human sacrifice: on his altar! you're ready? to love Satan, in an absolute and total mode? .. You saw how many people die on the altar of Satan, every day? why, it Should not ever be like: even: your time, now? even one: day. or another day? will came for you! Pinocchio and Candlewick: Their ticket they paid for: being: in the "Toyland". is not better, That Should one man die: that is, Synnek1 MASTER BIG, So That all the people of Satanists: is can to return to the Lord Jesus Christ? That Is, for to be, with me, unius REI? --ANSWER @ IsraelnationalTV but he closed on this article, the page of youtube, 24 hours ago. Satanists have control of all media: and you're dead!

now that, modernism, (naturalism consociativismo: Masonic. after, 600 excommunications, of a Church that, not: still had betrayed Jesus Christ) will win, most of the Episcopate? Satan will finally be released from his dungeon! so, Israel will be annihilated! is for, this, that have worked the Pharisees of IMF NWO. damn clerical celibacy, emerged: the crime of privilege medioeval: of "primogeniture". Catholic Church has condemned itself to destruction has not been able to protect Israel, and gave mankind to Satan! ora, che, il modernismo, (naturalismo: inciucio, consociativismo: massonico. dopo 600 scomuniche di una Chiesa che non: aveva ancora tradito, Gesù Cristo) conquisterà l'episcopato? satana, potrà essere finalmente liberato! così, Israele sarà annientato! è per questo, che, hanno lavorato i farisei del FMI NWO. maledetto celibato ecclesiastico, scaturito: dal crimine del "maggiorascato!" la Chiesa Cattolica: ha consegnato il genere umano a satana!

per avere perseguitato: Natuzza Evolo e Padre Pio? la Chiesa Cattolica ha perso, ogni, credibilità: spirituale! è la vergogan: disciplinare, about, infamia, medioevale, del maggiorascato, then, ha imposto : celibato ecclesiasistico: una disumana crudeltà: compiuta, dopo 1000 anni: di storia, ed è anche, un crimine teologico: per avere detto, che, "è buona la natura umana",but, in questo modo: ha sputato sull'inutile: e non indispensabile, per lei, sacrificio della Croce.. mentre, non è in grado di parlare, circa, la natura divina: che, soltanto, ogni cristiano: nel rapporto personale con il Risorto: può avere. perché, nega, concretamente: la effusione dello Spirito Santo, e la vita carismatica, in ogni cristiano!! ed è un crimine: di alto: tradimento: per avere fatto: di se stessa, il complice silenzioso: del signoraggio bancario, la sinagoga di satana dei farisei, e: addirittura: ha invitato a dare il voto, a quel massone: Illuminato: bildenberg, di MONTI
for have persecuted, Natuzza Evolo, and Padre Pio? the Catholic Church has lost any, credibility spiritual! is shame: disciplinary, about, infamy, medieval, for primogeniture, then, has imposed: celibacy ecclesiastic: an inhuman cruelty done, after, his: 1000 years of history, and it is also a crime theological for saying that, "human nature is good", but, in this way: he spit, on not necessary, for her, sacrifice of the Cross .. while, it is not able to speak, about, the divine nature, that, only, every Christian in a personal relationship, with, the Risen Lord: may have. because, denies, specifically: the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, into charismatic life, of: every Christian! and is a crime masonic: of, high: treason: to have done: of itself, the silent accomplice: of: banking seigniorage: of 666 IMF FED ECB: NWO satanic, the synagogue of Satan, of the Pharisees, and: even: invited to give the vote to the Freemason: enlightened: Bildenberg, ie,President MONTI
the 50 countries, the worst. Serving persecuted Christians worldwide: OpenDoorsUSA.. 2012: January. Table of Contents: World Watch List 2012 Countries. North Korea, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Iran, Maldives, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Eritrea, Laos, Northern Nigeria, Mauritania, Egypt, Sudan, Bhutan, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Chechnya, China, Qatar, Algeria, Comoros, Azerbaijan, Libya, Oman, Brunei, Morocco, Kuwait, Turkey, India, Burma/Myanmar, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Syria, United Arab Emirates. Ethiopia, Djibouti, Jordan, Cuba, Belarus, Indonesia, Palestinian Territories Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Colombia, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, The Main Persecutor of Christians

of all the heresies of Judaism, like Christianity? the most dangerous heresy has always been: the heresy of the Pharisees, that they hijacked the religion of Moses: from the time of the exodus, causing, in Moses and, in Solomon, the huge upset pain! in fact, it is the fault of the Pharisees, and their secret lodges, for the continuing deterioration of the conditions of mankind in the last 4000 years! di tutte le eresie dell'ebraismo, come il cristianesimo? la più pericolosa eresia: è sempre stata: la eresia dei farisei, che, loro hanno dirottato la religione mosaica: dal tempo dell'esodo, provocando in Mosé ed in Salomone, degli enormi turbamenti! in realtà, è colpa dei farisei, e delle loro loggie segrete, il continuo peggioramento, delle condizioni del genere umano, negli ultimi 4000 anni!
not only aliens, but also to all my enemies, will start to come out, of the blood, from, his mouth! all the blood: of innocent people, christians martyrs, ecc.. all the poor unhappy, that they criminals have devoured...
[where: not a leaf stirs: that Riyadh does not want] Nigeria, killing nine voluntary anti-polio. the witnesses say, was the sect Boko Haram.
From the first evidence, the massacre was carried out by militants: with: a series of attacks: in the northern city: of Kano. With Afghanistan and Pakistan, Nigeria is the only country: where: polio is still endemic. Since 2003, Muslim leaders: oppose vaccination: because it would lead to infertility. In 2003 Muslim leaders in northern Nigeria: have do opposed the anti-polio vaccination, saying that would cause infertility. The attack resulted in: Kano is yet another blow to the efforts of world organizations involved in health to eradicate polio still endemic in Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Just in Pakistan in December, seven voluntary polio: were massacred in Swabi, 75 km north-west of Islamabad.

[TUNISI Djellaz: è la strategia, per l'imperialismo saudita: del terrore] Magdi Cristiano Allam: fondatore del partito: "io amo l'Italia" dice: "anche, la Tunisia, conferma, come, i musulmani possono essere moderati, ma, che, l'islam: è incompatibile: con: la democrazia" quando diventa ispiratore di una forza politica, infatti, questo è stato: l'omicidio, che: gli islamisti, hanno fatto di: Chokri Belaid, perché: su facebook, Chokri Belaid, è stato indicato: come: capofila dei miscredenti, ed invece, lui era, soltanto, un bravo musulmano laico, ma, è stato indicato, come: un nemico dell'Islam: che, meritava di morire. così, una forza politica, che, adotta l'Islam: in quanto Corano e Maometto: a quel punto: non è più compatibile: con la democrazia, e i diritti umani.. perché, loro diventano la incarnazione: della verità divina, e, tutti gli altri, anche, se, si discostano: di una sola virgola: sono i nemici: da uccidere, da eliminare!"

[TUNISI Djellaz: è la strategia, per l'imperialismo saudita: del terrore] Magdi Cristiano Allam: fondatore del partito: "io amo l'Italia" dice: ogni, laico, diventa, quindi, un nemico dell'Islam, che è: meritevole della condanna a morte, bisogna creare: un ceto medio, che, faccia uscire: i popoli musulmani, dal binario: caserme e moschee, --ANSWER -- QUiNDI, l'obiettivo, ISLAMISTA: di affermare, una società, che, rispecchi gli obiettivi della sharia e della jihad, sono incompatibili, con la sopravvivenza del genere umano ... mentre, Al Arabiya: dà notizia: di una nuova aggressione, ai danni di: un esponente dell'opposizione, Ahmed Nejib Chebbi, che è: il fondatore del Partito Democratico Progressista. e [ translate . google ] ha distrutto intenzionalmente, il mio precedente articolo, ed ha bloccato, anche, la mia ADSL

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[TUNIS Djellaz: is the strategy for the Saudi imperialism: the terror] Magdi Cristiano Allam: founder of the party, "I love Italy" says: "each, man secular, thus becomes an enemy of Islam, which is : worthy, for this: of the death penalty, we need to create: a middle class, which, know how to get out: all Muslim peoples: from platform: barracks and mosques - ANSWER - the target of Islamist terrorism: is an State, society, ecc.., that, will , reflects the objectives of the: sharia and jihad, but, they are incompatible with the survival of the human race ... while Al Arabiya: gives news of a new aggression against: an opposition leader, Ahmed Nejib Chebbi, that is: the founder of the Democratic Progressive Party. and [translate. google] has intentionally destroying: my previous article: and also: blocked my ADSL

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[TUNIS Djellaz: is the strategy for the Saudi imperialism: the terror] Magdi Cristiano Allam: founder of the party, "I love Italy" says: "Also, Tunisia, is: confirmation, how Muslims can be moderate, but that, Islam: it is incompatible: with: democracy, "when it becomes inspiration, for a political force, in fact, this has been: murder, that: the Islamists have made: against: Chokri Belaid, because: on: facebook, Chokri Belaid, has been shown: as: leader of the unbelievers, and instead, he was just a good Muslim secular, but it has been shown, such as an enemy of Islam who deserved to die. thus, a political force, which adopts Islam as the Qur'an and Muhammad then: is no longer compatible: with democracy and human rights .. because, only: they become: the incarnation of divine truth, and: everyone else, even if, differ: a single point: they are enemies to kill, to delete! "

February 8, [where: not a leaf stirs: that Riyadh does not want] series attacks in Iraq, 29 dead, for: Two car bombs: exploded in Baghdad near a market. Another attack in the city of Shomali.  At least 29 victims: two doubles: attacks: that took place today in Iraq, according to a new budget: provided by medical personnel security. The first attack struck the crowded market Kazimiya, district by a majority: Shia Baghdad, the second: it happened in Shomali, predominantly Shiite city: in the province of Babylon. In both cases, it was double explosion. epr programmed to the massacre of Shiites heretics .. Shia and moderate laity were sentenced to death by the Salafis, in anticipation of the Jihad of World War III: This, he said, his uncle Pharisee: talmud 666 IMF Rothschild
09/02/2013 [Among: tear gas: and prayers, Tunisia burying Belaid, and his Spring: crushed: by the imperialist dream: of Salafi jihad islamists ] The crowd in the cemetery: Al Jellez, where: was buried: Chokri Belaid . were over one million the number of people who have followed the procession. The heavy toll from the clashes, with dozens of cars on fire, dozens wounded, and 131: people arrested by security forces: the Arab Spring: was prompted by the IMF: to be murdered, the reasons is agenda NWO, for, forced a World War III: for disintegrate Nazism Islamic and the State of Israel .. "dies, Samson with all Philistines. "A million were at the funeral of the leader of the opposition: the procession, huge, shouted:" Government murderess ". Government murderess "Government murderess "Government murderess " is true: is an islamist Government murderess "

Obama has been a disaster! we see how, is capable of defending itself from cancer, too him? [jihad imperialism is worse than Al Qaeda] people sentenced to death in Riyadh, forced, to the Holy War against Syria: [war Syria Saudi Arabia] 09/02 / 2013. The agency, AINA, revealed a "memo", top secret, sent by the Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia, where it is possible to Those condemned to death by decapitation: in the cells of the Saudi kingdom: to: opt instead: to go and fight: the "Jihad", the "holy War" religious, against: the Syrian government. by Marco Tosatti. The agency AINA: revealed a "memo" top secret sent by the Ministry of the Interior: in Saudi Arabia, where it is possible, Those sentenced to death by beheading: in the cells of the Saudi kingdom: to opt instead: to go and fight the "Jihad", the "holy War" against religious: the Syrian government. The memo is dated April 17, 2012, and was Concerned at the time, 1239, guests on death row.

Obama has been a disaster! we see how, is capable of defending itself from cancer, too him? [jihad imperialism is worse than Al Qaeda] people sentenced to death in Riyadh, forced, to the Holy War against Syria: [war Syria Saudi Arabia] is Offered, full forgiveness, and a monthly salary, to their Families in the kingdom , change "... of Their training, to be sent out, the Jihad in Syria". The nationalities of the prisoners, were different: Yemenis, Palestinians, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Somalis, Afghans, Egyptians, Pakistanis, Iraqis and Kuwaitis. The memo, reported Which Aina, a photograph, that show side, was signed: Abdullah bin Ali al-Rmezan, a senior official: the Ministry: the Interior. Second, a former Iraqi parliamentarian, the Russians have Threatened: to bring: this case to the attention of the United Nations. The Saudis would: then: Decided to stop: their clandestine activity, provided that: the program will not: was: made​​: in the public domain.

666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam.  "Honour, then: to: you: that: you believe, but: for: those: that: not: believe the stone: that: the builders rejected: is: become a corner stone: and: stone of stumbling stone: of: the scandal. They will stumble: why: not: obey to the: Word. to: this: they were intended. " 1 Peter 2.7.

666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam.  "Behold, I lay: in: Zion a cornerstone chosen and precious, and he who believes: in: it: not: be disappointed," unius REI. 1 Peter 2.6

You know: that: S. Margaret wrote before: of the: beginning: of the: French Revolution, this expression of the Madonna: "When the crucifix will be trampled, blood flow: for: the streets!"
Time: not: is: never: enough, indeed: time is running. The dangers: not: are: never: been: to: so high!
: Never: our time: is been: so limited! Converted, as long as you are: in: time!
The time is never enough, in: fact the time is racing, while the dangers have never been so tall! Our time has ever been so limited! Converts, until are: in: time! He, YHWH will forgive you, if: you turn: to: Him: with: all my heart!
"... C 'is: now: in: the: world: an: Satanic group: of: planners: an: single global system (New World Order). They eliminate the Church of Jesus ..."

[Arab League: all the beasts of the Gulf, the jihad of the penis: and: happiness: Obama vampire] 08/02/2013. The route of the young Indian, sent to serve (sexually) the sheikhs of the Gulf, to which four wives are not enough! The Guardian, reveals the story of many girls, who, with the promise to find a place, of, skilled labor: in Saudi Arabia (where there is slavery) end, however, the spiral, the exploitation of: francesca peaceful. Poverty has forced more and more Indian girls, to surrender: in the hands of traffickers: no scruples, that the ship in the Gulf countries (Saudi Suadita, Bahrain and UAE) to serve the rich, as unscrupulous sheikhs. is the new frontier: the trafficking of women, unveiled today by the British newspaper: Guardian that: recounts, including: the other, the story of Begum Anis, 27 years old: and: 4 children, deceived by a so-called intermediary:

[Arab League: all the beasts of the Gulf, the jihad of the penis: and: happiness: Obama vampire] that, after having taken: 10 000 rupees (about 120 euro) to: send her to work as, domestic workers, in Saudi Arabia (where he would: have earned: 125 euro: per month, that is, four times: his wages home to hospital), he sold, at auction: the prostitutes in Riyadh, for the consideration of 300 dollars. According to the National Crime Records Bureau: In India there were: 3,517 cases: of human trafficking: in 2011 (there were: 3,422 in 2010). Events: as a: the: of: Begum Anis are frequent, admits Indian police: that: a few months intercepted a "load" of 40 women from the start: at the airport in Delhi. The "sale" on: almost always family of humble origins, illiterate, in some cases: the victims (mostly women) end: really: clean: a luxurious residence of petroleum:

[Arab League: all the beasts of the Gulf, the jihad of the penis: and: happiness: Obama vampire] but: much more frequently, are initiated into prostitution. The market offers opportunities to profit, not only trade, but also on the falsification of documents, which explain to the Guardian, the volunteers: Indian Migrants' Rights Council, is privileged channels: at the border, where: corruption : it is almost: endemic. Last month, an employee of Air India: he was arrested: the airport in Delhi: own: for having printed: a fake boarding pass to a "migrant for employment" with: the complicity of: an agent Police. Once they arrive at their destination, they discover Indian slaves: that he had burned the bridges behind him. Trade unions in the Gulf: not: even exist: for local workers.

[Arab League: all the beasts of the Gulf, the jihad of the penis: and happiness: Obama vampire] According to a recent report: Human Rights Watch: immigrants: that: working in Saudi Arabia are hard at work: from 15 to 20 hours: daily: without holidays, health care, neither lunch breaks. Then, there are brothels. Occasionally, there is a species of happy ending. Begum Anis: was released from his wife (one of his wife) his "master" and has succeeded to return home in Hyderabad decided to denounce: the agent: which was: his months of captivity, but, apparently, they've lost track of him.

