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South Africa: The Islamic terror group Al Shabaab is accused of murdering 14 Christians all Ethiopians in the Western Cape. A Christian bishop also a former police inspector fears more of his flock will be targeted: "We want authorities to do something because we know this is the work of al-Shabaab. If nothing is done the Ethiopian population will be depleted… [those who died are] holy martyrs who have died because they are Christians." Meanwhile Father Mike Williams of the Anglican Catholic Church also revealed that members of his congregation have been targeted by gunmen "with connections to Muslim extremists" saying that "In July we have lost seven members of our church."
Syria: Syrian "freedom fighters" continue showing their true colors as they destroy churches and kill Christians which has resulted in the mass migration of tens of thousands of Christians including practically the entire populations of Homs and Qusayr. Surrounding nations that once might have offered refuge—Iraq Turkey even now Lebanon—are also increasingly inhospitable to Christians. One Christian girl who escaped said: "They sermonized on Fridays in the mosques that it was a sacred duty to drive us [Christians] away…. Christians had to pay bribes to the jihadists repeatedly in order to avoid getting killed." After making the sign of the cross her grandmother added: "Anyone who believes in this cross suffers."
Turkey: An article titled "Who Ordered the Murder of Christians?" asserts that a Muslim undercover agent who had worked for the government "penetrated the Christian community and gathered a lot of information while he was pretending to be a missionary. He became a church leader and upon receiving another order he became 'Muslim' again and launched a campaign against missionaries across the country" which culminated in the massacre of Christians.

Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] [General Abuse Debasement and Suppression of Non-Muslims as "Tolerated" Citizens] Egypt: After a Christian laundry worker burned the shirt of a Muslim man several quarrels ensued and culminated with the death of a Muslim. Accordingly thousands of Muslims rampaged the village causing 120 Christian families to flee. They looted Christian businesses and homes "despite hundreds of security forces being deployed in the village. Eyewitnesses reported that security forces did not protect most Coptic property." Family members of the deceased Muslim insist that the Christians must still pay with their lives. Also during Ramadan several Christians were attacked and beaten. Dr. Yassir al-Burhami a prominent figure in Egypt's Salafi movement issued a fatwa forbidding Muslim taxi-drivers and bus-drivers from transporting Coptic Christian priests to their churches which he depicted as "more forbidden than taking someone to a liquor bar." And a charitable medical center that performs free heart operations on both Muslim and Christian children is under threat from some Muslims who want it closed down because it was founded by a Christian surgeon.
Pakistan: Days after a Muslim mob doused a man with gasoline and literally burned him alive for "blaspheming" the Koran (graphic picture here) a Pakistani Christian woman now living in the U.S. explained how when she lived in Pakistan Muslims disfigured her in an acid attack for being Christian: After one man noticed her wearing a crucifix he "became abusive" telling her "that she was living in the gutter and would go to hell for shunning Islam. He left and returned half an hour later clutching a bottle of battery acid which he savagely chucked over her head. As she ran screaming for the door a second man grabbed her by the hair and forced more of the liquid down her throat searing her esophagus. Teeth fell from her mouth as she desperately called for help stumbling down the street. A woman heard her cries and took her to her home pouring water over her head and taking her to hospital. At first the doctors refused to treat her because she was a Christian. 'They all turned against me… Even the people who took me to the hospital. They told the doctor they were going to set the hospital on fire if they treated me.' … 67 per cent of her esophagus was burned and she was missing an eye and both eyelids. What remained of her teeth could be seen through a gaping hole where her cheek had been. The doctors predicted she would die any day. Despite the odds she pulled through." Separately Muslim landowners and their police accomplices continue annexing land owned by Christians. "The police pulled away our headscarves from heads and started hitting us with clubs and punches" reported Christian women "after news spread that police is harassing and torturing Christian women and men … to grab their agricultural land." (Gatestoneinstitute)
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happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] Sudan. Council of Churches closed down without explanation. Government has declared jihad against Christians. May 15 2012. JUBA South Sudan. Security agents in Sudan's South Darfur state have closed down the Nyala offices of the Sudan Council of Churches (SCC) and relief group Sudan Aid sources said. Agents from the Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) arrived at the organizations' compound in Nyala at 8 a.m. on April 22 ordered SCC staff members to hand over keys of offices and vehicles and without explanation ordered them to leave immediately an SCC staff worker said. "They came early in the morning to our office and took all the keys of the offices chasing us out of the compound with no reason given to us" the SCC staff worker told Compass by phone. Three staff members from Sudan Aid were arrested in the course of the closure and were taken to an undisclosed location the source said. "Their families are living in agony due to the uncertainty of their fate" the worker said. NISS agents also closed down a church clinic that was serving the needy in the area. The actions came as Christianity is increasingly regarded as a foreign faith to be excised from Sudan which has begun transporting ethnic South Sudanese to South Sudan following the latter's secession last year. An estimated 350000 ethnic South Sudanese many of them Christian remain in the Islamic north with many having never lived anywhere else. The day after the closure of the SCC and Sudan Aid offices staff members reported to work only to find more than a dozen security personnel some carrying arms cordoning off the compound. The security agents told the employees the offices were closed and to go home. The agents took the keys of five cars and drove them away according to an SCC press statement. Three motorbikes were also taken. "We do not know the whereabouts of the cars" the SCC officials say in the statement. On April 24 Sudan's federal Humanitarian Aid Commission froze the bank accounts of the SCC in Nyala. The security agents also took four cars and five motorbikes from Sudan Aid sources said. Five staff members were arrested though two were later released.
Sources said the incident left churches in South Darfur one of five states that makes up the Darfur region deeply disturbed and frightened. At the same time Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir sought by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity in Darfur has vowed to rid the Nuba Mountains of Christians and those he claims are agents of the West.
On April 20 he ordered the Sudanese military to rid South Kordofan state's Nuba Mountains of everyone who opposes his Islamic rule and the past several weeks he has repeatedly declared jihad against the ethnic Nuba peoples which include many Christians. The government has declared jihad against Christians in the Nuba Mountains Blue Nile state and in South Sudan. State-owned TV and radio play songs urging Muslims to "fight the infidels" and "cleanse the land" of their presence increasing the fears of ethnic South Sudanese Christians trapped in the hostile north. Humanitarian agencies consider the Islamic government's targeting of civilians in the Nuba Mountains an "ethnic cleansing" against non-Arab peoples in the multi-ethnic state with the added incentive of ridding the area of Christians. Additionally as military conflict escalated between Sudan and South Sudan last month Bashir vowed to liberate South Sudan from what he described as "insects." "We do want to see these insects making our pure land unclean" he said to cheers in Port Sudan on April 20. The hostile speeches by Bashir and other Sudanese officials are aimed at mobilizing Muslims abroad to fund military operations in South Kordofan and Blue Nile states sources said. Muslim religious leaders in Sudan said to have ties with hard-line Muslim Salafists have asserted that there should no longer be room for churches and Christians following South Sudan's secession on July 9 2011. Sudanese aerial forces bombed a Sudanese Church of Christ building on March 28 in the al-Buram area of South Kordofan state eyewitnesses from the area told Compass by phone. The sources added that life is becoming more difficult for Christians in South Kordofan as the Sudan government mobilizes Arab tribes arming them with guns to kill the ethnic Nuba people. (CDN) Tags: Afghanistan africa Algeria Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Belarus Bhutan Boko Haram Brunei BURMA Chechnya China christen christenverfolgung Christian Persecution Colombia Comoros Cuba Djibouti egypt eritrea Ethiopia India indonesia iran iraq islam jihad Jordan Kazakhstan killed Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Libya Malaysia Maldives Mauritania morocco north korea Northern Nigeria Oman pakistan Palestinian Territories Qatar Saudi Arabia somalia sudan Syria Tajikistan terror Tunisia turkey Turkmenistan United Arab Emirates uzbekistan verfolgung Vietnam whipped yemen

Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] Egypt. Attacks on Egypt's Christian Copts continue growing. February 3 2013. Random attacks on Egypt's Christian Copts continue growing including with very little motive — other than hate that is. Izzat Ibrahim Izzat a human rights activist and an official at the Mina branch Word Center for Human Rights just issued a statement saying that two bearded men or Salafis — those Muslims who most try to pattern themselves after Islam' prophet — stabbed a Christian woman named Mary Samir Adib in Alexandria. The two men were riding a motorcycle when they intercepted Mary and stabbed her in her abdomen as she was crossing the street causing a serious wound in her peritoneal membrane. The Coptic woman was transported to the hospital where she underwent surgery. Although Mary's family filed a complaint with the police as usual the head detective refused to go out and inspect the assault scene. Izzat confirmed that this is not the first attack on Coptic women in Alexandria. Indeed there have been several such cases reported this week without any response from authorities. (Jihadwatch)

Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] Egypt. anti-Christian violence was described as the worst since Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi was elected. August 13 2012. If Muslim fanatics cannot tolerate moderate and secular Muslims why should they be expected to accept those who belong to other faiths? As all eyes were turned this week toward Sinai where Muslim fundamentalists killed 16 Egyptian border guards while they were having the Ramadan fast-breaking meal Christian families were being forced out of their homes in the village of Dahshur 40 kilometers south of Giza. Hundreds of Christians fled their homes after being attacked by their Muslim neighbors who also targeted a church and Christian-owned businesses in the village. The anti-Christian violence was described as the worst since Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi was elected as president in June. But Morsi did not find time this week to visit Dahshur to see for himself how hundreds of helpless Christians were being forced out of their homes. Instead he and his security and military commanders rushed to Sinai as soon as they heard about the massacre that was perpetrated against the border guards. The Egyptian authorities did not even hesitate to use heavy weapons against the Muslim terrorists in Sinai. For the first time since the signing of the peace treaty with Israel Egypt sent military helicopters and armored vehicles to attack the terrorists in Sinai.
But when it comes to dealing with Muslim terrorists who have been targeting Christians in a number of villages and cities throughout Egypt over the past few months the Egyptian authorities have endorsed a lenient approach. In fact the authorities according to human rights activists have chosen to turn a blind eye to the plight of the 14-million strong Christian community.
Even worse the Egyptian government seems to be completely out of touch with reality concerning the dangers facing the Christians. Morsi for example has denied that the violence was sectarian claiming it was an "isolated incident that was blown out of proportion." This by the way is the same argument the Egyptian authorities used each time Israel warned that Sinai was falling into the hands of Muslim terror groups. One week before the border guards were killed the Egyptian government dismissed Israeli warnings to Israeli tourists against visiting Sinai. The Egyptians claimed that the Israeli warnings were "exaggerated and unjustified" and accused Israel of seeking to damage Egypt's tourism industry. In the past two years tens of thousands of Christians have fled Egypt mainly due to the rise of Muslim fundamentalists to power. Recurring attacks on Christian families and property and failure of the Egyptian authorities to employ a tougher policy against the fundamentalists have led many Christians to reach the conclusion that they have no future not only in Egypt but in other Arab countries where radical Muslims are rising to power. Christian fears are not unjustified. Muslim fanatics will continue to target Christians because they consider all non-Muslims "infidels." If the fanatics cannot tolerate moderate and secular Muslims why should they be expected to accept those who belong to other faiths? While the number of Christians in the Arab world continues to decline Israel remains the only country in the Middle East where they feel safe and comfortable. That explains why Christians living in Israel have been appealing to Israel to open its borders to absorb their brothers who are fleeing from the Gaza Strip Bethlehem Egypt Lebanon Iraq Egypt and Sudan. (Gatestoneinstitute)
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Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] Tanzanian Christians to Obama: 'Please Speak Out'. July 2 2013. From CBN: ZANZIBAR — As President Barack Obama wraps up his outreach tour to Africa Christians in Tanzania are hoping he will speak out against increased acts of persecution against them.
Obama visits Tanzania Monday where he will meet with President Jakaya Kikwete and the nation's business leaders. The allure of beautiful beaches and tranquil ocean waters draw 100000 tourists to the island of Zanzibar each year. Visitors and their money are welcomed to the Tanzanian paradise but this East African island is influenced by Islamic extremism has a dark past and a troubling present. Several hundred years ago when Arab traders first arrived on the island they were quick to enslave the local population. Fast forward to 2013 there are no longer slaves but today Christians are suffering. Churches have been attacked and Christians leaders threatened. Last February a Catholic priest was killed outside a church. "I heard a crowd of people chanting 'Allahu Akbar' 'Takbir' (Allah is greater) and 'destroy this church of infidels'" Bishop Dickson Kaganga said. In May 2012 Bishop Kaganga helped church members flee a Saturday evening prayer meeting as an angry mob approached. He remained behind in a church office. "They were saying 'This pastor comes here every Saturday maybe he's here. Look for him where is he?'" Kaganaga recalled. "They were saying 'We don't want a church here we don't want Christianity in Zanzibar.'" the Muslim extremists never found Bishop Kaganga but they destroyed his car and set fire to chairs and church equipment inside the building. "I know they oppose the church they oppose Christ Jesus doing signs and wonders" he said. "Muslims are convinced to come to Christianity so they attack because they don't want this." It's not only happening in Zanzibar church attacks have also spread to the Tanzanian mainland. In the town of Arusha last May an attack left one person dead and 40 injured. Author Raymond Ibrahim warned extremists are now waging jihad in African countries that have a high percentage of Christians.
"It's a resurgent Islamic mentality which is it's just everywhere and now in Tanzania of course which earlier you never thought of being a radical nation" he said. Church leaders say attacks and threats have actually strengthened the Tanzanian body of Christ. As for Bishop Kaganga's church services resumed after repairs were made. He encouraged Zanzibarian Christians to remain focused on God. "He is faithful to us and we will endure and we will pass through this and we will become victorious and many good things will happen so I don't want people to cry. Let's rejoice" he said. WATCH VIDEO To Save Christian Lives
Posted by Theodore Shoebat.

Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] China. Chinese Christian Businesswoman From Canada Who Visited China Was Kidnapped And Tortured. February 1 2012. (Los Angles Jan. 26 2012) A Chinese Christian businesswoman from Canada who visited China late last year was kidnapped and tortured by Chinese state security agents after she visited two persecuted Chinese house churches during the Christmas and New Year's holiday season ChinaAid has learned. (Photo taken by Jenny Chen on Christmas Day 2011 of an armored personnel carrier and other police vehicles outside Jindeng Church in Linfen Shanxi province.) Jenny Chen who is in her 50s was held by state security agents and denied food and water for nearly two days. About to go into shock she was taken to a police hospital from where she managed to escape and get on a flight to Los Angeles arriving in the United States on Jan. 17. Chen who does business in Canada the United States and China had learned of the severe persecution inflicted on Shouwang Church in Beijing and the Linfen house church in Shanxi province from reports online. Motivated by Christian concern for her fellow believers Chen and her daughter traveled to Beijing and Shanxi. On Christmas Day she was an eyewitness to police action in front of the Jindeng Church established by the Linfen house church. She saw both regular and armed police and police vehicles including armored personnel carriers surrounding the church to stop church members from attending a Christmas worship service. Police blocked streets leading to the church and closed nearby shops. Chen was followed and threatened by plainclothes police officers. In Beijing Chen had paid a visit before Christmas to Rev. Jin Tianming senior pastor of Shouwang Church who has been under house arrest since April 2011 and on New Year's Day she and her daughter attempted to attend Shouwang's outdoor worship service. On both occasions she was followed by Domestic Security Protection agents. Aware that they were being followed more and more closely Chen put her daughter on a U.S.-bound on Jan. 10 then returned to her hometown in the city of Tianjin. On the evening of Jan. 14 she was forcibly taken into custody by two plain-clothed state security agents who refused to show their IDs and taken to a secret place for questioning. She later realized that she had been kidnapped by Tianjin state security agents. She was interrogated in a cold windowless cell with only one chair and was asked what organization she was affiliated with and what overseas mission she was on. Chen said she had no organizational affiliation nor was she on any overseas mission. She said she was simply an overseas Christian whose conscience had propelled her to return to China to visit her fellow believers. The agents appeared not to believe her and threatened to imprison her for more than ten years for subverting state power and stealing state secrets if she did not tell them the truth. The agents also beat her pulling her hair and slapping her hard. Chen was detained for nearly two days without food and water and almost went into shock. Physically exhausted she was sent to the Tianjin Public Safety Hospital where she was diagnosed with slight pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. However Chen had no money with her and the state security agents said they had no money either. The hospital refused to treat her giving her the excuse of returning home to get money. Instead she took a cab and rushed to Beijing Capital Airport where she caught a flight in the early morning of Jan. 16. She arrived in Los Angles on the following day and is currently undergoing medical observation and treatment.
"It is appalling to hear what Ms Chen had experienced in the hands of the brutal Chinese security forces for simply visiting and trying to worship with the Chinese Christians during the Christmas season" said Eddie Romero director of ChinaAid's Los Angeles office. "The unprecedented persecution against the peaceful house churches like Shouwang and Linfen should be stopped. We urge the Chinese government's highest authorities to hold those abusers accountable for the harm done to this businesswoman Ms. Chen." (CHINAaid Jan. 26 2012)
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Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] Iran. Christian cultural monuments neglected and destroyed by government.. December 19 2012/1 Comment/in Christian Persecution /by rcorg (The ice-cream booth has ruined the view of the St. Stepanus Church) During its three-decade-long rule the Islamic regime of Iran has proven that it doesn't pay the least attention to the maintenance of cultural monuments especially if the building belongs to non-Islamic religions. According to the Iranian Christian news agency Mohabat News the Islamic Republic's negligence in the maintenance of cultural monuments has resulted in the destruction of these historical sites either by unknown trespassers or by a lack of preservation. Some cultural activists believe that these monuments have never been in greater risk of destruction than the risk they have been facing in recent years. Church buildings are no exception. In some cases even church buildings have been demolished with the permission of government organizations. Recently some domestic papers reported that although the Majlis (Iranian Parliament) passed a law in 2003 to form the Organization of Tourism and Cultural Heritage by 2011 at least 40 nationally registered historical monuments and sites had been destroyed. The destruction of churches is only one segment of the Islamic regime's irresponsibility towards Christian monuments and the historical identity of Iranian Christians. Some recently obtained reports indicated that the head office of Cultural Heritage in Hamedan has built an ice-cream booth in Saint Stepanos church's property in Ecbatana Hill which has ruined the view of the church. The ice-cream booth is made of steel and has ice-cream advertisements all around it. Church_of_St_Andrew_Kerman_Iran_4X3.jpg
Built 335 years ago the Saint Stepanos (Stephen) Armenian Church is considered one of the historical monuments of Hamedan. The ice-cream man in the booth who is absolutely satisfied with his sale said "The booth is owned by the Cultural Heritage Organization. I have just rented it." As the man says the booth was installed somewhere else and was moved recently to the property of the church. It is not clear on what basis the Cultural Heritage organization and its office in the Ecbatana Hill decided to move the booth to the church compound which is a historical monument. At least the same booth could have been used to provide information about the church and historical Ecbatana Hill rather than ice-cream to visitors. However it seems the organization has preferred the booth's rental fee over everything else. - Islamic Republic's History in Demolishing Historical Church Buildings In April 2012 some news reports said that "The Historical Haftvan church in Haftvan village near Salmas is about to collapse." The church that was built at the end of Safavi Kingdom in Iran was registered as a national monument on March 10 2002. However despite being registered the church is in tragic condition and is at risk of collapse and total destruction. Other reports in September 2011 stated that un-named Islamic Republic authorities ordered the destruction of a historical church building in Kerman. Following this order the church building was demolished overnight using bulldozers. The church had been registered as a national monument but was flattened instantaneously. Another report dated April 02 2012 said a historic Christian graveyard built more than 200 years ago in Kerman province "was thoroughly destroyed". The age of the graveyard is estimated by local residents.
The Jolfa neighborhood in Esfahan is one of the oldest neighborhoods of the city and is home to the well-known Armenian Vank Cathedral. Jolfa has been an Armenian neighborhood since the Safavis ruled Iran. The church has suffered increasing decay for the last 15 years. Although the Jolfa neighborhood still bears signs of Christianity and some efforts are being made to preserve it a considerable number of these Christian signs have been cleared from the face of the neighborhood and the cleansing process is still underway.

Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] Syrian Pastor: Jihadists Emptying The Region Of Its Christians. May 10 2013. From The Irish Times: Orthodox Christians in Syria along with brethren the world over celebrate Easter tomorrow but due to the conflict gripping that country most will attend an evening service rather than the traditional midnight Mass and some will not be able to go to church at all. Over the past few decades Egyptian Lebanese Iraqi and Palestinian Christians have left the region for North and South America Europe and Australia but Syrian Christians have largely stayed put. However since unrest erupted in the country 25 months ago Syria's minorities which have benefited from secular Baath party rule have become targets for attack abuse and kidnapping by increasingly radicalised Muslim fundamentalist rebel factions. Christians and heterodox Shia Alawites feel most threatened by Jabhat al-Nusra an offshoot of al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq. The smaller Druze and Circassian minorities are also unsettled. Syria's Christians fear they could suffer the same fate as Iraq's equally ancient Christian community which has been halved since the 2003 US invasion and occupation. Just three months after the conflict began in Syria the bishops of Damascus urged their flock to avoid getting involved in the brutal power struggle destroying the country. 'Emptying the region' Last December France and Germany were castigated by Rev Abraham Nusseir head of the Evangelical Church in Aleppo for encouraging and facilitating Christian emigration. He said such policies were not "made out of concern or love for us but to implement a plan aimed at emptying the region of its Christians". In mid-April as pressure on Christians continued to mount Greek Catholic patriarch Gergory III Laham stated "There are between 1.5 and two million Christians of various denominations in Syria" more than in any Arab country other than Egypt. The future of the Syrian community he added "is threatened not by Muslims but by the current crisis the chaos and the arrival of rival fanatical fundamentalist... groups." He said there had been thousands of victims and hundreds of thousands had been displaced within the country or left altogether. Christians cite a slogan – "Alawites to the tomb and Christians to Beirut" – adopted by extremists early in the conflict as a cause of flight. Christian concerns were heightened by the kidnapping of Aleppo's Syrian Orthodox bishop Yohanna Ibrahim and Greek Orthodox bishop Boulos Yaziji late last month while they were on a mission to negotiate the release of two priests abducted earlier. Radical Chechen fighters have been blamed. The bishops are still being held. While Syria's Christians have generally enjoyed excellent relations with Muslim countrymen radical fundamentalists many of whom come from poor rural communities and urban slums hold grudges against Christians. Pros perity. Until the conflict Syria's Christian community was prosperous. Christian villages in the well watered Orontes Valley earned their living from agriculture while Christian businessmen in Aleppo Homs and Damascus engaged in manufacturing and commerce. Many Christians joined the secular Baath party its ideology developed by Michel Aflaq a Christian from Damascus educated in Paris. It is significant that all three 20th century secular nationalist pan-Arab parties – the Baath the Arab Nationalists and the Syrian Social Nationalists – were founded by Christians – Aflaq George Habash and Antun Saadi. Christians also played key roles in local communist parties. These secular parties persecuted or sidelined the Muslim Brotherhood and its radical Salafi offshoots in the name of modernity tolerance and inclusiveness. Christianity's original churches have expressed serious concern that their flocks may be forced to flee the region where the faith emerged more than 2000 years ago.

Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] Indonesia. Public safety officials sealed off a "house of prayer" used by over 6 thousand Christians. August 7 2012. Decision motivated by alleged irregularities in the building permit. The faithful respond: the documents are legal the town council refuses to grant the permit. And promise to go ahead with regular Sunday services. For some time the area has been the scene of violence and abuse against minorities especially Christians. With the pretext of irregularities in building permits public safety officials (the Satpol PP) in Bogor West Java province yesterday sealed off a "house of prayer" used by over 6 thousand Catholics from the parish of St. John the Baptist. For six years the faithful have regularly used the building for weekend liturgies and those of the main Christian festivals but had recently come under fire from authorities – three times – ordering them to stop all worship. The Catholic community has deliberately ignored the warnings believing the closure order related IMB specious and counting on the legitimate right to religious freedom. The process for building a church in Indonesia – Catholic or Protestant – is quite complicated and may take five to ten years to obtain all permits required by law. The procedure is governed by the Izin Mendirikan Bangunan (IMB) a species of written protocol that allows for construction to commence and is issued by local authorities. The story gets more complicated if it is a place of Christian worship: permission must be obtained from a number of residents in the area where the building is to be constructed and the local Group for Interfaith Dialogue. And even if the permission is granted "unspecified reasons" can come into play that will lead officials to block the projects. Often this occurs after pressure from the Muslim community or radical Islamic movements. The "house of prayer" is situated in Tulang Kuning the village of Waru in the Parung sub-district Bogor regency. Yesterday a group of Satpol PP officers led by Comerain La Ode said the forced closure was "for the next seven days" and warned that "if the site is still used to pray in" teams would intervene to "demolish the building". However sources report that the Catholic community will not be intimidated and intend to hold their regular celebrations next weekend. "We have no alternative – said Fr. Gaib Pr pastor of St. John the Baptist – but to gather in this place of prayer." He added that Catholics have fulfilled all the ritual procedures for obtaining building permits but for years the Bogor administration refuses to grant any clearances. Moreover the authorities of the municipality of Bogor are not new to incidents of abuse and violence against other religions particularly the Protestant Christian community that refers to the GKI Yasmin Church (YC) long a target of Mayor Diani Budiarto and his zealous officials who have recently closed their place of worship on the same pretext. In the past also the area was the scene of anti-Christian violence especially during major holidays such as Christmas or Easter. (AsiaNews) Tags: Afghanistan africa Algeria Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Belarus Bhutan blasphemy Boko Haram Brunei BURMA Chechnya China christen christenverfolgung Christian Persecution Colombia Comoros Cuba Death Penalty discrimination Djibouti egypt eritrea Ethiopia India indonesia iran iraq islam jihad Jordan Kazakhstan killed Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Libya Malaysia Maldives Mauritania morocco north korea Northern Nigeria Oman pakistan Palestinian Territories Qatar Saudi Arabia somalia sudan Syria Tajikistan terror Tunisia turkey Turkmenistan United Arab Emirates uzbekistan verfolgung Vietnam whipped yemen
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Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] PAKISTAN – Christian students discriminated at University because they "do not know the Koran by heart". February 20 2012. Islamabad (Agenzia Fides) – Christian students who participate in examinations for admission in public universities are discriminated against and disadvantaged because "they do not know the Koran by heart": this is the complaint sent to Fides by the National Commission "Justice and Peace" of the Bishops of Pakistan. The Commission has submitted a formal complaint to the High Court of Lahore against the government asking that in public competitions indications or requirements regarding the Islamic religion as "the study of the Koran" are not included. The case arose because a Christian student Aroon Arif scored a very high entrance exam at the Faculty of Medicine at the State University of Sciences in Lahore (he successfully obtained 930 points out of 1100 and 860 out of 1100) but failed to enter only because competitors scored 20 more points due to the test concerning the "knowledge of the Koran."According to the Commission and the various leaders heard by the Court "this practice is discriminatory and violates the Constitution of Pakistan." "We firmly believe that raising children in religion is the responsibility of parents or relatives rather than a public university which should give access to any student apart from his/her religious faith" said His Exc. Mgr. Alexander John Malik Protestant Bishop of Lahore of the "Church of Pakistan." The Bishop proposed that in the current system even the Christian churches can give based on the principle of equality "20 extra points to Christian students." Another solution proposed by some local political leaders is to give Christian students 20 extra points thanks to a computer science exam. The important issue is to end the "institutionalized discrimination on the basis of religion" notes the Commission "Justice and Peace" "removing references and prejudices concerning religion from the state education curriculum which should focus on universal human values". The Lahore High Court considered the appeal in January and is expected to issue a verdict soon. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 15/2/2012) Tags: Afghanistan africa Algeria Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Belarus Bhutan Brunei BURMA Chechnya China christen christenverfolgung Christian Persecution Colombia Comoros Cuba Djibouti egypt eritrea Ethiopia India indonesia iran iraq islam Jordan Kazakhstan killed Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Libya Malaysia Maldives Mauritania morocco north korea Northern Nigeria Oman pakistan Palestinian Territories Qatar Saudi Arabia somalia sudan Syria Tajikistan terror Tunisia turkey Turkmenistan United Arab Emirates uzbekistan verfolgung Vietnam whipped yemen

Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] Pakistan. Gunman shot Seventy year-old Swedish missionary and charity worker Bargeeta Almeby. (Update) December 6 2012. The leadership of the church have been receiving death threats. The Christian community is in shock and feels vulnerable. An unidentified gunman shot a Swedish missionary and charity worker in Lahore Pakistan on December 3 2012. Seventy year-old Sister Bargeeta Almeby was attacked outside her residence at Model Town while coming back from her office and rushed to the Jinnan hospital.
According to Liaquat Qaiser principal of FGA Bible College after doctors operated on her she was transferred still unconscious to the intensive care unit. For the last 37 years Sister Bargeete Almeby has lived in Pakistan immersed in the local language and culture. A teacher by profession she has been serving the country by running adult literacy programs hostels schools for orphans and technical training programs under the auspices of the Full Gospel Assemblies Church. The leadership of FGA Church have reported receiving death threats. Although the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has condemned the attack the Christian community is in shock and feels vulnerable. (Gatestoneinstitute)

Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] Sudan. Christians fear retribution from Islamic government. April 23 2012. As war looms between Sudan and South Sudan Christians of southern origin living in Sudan fear retribution from its Islamic government. As of April 8 at least half a million ethnic southerners (the majority of whom are Christian) living in Sudan are now considered foreigners if they have not registered for citizenship. Officials in Khartoum Sudan's capital gave southerners another 30 days to register or leave the country. Most of those affected were refugees that fled north during the long civil war between the mostly Islamic north and the largely Christian south. The war which ran from 1983 until the signing of a peace deal in 2005 killed nearly 2 million people. Most ethnically southern Sudanese living in Sudan have no strong ties to South Sudan AllAfrica reported. However Compass Direct News reported Thursday that the Sudanese government has cut off all flights and land routes to South Sudan trapping southerners in the north. Those attempting to board planes bound for Juba capital of South Sudan were turned away after officials said they required documents from Juba in order to leave. Tensions have been escalating over the control of oil fields located along the disputed border between the two countries. South Sudan seceded peacefully last July taking 80 percent of Sudan's oil in the split. But now the two countries have resumed fighting.
The BBC reported last week that both sides have ceased negotiations. The Los Angeles Times reported Friday that Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir declared Sudan would give South Sudan a "final lesson by force. We will not give them an inch of our country and whoever extends his hand over Sudan we will cut it." Compass reported that Christians in Khartoum have already faced threats by Muslims in the area and that many Islamic groups are calling for the deportation of ethnic southerners. On April 9 an Islamic mob threatened to demolish a Bible school with a bulldozer but police managed to send them away. (Christianitytoday)

Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ]Philippines. Two missionaries escaped an attempted ambush by suspected Abu Sayyaf militants. July 19 2012
Two Claretian missionary priests a deacon and a theology student narrowly escaped an attempted ambush by suspected Abu Sayyaf militants in Basilan province. The incident occurred four days after the al-Qaeda-linked terror group were thought to have killed eight people and wounded 22 others in an attack on plantation workers on the same road near the village of Tumahubong.
Bishop Martin Jumoad of Isabela today confirmed that Fathers Elmer Cantular and Julius Boado were unharmed following the attack. "We escaped an ambush [yesterday]. It's good that nobody was killed or hurt" said the theology student John Luis Guades. The priests were heading to Isabela town with their security escorts when gunmen attacked a group of government militia who were guarding the road where the priests were supposed to pass. Luckiiy the priests' vehicle had been slightly delayed and avoided the initial attack because one of them had to bless the remains of one of the victims of last week's ambush Bishop Jumoad said. "The priests were immediately taken to Tumahubong" he said. "They are safe and remain there now" the bishop said. Jumoad said he will visit the priests "to show our moral support." It was unclear whether the priests were the target of the gunmen. The Claretians had issued a statement on Friday and challenged the government and the Catholic Church to do something about the ongoing violence in the province. (ucanews)

Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] Burma. Fighting has forced dozens to take shelter at a Baptist church in Sumprabum. May 20 2012. Fighting between government troops and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) in northern Kachin state has forced dozens of civilians to take shelter at a Baptist church in Sumprabum located about 80 miles north of Myitkyina. At least 40 people from Mai Htawng village arrived at the church yesterday and it is expected that more will come over the next few days according to church volunteers. Church officials also say they cannot continue to support the displaced people unless they get more aid.
More fighting is also said to be taking place in two other nearby villages Hka Garan Yang and Sumpyi Yang. Nearly the entire population of about 100 families fled Hka Garan Yang yesterday following the arrival of army reinforcements according to a displaced resident. Most of the displaced people are thought to have taken shelter in nearby fields or forest areas. According to villagers more troops were sent to Hka Gara Yang after the KIA recently destroyed a local army post. Currently there are more than 50000 internally displaced people in 40 camps across Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) controlled territory in eastern Kachin state. While UN agencies have made a series of visits to these temporary camps over the past few months the UN aid convoys were only able to help a small fraction of the displaced population. A director with Wunpawng Ninghtoi (WPN) a local aid group based in the KIO controlled town of Mai Ja Yang says that a major crisis looms because food supplies are running out very fast. On May 5 troops from the Burma army's Battalion No. 138 opened fire on an abandoned Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) liaison office in Sumprabum according to local residents. Eyewitnesses told the Kachin News Group that the office was completely destroyed after troops shot guns and grenades at the building. Burma army troops also shot at civilian homes in the town added local people. Following the rampage battalion No. 138 head Lt-Col Min Thein was transported from Sumprabum via helicopter to the Northern Regional Military Command in Myitkyina according to sources in the area. (Kachin News)

Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] Christians Are On The Brink Of Extermination. January 30 2014. By Theodore Shoebat Patrick Sookhdeo chairman of the Westminster Institute warned the world that the Church is facing extinction: Today we are faced with a potential extinction of the church …Not just in Syria. We've seen it in Iraq. The church could fall in Lebanon. Bishop Julian Dobbs said Syria "used to be one of the easiest places in the Arab world to be a Christian across the Middle East." He continued on to say: The church has existed there since biblical times …Christians were respected by the Muslim majority and were able to practice their faith with little interference. But this has largely changed since the civil war broke out. …Christians in their homelands have been attacked and invaded houses have been ransacked Christians have been kidnapped for ransom and brutally murdered …Yet much of the Western World the church the media have remained silent about this situation. Frankly its some what irritating hearing conservatives complain about the media and how "the media and the west are silent." Well of course the media is silent; so then become the media. Of course western governments aren't doing anything; but what are you going to do about it. It isn't true that no one is doing anything. We Rescue Christians are doing something. We are saving people's lives from destruction; in the will of God and His unfailing providence we are delivering Christians from the pagans who are relentlessly fixated on their destruction. This is why I ask you to please donate to Rescue Christians to save the lives of the saints who are being sought out by those who seek the full destruction of Christianity. The Associated Press (AP) has written on Rescue Christians and the work that our organization does. Kathy Gannon AP's special regional correspondent for Pakistan and Afghanistan wrote an article in which she recognized Rescue Christians and which was published in Fox News. The article interviewed our team in Pakistan writing: The Pakistani representative of RescueChristians speaking on condition of anonymity for his personal safety said several Christians are waiting for travel documents to secretly leave Pakistan while others are in jail awaiting trial and targeted for death by militant groups. It also quoted Keith Davies one of the heads of the organization as saying: In the last three years we have seen a large increase in the number of cases of blasphemy This gives us significant recognition as it shows that we actually have a team in Pakistan who is striving for the liberation of the persecuted and who is evidencing our labors in order to relive the flock of Christ who are incessantly receiving the attacks of the wolves PLEASE DONATE TO SAVE THE LIVES OF CHRISTIANS IN PAKISTAN

Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] Harsh Policy Towards Christians Remains Unchanged In Iran. June 21 2013. From Christian Today: At the same time the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) which represents Abedini's wife and two children in the U.S. offered The Christian Post a perspective on Iranian president-elect Hassan Rouhani explaining that his election victory last week is unlikely to change much for the U.S. pastor and other persecuted Christians in the Islamic country. "President-elect Hassan Rohani brings to the Iranian presidency historical ties with the religious authorities in Iran" Tiffany N. Barrans ACLJ's International Legal Director shared with CP via email on Wednesday.
"Although one can hope that his promises of reform would include greater freedoms for the persecuted religious minorities in Iran in reality the man who controls the country and has set the harsh policy towards Christians remains unchanged – Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei remains at the helm and he has set course for utter destruction of the Christian faith in Iran."
Barrans noted that Khamenei has made no indication that he is willing to change this course and noted that leading up to the election Christians in Iran including those from Assyrian or Armenian descent faced even greater persecution. "This included additional arrests sentences being handed down church closures greater interrogations and threats and as always extensive monitoring of any religious gathering" the international legal director added. Rouhani a cleric described by western media as a moderate politician secured a strong victory at the polls on Friday and will now replace outgoing president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The White House congratulated Iranians on their new president on Saturday urging Tehran to "heed the will of the Iranian people."
"Yesterday's election took place against the backdrop of a lack of transparency censorship of the media Internet and text messages and an intimidating security environment that limited freedom of expression and assembly" the statement read. Other sources beside the ACLJ have also said that Rouhani's election is unlikely to bring much change for Christians in Iran. "In your Western media the candidates are divided into conservatives and reformers as if there is a choice but let me tell you this: there is no choice. All of the candidates are from Ayatollah Khamenei's team" an Iranian Christian believer was quoted by Open Doors ministry. "The question is can Rouhani make a change?" the local man added. "At least he is an intellectual who graduated in the United Kingdom and has called for less confrontational relations with the West. I guess we just have to see in order to know according to Iranian standards how moderate he is." In the meantime Abedini who has suffered religious persecution in Iran and was sentenced to eight years supposedly for "endangering national security" is doing better in prison the ACLJ said. While he has been recovering from the beatings and torment inflicted upon him behind bars he still needs medical attention for severe pain in his abdomen which the Iranian regime refuses to give him. "Iran's willful denial of his basic medical care is a reflection of its inhuman treatment of prisoners of conscience" the ACLJ wrote. A concerning development following the Iranian election the law group added is that guards have been threatening to move Abedini to a prison in a more remote area in Southern Iran which would make it nearly impossible for the pastor's family to keep visiting him.
"While these are likely vain threats made in an attempt to break his spirit they reiterate the daily difficulties that Pastor Saeed faces – not only the fact that he is imprisoned but the psychological torment he endures at the hands of his captors" the ACLJ added.

Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] Egypt. Judge dismissed charges against group of Salafi Muslims who attacked Christian. May 10 2012. A judge in Upper Egypt has dismissed all charges against a group of Salafi Muslims who cut off the ear of a Christian in a knife attack and tried to force him to convert.
The Salafists who say they base their religion on the practices of the first three generations of Muslims after Muhammad had falsely accused 46-year-old Ayman Anwar Metry of having an affair with a Muslim woman the Christian said. On April 22 the judge exonerated the assailants only after Metry under intense pressure in a "reconciliation meeting" agreed to drop charges said his attorney Asphoure Wahieb Hekouky. "Him dropping the case and accepting the reconciliation meeting is shameful" Hekouky said of the Egyptian justice system. The same Salafi Muslims who attacked Metry terrorized him and his family for a year Hekouky said. On the afternoon of March 20 2011 in Qena in the province of the same name a group of about 20 Salafi Muslims attacked Metry. Earlier that day someone had set fire to an unoccupied rental apartment he owned in the city. While waiting in another part of the city for workman to arrive to fix a metal door on the burned-out unit two men approached Metry and convinced him that he needed to go back to the remains of his apartment. After his arrival the Salafi Muslims pounced on him. They accused him of having an inappropriate relationship with one of his former female tenants and began beating him. "I didn't know that there were any more of them than the two who were talking nicely to me at the beginning so I was shocked when I went with them to the flat" Metry said. "There were 20 more waiting for me there and they caught me and started beating me up." The men interrogated Metry as they beat him demanding he "confess" to the affair and tell them where the woman was. Metry said he told them he didn't do anything wrong and didn't know where the woman was but the Salafists were able to find her and brought her to the charred apartment. They demanded that the woman admit to an affair of some sort but like Metry she said they had never been romantically involved. Then the men broke into two groups; one set upon the woman and the other began beating Metry. During the beating the men restrained Metry took a knife and began sawing open the back of his neck. They told the woman that they would kill him if she didn't say she had had some type of affair with him. She did as they ordered. Metry said his attackers demanded he say the Shahada the Islamic creed for conversion and that when he refused they cut off his ear. Covered with puddles of his blood the apartment looked like a slaughterhouse Metry said. "If you saw how I looked then … My shirt if you squeezed it it dripped an unbelievable amount of blood. With all the blood that was on the floor it looked like there was a sheep slaughtered there" he said. "They thought that I was dead so then they called the police and said 'We took our sharia [Islamic law] rights now you come and take your civil rights from him.'" The police came and took Metry and the woman to the hospital. The two along with a Muslim friend of Metry's who witnessed the attack and happens to be a police officer were then taken into police custody. "Officer Khaled was with me and worked hard to help me – he witnessed the whole thing and he testified at the police station" Metry said. "Also the girl came to the police and said that there was nothing between me and her. She said that the Salafi men forced her to say there was." Somehow the Salafists found out what the woman said to police and when officers released the woman after questioning the hard-line Muslims caught up with her Metry said. "Then when they heard that the girl didn't say what they wanted her to say they beat her up again and broke one of her fingers and threatened her and told her if she didn't change what she said at the police station they would kidnap her sister" Metry said. None of the Salafi Muslims who committed the attack were arrested. Almost as soon as the police questioning ended the assailants began pressuring him not to prosecute anyone Metry said. "They used all sorts of ways to persuade me to let it go and drop the case against them – they shot at us; about 500 Salafi gathered around the house trying to set it on fire. When they threatened to set the house on fire and kidnap my sisters I had to drop the charges against them" he said. As the date for a hearing drew near three months ago the Salafi Muslims shot at Metry's house in Qena and at his brother's car he said. "I went to see the police to get them to do something and nothing at all was done to arrest anybody" he said. "It seemed like they were the police and the controllers of the city those Salafis." The attackers threatened all his family members he said including his brothers and sisters to try to force him to drop the charges he said. "Some of my brothers and sisters emigrated and left the country – they went to Italy" he said. "I tried to but I wasn't allowed to leave the airport." Metry said he informed criminal prosecutors what was happening but his pleas fell on deaf ears. "During the first reconciliation meeting I told the attorney general everything and told him that I am dropping the charges under the Salafi threats" he said. "After all that I saw that the police did nothing to arrest any of them and they are all free." A final factor was a request from Bishop Sharoubeem the Coptic Orthodox bishop of Qena who asked him to drop the case according to Metry. "He asked me to drop the case but I insisted on not dropping the case at all. I insisted on getting my rights back" he said. "But when a bishop comes and asks you to drop the case what else could you do other than following his advice? He told me that they might try and attack or burn the local church if I didn't drop the case."
Metry said the bishop speaking for the Coptic Orthodox Church agreed to compensate him for the property he lost in the fire and attack. The bishop could not be reached for confirmation. Still Metry said he was robbed of justice. "They are free in the street threatening us when we come or go" he said. "Even when they shot at us and we called the police and security forces thinking that they would arrest them nothing was done at all." The recovery for Metry and his family after the attack has been difficult. The Salafists were trying to beat him to death Metry said so they could "kill the facts" of the attack. In addition to slicing off his ear they cut him all over his body and left bruises from a beating that "would have killed a camel" he said.
In total he had to have 35 stitches and two reconstructive surgical procedures where his ear once was. The ear was too badly damaged to be reattached. "It took me three months to recover from all the injuries and the two plastic surgeries on my ear" he said.
Metry and his immediate family spent most of the year after the attack fleeing from one part of Qena Province to another making it impossible for his three children ages 6 to 12 to attend school. Because his employer cannot or will not transfer him he has had to take a year off from work and support himself with savings and what rental income he has left.
The attacks and the changes of residence have scarred his children too with his 6-year-old girl probably suffering the worst he said. "She shakes if she sees a bearded man walking down the street because of what happened to me" Metry said. "The little girl asked her mother to let her take a knife with her to her kindergarten class in case somebody attacks her so she can defend herself."
Metry's wife Thanaa Yakoub Gerges concurred. "We were living well the children and us but after what happened emotionally we are below zero" she said. "It made us hate the house the city and the whole country. Imagine when you lose your reputation and can't move. We were destroyed gradually this happened more than a year ago and the children are being destroyed gradually. I am willing to die for Christ but these are my children who are being attacked." Through it all however Metry said he found a glimmer of faith he previously had not known. "I am not saying this to puff up my spirit but at that moment when they were attacking me I couldn't believe the faith that was in me. I couldn't believe that I actually had this faith it was a testimony – I won I didn't lose" he said. "They tried everything to convert me to Islam but I didn't care. I said they could do anything they wanted to me I wouldn't convert." (World Watch List)

Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] U.S. withholds arms from Syrian rebels amid growing persecution of Christians. July 9 2013. From Catholic Online: Congress is taking measures to protect American security where Obama won't. Congressional committees are delaying the delivery of arms to the Syrian rebels amid concerns they could end up in the hands of Jihadists and militant Islamists and be subsequently used against Christians Jews and other allies. lOS ANGELES CA (Catholic Online) – Intelligence committees in both the House and Senate have stalled planned shipments of military hardware to Syrian rebels and none of the equipment promised weeks ago has yet arrived. Several al Qaeda affiliated groups have been identified fighting alongside the Free Syrian Army and Congressional leaders want to see that weapons will not end up in the hands of terrorists. Committee members say that want more information on Obama's plans to arm these groups and what safeguards he intends to take. They also want to know if the weapons will truly make a difference as Assad makes new gains against the rebels. The committees have stopped the shipments by withholding funding. While Obama does have the power to authorize the shipments tradition remains strong and a tacit agreement between Congress and the Oval Office says that shipments will not be delivered if one or more intelligence committees have a serious reservation about them. The Obama administration noted when it promised the weapons that their shipment was contingent upon consultations with the committees. Both John Kerry and the CIA have addressed the committees saying that Assad has used chemical weapons and crossed a red line established by the administration. However Congress remains worried that the weapons could end up in the hands of terrorists. The Obama administration is yet to satisfactorily address these concerns. So far over 100000 people have been killed by fighting in Syria. Many of those dead have been civilians killed in indiscriminate attacks as well as many killed in targeted attacks by both rebels and regime supporters. Recently it has become widely recognized that al Qaeda-friendly elements have started persecuting Christians in the region. Christians were relatively unmolested by the Assad regime and have managed to remain neutral throughout the struggle. This has prompted accusations of collaboration by extremists.
Rebels have attacked Christian churches and martyred clerics in recent weeks. it is unknown if U.S. aid will now be sent to Syria and it appears as though the conflict will continue for the indefinite future.

Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] Muslims Break Into Family's Home, And Murder Mother and Children. March 20, 2014/0 Comments/in Christian Persecution /by rcorg
By Theodore Shoebat Muslims broke into a family home and murdered a mother and her sons, and then afterwards, beheaded their corpses. They committed the murder because the father was a member of the Sunni political movement, Sahwa, which was calling on America to turn against Al-Qaeda. As a journalist writing for The Economist, tells us: The fighters also single out fellow Sunnis who are remnants of the Sahwa ("Awakening") movement led by tribal leaders who were persuaded by the Americans to turn on al-Qaeda in 2007 and who are now being picked off. Gunmen recently attacked a Sahwa leader's home near Samarra, north of Baghdad, killing his wife and sons, then beheading them. The slaughter of human beings in this gruesome manner is an indication as to how important our cause against Islam is. If the violence between Muslims is at this level of brutality, imagine how vicious it is against Christians. We have partnered with Sister Hatune Dogan, who assists the persecuted in Iraq, to help us save Iraqi Christians. PLEASE DONATE TO SAVE CHRISTIAN LIVES IN IRAQ.

Dhimmitude happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] happy Merkel Troika IMF GMOS nazi ONU CIA ARAB LEAGUE cult Sharia ] The Most Horrifying Story Of Christian Persecution In Our Time. April 9, 2014/0 Comments/in Work /by rcorg SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE. By Theodore Shoebat. The most horrifying story of Christian persecution is happening in our time, and yet it has mostly fallen on deaf ears. Imagine yourself in a filthy and dismal room, with sadistically smiling Muslims looking at you, thinking of the evils they are about to inflict upon you. You are not alone, next to you is your wife. They beat you heavily, to the point where you can barely stand, and then they threaten you with the unthinkable: they say that they are going to seize your wife, strip her completely naked and walk her down the road in plain sight, just to humiliate her. After you have been severely beaten and humiliated, you and your demoralized wife are taken to a court where a mob of Muslim gangs scream verses from the Koran justifying your death. Your lawyer is terrified, the judge does not want to even entertain your case for fear of the mob. Week after week you live without hope, not knowing what your fate will be. Your children are alone, without father nor mother, and not realizing if their parents will live or die. And in the end, when you and your wife stand in the court, surrounded by wolves and no sympathizers, the judge declares your sentence: you will both be put to death by hanging. This is what is happening in the case of Shafqat and Shagufta. This is the highest profile case of persecution in Pakistan, and Rescue Christians is the only organization that has taken it up. This story will make a break the case for Pakistani Christians since in the case of Shafqat and his wife, the courts are persisting to carry out the death penalty in order to thwart the ability of the West to rescue Christians in Pakistan, and is why we are appealing to all to send this to your friends urging them with these words: "This is a time for Prayer or Action!" They are a Christian couple in Pakistan, who were arrested and brutally tortured by Muslims after they were falsely accused of blasphemy against Islam. They are now facing the death penalty, and are screaming out: "SOS (Save our souls!)" The Muslim police officers who sadistically tormented them threatened the husband that if he did not admit to the charges, that they will strip his wife completely naked on the road. Their son had this to say about the event: They forced my father to admit the accusation but my father denied. They tortured my father and said that if he will not admit then they will beat his wife and will take her on the road naked. So my father admitted. After enduring such torture and psychological violence, they were both sentenced to death. Pharaoh's heart is hardened to uproot the name of Christianity, and to wipe out the Christians from the earth. This is the ultimate battle for survival: either this couple lives, or they die.
This couple was slandered, tortured, humiliated to the most horrific degree, and yet they still did not give up the cause of Christ, nor did they accept to convert to Islam, even though the court passed the death sentence on both the man and his wife. Watch this most heart breaking video of their children and Shafqat's father weeping and begging for help from anyone willing to take up their cause: Whether they live or die depends on what we do, at this very moment. If we help, we can free them, but if we do nothing, their blood is upon us. We must strive to liberate them from this Islamic despotism. Please make a donation for the freedom of Shafqat and Shagufta. When we see this horrifically persecuted family; the weeping of the grandfather, the wailings of the children, the lamentations of the family, the torment and anguish of the husband and wife, we de not see just the mere suffering of human beings, no, we see Christ. When we view this most sad footage, we are witnessing the image of Christ before our eyes. It is Christ Who is imprisoned; Christ Who is beaten and scourged; Christ Who is threatened and mocked; Christ Who is scoffed; Christ Who is naked. The world has abandoned these banished children of Eve, and at the same time, it is Christ Who is forsaken; Christ Who is ignored with the cruel indifference of men. And under the quiet and cloudless skies of the East, which hovers over a roaring and raging throng of Adam's sons, glorious and valiant saints accustomed to the cruelties of savages conquer the bastions of evil with the spilling of their sacred blood. As the sublime Psalmist declares: Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. (Psalm 116:15) Every tear that pours forth from the shaking eyes of these hated Christians, drips down like a river flowing from the mountains of the sky's lofty peak, into an eternal ocean that roars like the lion breaking from the shackles of his enemies. The robust beast charges with righteous rage to execute the vengeance of Heaven, storming under the thick clouds of peace, striking with the utmost of love, advancing the Eternal Law, and fulfilling revenge over his enemies with the purest light of justice. As the holy Revelator declares: Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof. (Revelation 5:5) From the bitterness of the persecuted, the torrent of noble revenge will spring forth. Sweet as the freshest honey, and fierce as the piercing waves of the oldest deluge, will that day be, when the martyrs and the tormented saints will return to vanquish their oppressors. As the prophet Jacob proclaimed: Judah, your brothers will praise you; your hand will be on the neck of your enemies; your father's sons will bow down to you. You are a lion's cub, Judah; you return from the prey, my son. Like a lion he crouches and lies down, like a lioness—who dares to rouse him? (Genesis 49:8-9 Every drop of blood that sprinkles from the severed veins of a Christian, gathers together into a scarlet sea that crimsons the thundering heavens where a chorus of eternal martyrs sing for the marching of war against the enemies of God. But before that time, we must not remain silent, but help these tormented saints from their current oppression. Rescue Christians has already filed an appeal to overturn the death penalty for this suffering husband and wife. We must continue fighting for their liberation! PLEASE DONATE TO RESCUE SHAFQAT AND SHAGUFTA. Tags: allah satan, beheadings islam, christian beheaded, christian executed, christians killed, christians pakistan killed, demons, islam, islam evil, islam satanic, islamic tyranny, jiahdism, Jinn, koran, muhammad, muslims christians, muslims kill christians, pakistan blasphemy law, pakistan christians persecution, pakistani christian women, pakistanti christians, quran christians, sharia, sharia christians, slaughter

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