03/16/1973 .
The Freemasons: and: all other adorers of the: devil ... it's all part, My children, to: an: evil plan: for: to reduce man to a state: of: enslavement to evil + (scientism, relativism, materalismo ) + (ideological messages) + (pornograzia) + (craziness) + (subliminal messages: of: any kind).
We: are: large: of: masters: in: the: world "enlightened" (original term), that: now seek: of: "govern" the life of: every man, woman: and: child (Net Work) ...: for: to lead mankind to the: slavery.
I assure you, My children, that: is: an octopus: that: is getting longer: in: all directions: on earth: for: overpower the man: and: enslave him.
These tentacles stretch: for: to promote: an: one world government and one world religion (New Age) ... a Church ": of: man" based on humanism, modernism: and: Satanism. "01-10 -1977. ". there is an: piano: in: this: when, for: to plunge your world: in: a common dictatorship ..." 24/12/1976, "... is the work: of: Lucifer: that: use agents (SpA) for: remove all the churches (religions) from your world and unite all mankind: in: the: name: of the: peace: and: of the: brotherhood under: an: one roof (NWO &. New Age. &. Net Work).
At some point, My children, that: you will think: that: it would be better to die, so great: is: evil: that: be shed: in: the: world by the "Illuminati" (original term): and: their agents!. "11/25/1978,". The Antichrist, "666", is: in: the: world (techno-finance), in: the: your country (USA) ... He sows discord among nations. "05/14/1977,". 666: is: entered: in: forces: on: the ground. His agents: are: time: in: the: Vatican. We: are: seized: of: some of the highest positions in the ecclesiastical hierarchy. Took control: of: many governments. They're bringing the nations to the brink: of the: destruction. "05/08/1977, posts to: Veronica Lueken, Bayside, New York. Mankind: not: find peace until: to: when it: not: know My Message and: not: put it: in: practice. " Jesus: to: Sister Faustina Kowalska. [Not: is: Can I pay taxes].
In fact, the tax levy: is: of the 65%, while: an: euro: that: have: in: pocket we received: an: theft invisible equal: to: € 2.70. The tax: is: a true extortion, in fact, even blocks: on: birth productive activities, indeed, the entrepreneur: that: you do the calculations, says: "who am I: doing this?" Prof. Giacinto Auriti, secret government: [But: is: also: demonstration: an: secret government: and: Satanic behind: of: all pseudo democracies: of the: world. The first: to: disclose this criminal organization: is been: Jesus Christ: of: Bethlehem. in his invective: against the Pharisees who today are the masters of the world and masters of the IMF. This revelation is: occurred when the organization of the Illuminati: was: really secret: and: only the Lord could reveal it to the: mystic Veronica Lueken, Bayside New York already: in: the: 1973! Politics, magic: and: satanism. In the light of: Joseph Cosco these premises: that: has: published "Politics, magic: and: Satanism" claims: that: essential: is: return to national self-determination! The writer concludes: that: you have to abolish the ECB, the EU, multinationals, all supranational institutions: for: the crime already made: of: treason. strategy adopted by the Political: of the: Bilderberg Group. "Bilderbergers: with: the purpose of occult (and thus, in: the hidden participants), for: the establishment of: an: New World Order: and: of: an: World Government by 2012. Weapons Silent: for: the silent war "is: a doctrine adopted by the Policy Committee: of the: Bilderberg Group during its first meeting: in: the: 1954. A copy found: in: the: 1969: was: in: possession: of the: services: of: Information: of the: U.S. Navy ". Organization; Group: of the: Bilderberg recruit politicians, ministers, financiers, Presidents: of: multinational moguls: of the: information, Reali, university professors, men: of: a number of fields that: with: their decisions can influence the world. Trilateral: Trilateral (meets industrial: and: businessman: of the : three blocks continental USA, Europe, Japan / Asia): and: Commission of Foreign Relationship (3D CFR: that: or: never: from 1921 brings together all the characters that: manage the U.S.) ... "outer circle"? ? - "inner circle"?? (but: these: are: crazy)! U. Agnelli, H. Kissinger, Mario Monti, ALL GOVERNORS: of the: CENTRAL BANK SPA. 33,000 bank accounts encrypted: and: cleanstreem called? 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. not: has: idea: to: who can compete on an investigation: of the gender, but I think: that: both interest of the: appointed or suspected: that: an: court [( ?) which one? views: that: to be: of: above: of: any jurisdiction?] enshrines their strangeness to the facts assumed also: as: hypothesis of Article: The Lords: of the: World, Secret History: of the: family of the Rothschild: and: of the New World Order: of: Giorgio Bongiovanni. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam.  The criminal power: of the: banking seigniorage is: expropriated (seigniorage): of the 100%, and debt ( interest) of the 100% more. ulteriormante indebted to other interests: for: an: 70% (interest: on: interest = unresolvable debt cost). therefore, as: hypothesis: of: crime we have: Association: to: crime, genocide, satanism, fraud, usury, incitement to suicide, induction: and: reduction to the: slavery, exploitation: of the: prostitution, predation, treason of the: Constitution, etc. etc ... So , the crime would be: of: these proportions, which necessarily must be concealed, but that, even: not: is been: even coined a word for: to define it. Agency Italian Illuminati: Mario Monti. Upon complaint: of: Mr Tremonti: in: TV: Padoa Schioppa, Prodi, Veltroni, group of: people until then: to: me unknown the "Bilderbergers Italian:. 1995 Giovanni and Umberto Agnelli, Mario Draghi, Renato Ruggiero, 1996 Franco Bernab is: Mario Monti, Walter Veltroni. 1997 Carlo Rossella, Stefano Silvestri, 1998 Emma Bonino, Luigi Cavalchini, Rainer Masera, Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, Siniscalco, 1999 Paolo Fresco, Francesco Giavazzi, Alessandro Profumo. Illuminati and the Black Nobility: MASTERS OF Masonic lodges. PRIESTS: of: SATAN'S INTERNATIONAL. the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, the U.S. President, MULTINATIONAL ALL, ALL NET WORK: and: THE NATIONAL TELEVISION NETWORKS (FOR CONCEALMENT: of the: seigniorage) Hollywood major studios are: and: Record Companies International
666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. : In: the: 1871 plan: of: Weishaupt was further includes: an: his American follower Albert Pike: that: Processes: an: document: for: the establishment of: an: NWO (New World Order ) through three world wars. Would be enlightened, all possessors of: hyper riches, the families of Rothschild, ASTOR, BUNDY; COLLINS, DUPONT, FREEMAN, KENNEDY, LI; ONASSIS, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn, the British Royal family, Bill Clinton , His Majesty the Prince Bernhard of Lippe: of: the Netherlands (former SS officer), that: it: is: was the president until: to: when: in: the: 1976: has: had to resign: for: the scandal "Lockheed" and Joseph Retinger: an "fixer" Polish
Harriman, of the Morgan Guaranty.
    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] 1949FUCKUSA ---- I Have Already Explained to the Chinese government, in to my previous article, as it is impossible, for men, to win the aerial battles, for control of air space, Against entities superhuman / supernatural, ie demons, as: Satanists (U.S.) and aliens. Therefore, only the pilots, who are Christians Biblical fundamentalists. can get the win. Why Have in Their share, Have the Same divine nature of God, Being the living temple of the Holy Spirit. But, You Have Killed too many Christians, quite unfairly, Unfortunately.


    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]TheGermanItalianGuy2 ----- this planet? only a great tavern of prostitutes, all available whores for cock of enlightened, as even all Muslims and all communists, lol. by buying money from the Jews, the bank seigniorage. Russia and nasty bitch: like all! all went to shit with your false ideologies and your false religions! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]TheGermanItalianGuy2 ----- questo pianeta? è soltanto una grande bettola di prostitute, tutte disponibili puttane per il cazzo degli enlightened, infatti anche tutti i musulmani e tutti i comunisti comprano i soldi dagli ebrei, del signoraggio bancario. Russia troia e schifosa: come tutti! andate tutti a cacare con le vostre false ideologie e le vostre false religioni!

    I am convinced there is only one way to eliminate these grave evils, namely through the establishment of a socialist economy, accompanied by an educational system which would be oriented toward social goals. In such an economy, the means of production are owned by society itself and are utilized in a planned fashion. A planned economy, which adjusts production to the needs of the community, would distribute the work to be done among all those able to work and would guarantee a livelihood to every man, woman, and child. The education of the individual, in addition to promoting his own innate abilities, would attempt to develop in him a sense of responsibility for his fellow men in place of the glorification of power and success in our present society. - Albert Einstein

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]TheGermanItalianGuy2----- Muslims were pirates and intolerant murderers (this does not justify the Crusades, which were made for the same criminal plea), these crimes, even today, are a curse for all Muslims. and in fact, only the first crusade was won, because then, God could not be with the Christians criminals and robbers, in turn: for to slaughter the Jews: also). But, unfortunately, still today, Muslims, continue to kill innocent Christians martyrs, and in fact, almost have exterminated them all, for to have no respect for human dignity, and freedom of religion. Also accuses you, that you are a communist murderess(ideological), with them, the Holy Spirit of God: and with them, it will also, your destiny of death: very soon! amen alleluia! in Jesus's name!

    The world is looking for an authoritative message through a humble messenger. Be ready and open to God enacting Radical change in your life. the Great Commission is the primary mission of the Church. It is the obligation of all believers to witness, by word and life, to the truths of God's Word. The gospel of the grace of God is to be preached to all the world. A movement known as The Ripple Effect: Harnessing Potential to Change the World", I hope to awaken people to their own potential to influence the world by harnessing their passion to be a bold witness and shout from the roof tops of the glory of God. It became clear that every action has a ripple effect,

    and life has begun to take on a new sense of significance. Everyone changes the world based on the actions they take, the beliefs they adopt and share, and the things they do for others. Perhaps this is what Jesus' meant when he said that we are the salt of the earth, because each of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions brings about change in the world. " I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made straight and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together." Martin Luther King, Jr.

    You can't be the Savior of any one if you don't actually save them ! ! ! ! To save the world is the very reason that Jesus came.(also see John 3:17) Now we have to ask our self the question "Did He fail ?"...... NO He didn't, because on the cross He clearly said "It is finished !" 1 Timothy 2:1-7 talks about how we are to pray for the salvation of all men. Yet so many have it there heart to pray for the damnation of most people as if Adam's sin will win over more people then Jesus' act of righteousness.

    We need people who are willing to be a radical witness of the testimony so that is can come to fruition. ONLY RADICAL PEOPLE MAKE IT ANYWHERE IN THIS WORLD God is looking for people to use, and if you can get usable, he will wear you out. The most dangerous prayer you can pray is this: 'Use me.'" An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. If God only used perfect people, nothing would get done, ... God will use anybody if you're available. It comes from service. It is by giving our lives away that we find meaning, because that's the way we're wired, I believe, by God.

    Titus 2:11 For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men. I Tim 2:5,6 For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself as a ransom for all, the testimony to be borne at the proper time. see the fact that Jesus gave Himself as a ransom for all mankind is a testimony that has been locked away and forbidden in most of the church. The revival and reconciliation of all thing will come, but the testimony must first be borne. I have a strong conviction that now is the proper time for that testimony to be borne. Only then will the prophecy be 100% fulfilled "that In the last days, God says "I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams." I John 4:14 And we have beheld and give testimony that the Father has sent the Son to be the Savior of the world.

    Eph 1:9,10 He make known to us the mystery of His will, according to His kind intention which He purposed in Him with a view to an administration suitable to the fulness of the times, that is, the summing up of all things in Christ, things in the heavens and things upon the earth. Luk 8:10 He said, "The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables, so that, " 'though seeing, they may not see; though hearing, they may not understand.' Zeph 3:8-9 "Therefore wait for me," declares the LORD, "for the day when I rise up to seize the prey. For my decision is to gather nations, to assemble kingdoms, to pour out upon them my indignation, all my burning anger; for in the fire of my jealousy all the earth shall be consumed. For at that time I will change the speech of the peoples to a pure speech, that all of them may call upon the name of the LORD and serve him with one accord."

    Share the message with the world my friend :) the video describes God's hidden will for all people, but this is a hard message to grasp for those who only see God the the scope of His revealed will. Psalm 66:4-6 "Say to God, "How awesome are your deeds! So great is your power that your enemies come cringing to you. All the earth worships you and sings praises to you; they sing praises to your name." Selah" Scripture commands us to say this to God ! Praise the LORD, you can go ahead and say it right now on the spot and remember that anything is possible for the one who believes :) :) :) Here are some verses that I hope will hope you understand what is soon to take place in God's plan for the final destiny of mankind.

    1/2 [ Dwrancho144 SAID: The Bible's Message of Salvation for the Whole World ] The Bible is easy to understand when you are willing to believe what it says. It gets complicated when you have a truck load of man made religious ideas in your head that conflict with what the bible says. God simply spoke to men what he wanted us to know and they wrote it down for us to read. Belief in the clearness of the Bible is ancient, going back to Jesus himself, who reproached the scribes and Pharisees, for not understanding the crystal clear as the day light meaning of the text.

    2/2 [ Dwrancho144 SAID: The Bible's Message of Salvation for the Whole World ] All things that are in the Scriptures, are by the Word brought forth into the clearest light, and proclaimed to the whole world as a universal message of peace that is good news for all to hear. Those who try to over complicate the scriptures for the sake of tradition make the Word of God of no effect. I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE VIDEO :[The Bible's Message of Salvation for the Whole World] ) It might be the only sermon you'll every hear that is 100 % Bible ! ! ! /watch? v = X y G k B s g p A b s

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] kushdooor ----. that the Jews are now, all the Zionist of Talmud & Kabbala, that is Satanists predators of seigniorage banking, only for to survive at hatred/ hate! Their question: "Why, we are hated by everyone? What is the seigniorage banking? Why do we need of be the loan sharks?". is a question that, they do not have, never place to themselves, adequately! you hating Jews? you give them the victory! They won when they were much weaker today, now that they have the control of the world's with IMF-World Order NWO? they crush you like an ant! No! love is the last battle, the first for the dawn of a new holocaust for everyone!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]kushdooor ----- è per sopravvivere all'odio, che gli ebrei sono diventati, tutti sionisti del talmud kabbala, cioè satanisti predatori! La loro domanda: "peché noi siamo odiati da tutti? Cosa è il signoraggio bancario? PErché dobbiamo fare gli strozzini?". è una domanda, che, loro non hann non hanno, mai posto, a se stessi, adeguatamete! tu odiando gli ebrei? tu dai loro la vittoria! Loro hanno vinto, quando erano molto più deboli, di oggi, ora che, loro hanno il controllo del mondo FMI-NWO? loro ti schiaccieranno come una formica! No! è l'amore l'ultima battaglia, prima di un nuovo olocausto per tutti!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] To All muslim ---- 1. under communism? all are communists! 2. under the Nazis? all are Nazis! 3. under Fascism? all are fascists! 4. under democracy? all the rich and powerful are all Masons and traitors of the Constitution with the bank seigniorage, of Jewish lobbies, who have control, for to destroy Christianity! in Zionism? are all Zionists! Under Islam's of satanallah? are all Muslims! You, Muslims cowards, you have profaned the holiness of God, you have opened the door of hell beneath your feet! Only a single, along with everyone else, will be your common lot, cursed children of the devil! What hope was, an honest man, in the midst of cowards criminals, like all of you? Yes, I am Mahdi

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]to all muslim ----- 1. sotto il comunismo? tutti comunisti! 2. sotto il nazismo? tutti nazisti! 3. sotto il fascismo? tutti fascisti! 4. sotto la democrazia? tutti i ricchi e i potenti, sono tutti massoni e traditori della Costituzione con il signoraggio bancario, delle lobby ebraiche, che hanno il controllo, per distruggere il cristianesimo! sotto il sionismo? tutti sionisti! sotto l'Islam di satanallah? sono tutti musulmani! Voi, musulmani vigliacchi, voi avete profanato la santità di Dio, voi avete aperto la porta dell'inferno sotto i vostri piedi! Soltanto, una sola, insieme a tutti gli altri, sarà la vostra sorte comune, maledetti figli del demonio! Che speranza ha, un uomo onesto, in mezzo a dei vigliacchi criminali come, tutti voi? Yes, I am Mahdì

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]kushdooor ----- intelligent people, ie, divine person do not need to surrender to hatred le persone intelligenti non hanno bisogno di abbandonarsi all'odio

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]youtube ----- your attempts? are pathetic! you can not save Zionism, or sharia law, if I decided to destroy them! I am the metaphysical and my position/size is in the divine, that is a dimension that goes beyond the spiritual or supernatural. That's why, if I decided anything? It will be fulfilled, however, even though I are been killed! i. [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]youtube ----- tuoi tentativi? sono patetici! tu non puoi salvare il sionismo o la sharia, se io ho deciso di distruggerli! Io sono la metafisica e la mia dimensione è il divino, cioè una dimensione che supero lo spirituale o soprannaturale. Ecco perché se io ho deciso qualcosa? Esso si realizzarà comunque anche se io venissi ucciso!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]SpammerTubber----. [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]Against-enlightened---: Sentenced to death! ----You and your Satan? are you total fagot! you have failed! Now, any enlightened and Their occult power? are unprotected in mode supernatural! All their lives? are in danger! All your kingdom? was completely demolished! that is complains against all of you, the Holy Spirit! I swear by the "Mighty One of Israel," the only living God! the misfortune and despair: terror is for you! every day of yours, damn life, before descending into the hell! with all of your: Masons, leaders, elites, governments, industrialists, lawyers, journalists, judges, ministers, ladies, presidents, governors, generals, institutions, banking seigniorage and all the men of the NWO-IMF. I ReiUnius & King of Israel & Mahdì, I swear in the name of Jesus, with your eyes, you will see the destruction of your children: you will drink your own urine and will eat human flesh, for to be trapped in your underground shelters: very soon!

    Against . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] enlightened----: Sentenced to death! ---- [Isaiah 30] [30] The Lord will hear his glorious voice and show you how to hit his arm with fierce anger, in the midst of a consuming fire, between clouds, hail storm and fury. [31] Since the voice of the Lord shall tremble Assyria: (i) of enlightened Babilon (amen) when it is beaten with a rod. [32] Every stroke of the stick penalty, that the Lord will pounce on him, will be accompanied with tambourines and harps. He will fight against it with tumultuous battles. [33] as the Tophet is prepared for a long time, it is ready for the king; the fire is deep and wide, fire and wood abound, the light, as a stream of sulfur, the breath of the Lord.


    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]Against enlightened----Sentenced to death!----[Isaiah 30,27] is the name of the Lord come from afar, Glowing is her anger and her heavy flare; His lips are full wrath, his tongue is like a consuming fire. [28] His breath is like an overflowing stream that reaches up to his neck. Is to sift the nations with the destroyer screen and put the jaws of the peoples a bridle that leads to ruin. Alleluia! [29] You raise your hand, as in the night, in which there is a festival, you will have joy in your heart, as if part of the sound of the flute, to go to the mountain of the Lord, the Rock of Israel.

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]Against enlightened----:Sentenced to death!----[Isaiah 30] [23] Then he will give the rain for the seed you have sown in the soil, bread, produce, will be plentiful and substantial, on that day, your cattle graze on a vast lawn. [24] The oxen and donkeys that work the earth shall eat savory provender, ventilated with the shovel and with the sieve. [25] In every mountain and every high hill, canals and streams of water will flow on the day of great slaughter, when the towers fall (of enlightened IMF-NWO) [26] The light of the moon, it will be like the light of sun, and the light of the sun will be seven times more, when the Lord will heal the wound: its people and heal the wounds produced by his beating.

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]Against enlightened----Sentenced to death!----[Isaiah 30,18]Yet the Lord is waiting for you to grace, for this stands to have pity on you, so that a just God is the Lord blessed are those who hope in him! [19] People of Zion, who dwell in Jerusalem, you will not have to cry, a cry of supplication will make your grace, just hear, you will answer. [20] Even if the Lord will give you: the bread of affliction and water of affliction, however, will not be taken more hidden, your teacher, your eyes will see your master, [21] your ears hear the word behind you, "This is the road, follow it, " If ever you go left or right. [22] In view of your images covered with unclean things of silver, gold coated your idols throw away as an unclean object. "Out!" you say to them.

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]Against enlightened----:Sentenced to death!----[Isaiah 30][15]For thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: "In conversion and calm is your salvation, abandonment confidant is your strength. "But you would not, [16] have indeed said, 'No, we will flee on horses. "- Well, flee! - "We ride on fast horses. " Well faster will be the pursuers. [17] One thousand will be frightened by the threat of one, the threat of five you shall flee, as long as you remain something like a pole on top of a mountain, and as a pole on a hill.

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]Against enlightened----Sentenced to death!----[Isaiah 30,9]Since this is a rebellious people, lying children, children who do not hear the law of the Lord. [10] They say to the seers, "Do not be visions 'and prophets' prophecies, let us not sincere, tell us pleasant things, prophesy illusions! [11] Make way out of the way, left the path, Take away from having the Holy One of Israel. "[12] Thus saith the Holy One of Israel: "Since you reject this warning and trust in wickedness and perfidy, placing them in your support,

    Against enlightened . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] ----: Sentenced to death! ---- [Isaiah 30[6] Oracle on the beasts of the Negev (Freemasons). In a land of distress and misery, suitable for lionesses (Communists) and roaring lions (enlightened), a viper (Zionists) and flying dragons (sharia), they carry their riches on the backs of donkeys (capitalists), the treasures on the humps (Muslims): camel (Islamic imperialism), to a people that has nothing to offer (U.S. corporations). [7] compartment and futile is the help of Egypt (U.S. = Babylon), which is why I call him: Rahab the idle. [8] Come on, write it on a tablet in front of them, inscribe on a document, it remains for the future in the permanent witness (a curse). lorenzojhwh (2 minutes ago) . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] Against . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] enlightened . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]----: Sentenced to death! ---- [Isaiah 30] . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]ratedRrockstar86 -----  with immediate effect

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]ratedRrockstar86 ----- questa sera Dio ha dato a me il potere di uccidere! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]ratedRrockstar86 ----- This morning God gave me the power to kill! Against enlightened . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] ----: Sentenced to death! ---- [Isaiah 30] now you see, like all man of the NWO-IMF were sentenced to death by God is what has taught me, today the Holy Spirit:where: in this chapter, God speaks of "Assyrians, God speaks to the Jews, since Abraham was an Assyrian, who had fled from Ur (Basra), had fled from idolatry! But during the deportation of Babylon was born the scribes, Pharisees and the Talmud: ie enlightened, that is the modern Judaism, which is an abomination to YHWH!

    Against enlightened . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] ----: Sentenced to death! ---- [Isaiah 30] [1] Woe to the rebellious children - says the Lord -. that projects do not suggested by me, you bind alliances that I have inspired, so add sin to sin. [2] You're off to go down to Egypt without consulting me, to put: under the protection of Pharaoh, and, for, shelter in the shadow of Egypt. [3] The protection of Pharaoh be your shame, and shelter in the shadow of Egypt your confusion. [4] When his bosses will have come to Tanis, and the messengers have reached Canes, [5] all will be disappointed with a people, not profit them, that will not bring or aid or benefit, but only confusion and shame.

    Re: . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]Communists---- skippers96 SAID: You sound like one evil basterd --ANSWER---- YOU ARE "evil basterd" I have not killed 40 million Christians and continues to kill me every day but the Communists and the Muslims who are who are utterly criminal, for this non ho ucciso io 40 milioni di cristiani e non continuo ad ucciderli io ogni giorno. ma sono i comunisti e i musulmani che sono totalmente criminali, per questo

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]Against youtube - which Zionist, you do so too afraid, that you must prove to him, that you punish me for all those videos, which I take from you for me? because you have an electronics / computer to recognize all of the video or its duplicate. So, for all the video "illegal " that I take away: it's you to be illegal! and since you punish me for your own videos, you are a criminal: also! Pray that should never get that moment, that I am forced to drag you to court! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]to all-----Indeed, God punishes: very heavy, all those who to do a bad thought against me! Whoever you are, you love me. as I love you. Your past? is been forgiven! I do not spit on you, I do not insult your sins. Amnesty for all! you still belong to Satan? leave him now, there is a "new wind" of the Holy Spirit upon the world. Do not you hear? resist to him? is to die!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]GRIMSREVENGE253 ---- I do not know, of a shower service, for to skeletons, in the cemetery! Then the girls? do not like the your smell: stinking, with all of your sewage sewage! you stop, to put it to go around, like a carnival clown! lol. because of many of your saws? is for you hurt at your brain! io non so, di un servizio docce, per scheletri, come nel cimitero! poi alle ragazze? non piacciono le puzze! tu mettila di andare in giro, come un buffone da carnevale! lol. perché le tue molte seghe? ti fanno male al cervello!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]GRIMSREVENGE253 ---- when he came down from the truck? He quickly realized that I was an athletic type, and that in addition to being despised by me, he also risked being beaten up by me! But he was too angry, so, that he needed to vent his anger, so I said, "you do, the good guy. " and then, I offered to him my fists, so he could hit them. Here, I thought, another poor man, who does not know how to pay the mortgage and the rent of the house at the end of the month, because I understood that he was too stunned to be aware of my long wait Behind him, is so that I was been kind to him.

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]GRIMSREVENGE253 ---- you Satanists? because so much loving for the horns? horns with two fingers are different from horns to three fingers? lol. In short, you are all horned & happy? I, too, the other morning? own I did the horns, at a garbage truck. lol. but the garbage man was not happy like you! Indeed, lol. he chased me with the truck, and since, I was already close to school? He reached me easily! But he was too worried for to realize that he had occupied both lanes, so, he blocked me, behind him, for too long. So when I have passed? I made the horns to him! lol. But then he chased me with the garbage truck! Of course, lol. the enlightened, this time they are not guilty! you were ever chased by a garbage truck?

    Comment on your video: enlightened are real reason for Jews Expulsion . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]atillahan16 ----- I do not understand English, easy to read articles. but, I have the metaphysical which is a property of the spirit with which I can know, intuitively, all the secret things, like science itself infused that was of Adam, when he was in: paradise earth, that is before of the fall in the sin . is a gift of the Holy Spirit! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]atillahan16 ----- Io non comprendo l'inglese, facilmente, per leggere articoli. ma, io ho la metafisica: che è una proprietà dello spirito, con cui io posso sapere, intuitivamente, tutte le cose segrete, come per la stessa scienza infusa di Adamo, quando lui era nel: paradiso: terrestre, cioè prima del peccato originale. è un dono dello Spirito Santo!

    skippers96 SAID: Not all Communists and Socialist are what you think...Like anything there is good one's and bad one's...I just belive a piece among people -- ANSWER---- I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE COMMUNISTS, MORE, THAT WITH ALL THE OTHERS. Why God put me on YouTube, to fight against everything, BUT I AM VERY DIFFERENT IN THE REAL LIFE. This I know, in fact, I have many communists friends, I have tried in vain solidarity for the Christian martyrs, but I found it. IO NON HO UN PROBLEMA CON I COMUNISTI, DI PIÙ, CHE CON TUTTI GLI ALTRI. PERCHÉ DIO MI HA MESSO IN YOUTUBE, A LITIGARE CONTRO TUTTI, MA IO NELLA VITA REALE SONO MOLTO DIVERSO. Questo io lo so, infatti, io ho molti amici comunisti, io ho cercato inutilmente la solidarietà per i martiri cristiani, ma non la ho trovata.

    1 / 2 . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] enlightened ------ are three years, I'm asking "why enlightened, do not kill me, as they did kill Jesus and Zerubbabel?". After all, they have taken, a certain habit, to kill their king. Perhaps, after so many millennia, lol. they are accustomed to be rebuked by the prophets. Only, I'm not a prophet! But I am only the most amiable man in the world! Perhaps that is the enlightened, that: they are the most intelligent of all, have understood for a long time, I'm alone, I am the last hope that remained to all mankind,

    2 / 2 . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] enlightened ------ but then, most importantly, I am the last hope that remained, even to them. Why, is there a difference between entrust their lives in the hands of Satanists and aliens (demons that they have a body), in the depths of the earth (for the massacre of the 3rd imminent WWnuclear) or entrusting their lives in the hands of lorenzojhwh, their loving and just: ReiUnius & Mahdi & the King of Israel, everything always with love starting. I know I'm irreplaceable, so here, because I'm so arrogant and I'm not afraid because it can not be afraid, who does not know the feeling of hatred and envy ..

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] at world----- if one day could be made an honest historical revisionism? I would not be surprised to discover that the synagogue of Satan has always persecuted the Christians and that Christians have always been forced to react in defense after very time. Perhaps that is why that Israel does not want to acknowledge the genocide of Armenians by the Turks so one day they can say with them, that the aliens were to make the genocide of the poor: Armenian and the Palestinians. . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] at world-----se un giorno potrebbe essere fatto un onesto revisionismo storico? Io non mi stupirei di scoprire, che la sinagoga di satana ha sempre perseguitato i cristiani, e che i cristiani sono sempre stati costretti a reagire in difesa: tardivamente. Forse è per questo che Israele non vuole riconoscere il genocidio degli armeni, così con i turchi un giorno potranno dire che sono stati gli alieni a fare il genocidio dei poveri armeni e dei palestinesi

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] at world----- for youtube? Satanists spreading love, with their 200,000: human sacrifice to Satan and the cross reversed, and every abomination and desecration & for damage the Christian civilization. while, is lorenzojhwh that he spread hatred! you do not believe to me? but you can look at my kingdomofJHWH! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] at world----- per youtube? i satanisti diffondono l'amore: con i loro 200.000 sacrifici umani a satana e con la croce rovesciata, ed ogni abominio e profanazione ai danni, della civiltà cristiana. mentre, lorenzojhwh diffonde l'odio! tu non ci credi? lol. ma tu puoi guardare il mio kingdomofJHWH!

    Nebulous1982 SAID: 1. why don't you hear a single muslim complaining about christianity? [WHY IN ANY PART OF THE WORLD THE CHRISTIANS NOT ARE hurt someone because of their religion!] 2. Muslims may commit do terrible things, this does not mean that Islam supports it.[OWN YOU, NOT TELLING OF THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF RELIGION, YOU IS an accomplice of these: TORTURE AND MURDER] 3. Sharia is the islamic law, and there is no country on earth that rules truly according to the sharia. [HOW YOU CAN BE so hypocritical? WOTH IS "World Watch List 2011"] ----- What crime could DO the Christians? if we (ie, the false democracies, led by Freemasons) we are under the absolute domination of the Jewish lobby for 200 years? all Muslim countries do not recognize the equality of citizens before the state, and in fact impose on documents the religious identity, and in fact, do not recognize the right to freedom of religion! this is a crime too great that can not be hidden behind the ability of your words!


    Nebulous1982 SAID: ... There is much mystery and misinformation surrounding the religion of Islam and Muslims. The aim of my project is to lift the fog and give you a clear picture... -- ANSWER ----is it true what you say! In fact, are 300 Christians who are only guilty of being Christians, and are killed every day of the year by Muslims of the Sharia, like you! With those who kill, including communists and Hindu? are 160,000 Christians who die each year, is suffering the horrors of 300 million Christians, to have the misfortune to be under your curse! your horrors? can not be counted! You son of the devil! you said, instead: 1. the right to equality & secularism among men, and 2. freedom of religion in all Muslim countries, rather!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]youtube----we have entered into the DNA, and we discovered a "universal genome, "a huge "database" that contains all the DNA of any & all living beings that ever existed on this planet. In this huge of "cemetery gene", are activated, only the genes of the species in question. Therefore, it is abundantly clear, is declares that the genome is act creative and contemporary of all living. a theory of evolution, a theory that it remained for 150 years? for our 150 years? then is a theory, that is meant to remain forever a theory! In fact, evolution is a fraud and a crime of the Jewish lobby to turn all men into animals evolved, ie slaves is always the old epic of: Babylonian, that is the god Baal or Marduk: owl

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]youtube ----- . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]MyIdNumber ----- However, Christians who are killed, either by the communists, as are killed by Muslims, were killed today: they are absolutely innocent. against these crimes? you should take a clear position of the complaint. I would like that this your statement was made by you, on youtube page. Where I public the most important articles. . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]MyIdNumber ----- tuttavia i cristiani, che sono uccisi, sia dai comunisti, come dai musulmani, sono uccisi oggi: loro sono assolutamente innocenti. nei confronti di questi crimini? tu dovresti prendere una posizione di chiara denuncia. Io gradirei che questa tua dichiarazione fosse fatta sulla pagina di youtube. Dove io pubblico gli articoli più importanti.

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]MyIdNumber----- who will pay for the crimes that the Communists have done, and that the communists continue to do in China, Korea of North, etc. .. against Christians? I could be your judge, on the day of Judgement! ANSWER please . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]ben76raz ---- All these arguments of shit, they could never give at you a communist or Islamic, the right to hurt innocent people because of their religion or their faith in God! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]atillahan16 ----- I do not think that Jews as a people, they may have some faults: For me all people are innocent! my spam is the act of desperation, to save the lives of everyone, even those who are lost! Because everyone, that is out of God's plan for him: he is out of the a sense of his life! is ignorance and rebellion, the joy the jew predator: ie enlightened, is the reason for his power against you all! done! in Jesus's name Christus Imperat!

    1/6[ReiUnius perfect of Isaiah 32] 1. Who has done, of all peoples, the slaves of the Jews enlightened? 2. who have violated the sacred sovereignty of "wording: Constitutional" of all nations? "Because, without debt, there can be no issue of money. " A terrible debt, which is equal to 270% of the value of money. That is the inevitable extinction: root canal treatment: bleeding: debt, for is all the inevitable and inexorable passage of time. This monetary system is that: 1. not only condemns at the destruction of all the nations with inevitable recession: unemployment: ie, predominantly debt public. But, also, IMF forces +requires the wars: an act of predation that are essential for the regeneration of the IMF: ie, the World Bank. 3. However at the end of each monetary cycle

    2/6[ReiUnius perfect of Isaiah 32](ie exhaustion for devitalizzante of Peoples), it is essential the war Mondale. Since pardossalmente it is for the immense destruction and loss, ie, is proper necessary to regenerate a new monetary cycle, based on the need for a credit for reconstruction. (Prof. Dr.. Giacinto Auriti scientist). All this is not felt by the wealthiest classes of society: elite leaders, who are also the most corrupt and immoral people on the planet. Therefore, the plutocratic system & Masonic Jewish lobbies of large concentrations of wealth: the monopolists, to have generated an system institutional & international, absolutely diabolical. therefore is structural, ideological & unavoidable, the starvation of millions of people, like any social injustice, etc... ie crime of the Jewish lobby Masonic

    3/6[ReiUnius perfect of Isaiah 32] as is, in fact, inevitable recession. Since the IMF is a vampire (which give 10, but take 27), against him, you can not fight, because is the debt that at ultimately will prevail & win against the life! That is why the Jewish-Masonic lobby, they do everything to keep very low the levels of: information, knowledge, morality and culture. Also, institutions and laws are so complex and convoluted: that the possibility of any reaction institutional, against the system established should not be able to skillfully. is clear: all parts of society are poisoned by indifference, so that: racism, Zionism, Islamism, consumerism, capitalism and communism, can become the right mix of hatred and social injustice, giving the "second reason" for setting of any conflict

    4/6[ReiUnius perfect of Isaiah 32] (as has been shown that it is essential to the monetary system). So the solution may be twofold: 1 [cultural: ie, the metaphysics of my universal brotherhood: ie, natural law, that prevents: to any religion and any nationalism, to become murderers]. 2. [political ReiUnius ie, that must getting the confidence of States, fulfilled his duties as commissioner to ferry, the whole human race, towards a new concept, of the IMF and then, a new concept, of institutions and of relationships]. is clear: without the ReiUnius it would take a very long time, while the IMF esisgenze impose a nuclear war, very soon, because it can not collapse to indicate the true and real responsibility! If in a very short time, might not be defused, the current monetary crisis

    5/6[ReiUnius perfect of Isaiah 32] (held consistent for accounting fraud), the 3rd WWnucleare, is inevitable, for December 2012. Uniquely, the ReiUnius, ie, an extraordinarily Commissioner, may replace the current (criminal and satanic) IMF, with a new monetary system, based no longer on the criminal money, of course, but, on the one owned by the carrier. Yes, this is the only way! But, just the natural law was given by God to Adam and of course, at every man for being there, that is, rational intelligence, that it imperiously destroying the relativism and demonstrates the EXISTING of God, rational, since the existence of any universal, is the revelation of the meaning of all things, the very meaning of human existence: 1. the "truth" is: "Do not lie!"

    6/6[ReiUnius perfect of Isaiah 32] 2. "justice", "Do not do evil to another, that he is as yourself, if do not want to receive evil. " This is the metaphysics of natural law, and it only her, can give the correct interpretation of: 1. Religions, 2. philosophical & political systems, 3. governments, and, therefore, all the sacred texts, finally the right interpretation, to set international relations, among all people of humanity, the truth of the law, which is equality, the negation of any prejudice: discrimination and racism , in the sanctity of basic human rights, starting with its most important right: the right to freedom of religion. Therefore, if you do not want to obey my authority? you all perish: very soon!

    1/7[ReiUnius perfetto of: Isaia 32] 1. Chi ha fatto, di tutti i popoli, degli schiavi degli ebrei enlightened? 2. Chi ha violato la sovranità e il sacro "dettato: Costituzionale" di tutte le nazioni? "Poiché, senza debito, non ci può essere emissione di denaro". Un debito terribile, che è pari al 270% del valore del denaro. Cioè l'inevitabile: estinzione: devitalizzazione: dissaguamento: indebitamento, tutto con l'inevitabile ed inesorabile scorrere del tempo. Questo sistema monetario è quello che: 1. non solo, condanna tutti i popoli alla distruzione della inevitabile recessione:disoccupazione:ie, preponderante: debito: pubblico. Ma, anche, costringe, rendendo indispensabili le guerre: che sono un atto di predazione indispensabile per la rigenerazione del FMI: ie, banca mondiale.

    2/7[ReiUnius perfetto of: Isaia 32] 3. Tuttavia: alla fine di ogni ciclo monetario(cioè all'esaurimento devitalizzante dei popoli), è indispensabile una guerra mondale. Poiché, pardossalmente sono proprio le immense distruzioni e perdite a rigenerare un nuovo ciclo monetario, basato sulla necessità di un credito per la ricostruzione. (prof. Dotto. scienziato Giacinto Auriti). Tutto questo non è avvertito dalle classi sociali più ricche: leader elite, che sono anche le persone più corrotte ed immorali del pianeta. Pertanto, è il sistema plutocratico & massonico delle lobby ebraiche delle grandi concentrazioni di ricchezza: i monopolisti, ad avere generato un sistema istituzionale & internazionale, assolutamente diabolico. è quindi strutturale, ideologica & inevitabile, la morte per fame di milioni di persone, come ogni ingiustizia sociale,

    3/7[ReiUnius perfetto of: Isaia 32] come è: infatti, inevitabile la recessione. Poiché, il FMI è un vampiro (che da 10, per prendere 27), contro di lui, non si può lottare, perché è i debito che finisce per prevalere/vincere sulla vita! è per questo che le lobby ebraiche-massoniche, fanno di tutto per tenere molto bassi i livelli della: informazione/conoscenza, moralità e della cultura. Inotre, le istituzioni e le legislazioni, devono essere così complesse e contorte: che la possibilità di una eventuale reazione istituzionale al sistema creato abilmente deve essere impossibile. è evidente: tutte le componenti sociali sono avvelenate dal qualunquismo, affinché: razzismo, sionismo, islamismo, consumismo, capitalismo e comunismo, possano diventare la giusta miscela di odio e di ingiustizie sociali,

    4/7[ReiUnius perfetto of: Isaia 32] che diano le: "motivazioni seconde", per la impostazione di ogni conflitto(che come è stato dimostrato: è indispensabile al sistema monetario). Così la soluzione può essere duplice: : 1°[culturale: ie, la metafisica della mia fratellanza universale: ie, la legge naturale, che impedisca alle: religioni e ai nazionalismi, di divenire assassini]. 2. [politica: ie ReiUnius, che ricevendo la fiducia degli Stati, compia le sue funzioni di commissario: per traghettare, tutto il genere umano, verso una nuova concezione, del FMI e quindi, una nuova concezione, delle istituzioni e delle relazioni]. è evidente: senza il ReiUnius, occorrerebbero tempi lunghissimi, mentre le esisgenze del FMI, impongono una guerra nucleare, molto presto,

    5/7[ReiUnius perfetto of: Isaia 32] poiché lo stesso non può collassare per indicare le vere e reali responsabilità! Se nei tempi molto brevi, non venisse disinnescata, la attuale crisi monetaria (tenuta coerente, per falso in bilancio), la 3°WWnucleare, sarà inevitabile, per il dicembre 2012? Unicamente, il ReiUnius, ie, un commissario straodinario, può sostituire l'attuale (criminoso e satanico) FMI, con un nuovo sistema monetario, basato, non più, sulla moneta criminale, del debito, ma, su quella di proprietà del portatore. Yes, è questa l'unica strada percorribile! Ma, proprio la legge naturale è stata data da Dio ad Adamo e ad ogni uomo: per il fatto di esistere, cioè, la razionale intelligenza, essa, imperiosamente distrugge il relativismo e dimostra l'esitenza di Dio, razionalmente,

    6/7[ReiUnius perfetto of: Isaia 32] poiché l'esistenza di un qualsiasi universale, è la rivelazione del significato di tutte le cose, il senso stesso dell'esistenza umana: 1. la"verità": è: "non mentire!"; 2. la "giustizia": "non fare il male ad un altro, che tu stesso, non vuoi ricevere per te!". Questa è la metafisica della "legge naturale", essa e soltanto lei: può dare la giusta interpretazione delle: 1. religioni, 2. sistemi filosofici & politici, 3. governi, e, pertanto, tutti i testi sacri, hanno finalmente la giusta interpretazione, per impostare le relazioni internazionali, tra tutti gli uomini del genere umano, sulla verità del diritto, che è uguaglianza, nella negazione di ogni pregiudizio: di discriminazione e razzismo, nella sacralità dei diritti fondamentali dell'uomo,

    7/7[ReiUnius perfetto of: Isaia 32] ad iniziare dal suo diritto più importante: il diritto alla libertà di religione. Pertanto, se voi non vorrete sottomettervi alla mia autorità? voi tutti perirete: molto presto! [1]"Allora, un Re giusto regnerà, e i governanti agiranno secondo la legge. [2]Ciascuno di loro sarà un riparo contro il vento e un rifugio contro la tempesta. Saranno come ruscelli in un deserto, come l'ombra di una grande roccia in una terra arida. [3]Tutti quelli che dovrebbero vedere, non terranno più gli occhi chiusi; quelli che ora dovrebbero sentire, terranno le orecchie bene aperte. [4]Gli animi ostinati si apriranno a comprendere e i balbuzienti parleranno in modo sciolto e chiaro. [5]Nessuno rispetterà più lo stolto, e l'imbroglione non sarà più considerato onesto."
    pigsmellfrommecca . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]

    Greetings from Sweden

    good blessing.. with you i am



    I subbed dude, bak me

    Commento al tuo video: ENLIGHTENED super Satanists x Expulsion of Jews Throughout History . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] all-seeing ----- as these monsters of enlightened: it is hidden for 2500 years? has of incredible. However, with the Inquisition, the Catholic Church, gave them the bad game, but we know how was the end of the story: "The Church has lost, " and now, the enlightened seem the height max of their power. But it is God who said, "turn the page. " A different generation of Satanists, take control of the planet between 100 years. But today I'm here: ReiUnius!

    BufteaGangsters SAID: It simply, saddens me, the fact, that,typing "Jesus" on the search bar, the first related video, that comes up is nothing but an immature, fake parody, about Jesus. Why are there so much atheists?. -ANSWER----THIS IS A CALL TO ALL THE HONEST PEOPLE OF THE PLANET! I will not defend a religion, but you defend the Christian concept of secularism! civilization! tolerance! freedom of religion! human rights! democratic values! the very concept of equality and love! If you love your life? now, you defend the fragile Christian civilization, that is attacked by arrogance of the Jewish lobby of the IMF-World Order: the synagogue of Satan. before the abyss and all forms of Satanism: against all people & my people Israel!

    007opfer SAID: your slaves the arabs are the losser .. we are the winner..ask the time you will cry , no more laugh. i promise you .. we are now near israel in sina ... just wait till sommer and see our revenge .. this is nothing today. -- ANSWER----THE ENLIGHTENED of IMF_NWO are not real Jews are super Satanists of Babylon! With your perfect hatred? You're a perfect idiot, that enlightened is looking for. This is their tournament, this is their theater, we will: Zionists, Islamists, masons, etc. ... we are merely their puppets. Our hatred is the fuel, they only need only to light a fire! idiot and asshole! how you can win against the Jews if your Government: buy the money from the Jews?

    29/dic/10 Re: R: Re: . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]AllahConsciousness -You are a monster ---- yoursincerefriend SAID: thanks brother. i dont blame i also curse todays muslims. they called islam their dirty traditions and liking and disliking . in fact like satanist taliban and al Qaida 99% of muslims are devoid of islam as they have cast away holy Quran teachings and adopted the self written sharya. --ANSWER---- yoursincerefriend? only "yoursincerefriend" has an open mind, because before you believe in Allah, he was for many years, a Muslim atheist! But, I'm all over youtube? I have only two Muslims who condemned the murderous Sharia! between Zionists and Islamists, what hope is left to the human race? no!

    nindicapinion SAID: I don't understand you. Hell and the evil reptilians are gone. There are only wounded souls left who are searching for home. So many have been hurt.. what about us who are suffering right now. Will you be kind and tolerant Or will you keep throwing blows at us? (I don't respond well to threats and accusations) You say your goal is to save everyone? then why not try to be understanding and forgiving so everyone can heal? -ANSWER---- I have all this love in me! I'm not in youtube, for my interest, or because I have time to waste, to do harm to my children: that they are in fact deprived of a father! But I'm a political universal. I work only because people like you (that you are not Christian), they may still be able to talk about love!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]TO ALL WORLD ----- on "topdawg732"? XXXxThemessiahxXXX SAID: "Yes so much that a Jew from Google actually owns youtube. you should take role models of Jewish US self made Billionaire. You see they have more money put together than you will eve have. Now please you talk about losers, we are the winners don't make me laugh" --answer---- We must recognize that there is a genetic superiority? So why make kill us all from a 3rd WWnuclear? Why do not we give ourselves all as slaves at the foot of the Jews? Maybe not kill us! "Perhaps their Satanism is not so bad, "he said to me a dead Palestinian child! It is already shown that the NWO-IMF has already conquered the world? Chinese resistance is useless! Or you accept the ReiUnius or all you get ready to die!

    Blessings for you from Rose!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] saintpine----- your level of unconsciousness / unconsciousness? indoctrination is equal to your TV! that is, the plutocratic Institutional Masonic, education: techno-cratic regime & banking! you should spend more time on youtube, for understanding what is real life! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]saintpine------ il tuo livello di incoscienza / inconsapevolezza? è pari alla tuo indottrinamento televisivo! cioè l'istituzionale plutocratico massonico: insegnamento di regime tecno-cratico & bancario! tu dovresti passare più tempo in youtube, per comprendre cosa è la vita reale!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]RandomPerson745 ----- It is not news, that you could ever hear, in the only TV of World Jewish lobby! Many important people said, such as: Hon Giulietto Church, etc ... is a consideration of a technical nature: the financial mathematics of scientist Giacinto Auriti. The IMF would not be able to restiuire even 25% of all our money. The IMF go forward, and with him, we all can count the hours! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]RandomPerson745 ----- non è una notizia, che tu potresti mai sentire, nell'unica televisione mondiale delle lobby ebraiche! Molte persone importanti lo affermano, come: l'On Giulietto Chiesa, ecc... è una considerazione di ordine tecnico: è la matematica finanziaria dello scienziato Giacinto Auriti. Il FMI non sarebbe in grado di restiuire neanche il 25% di tutti i nostri soldi. Il FMI ha le ore contate, e con lui, anche tutti noi abbiamo le ore contate!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]ratedRrockstar86 ----- Israel is the spiritual home of every Christian, but it is also the home of every monotheistic pity that in Israel the priests have been spat in his face every day. would be interesting to see if the Jews spit in my face also me, that I am their King . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]ratedRrockstar86 ----- Israele è la patria spirituale di ogni cristiano, ma, è anche la patria di ogni monoteista peccato che in Israele i preti sono sputati in faccia tutti i giorni. sarebbe interessante il vedere, se gli ebrei sputerebbero anche in faccia a me, che io sono il loro Re

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] saintpine ---- Catholics are those who go to Mass on Sundays: ie are 5%, and that 5%? are also in bad shape! The fact that they have a television relevance, it is a only window dressing, because 90% of television is anti-Christian. what's left of Catholics? only appearance! we are at the total destruction of Christianity throughout the West! But for this, as has already happened before the French Revolution? Then will do not laugh anyone! our social madness? is only the Jewish-Masonic, namely that of the bank seigniorage: the NWO is that there are in grinding for us! It is no coincidence, if the Jewish lobby have a ruthless war that is 2000 years old, against the Catholic Church! They have already won: unfortunately, gainst on all of us. it is a glory of Chesa Catholic to have invented all the aid organizations, as well as education to the most deprived

    Comment on your video: 1di4 la verità della storia 8 x 1000 alla Chiesa Cattolica "The Catholic Church is the most important thing that we have, is why atheists are also proud of the Catholic Church " . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] saintpine----- Caritas is an association of parish volunteers. Every man, then you too, as an atheist, you have a duty to do your part to make this company better. Respond to your ignorance and your pettiness is painful for me! Destroy the Christian roots, as an atheist or secular heritage? is the most irresponsible act that can be committed! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]saintpine la Caritas è una associazione parrocchiale di volontariato. Ogni uomo, quindi anche tu, come ateo, tu hai il dovere di dare il tuo contributo, per rendere migliore questa società. Rispondere alla tua ignoranza e alla tua grettezza è penoso per me! Distruggere le radici cristiane, come patrimonio laico e ateo? è l'atto più irresponsabile che si possa commettere!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]abdullahalmahmood ----- what you say is false! You have an idea of the Christianity that is unjust! our interpretation of the Bible is spiritual, therefore, Christians not kill gay, homosexuality can never be accepted by God it is a moral and psychological disorder! But we Christians do not kill homosexuals as Muslims do. and does not marginalize or even despise them! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]CantLetTheAngelsDown ----- this world has become too bad! because of the Jewish lobby and Masonic and banking: ie enlightened of seigniorage banking: they was they oppress us: do making us recite their agenda? and they are who have destroyed the Christian civilization!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]youtube ---- [against: XXXxThemessiahxXXX] the antisemitism of Nazi Germany would never have existed if people had not been destroyed / by our own despair: ie "debt public", which is a legal fiction, as a crime against the constitution is the banking seigniorage. because she is just that makes slaves of people: as animals, but all men, however, are all children of God, made in his image and likeness. Zionists? You are the perfect crime, all accomplices of the enlightened! I am the only man who is working in the right direction to save the seed of Abraham and Moses, from the next holocaust inevitable! As for enlightened, for yesterday as of today? their job is always to Satan, since their families were consecrated to him in Babylon. Very soon we will all be dead, because the IMF can not be brought down, outside of a 3rd WWnuclear!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]youtube ---- [against: XXXxThemessiahxXXX] all Jews? are people genetically more bastard among all peoples. that's why, you are beautiful! What you make a marriage with a rich girl? you not make escape to yourselves! Because in that circumstance, you do not apply the racism of your race? From a spiritual standpoint, that is in reference to genealogy? You no longer exists! When you did kill Jesus, so he, with his precious blood, would bless all mankind. God left on you, some kind of mark of Cain: a collective madness! in fact, all the genealogies in the paternal line, until then, were destroyed! Even today, you use the maternal line, which is totally useless! You are absolute bastards! So Judaism: it can only be: a spiritual heritage, just as it is for Christians, who, even without knowing it, they are Jews anyway.

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] youtube ---- [against: XXXxThemessiahxXXX] Every nation is innocent! Perhaps it is the people that has operating the power? Nothing is further from the truth of the democracy: it is an absolute farce! Therefore, no nation is guilty! In fact, There is no a God higher than Truth! You are a pervert, "Jews have no right to stay in the holy land, if they not have of the priestly duties, in order to bless all mankind. and it is precisely for this failure, God has sent off repeatedly from the holy land their! But you choose to be a blessing for all? No! You have chosen to be the curse of all world through your: 1. Racism (Talmud), 2. Cabala for control of the IMF, through which , everything has been subjected to slavery: that is, the NWO, of the Masonic Jewish lobby. But for all this Satan, the people of the Jews is innocent to me!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] youtube ---- [against: XXXxThemessiahxXXX] nine months ago, were enough to make you forget that for you, there was a curse on my page (where you came) to repeat your slanders against me. Now you need to motivate your slander against me publicly on the page: of "youtube". Because the world needs to know which of us is right! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] jew ---- the only fault that all the Jews of youtube have: is that none of them report/complaint/condemn the crime absolute of Satanism Jewish: the seigniorage banking. . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] muslim---- As the only sin, that all Muslims to youtube have: is that they do not know how to admit the right to freedom of religion and therefore does not condemn all the Muslims country. This is the feature that makes both of you peoples dangers for all mankind

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]JonniDDR ----- you give at me of racism? is virtually impossible! You are accused by Holy Spirit! I am the metaphysics of universal brotherhood! I am Rei Unius! I am the King of Israel! you will be punished for this insult! Insult, that, you have dared to do against me, if you fail to prove your claim? thou shalt be condemned! For years, I has work with all my heart to destroy all racism and any difference between men! you can not say these things against me without suffering serious consequences!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my Art video with Piano music, Love and peace, Stephen


    As long as you continue to put blame on the Jews for everything no one will seriously respect you Lorenzo. You may feel entitled to a holy calling, but so am i. It is my duty to tell people the truth because there is no God higher than Truth. Remember what God said, the Jews are the chosen people for a reason as they are the guardians of the Holy Land of Israel. It is not Jews, it is evil people in this world who create the havoc. Your ideas of using Jews as a scapegoat is the same antisemitism Nazi Germany used as well the same mentality the muslim world has in targeting Jews. Your ignorance is what destroys your credibility. If you are sincere than show some humility and admit that you have done wrong.

    Down with racism! Racism is anti-Christian Galatians 3:28

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]YOUTUBE----- Re: DRINK YOUR POISON MADE BY YOURSELF! 03nj SAID: Ok I had just enough of you, you are going on block, suck it --ANSWER----- is not the judge who may have to be afraid of the block of the offender

    Just waking' up over here on my side of the planet.. I still haven't figured out who you represent. Not sure if it's your English that's making me confused or the titles of your messages/videos. Either way, you have an interesting mind my friend.... All the best from Tulsa! ~Noah

    Re:ME­­­­NE TECHEL PERES you shall wash this, with your blood: in Jesus's name! pastrychef1985 SAID: I enjoyed killing 40,000,000 Christians. If they were anything like you they deserved it. -- ANSWER----- IN THIS MOMENT: 40,000 Christians are in lagher of North Korea! Christians have their Holocaust, with 1400 years of Islam, and with 200 years of communism. 50 million Christians are the innocent martyrs in the twentieth century. . Christians are the true communist for hard-working, humble, honest, peaceful, and obedient. How can you not be a monster to sleep peacefully in your bed? What is your work of justice, that could be considered by God? What is the relationship between true Islam or communism, which are glorious, with this monstrosity? If there is a God in heaven? Very soon all of you, you will have drink your own urine, and you will have eat human flesh to be able to feed yourself! DRINK YOUR POISON MADE BY YOURSELF!

    03nj SAID: Re: yes! communism has kill 40 million christians !!!! By wishing someone to die shows how much you are christian :(((( Christians don't wish death to other people they don't agree with, and you did, this just proves that you are not a christian. Jesus never wished death to anyone he died for our sins, and you learned nothing from him, you just wished me to die, what would Jesus say on that, and you claim to be a christian, well I'm more christian then you, I don't wish you to die, I pity you and I hope one day you will see the light, light of reason. --ANSWER---- you can all see the true power of the Holy Spirit: in fact, the Communists are now a teaching true for Christianity to Christians: "bad as me!" alleluia


    Re:arma strategica e segreta degli enlightened in 3°WWnuclear: gli alieni Feb 01, 2011 007opfer SAID: WE ARE ALSO READY FOR WW3...WELCOME TO THE HOLY WAR:::WE ALL WILL DIE -ANSWER---- I WILL DISAPPEAR, all TAXES FROM ALL OVER THE PLANET! Furthermore, I'll give a small monthly allowance of citizenship, from the moment of his conception, for love of every person on the planet, to thank him to be alive and have enriched the world with his love and his intelligence! What I said is not science fiction, but are the theories that are already been proving to Guardiagrele-Italy, by the great scientist and Catholic Saint: Prof. Dr. Giacinto Auriti founder of the University of Teramo, etc. .. etc. .. ! But you need to first to kill all the jews enlightened! lol. However it would be better that they be converted from their satanism of Babylon, so can I have the joy of giving, also to them the income of citizenship

    YouTube has become a very dangerous place for all children of darkness Satan has collapsed! enlightened are unprotected: they have been exposed! youtube è diventato un posto molto pericolo per tutti i figli delle tenebre satana è franato! enlightened are senza protezione: sono stati esposti!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]RandomPerson745----if you have the time to study the great scientist Prof. Giacinto Auriti: great teacher of Wisdom(Rome) and founder of the University of Teramo, etc. .. etc. .. that is, the discoverer of the "induced value (virtual) of money "? You understand that the cycle of the International Monetary Fund is at end, because we are in recession, unemployment, political anarchy, moral decay, etc... Therefore, all wars are for, our banking system, that is based on the currency of the debt, since constitutional sovereignty: it was annulled by the Jewish freemasonry: ie seigniorage banking. But at the end of each cycle money is essential, a world war, not only to rebuild the IMF-NWO, but also to create new institutions, more functional, at the institutional enslavement of all mankind. All peoples of the world are already like rats in a trap: it is already too late! I tell them how to prepare, for the verdict of God

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]youtube ----- I get the intimidation: ex. recently, there was a phone call (set), but I do not care! ... also ,because, the enlightened have realized that, I'm their only chance to survive, at a fate surely fatal, to them, "not always laughs his wife:(lobby): of the thief (Satan)!" . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]youtube ----- io ricevo delle intimidazioni: es:. poco fa, c'era una telefonata (muta) ma non mi preoccupo! ... anche perché gli enlightened hanno già capito che io sono l'unica loro possibilità di sopravvivere ad un destino sicuramente fatale per loro: "non ride sempre la moglie(lobby) del ladro(satana)!"

    03nj SAID: dude Jesus was a first communist :P It was Jesus who told that all men should be equal and that is the main subject of communism that all men should be equal. ps: I'm not christian so I can't be punished by something in which I don't believe :P -- ANSWER---- It's true: "Jesus was the first communist!" So why the communists have killed 40 million of Christians in times of peace, that is after the 2nd WW? Why the prisons of China and North Korea are full of innocent Christians today? You may believe that your wife has not made of you a cuckold? But if you have betrayed her? Then your hopes to be not a cuckold? are ridiculous! God is good to the humble, but will have no pity for the arrogant like you!

    1/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] the 3°WWnuclear is indispensable, for hide the true/real responsibility of the collapse of the IMF; ie seigniorage banking of World Bank and for: refine their NWO. All the religions and all the comunists will killed: definitely, while, rise the age of the satanism, for the perfect enslavement of all the mankind, indeed, the micro-chip, or very-chip, or 666: is already ready! also: if the enlightened are jews, is own against: the jews, the their hate greater: for the final destruction of the seed of Adramo, and against the projects of God, ie, God would blessinhgs all the mankind. the enlightened are in the same position of invisible gods: against us & mankind, here becouse, the true/real designers of the Shoah, are own enlightened, why all the political and Governments are as, puppets in their hands: the their is a supernatural power: the same power of Satan!

    2/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] What is the weapon strategic of the enlightened of US, in the: imminent 3°WWnuclear? the aliens obviously! the aliens have already demonstrated of be able intercept, too easily, the missiles intercontinentali and the their technology would, in overwhelming superiority, however useless, why the American-israeli in the: airspace, are currently can not be beaten: to reason of their satanism, that is higher: or of more higher of satanism other! moreover, satanist US not are christian and their fight against: troops marked by the curse, for have pursued on a global scale the: Christians, for have killing the: Christians to milioni, Christians that are persecuted, still without a real justification.. In this article, I will analyze, the becouse, only pilots, only pilots, with functions exorcism can win in a dogfight, against: 1.aliens; 2.American and israeli!

    3/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] the aliens are the: demons of ever, to which the enlightened jew of IMF-NWO, has provided a genetic body Amended: their "GOLEM", ie Kabbala, therefore, only Christians Authenticity: and not: poisoned by the heresy of modernism-evolutionism, only their may be the: best pilots of caccia, for: the victory, in reference to control of the airspace. here becouse, Communists and Muslims, in a war against: the Satanists American: are almost always doomed to be of the losers, the why is not substantially their technology, but is satanism, why the satanismo of the American, is a satanism of higher grade/level, to each other satanism: as, is satanism comunism & Islamism. why both of these ideologies, they kill the: Christians: innocent. no one should have doubts on foundation satanic of these ideologies: as, on the higher truth of Christianity, on other truths.

    4/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] here becouse, we are witnessing, to a bitter hatred, of the Zionists against Christianity through all their monopolies: Net Work: seigniorage banking, Governments that is, all that they have stolen from us, that is all! indeed, are the enlightened: ie lobby Jewish, ie IMF-NWO, ie World Bank: that: in this phase, as anti-Christian, are spreading also: l'Islam. all for destroyed the true/real faith Christian. are centuries that: enlightened are effectively managed to infiltrate in the: Catholic Church for make his corruption, by his dinternal for damage at the Heritage of the faith. *1. the aliens are the: "GOLEM" JEWISH, or of those angels, that: the haves lost: Their angelic body in their attempt of revolt against: God..why God has decided to give at man the his same divine nature. indeed, in Jesus Christ(he is true/real God, and true/real man):

    5/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] this operation was feasible, and the Angels (superhuman) would have had to bow before men, that has been rendered more ontologically superior of them: is why the man they could be made divine: in faith. here becouse, Some angels and men (Hindus, Muslims jew Communists, ie the killers of Christians), envious and jealous: They did the rebellion against: God, and Were Transformed into demons, and they were deprived also: of Their angelic body.. *2. therefore, the demons: Have had by enlightened a genetically modified body, for enter into symbiosis with their flying saucers.. *3. is clear: as creatures "land" supernatural, The Aliens Have reached immediately, the: most of the technological development, However, becouse own, are aware of the divine nature of the true Christians, Their not can have the hope of be against to me, as to any true Christian.

    6/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] indeed, I am the temple of the Holy Spirit, as a any other true/real Christian. *4. aliens are developed in 6 races, of different bodies, for: several specific functions, But 3 types: the upper (archangels seraphim cherubim), are left entirely spiritual. *5. Have developed a reproductive self: but they love to torment the humans. But, are can play in an unlimited: Their bodies: equally, as the head lice. *6.the aliens are, in true/real secret army of the American Satanists. Because their goal this time is not only, to win a war, but for submit definitely all mankind. but for achieve this objective, it must be destroyed, the true/real Christian faith, that is namely prior to Vatican II. *7. as, to win a dogfight, with freighter that: can handle speeds in excess of 20,000 km/h and his technology? a technical point of? impossible!

    7/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] *8. here becouse, all the intercontinental nuclear warheads, could easily be stopped, if the goal of the enlightened, not was that to kill to mankind, for have only 500 million people, ie, of slaves.. *9. tHowever, is was possible 20 years ago, the killing of some flying saucers, why the: demons remain hypnotized paralyzed in front of the Christians, why their are: "temple of Holy Spirit". obviously, I am not speaking of the Christians that knew Muhammad, why their were Arian heretics at 90%, and I am not even speaking of the Christians today, the which are modernist heretics at 90%,But I speak of the biblical fundamentalist Christians as me, that they have activated the divine life, they know how to live for: faith their personal relationship with God, regardless of religion. Therefore, in our mental structure,

    8/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] we are fully rational, as atheists, and we are not characterized by fanaticism and mental dall'ottusità that is typical of all the religious men, to Any of religion. why the Demon of the religion, of every religion, is opposed to the believer's personal relationship with God. *10. Is it possible to understand, what is the: true Christianity: the martyrs, that you kill, as, by my comments. *11. is indispensable to bring all the structures strategic: in underground and also: all the human settlements: in underground,why not only the explosion of many atomic bombs, the oxygen will burn, But Will used, quickly, on a global scale, huge quantities of chemical and bacteriological weapons, Therefore, the shelters must be independent and autonomous from the surface, for the domestic production of oxygen.


    9/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] * 12. becouse you are a little devil: (Nazism, communism, Islamism, etc. ..), not: it can win the: more great demon, ie Zionism of enlightened: that is the Satanism more large., therefore, the air combat against: the American, Israeli and aliens: they can be won, only by pilots Christians spiritual activities. here becouse, the Muslims can never win a War Against Israel. *13. here becouse, all those that kill Christians, as: Muslims and Communists, are intended to be very respectful and protective for them and to recognize the right to freedom of religion.. why the: true Christianity not: is a phenomenon of mass, as is communism or Islam... But it can only be a predilection on the part of God. the aliens are a curse, fit / suit your wickedness, this is a nightmare that you deserve to live

    10/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS]Those That God decides of not elect to Christianity? Their not: they can never understand thing is the Christianity! Only the Christians, That exceed the size of the religious, only their may have the comprehension of the management aware of his divine nature, that: only could give superiority, on the looming threat against: all the sinful mankind. Defending the: mankind, against: this supernatural threat of the Satanists (American of the Jewish loggy of enlightened) and their aliens. is a task/mission that only the true/real christins may perform. if Muslims and Communists want to overcome this huge threat that: will be from airspace? if they want to win: air combat against: aliens and Satanists(jews & American), their have indispensable need of putting in Their combat aircraft,

    11/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] those Christians that: are biblical fundamentalists like me. I say this, with competence, having demonstrated to be of exorcist of success in all of youtube. indeed, than that: I have done in youtube? not: it could never have been possible only by a man.. the imminent 3°WWnuclear, as, each war, but more of each other war, but, will be fought & won, first on the spiritual-supernatural, and after the field of battle! but, why the enemy is too smart! if is aware of to win in combat against: the pilots true Christians:, allora, he not will begin the war, knowing of not being able to have the victory.. *14. How many millions of hibernating aliens, you can imagine, that: are scattered in all the: the planets of the solar system? *15.enlightened are ready operating, in fact they have all their structures below that is in the underground tunnels

    12/12 [ultimate weapon: ALIENS] outskool100 SAID: and jezus doesnt exist --ANSWER---- Jesus did not exist, because it says Marx? but Marx was jew, jew as was Stalin(although Marxism is a creation of the enlightened: it is an integral part of an old project)! As a man Jesus that he died on the cross, as he had claimed to be the Messiah? He can not be denied historically! the said this and the can prove it! you will die this year along with that other murderess of [Kim Jong Il] Indeed, I curse you in the name of Jesus! [CONCLUSION] 1 st phase:. to distribute the Bible to all.. 2°phase: Look on What boy is sits the Holy Spirit; 3° bring this young man to an awareness of the nature of the divine and its potential through the study of the my comments and of the teachings of Benny Hinn, etc. ...

    if, the Christianity is not damaged in it: for heresy: of: modernism-evolutionism, if, Christianity: (is) not damaged on the outside: for: Islamism, communism, atheism, porn, etc. .. the Satanism and the aliens, they will not definitely impose: agaist us, their enlightened regime, ie, the demonic power on mankind: ie, the NWO. I am the ReiUnius and I seek alliances with all people struggling to be free

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]outskool100---- zeitgeist is to be illuminated by a Freemason Lucifer, totally fraudulent, to come to deny the historical existence of man Jesus. In addition to the Gospels, which in themselves are historically reliable documents, we have, to demonstrate the historical existence of Jesus of Bethlehem by: 1). Jewish sources: Josephus (37 AD) in ["Jewish Antiquities" 20, 197-203]. 2). 64d.C. There was the great fire of Rome, which Nero slandered the Christians, to have a pretext to kill them en masse. 3). rabbinic sources "Babylonian Talmud"(70 AD), in [Sanhedrin 43rd: of Jesus said: "I hung on the eve of Easter. "] 3). Roman sources: [A] 112d.C. The Governor of Bithynia, Pliny the Younger, in "episole, " writes HIM Emperor Trajan. [B] 117d.C. Tacitus describes the martyrdom of Christians (64d.C.), accused by Herod the burning of Rome, [C] 117d.C. Suetonius speaks, in "Life of Claudius. ". 4). 117d.C. apocryphal gospels. 5). 220d.C. The Fathers of the Church, etc. ..
    rauls92lavenganza . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]

    thank you very much :)

    Ciao, love. Suzanne

    ╒▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬-╕ │Jerusalem is the │Eternal Capital of │the Jewish People! │The City of G-d │and our King David! │ AM ISRAEL CHAI! ╘▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬-╛

    On the historical existence of the man Jesus, in the academic field, we have more testing than any other character from the past to the modern history! Zeitgeist deve essere un massone illuminato da lucifero, totalmente fraudolento, per giungere a negare l'esistenza storica dell'uomo Gesù. Oltre ai Vangeli, che in se stessi, sono documenti storicamente attendibili, noi abbiamo, la dimostrazione della esistenza storica di Gesù di Betlemme by: 1). fonti giudaiche: Giuseppe Flavio(37 d.C.) in ["Antichità Giudaiche"20, 197-203]. 2). 64d.C. ci fu il devastante Incendio di Roma, di cui Nerone calunniò i cristiani, per avere il pretesto di ucciderli in massa.

    3).fonti rabbiniche "talmud Babilonese" (70 d.C), in [Sanhedrin 43a: of Jesus said:"lo si appese nella vigilia di Pasqua"]. 3). fonti romane: [A] 112d.C. Il Governatore della Bitinia Plinio il Giovane, in "episole", him scrive all'Imperatore Traiano. [B] 117d.C. Tacito descrive il martirio dei Cristiani(64d.C.), accusati da Erode dell'incendio di Roma, [C] 117d.C. parla Svetonio, in "vita di Claudio". 4). 117d.C. i vangeli apocrifi 5). 220d.C. I Padri della Chiesa, ecc.. Sulla esistenza storica dell'uomo Gesù, in campo accademico, noi abbiamo più prove che per qualsiasi altro personaggio del passato fino alla storia moderna!

    1/5[arma strategica e segreta] degli enlightened in 3°WWnuclear: gli alieni. CONCLUSIONE: poiché gli alieni sono demoni, soltanto i cristiani autentici, possono essere immuni da loro, ecco perché noi assistiamo ad una campagna così violenta contro il cristianesimo: infatti, sono gli enlightened: ie lobby ebraiche, ie IMF-NWO, ie banca mondiale: che, in questa fase, in chiave anti-cristiana, stanno diffondendo anche l'Islam. *1. Gli alieni sono il "GOLEM" EBRAICO, ovvero quegli angeli, che hanno fatto una rivolta contro Dio, perché Dio decise di dare la natura divina agli uomini, in Cristo Gesù: ma gli angeli ribelli, furono trasformati in demoni, e furono privati anche del loro corpo angelico. *2. pertanto, i demoni hanno ottenuto dagli enlightened, un corpo modificato geneticamente, che entra in simbiosi con i loro dischi volanti.

    2/5[arma strategica e segreta] *3. è evidente: in quanto creature soprannaturali, hanno raggiunto, immediatamente, il massimo della tecnologia. *4. gli alieni si sono sviluppati in 6 razze, di corpi, diversi, per diverse funzioni, ma 3 razze, quelle superiori(arcangeli cherubini serafini), sono rimaste totalmente spirituali. *5. non hanno sviluppato un modo riproduttivo autonomo: soltanto per tormentare gli esseri umani. Ma, possono riprodurre i loro corpi in modo illimitato: ugualmente, come i pidocchi. *6. gli alieni rappresentano, un vero esercito a disposizione dei satanisti americani, per sottomettere definitavamente tutto il genere umano. Ma per ottenere questo obiettivo, deve essere annientata la vera fede cristiana, cioè quella precedente al Concilio Vaticano II. *7. come vincere un combattimento aereo, con veivoli che posso gestire velocità superiori ai 20.000 Km/h e con quella tecnologia? impossibile!

    3/5[arma strategica e segreta] *8. ecco perché tutte le testate nucleari intercontinentali, potrebbero essere fermate facilmente, se l'obiettivo degli enlightened non fosse quello di ridurre il genere umnao a 500. milioni di persone, cioè di schiavi. *9. tuttavia, è stato possibile 20 anni fa, l'abbattimento di alcuni dischi volanti, poiché i demoni rimangono ipnotizzati/paralizzati, di fronte ai cristiani, poiché loro sono il "Tempio dello Spirito Santo". Ovviamente, io non sto parlando dei cristiani che conobbe Maometto, i quali erano eretici ariani al 90%, e non parlo neanche dei cristiani attuali, i quali sono eretici modernisti al 90%, ma parlo dei cristiani biblici fondamentalisti come me, che hanno attivato la loro vita divina, sapendo vivere per fede e non più per religione. Pertanto, nella nostra struttura mentale, noi siamo assolutamente razionali come atei.

    4/5[arma strategica e segreta] *10. è possibile comprenere, cosa sia il vero cristianesimo: sia dai martiri che voi uccidete, come dai miei commenti. *11. è indispensabile portare sotto terra, tutte le strutture strategiche, e anche gli insediamenti, poiché non soltanto la esplosione di molte atomiche, brucerà l'ossigeno, ma saranno usati, rapidamente, su scala mondiale, enormi quantitativi di armi chimiche e batteriologiche, pertanto, i rifugi devono essere indipendenti/autonomi, per la produzione interna di ossigeno. *12. ecco perché un demone più piccolo: (comunismo nazismo islamismo, ecc..), non può vincere il demone più grande(sionismo & enlightened: cioè il satanismo più grande), pertanto i combattimenti aerei contro gli americani e contro gli israeliani e gli alieni: possono essere vinti, soltanto da piloti cristiani: attivi spiritualmente. Ecco perché i musulmani non potranno mai vincere nessuna guerra contro Israele.

    5/5[arma strategica e segreta] *13. ecco perché tutti quelli che un tempo erano musulmani e comunisti, sono destinati a diventare cristiani: se vogliono superare questa massiccia minaccia che verrà dallo spazio. Infatti, questa 3°WWnuclear, come ogni guerra, ma più di ogni altra guerra, sarà combattuta sul piano spirituale! *14. Quanti milioni di alieni ibernati, voi potete immaginare disseminati in tutti i pianeti del sistema solare? *15. a motivo dello Spirito Santo che è presente in un cristiano, e solamente in un cristiano biblico: gli alieni non possono neanche avvicinarsi a lui, poiché, il cristiano dal punto di vista dei demoni/alieni è come un campo magnetico che li disintegra!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]youtube ----- the book of Revelation says that youtube will the: "video streming", so by various channels can be seen panoramas of the contemporary world: that is, in real time. I will hurt all those who was or will of killed or of injured, a Christian until the 4th generation. damn all their will bear the mark of Cain on their body and this will make all of them unclean and contemptible: in Jesus's name: amen alleluia . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]youtube ---- in all these years that I have spoken ill of the Zionists, the Islamists were happy! What is it now? The Islamists have their shares blocked youtube against me: for them, my "kingxkingdom" is bad? The whole world knows that I can not lie! Since I had pasted on my pages twice an article in English? I wanted to share it in French on the YouTube page: "Now, what's wrong with that?" you unlock "kingxkingdom"

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]RACIST ZIONIST ISLAMIST Masons elite leader & all accomplices of the IMF-NWO CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB ♰AMEN♛ ME­­­­NE TECHEL PERES you shall wash it with your blood: in Jesus's name! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]511Leader---- friend, you will see of die (prematurely), many important people & rich, all over the world: leaders, elite, Masons, ex-ministers, etc. .. of course: in Jesus's name! I hope that you will be alive next week! Why, if the Holy Spirit of God does not kill for me, a lot of human excrement, as I can realize true freedom of religion: therefore, of course: the universal brotherhood?

    1/2jew SAID: How fortunate 99.9% of westerners are dumbass morons who don't realize what every JEW boy: already knows - JEWS OWN your governments (through it, your armed forces), JEWS OWN your banks (through them, your money), and JEWS OWN your media (through it, your MINDS). We, Jews, are the master race. we've been running business. All Gentiles will worship at our feet and serve, else be disposed of. Every major events in the whole world in the past 500 years - was meticulously premeditated and schemed by us Jews, for the purpose of achieving our objective - WORLD DOMINATION. We brought empires to their knees; crowned kings and then cast them off when no longer useful; we condemned presidents to die for foolishly not co-operating;

    2/2jew SAID: we threw nations, religions and movements at each other's throats to weaken them, we invented new forms of government to keep you on a tight leash, obedient and ignorant; we exterminated whole civilizations and races. Your only option is servitude and obedience. Be our lackeys. You are to think whatever we tell you to think, hate whoever we tell you to hate, fight our wars, bleed for us, and wipe our hairy Jew asses. Be useful. Then maybe, just maybe, we'll allow you to live. Maybe we'll even let you keep your jobs and your houses. Adapt to serve us. Resistance is futile - we are the JEWS. our 2011 years of merciless war against Christianity: it is close to the final solution! We have created Freemasonry and we gave a body to the demons, ie aliens: your worst nightmare!


    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]511Leader---- [1 John 2.22] Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? The antichrist(Moammed) is the one who denies the Father and the Son. [23] Whoever denies the Son, he not has the Father:Allah. Who not professes his faith in the Son? he not has, also the Father. the Bible and the Qur'an condemn us: 1. to war and 2. to kill each other! But, I can do the impossible! I can unite the opposites! You must not have any doubt on my honesty and my love: for you & all. you Saudi Arabia, shows you to be better than the Zionists and Israel shows you not to be responsible for 3rd WWnuclear. You recognize for the first the ReiUnius and you submit all the Zionists through jealousy: why I am king of Israel!there is something useful, they can do all people, whether Jews and Masons have robbed all the peoples of any sovereignty? and any political control? Purify all your sins you did in the NWO, so you come to me! So you serve your life!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]fuckpalestinians1---- [30-01-11 Italy ore 07,35] while, as usual, I attack lists of Satanists with my exorcism, (for the 1st time in my life) the Holy Spirit allowed me to hear a pin that pierced my skin and my heart completely crossed it. If you looking the feedback older on my channel, you'll find people who said, "That would have made a lot of human sacrifices to Satan to stop my ministry. But are for me the fullness of all God's blessings, I can not be reached by threat spiritual. I'm like Samson, like a mirror That reflects, multiplying, all that receiving. That's why this week will have to die, in Jesus' name, hundreds of thousands of my enemies, Freemasons, Zionists, Satanists, Islamists, elite, leaders, etc.. in Worldwide: "is close the liberation of my people Israel" Amen Alleluia! ..the good may be dominated for some time, but can not be defeated because Jesus is risen and is seated at the Father's right hand

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]TheSkyBroadcast ----- although TheSkyBroadcast, He trembles like a chicken, for fear, but for the crime that youtube has done against me: this place stinks too of enlightened. it's time to open a site in, Website: "skytube" this is the beginning of a flight, en masse, from youtube, that he is damn: he will stays alone with his Satanists.

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]youtube has blocked me, as "kingxkingdom" on your page of comments: all against me. But I was not wrong! You are a servant of the Satanists enlightened Jews: on your hands now is the blood of all innocent, that I defend: and my own blood, why soon I will be killed by a killer of enlightened as kennedy . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]511Leader ---- If Allah is God, as you say and how I believe with all the my heart, then: "Your king is the first: blasphemous and is the first: apostate", himself, was the first party of enlightened Jews of Satanists of IMF-NWO, of Baal, ie Babylon! He has not kissed on the lips with Busch? but everyone knows that Bush is a Satanist's "skull and bones " or "322"

    XXXxThemessiahxXXX SAID: I feel sad that you would attack the Jews and demonize them. For these reasons as beautiful as most of your messages are, you fall short of the glory of the lord to see that you have sinned with flaws. -- ANSWER---- You're crazy! I demonizes all governments and all religions: because if there is a banking seigniorage this shows that everyone has betrayed. But who has corrupted the whole human race were the enlightened: and everyone knows in the world: but only you not know, that all them are enlightened Jewish bankers, from before the revolution french, as well as Dante Alighieri wrote in the "Divine Comedy: Canto V: "You're a damn without no hope of being saved!"

    YouTube заблокировал его странице комментарии против меня. Но я не ошибся! . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ] 511Leader ----: Если Аллах есть Бог, как вы говорите, и как я верю всем сердцем, то: "Царь твой первый: кощунственно и является первым: отступник", сам был первым участником просвещенных евреев сатанистов МВФ-НВО, Ваала, т.е. Вавилон! Он не поцеловал в губы с Busch? но все знают, что Буш "Череп и кости" сатанистом или "322"

    Serkant75 SAID: pls don´t write bad things about Prophet Mohammed -ANSWER- As you can not speak ill of a great destroyer without being complicit with him? New: "Egyptian court rejected the request of: change of religion. Maher El-Gohary Mohammed & Egazy not have the right to be considered Christian slaves publicly. I curse also you, too, along with your cursed prophet of Satan, in fact I've seen all your blood: "in Jesus's name" that flowing on the asphalt!

    There are four countries that represent a religion: 1. Vatican 2. Saudi Arabia, 3. Bhutan 4. North Korea; You have a duty to replace the coin of the Jewish Satanist ENLIGHTENED of wear: seigniorage banking or IMF or World Bank", with the currency owned by the carrier, (like in any State sovereign with his constitution requires) for not being also you of Satan, as is today. You must give the money free of charge, to all nations. Otherwise, God's wrath will flare up against you! But, if you are a perfect cowards for being a traitors of yours people? Then you do let to me the seigniorage banking!

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]TheJewishTorah ---- blessings too: shalom+salam=love. I am Unius Rei & King of Israel. ther is something about tells me, ie lorenzojhwh: the Torah Code? But in truth, God speaks to me directly through the Torah! Because the Torah is alive. In 3 years that I am in youtube? I was not able to speak with a real jew of banking seigniorage: usually they are too racist to speak with a "Gentiles: goim" If one then combines a terrible fear of dying, with the prediction of end up in hell? lol. then they are all cowards behind your computer! all Jews were silent while the bank seigniorage has choked peoples: recession, unemployment, inflation, anarchy, ungovernable, corruption, debt, hunger, the same explosive mixture that will lead to the rise of Nazism: that is the consequence of seignorage banking. Enlightened ? They Are All curses over my people Israel!

    1/9[open letter to Muslims]Exsultate Jubilate Fulget: friend's brother. the prophet Jesus said "the truth shall make you free". You not have afraid of the truth, it not is been applied for to hurt you, to one that: is was predestined at heaven, that is to contemplate the vision of the glory of Allah. When the Zionists have to stop of protecting Islam, that: today is protected by the Jewish lobby, for the destruction of Christianity? Soon after, it will be easy for them to break even against Islam, because all the errors of the Koran makes Islam very vulnerable. for this is that: the Internet is having an over-development, and multimedia technologies are developed with priority absolut. is too easy to prove, as: "the Qur'an is full of lies!". With the upcoming three-dimensional holographic technology?

    2/9[open letter to Muslims]all men because of their curiosity, they will be corrupt because of their lower instincts and carnal: will be sufficient an glasses with mobile phone for internet access, even in the desert: why the ADSL signal will come directly from the satellite: and no government can stop this satanism of American Jewish. all morality will be broken: and all the falsehood of the Koran mercilessly highlighted: That is so, faith will be lost worldwide. Muhammad was a murderess is: corrupt liar lustful predator, esoteric that it can no longer be hidden: in fact, he has powerfully damn the whole human race? To replace the natural order ordained by God that says "all men are created equal ", while Muslims make violence and contempt for those who are not Muslims!

    3/9[open letter to Muslims]as Allah would never confuse a polytheist with an idolater? This is the objectivity of the facts: "Who has written the Koran after the death of Muhammad, for Muhammad did get to heaven by [قبة الصخرة, Qubbat al-Sakhr '] that had not been built yet?" Muhammad has created a totalitarian imperialism: a theocratic dictatorship: the greatest threat to the peaceful coexistence of peoples, so massacres and genocide were still the continuously by Muslims all crimes they did enjoy Satan. all for the destruction of human dignity, for the lack of the right to freedom of religion and for the consequent martyrdom of hundreds of innocent Christians: every day, even today. Accused of the crime of apostasy,

    4/9[open letter to Muslims]blasphemy, absurdity, citizens inferior for the face of the state, Christians subjected to abuse: both by the political authorities, as by fundamentalists or terrorists. Why? the Koran is a work esoteric, demonic! But, not this: is bad news, because Satan has this way of working: he wears small traces of error, in a majority of positive content. This is the perfect job for me that: I am the Mahdi, and by God I had the appropriate training for the discernment of spirits. Of course, I not can add nothing, But, I can erase the negative all that: in the Koran is bad, That is so in this way will become truly holy the Koran and can meet all the challenges of modernity, and be able to compete culturally with the Christianity without fear.

    5/9[open letter to Muslims]In this way the Muslim governments will have not more need of protection of Islam with violence, as is today. is clear: "I am like the prophet Jonah, I'm a bad minister of God, why I not want to give everyone, no even at Christians, passive servants of a religion, the true nature of God, that's why I speak rarely of Jesus if the Holy Spirit not me forcing me to do it." I am angry because the 2/3 of the human race go down to hell: How you can live selfishly, while God has made you, in His image and likeness? and you, instead of being a gift of love for others? you do racism, differences between men of religion, ethnicity, etc...? You're a demon! From this point of view: the Qur'an as being written word is more accessible to the human mind,

    6/9[open letter to Muslims]that: not: the Bible, since without a special miracle of the Holy Spirit? the Bible can not be understood from the mind. That is why I am sincere when I say that: I want to defend Islam, that is religion most harmonious: certainly. But, if the words of Satan, not: be deleted from the Qur'an, Muhammad to hell for being(curse is on HIM), then the freedom of religion not: it can never be taken as the fundamentalist fanatics continue to kill the Apostates: to bring to constant wars and destruction without end. as is always been. But this violence of sharia in Saudi Arabia, ecc.. not it shows the character of God, which is why some verses from the Koran: "I'm really: "Satanic Verses.". If I will be prevented of doing this work, by the Muslim governments?

    7/9[open letter to Muslims]Then, ever the freedom of religion, will be no concrete. So, you will have to face the next 3 rd and WWnuclear: and you will die with 5.5 billion of men in 2012. But the my curse and to condemn at hell all the followers of Muhammad that are the sharia: that is totally in opposition to the true nature of Allah that: is mercy, compassion, virtue, respect of the righteous, ie all those who respect the 10 commandments of Moses, ie the holy Islam. My God will ruin all the enemies around the world for the since purity of my heart that is perfect. And I cursed those that: go against the natural law: but Today all the religions and institutions are to betray the natural law. the Vatican do blackmailing the his priests, forcing them to celibacy,

    8/9[open letter to Muslims]but this is does not the worst abomination, because the Vatican as any State sovereign in world, he not wants exercise its right of seigniorage the banking, giving his fundamental and inalienable: sovereignty (like all states) at Jews Satanists: of bankestein, ie enlightened. This is betraying God! While the Vatican: he, the necessary money could be print for give free to all States, and then give the gratis to the states, defeating the Satan himself, and freeing the Jewish people from slavery evil, and all humanity. I Rei Unius & Mahdi can not be corrupted and influenced by anyone! Because my authority is the top/superior on all religions and to all institutions.

    9/9[open letter to Muslims]I curse all those that: are opposed to natural law, for I am the universal brotherhood, I thank God in the name of Jesus of Bethlehem, the son of David, for the ruin of my foes, all over the world and my eye the will see this. In the end: stop! you finite to vent your anger against the poor Christians? you ignorant donkey, because if there is a "world bank or banking seignirage or International Monetary Fund?" So we are all slaves of the Jews, and governments of Europe are no less traitors of your Governments Muslims: why buy all the money from the enlightened Jews to the cost of 200%. and that is why the whole world has fallen into poverty and Jews are all rich. All the governments of the world? All of them are actors of the real demons of Satan.

    . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]TheMarocadnan ----- you lie! How could Muhammad say that an double is died on the cross instead of Jesus? When the Jews wrote in Talmud to have "hung up" him, on the eve of Easter? But how can any prophet do to kill a double in his place? This Muhammad said that? Then he lied about everything: he is a damned soul in hell: of course! Then, if Muhammad was illiterate, who wrote for him? what demon has dictated the Koran to do so much harm to all mankind? PeteWaldo ANSWER: NOBODY. Yet his followers actually believe he rode a flying donkey-mule to Jerusalem, prayed in a temple that had been torn down 500 years previously, flew to "paradise" and met with Moses, Abraham and Jesus and flew back to Mecca by morning.­=twwVjrhagL0 He was inspired by Satan to create a cult that follows the EXACT OPPOSITE OF THE GOSPEL. Just as was prophesied of the Islamic "beast".

    /watch?v=8dejfJNF2_s You: sugerdrops, all my friend muslims? You are with me a long time: you know how I've always loved and defended Islam, I defend: with my many videos, the Palestinians, lol. that they kill Christians? Muslims do too much violence and too many killings of innocent Christians, on the grounds of religion: they have a perfect racism, therefore, I begin to fear for my life. The Satanists those enlightened of Jews, they won the world, since it set in our veins, the poison of hatred and evil: all is lost! there's not more a time for hope! God have mercy on our souls! I will fight agaist Islam now, until not can build Christian churches in Saudi Arabia CONCLUSION: ignorant racist and violent killers! Muslim, you see the truth of your own abomination-demon! to kill, so many Christians innocent, every day, by 1400 years! To crush any human respect for the sacred freedom of religion? I swear & curse against all of the sharia, in the name of Jesus


    Who said Muslims do not all have a single co-ordination? In fact, the criminal is the King of Saudi Arabia, has already been called to answer for his crimes! are not all forced to go to him? perhaps there is no an "international Islamic"? are not to prostitute all for their stone idol in Saudi Arabia? As well as Jews, all of them are silent for the crime of bank seigniorage (enlightened), as the Muslims are silent on the violation of the right to freedom of religion. Satan leads them all to the hell! Because the people were silent during the Holocaust? You brood of vipers, because you, as your fathers, you are been in silent, while people are wiped out by your wear? If there were no a satan like you? Then there would not have been the Nazism! Jews and Muslims: you have ruined the mankind! I curse you all in the name of Jesus: Jesus and the blood of martyrs is upon you for your impending doom!

    [3°WWnuclear] Too great is the wrath of God against all: religions, governments and institutions, people live in selfishness, refusing to be a gift of love for others, are like demons. Therefore, 5.5 billion people are dying for the inevitable 3 ° WW planned by enlightened US Jews, many years ago in detail, because the bank seigniorage needs war, but at the end of each cycle monetary fund is needs of war total WW for an absolute destruction in order to regenerate itself. so, enlightened perfected their NWO (ct:. Giacinto Auriti scientist). I love Islam: it is perfect for me, but if it is not abolished the Sharia law, and will not be given genuine equality of all citizens before the state, if not is given the true freedom of religion, in all Muslim countries, starting from Saudi Arabia, I will use the enormous potential that God has given at this my ministry, for to damage Islam in the world

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@Rothschild, Obama, Bush, Kerry, you deserve the electric chair, what is the Kennedy the Executive Order 11110?

666, UN, Nazis den of murderers, sharia shit, antichrists --- March 26, 2009, resolution No. 62/154, "to continue to kill the martyrs cristini innocent!" - Rapists OF HUMAN RIGHTS, MURDERERS! Babylon the great prostitute, in which it was found, the blood of the martyrs of God! I swear in the name of Jesus, on the Throne of God YHWH, all this, I'll make you pay. @Nazioni Unite, UN, the lair of the antichrists, the assembly of the murderers of the Arab League, the Nazis of the violation of freedom of conscience and freedom of religion, all polygamists, pedophiles happy ... a pack of jackals to deny, violate, rape, fundamental human rights ... you are the beasts, the dregs of hell

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it was a site of mine but google 666 lgbt youtube took it from me and gave it to evil people!

era un sito mio ma google 666 lgbt youtube lo hanno tolto a me e lo hanno dato a gente malvagia!




come è già stato fatto in passato: non può la Nazione sopravvivere se gli zombies di un lontano passato (farisei e islamici) hanno preso il controllo:

demoni del libro corano talmud: predatori & primatisti & razzisti shariah spa FMI BCE FED e loro massoni del demonio: congiura NWO? se, tutti loro non vengono espulsi tutti!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI Beis Hamikdash Walk-through i am king of Israel

LionJudah è #PDerattizzato

UniusREI kingdom
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IBAN: IT55H0760104000001016405753

IBAN: IT55H0760104000001016405753


bisogna passare al SIMEC, nega il DEBITO!

I saw, God bless, good work

Dear my President Rivlin

io non posso più avere un canale twitter

perché il NWO FED FMI BM OCI perseguita gli anti-Sistema Rothschild come me!

Boko Haram Fulani?
la sharia della Lega Araba è il mandante!

#Centrafrica. Abbe Mada Blaise, il Vicario, è già stato tumulato. Il Vescovo Yapaupa di #Alindao è in ospedale. I sopravvissuti sono tutti in fuga. Altri attacchi a Bantagafo e Bambari

ACS-Italia‏ @acs_italia

Breaking news e aggiornamento dal #Centrafrica.

Abbe Mada Blaise, il Vicario, è già stato tumulato.

Il Vescovo Yapaupa di #Alindao è in ospedale (non si sa se ferito o per sicurezza).

I sopravvissuti sono tutti in fuga. Non è attacco isolato. Altri attacchi a Bantagafo e Bambari!

tradimento signoraggio bancario 322 massoneria 666

poteri occulti: alto tradimento dei popoli: NWO



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were killed while resisting arrest
Islamic OCI invasion, Hitler Rothschild Soros

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tra quello che può sapere un sacerdote di satana (amministratore NWO SPA FED ) e quello che può dire di sapere un sacerdote di satana (

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Disse Gesù a P. Pio: "nessuno si perderà senza saperlo!"

"nessuno si perderà senza saperlo!"
Ecco finalmente il "666" di cui ha parlato dettagliatamente l'Apocalisse!

è già stato testato su una famiglia americana:
se sei del PD? "preparati a prenderlo!"

nel Gender sodoma lgbt

Apocalisse 13:16 Faceva sì che tutti, piccoli e grandi, ricchi e poveri, liberi e schiavi ricevessero un marchio sulla mano destra e sulla fronte;

Apocalisse 13:17 e che nessuno potesse comprare o vendere senza avere tale marchio, cioè il nome della bestia o il numero del suo nome.

Apocalisse 13:18 Qui sta la sapienza. Chi ha intelligenza calcoli il numero della bestia: essa rappresenta un nome d'uomo. E tal cifra è seicentosessantasei.

Hezbollah threatens to 'destroy' Israeli troops; Netanyahu 'not impressed'

Lion Judah☦️ lorenzoJHWH

Hezbollah threatens to 'destroy' Israeli troops; Allah la cagna di Satana ☦️burn satana ☦️shariah ☦️Allah ☦️owl ☦️Marduch burn JaBullOn Baal SpA: burn in Jesus's name, alleluia!
burn satana ☦️ shariah ☦️ Allah ☦️ owl ☦️ Marduch burn JaBullOn Baal SpA:

burn in Jesus's name, alleluia!

amen ☦️ alleluia ☦️ #uniusREI #Governor
drink your POISON, made by yourself, amen

C. S. P. B. Crux Sancti Patris Benedecti Croce del Santo Padre Benedetto C. S. S. M. L.

Crux, Sacra Sit Mihi Lux Croce sacra sii la mia Luce, N. D. S. M. D.

Non draco, sit mihi dux Che il dragone non sia il mio duce V. R. S. V

adre Retro satana Allontanati satana! N. S. M. V.

Non Suade Mihi Vana Non mi persuaderai di cose vane S. M. Q. L.

Sunt Mala Quae Libas, Ciò che mi offri è cattivo I.V. B.

Ipsa Venena Bibas Bevi tu stesso i tuoi veleni.


DA UN CIMITERO devono uscire, ed in un cimitero devono entrare: definitivamente!

In nomine Patris, et Filii et Spiritui Sancto Croce del Santo Padre Benedetto. Croce Santa sii la mia Luce e non sia mai il dragone mio duce. Va indietro satana! Non mi persuaderai di cose vane. Sono mali le cose che mi offri, bevi tu stesso il tuo veleno.

Nel Nome del Padre, del Figlio e dello Spirito Santo +. Amen!

Lion Judah☦️ lorenzoJHWH

Dear my President Rivlin
I can't have a twitter channel anymore
because the Rothschild NWO FED FMI BM OCI persecutes the anti-System and the pro-Kingdom Israel
like me!
Lion Judah☦️ lorenzoJHWH •
dear President RIVLIN
I don't know if your Rabbis ever told you this story!
It is said that when God created the world, for men to prosper he decided to grant them two virtues.
And so he did.
1. The Swiss made them lawful and respectful of the laws.
2. The English persevering and scholars.
3. The Japanese workers and patients.
4. The cultured and refined French.
5. Cheerful and welcoming Spaniards.
When he arrived at the Italians he turned to the angel who took note and told him: "Italians will be intelligent, honest and communist!"
When he finished with the creation the angel said to him: "Lord, you have given all peoples two virtues, but to the Italians three, this will ensure that they will prevail over all others".
God said: "Damn it! It is true! But the divine virtues can no longer be taken away, that the Italians have three virtues! But each person cannot have more than two together".
So it was that:
A. The Italian who is communist and honest cannot be intelligent.
B. The Italian who is intelligent and communist cannot be honest.
C. The Italian who is intelligent and honest cannot be a communist.

caro Presidente RIVLIN
non so se i tuoi Rabbini ti hanno mai raccontato questa storia!
Si racconta che quando Dio creò il mondo, affinché gli uomini prosperassero decise di concedere loro due virtù.
E così fece.
1. Gli svizzeri li fece ordinati e rispettosi delle leggi.
2. Gli inglesi perseveranti e studiosi.
3. I giapponesi lavoratori e pazienti.
4. I francesi colti e raffinati.
5. Gli spagnoli allegri e accoglienti.
Quando arrivò agli italiani si rivolse all’angelo che prendeva nota e gli disse: “Gli italiani saranno intelligenti, onesti e comunisti!”.
Quando terminò con la creazione l’angelo gli disse: “Signore, tu hai dato a tutti i popoli due virtù, ma agli italiani tre, questo farà si che prevarranno su tutti gli altri”.
Dio disse: "“Porca miseria! E’ vero! Ma le virtù divine non si possono più togliere, che gli italiani abbiano tre virtù! Però ogni persona non potrà averne più di due insieme”.
Fu così che:
A. L’italiano che è comunista e onesto, non può essere intelligente.
B. L’italiano che è intelligente e comunista, non può essere onesto.
C. L’italiano che è intelligente e onesto non può essere comunista.
pensieri su “Open Arms rifiuta porto spagnolo: “Dobbiamo sbarcare in Italia””

Agosto 18, 2019 alle 1:59 pm
Il tuo commento è in attesa di moderazione. Questa è un'anteprima, il tuo commento sarà visibile dopo esser stato approvato.

Lion Judah☦️ lorenzoJHWH •
worldisraelnews com/watch-israels-president-to-reduce-timeframe-for-forming-government/
dear my President RIVLIN ] RENZI (Democratic Party) a political nullity: politically destined to disappear
and the M5S which would have halved the electoral consensus
they were ready to make a “Government of purpose” that would last 4 years. to trample on with Mattarella’s complicity: once again trample the Italian people!
and why has the financial technocracy boycotted the democratic right?
because only the Left Riyadh OCI Bilderberg,
only they can make a slanderous world war against China and Russia possible!
RENZI (Partito Democratico) una nullità politica: destinato politicamente a scomparire
e il M5S che avrebbe dimezzato i consensi elettorali
erano pronti a fare un “Governo di scopo” che sarebbe durato 4 anni. per calpestare con la complicità di Mattarella: ancora una volta calpestare il popolo italiano!
e perché la tecnocrazia finanziaria ha boicottato la destra democratica?
perché soltanto la Sinistra Riyad OCI Bilderberg,
soltanto loro può rendere possibile una calunniosa guerra mondiale contro la Cina e la Russia!

to my goats: Bush Rothschild Morgan Rochefeller Obama D'Alema Veltroni, Prodi Bersani, RENZI MERKEL MACRON, Clinton, Epstain, etc. I opened the comment cards for my current 106 site blogger blogspot: then, you send your satanists, freemasons, Islamic bitches and hinds of the CIA 666 UK Gender Darwin the apes developed, and all your corrupt perverts from the democratic party to make comments, otherwise everyone will think that world sharia internet Satellite TV Network Twitter youtube facebook Islam? it's also one only world scam, together to scam banking seigniorage system FED IMF NWO ECB: the esoteric agenda!

alle mie capre: Bush Rothschild Morgan Rochefeller Obama D'Alema Veltroni, Prodi Bersani, RENZI MERKEL MACRON, Clinton, Epstain, ecc. Ho aperto le schede dei commenti per il mio attuale blogspot di 106 blog di siti: poi, invii i tuoi satanisti, massoni, puttane islamiche e posteriori della CIA 666 UK Genere Darwin le scimmie sviluppate e tutti i tuoi pervertiti corrotti dal partito democratico per commentare, altrimenti tutti penseranno che il mondo della sharia internet TV satellitare Rete Twitter Twitter YouTube Facebook Islam? è anche un'unica truffa mondiale, insieme alla truffa del sistema di signoraggio bancario FED IMF NWO ECB: l'agenda esoterica! ai miei caproni: Bush Rothschild Morgan Rochefeller Clinton ecc.. io ho aperto le schede dei commenti ai miei attuali 106 blogspot: allora, voi mandate i vostri satanisti, massoni, islamici cagne e cerve lgbt della CIA 666 UK Gender Darwin le scimmie sviluppate a fare dei commenti, altrimenti tutti penseranno che Islam mondiale? è anche una mondiale truffa!

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN

Allah cagna di Satana ☦️ burn satana ☦️sharia ☦️Allah ☦️ owl ☦️Marduch burn JaBullOn Baal SpA: burn in Jesus's name, alleluia! DRINK YOUR POISON MADE BY YOURSELF amen ☦️ alleluia drink your POISON, made by yourself, amen ] C. S. P. B. Crux Sancti Patris Benedecti Croce del Santo Padre Benedetto C. S. S. M. L. Crux, Sacra Sit Mihi Lux Croce sacra sii la mia Luce, N. D. S. M. D. Non draco, sit mihi dux Che il dragone non sia il mio duce V. R. S. Vadre Retro satana Allontanati satana! N. S. M. V. Non Suade Mihi Vana Non mi persuaderai di cose vane S. M. Q. L. Sunt Mala Quae Libas, Ciò che mi offri è cattivo I.V. B. Ipsa Venena Bibas Bevi tu stesso i tuoi veleni. [ DRINK YOUR POISON MADE BY YOURSELF: da un CIMITERO devono uscire, ed in un cimitero devono entrare: definitivamente! ] In nomine Patris, et Filii et Spiritui Sancto Croce del Santo Padre Benedetto. Santo +. Amen! by ☦️ #uniusREI #Governor

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN

non c'è mai stata una sharia della Jihad ISLAM che sia stata ISLAM fondamentalista più pericolosa ed estremista in 1400 anni: come oggi l'Islam è interpretato da Erdogan Riyadh e Iran: sono stati progettati dalla cabala di Rothschild: punire (giustamente) la razza umana: su cui insiste negare una patria unitaria per tutti gli ebrei! .. me? Condivido questo progetto di islamizzazione: e condivido la sua guerra mondiale: in realtà! non è mai esistito nel 1400 anni un ISLAM più pericoloso ed estremistico fondamentalista: come oggi è l'islam interpretato da Erdogan Riyad e Iran: loro sono stati descritti dalla cabala di Rothschild:

per punire (giustamente) il genere umano: che si ostina a negare una Patria unitaria per tutti gli ebrei! .. io? io condivido questo progetto di islamizzazione: e condivido la sua guerra mondiale: in realtà! Potrebbe essere questo l'anno della poesia persiana? di Amir Taheri • 18 agosto 2019

L'Iran è uno dei pochi paesi al mondo in cui l'elenco delle celebrità in un determinato momento include un numero di poeti e in cui recital di poesie attirano folle che competono con quelle dei concerti di musica pop. Uno dei primi atti del regime di Khomeini fu il giovane poeta Saeed Soltanpour, rapito dalla cerimonia nuziale e giustiziato con l'accusa falsa di "militanza comunista".

Più tardi, il poeta Rahman Hatefi-Monfared, alias Heydar Mehregan, anch'egli noto giornalista, fu messo a morte sotto tortura in una delle prigioni di Khomeini. Celebrare il grande traguardo poetico di [Esmail] Khoi sarebbe un giusto tributo a ciò che tre generazioni di poeti persiani hanno raggiunto in quasi un secolo di eccezionale creatività. I giudici Nobel non dovrebbero perdere l'occasione di condividere la gioia che la moderna poesia persiana ha regalato agli amanti della poesia in tutto il mondo.

Qualunque cosa tu possa pensare dell'Iran, è probabile che lo riconoscerai come una delle più antiche terre della poesia. Qualsiasi elenco dei migliori poeti di tutto il mondo probabilmente includerà almeno uno o due nomi persiani - diciamo Omar Khayyam o Molavi (Rumi). Nella foto: Omar Khayyam.

Qualunque cosa tu possa pensare dell'Iran, è probabile che lo riconoscerai come una delle più antiche terre della poesia. Qualsiasi elenco dei migliori poeti di tutto il mondo probabilmente includerà almeno uno o due nomi persiani - diciamo Omar Khayyam o Molavi (Rumi). Goethe credeva che la poesia avesse raggiunto l'apice della bellezza con Hafez di Shiraz. Conosco solo due paesi,

l'Iran e la Russia, dove la poesia trova ancora un pubblico di massa e i poeti potrebbero raggiungere lo status di celebrità. Chiedi a qualsiasi iraniano quali sono le persone che più ammirano e probabilmente ascolterai un elenco di poeti: da Ferdowsi e Saadi secoli fa a Iraj Mirza e Forugh Farrokhzad più recentemente. Per il medio iraniano, il poeta non è solo un creatore di bellezza ma anche il guardiano della coscienza della nazione. L'Iran è uno dei pochi paesi al mondo in cui l'elenco delle celebrità in un determinato momento include un numero di poeti e in cui recital di poesie attirano folle che competono con quelle dei concerti di musica pop. Continua a leggere l'articolo

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN

there has never been a ISLAM Jihad sharia that be more dangerous and extremist fundamentalist ISLAM in 1400 years: as today is Islam interpreted by Erdogan Riyadh and Iran: they were designed by Rothschild's kabbalah: to punish (rightly) the human race: which insists on denying a unitary homeland for all Jews! .. me? I share this project of Islamization: and I share his world war: actually!

non è mai esistito in 1400 anni un ISLAM più pericoloso ed estremistico fondamentalista: come oggi è l'islam interpretato da Erdogan Riyad e Iran: loro sono stati progettati dalla kabbalah di Rothschild: per punire (giustamente) il genere umano: che si ostina a negare una Patria unitaria per tutti gli ebrei! .. io? io condivido questo progetto di islamizzazione: e condivido la sua guerra mondiale: in realtà! Could this Be the Year of Persian Poetry? by Amir Taheri • August 18, 2019

Iran is one of few countries in the world where the list of celebrities at any given time includes a number of poets and where poetry recitals draw crowds that compete with those of pop-music concerts. One of the first acts of Khomeini's regime was to have the young poet Saeed Soltanpour, abducted from his wedding ceremony, and executed on a spurious charge of "Communist militancy." Later, the poet Rahman Hatefi-Monfared, alias Heydar Mehregan, also a noted journalist, was put to death under torture in one of Khomeini's prisons. Celebrating [Esmail ] Khoi's great poetical achievement would be a fit tribute to what three generations of Persian poets have achieved during almost a century of exceptional creativity. Nobel judges should not miss the opportunity to share the joy that modern Persian poetry has given lovers of poetry all over the world.

Whatever you may think of Iran, you are likely to acknowledge it as one of the oldest homelands of poetry. Any list of top poets from all over the world is likely to include at least one or two Persian names -- say Omar Khayyam or Molavi (Rumi). Pictured: Omar Khayyam.

Whatever you may think of Iran, you are likely to acknowledge it as one of the oldest homelands of poetry. Any list of top poets from all over the world is likely to include at least one or two Persian names -- say Omar Khayyam or Molavi (Rumi). Goethe believed that poetry has reached its peak of beauty with Hafez of Shiraz. I know of only two countries, Iran and Russia, where poetry still finds a mass audience and poets could attain celebrity status.

Ask any Iranian who the persons they most admire are and you are likely to hear a list of poets -- from Ferdowsi and Saadi centuries ago to Iraj Mirza and Forugh Farrokhzad more recently.

For the average Iranian, the poet is not only a creator of beauty but also the guardian of the nation's conscience. Iran is one of few countries in the world where the list of celebrities at any given time includes a number of poets and where poetry recitals draw crowds that compete with those of pop-music concerts. Continue Reading Article

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAn

I musulmani hanno bruciato più di 15.000 chiese negli ultimi 10 anni: e in ARAB LEAGUE non è possibile ripristinare le chiese: dall'Egitto Giordania e Siria! L'estinzione dei cristiani in Medio Oriente no, nessun anticristo Putin Trump Ursula Von Hitler interverrà contro l'ARAB LEAGUE no, nessun anticristo Ursula Von Hitler interverrà contro la LEGA ARABA mussulmani hanno bruciato più di 15000 Chiese negli ultimi 10 anni: e nella LEGA ARABA non è possibile procedere al restauro delle Chiese: fuori di Egitto Giordania e Siria! L'estinzione dei cristiani in Medio Oriente di Giulio Meotti • 18 agosto 2019 "Non credo in queste due parole [diritti umani],

non ci sono diritti umani. Ma nei paesi occidentali, ci sono diritti degli animali. In Australia si prendono cura delle rane .... Consideraci come rane, noi ' Lo accetterò: proteggici, così possiamo rimanere nella nostra terra ". - Metropolita Nicodemo, arcivescovo siriaco ortodosso di Mosul, Registro cattolico nazionale. "Quelle persone sono le stesse che sono venute qui molti anni fa.

E le abbiamo accettate. Siamo le persone originali in questa terra.

Le abbiamo accettate, abbiamo aperto loro le porte e ci spingono a essere minoranze nella nostra terra, poi i rifugiati nella nostra terra. E questo sarà con te se non ti sveglierai. " - Metropolitan Nicodemus. "Le minacce ai panda provocano più emozioni" delle minacce all'estinzione dei cristiani in Medio Oriente. - Amin Maalouf, autore franco-libanese, Le Temps. La maggior parte delle chiese cristiane a Mosul e nei dintorni, in Iraq, sono state profanate o distrutte dall'ISIS. Nella foto: il campanile pesantemente danneggiato della chiesa di San Giovanni (Mar Yohanna) nella città di Qaraqosh, vicino a Mosul, il 16 aprile 2017. Converti, paga o muori.

Cinque anni fa quella fu la "scelta" che lo Stato islamico (ISIS) diede ai cristiani di Mosul, allora la terza città più grande dell'Iraq: o abbracciare l'Islam, sottomettersi a una tassa religiosa o affrontare la spada. L'ISIS ha quindi contrassegnato le case cristiane con la lettera araba ن (N), la prima lettera della parola araba "Nasrani" ("Nazareno" o "cristiano"). I cristiani spesso non potevano prendere altro che gli abiti sulla schiena e fuggire da una città che aveva ospitato i cristiani per 1.700 anni.

Due anni fa, l'ISIS fu sconfitto a Mosul e il suo califfato fu schiacciato. Gli estremisti, tuttavia, erano riusciti a "purificare" i cristiani. Prima della nascita dell'ISIS, c'erano più di 15.000 cristiani lì.

Nel luglio 2019, l'organizzazione benefica cattolica, Aid to the Church in Need, ha rivelato che solo circa 40 cristiani sono tornati. Non molto tempo fa, Mosul aveva "celebrazioni natalizie senza cristiani".

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN
Muslims have burned more than 15,000 churches in the last 10 years: and in the ARAB LEAGUE it is not possible to restore the churches: out of Egypt Jordan and Syria!

The Extinction of Christians in the Middle East no, no antichrist Putin Trump Ursula Von Hitler will intervene against the ARAB LEAGUE no, nessun anticristo Ursula Von Hitler interverrà contro la LEGA ARABA mussulmani hanno bruciato più di 15000 Chiese negli ultimi 10 anni: e nella LEGA ARABA non è possibile procedere al restauro delle Chiese: fuori di Egitto Giordania e Siria!

The Extinction of Christians in the Middle East by Giulio Meotti • August 18, 2019

"I don't believe in these two words [human rights], there are no human rights. But in Western countries, there are animal rights. In Australia they take care of frogs....

Look upon us as frogs, we'll accept that — just protect us so we can stay in our land." — Metropolitan Nicodemus, the Syriac Orthodox archbishop of Mosul, National Catholic Register. "Those people are the same ones who came here many years ago.

And we accepted them. We are the original people in this land. We accepted them, we opened the doors for them, and they push us to be minorities in our land, then refugees in our land.

And this will be with you if you don't wake up." — Metropolitan Nicodemus.

"Threats to pandas cause more emotion" than threats to the extinction of the Christians in the Middle East. — Amin Maalouf, French-Lebanese author, Le Temps. Most Christian churches in and around Mosul, Iraq were desecrated or destroyed by ISIS. Pictured: The heavily damaged bell tower of Saint John's Church (Mar Yohanna) in the town town of Qaraqosh, near Mosul, on April 16, 2017.

Convert, pay or die. Five years ago, that was the "choice" the Islamic State (ISIS) gave to Christians in Mosul, then Iraq's third-largest city: either embrace Islam, submit to a religious tax or face the sword. ISIS then marked Christian houses with the Arabic letter ن (N),

the first letter of the Arabic word "Nasrani" ("Nazarene," or "Christian") . Christians could often take no more than the clothes on their back and flee a city that had been home to Christians for 1,700 years.

Two years ago, ISIS was defeated in Mosul and its Caliphate crushed. The extremists, however, had succeeded in "cleansing" the Christians. Before the rise of ISIS, there were more than 15,000 Christians there. In July 2019, the Catholic charity, Aid to the Church in Need, disclosed that only about 40 Christians have come back. Not long ago, Mosul had "Christmas celebrations without Christians".

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN
antichrist Ursula Von Hitler] Macron France not only wants to return the "Mona Lisa",

but, it has begun to move the borders, you want to annex a piece of "mare nustrum" with the signature of those traitors of the Democratic Party and Gentiloni! so what if we did an EU to hurt us?

you sat on a pig: Rothschild-Prodi-Soros-Grillo: that you can't even imagine it! antichrist Ursula Von Hitler ] la Francia di Macron non solo vuole restituire la "Gioconda", ma, si è messo a spostare i confini, si vuole annettere un pezzo di "mare nustrum" con la firma di quei traditori del partito democratico e Gentiloni!

allora se abbiamo fatto una UE per danneggiarci tra di noi? tu ti sei seduta sopra un maiale: Rothschild-Prodi-Soros-Grillo: che non te lo puoi neanche immaginare!

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN
the ARAB LEAGUE UN OCI Russia USA EU: the antichrist Ursula Von Hitler? are the supporters: of the sharia jihad monsters of 1400 years ago, they are the first responsible for having prevented the normal and peaceful conviction among the peoples! they have made human rights impossible!

and then, all those who criticize Israel? they should not complain if they are filled with prostitutes: Nigerian mafia, Satanist cannibals, lgbt, etc ... and they are also filled with Islamic terrorism, in fact, when the Imams teach: that, the Koran is an Increate Word: then they cannot say to Muslims:

"on the good you do: because Islam is a religion of peace!" in fact Imam Erdogan himself says it: but then, he has no success: and every night he thinks about how to realize again the Ottoman Empire!

he said to me: "Sicily belongs to Turkey"

LEGA ARABA ONU OCI Russia USA UE: l'anticristo Ursula Von Hitler? sono i supporter: dei mostri jihad sharia di 1400 anni fa, loro sono i primi responsabili di aver impedito la normale e pacifica convicenza tra i popoli! loro hanno reso impossibile i diritti umani! e poi, tutti quelli che criticano Israele? non si dovrebbero lamentare se si riempiono di prostitute: mafia nigeriana, cannibali satanisti, lgbt, ecc.. e si riempiono anche di terrorismo islamico, infatti, quando gli Imam insegnano: che, il corano è una Parola Increata: poi non possono dire ai mussulmani:

"su fate i buoni: perché Islam è una religione di pace!" infatti Imam Erdogan si lui lo dice: ma poi, non ha successo: e pensa tutte le notti a come realizzare nuovamente tutt'impero ottomano!

proprio lui disse a me: "la Sicilia appartiene alla Turchia"

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN
KING UniusREI Agosto 19, 2019 alle 6:33 am Islamic Jihad says Israel’s latest terrorist intercept means war

worldisraelnews com/islamic-jihad-says-israels-latest-terrorist-intercept-means-war

for the human rights of Erdogan the sharia NAZI Empire Ottoman genocide? NATO CHINA RUSSIA UN EU? they have nothing to say about jihad!

in fact they all know that the Koran is an INCREATED Word that cannot be interpreted! Thus, we too should refer, to defend ourselves, to this legal and legitimate and portentous word of Allah-Manitù! also because the Palestinians feel besieged (too poor people)

and they can’t wait for their siege to be removed to go and slaughter all the Israelis: or to go and quickly find the “God Manitù, in the green prairies”

Bin SALMAN will have to answer to me personally, about his corrupt religion Bin SALMAN dovrà rispondere a me personalmente, circa la sua corrotta religione per i diritti umani di Erdogan l’ottomano NATO CINA RUSSIA ONU UE? loro non hanno niente da dire circa la jihad!

infatti sanno tutti che il Corano è una Parola INCREATA che non può essere interpretata!

Così, anche noi dovremmo fare riferimento, per difenderci, a questa legale e legittima e portentosa parola di Allah-Manitù! anche perché i Palestinesi si sentono assediati (poverini) e non vedono l’ora che il loro assedio sia rimosso per andare a sgozzare tutti gli israeliani: oppure per andare a trovare velocemente il

“Dio Manitù, nelle verdi praterie”

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN
Yes! all paranoids: religious jihad sharia maniacs: crazy serial murderers, slave trades dhimmis dalit goyims, contemptible dictators? they are almost all protected by #Putin and they develop ballistic missiles ... because like #Erdogan they know they are the scum of the scum: and they must arm themselves well! in effect, Putin the bolscevick Comunist crazy:

he tells everyone that his weapons are better, but then, he himself does not believe it to himself:

to this his statement fake affirmation: and of couse he wants to be defended by all bad contemptible ones, all togheter!!

Putin is just a cowardly scared rabbit Bolshevik

of Shit Putin is just a cowardly scared rabbit

Putin is just a cowardly scared rabbit bolscevico di Merda Putin è soltanto un codardo coniglio impaurito si!

tutti i paranoici: maniaci religiosi: assassini seriali pazzi, dittatori spregevoli? sono quasi tutti protetti da Putin e loro sviluppano missili balistici... perché come Erdogan sanno di essere la feccia della feccia: e si devono armare bene! in effetti, Putin dice a tutti che le sue armi sono migliori, ma poi, lui stesso non ci crede: a questa sua affermazione: e vuole farsi difendere dagli spregevoli!!

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN 12 ore fa
Israel’s interior minister: Tlaib hates Israel more than she loves her grandmother

all those who are caught up in an ideology (evolutionism) or dogmatic religion? they could never be intellectually honest! therefore it is not possible to find honesty in a: sodomite, communist Freemason or an Islamic one today!

tutti coloro che sono presi da una ideologia (evoluzionismo) o religione dogmatica? loro non potrebbero mai essere onesti intellettualmente! quindi non è possibile trovare onestà in un: sodomita, massone comunista o in un islamico oggi!

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN
Lion Judah☦️ lorenzoJHWH •

Bin SALMAN] no true minister of God: he could use telepathy: because the supernatural everything: it is always IDOLATRIA! BUT this is really surprising: even a man in mortal sin: and full of demons like you, who spiritually would be impeded (if anyone man, and whatever woman, and whatever other, he reflects on my words? Then, of course he will understand all the rest of my underlying speech; made by me!) this is what you must understand:

1. I cannot take too much advantage of the patience and courage of these Israelis who are hosting me with so much risk of their safety!

2. nothing about: hypocritical, false, untruthful; selfish, unfair, factious, interested, partial exists in Unius REI, because in the purity of its ideals? he is purer than a diamond! at CONTRARY?

sure, I would certainly not have been able to pass through all the voodoo priests of CIA UK NWO NATO Dracula Sodoma Satan all voodoo supernatural superhumans that you fear so much: so much!

Bin SALMAN ] nessun vero ministro di Dio: potrebbe usare la telepatia:

perché il soprannaturale tutto: è sempre IDOLATRIA! MA questo è veramente sorprendente: anche un uomo in peccato mortale: e pieno di demoni come te, che spiritualmente lui ne sarebbe impedito ( se chiunque e comunque e qualunque riflette sulle mie parole?

poi, certo lui comprenderà tutto il resto del discorso sottinteso; da me!) tu è questo che tu devi capire:

1. io non posso troppo approfittare della pazienza e del coraggio di questi israeliani che mi ospitano con tanto rischio della loro incolumità!

2. nulla di: ipocrita, falso, menzognero; egoistico, ingiusto, fazioso, interessato, parziale esiste in Unius REI, perché nella purezza dei suoi ideali? lui è più puro di un diamante!

CONTRARIAMENTE? certo, io non avrei certo potuto attraversare indenne tutti i sacerdoti voodoo di satana della CIA i superuomini soprannaturali che tu tanto temi: così tanto!

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN
RIVLIN President ] [ you have no debt of gratitude with Rothschild! you see what he did to you with his NWO! non hai debiti di gratitudine con Rothschild! tu vedi cosa vi ha fatto con il suo NWO!

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN
Netanyahu under fire from politicians as terror attacks rise

there are no magic formulas against Palestinian terrorists of the international jihad Erdogan: as a definitive and effective solution there is only their JHWH the King why: I am not a Jew and I can hit hard!

lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN

Lion Judah☦️ lorenzoJHWH •

Bin SALMAN ] everyone knows I care about you! .. and in this my affection for you: no, there is no human logic: but this is only a divine logic! and no one could tell me that: I have use a delicate progression that lasted 13 years: to avoid any form of violence against your interests!

lo sanno tutti che io ci tengo a te!

.. e in questo affetto mio per te: no, non c'é una logica umana: ma questa è una logica soltanto divina! e nessuno potrebbe dirmi che: io non ho usato una delicata progressione che è durata 13 anni: per evitare qualsiasi forma di violenza contro i tuoi interessi! universale-metafisico blogspot